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As the lady already grown-up, Xia Tianyu could see clearly how her father misses his first children. How deeply he is wounded by the fact that he couldn't be with with his first child when she was growing up and how it constantly haunts him when Xia Tifiana is not looking at him.

That's why, Xia Tianyu decided to go on the adventure.

The adventure in search of dragon race whereabouts. It is going to be rough and arduous adventure, but she was willing to try... Even the strong heaven realms with the connections to the divine realms aren't aware of the whereabouts of this legendary race.

But dragons are just that worth.

Their blood is valuable for bloodline ignition and strenghtening. And this is just the blood. What about the tough scales, the flesh and everything else? The dragons are valuable pieces even for the divine realms cultivators who are known to be quite stingy when it comes to the higher realms.

For such divine races, only the strongest pieces are valuable and that is as a toys or mere third-rate power.

'Father can not go on the search as he would neglect his women... The search is also nigh impossible, so father's mood surely would affect our family... I have to do it... I have to help father.'

He was doing some searches from time to time, even in the water rippling kingdom or three fire gates, but the records of these higher realms proved to be useless.

Xia Tianyu clenched her hands, her heart palpitating!

'I will do it! I will reach the dragons!'

Of course, Xia Tianyu has to reach Lilimoon's tribe to know what exactly happened and this in itself is like the second trial.


Xia Feng stood frozen in a place with Ame by his side.

The parents of Xia Tianyu were looking at the disappearing crack with mixed emotions, but a strong belief in their daughter was dominating their emotions. They had to believe in their daughter and not stop her at all.

This is her path, her cultivation path.

The cultivation world is filled with a lot of mysterious events, people and unique concepts. Xia Tianyu couldn't be limited to Xia Feng's dantian which is developing. His absent like expression brightened, then Xia Feng turned his attention to Ame.

A mother... of his child.

The erossu lady.

A lady whose concept and life is just as unique as the cultivation world itself. He looked at her, recalling the origins of the lady. Ame had her information described in the erossu book, but Xia Feng preferred to have his women gently speak about their homelands.

Even more, for the erossu book ladies.

His mind shook, and Ame's voice got recalled by his eidetic memory.

'I have been born from the rain in the higher realm called Blue Sphere. It is a beautiful water realm with many outstanding concepts related to water.'

Xia Feng himself could create the 'guardians' from his erossu qi. His soul cultivation was not that amazing, but he was always excelling when it comes to the cultivation! He is bound to be the good erossu cultivator after all.

The guardians are pure, untouched and so their erossu qi is naturally growing up in his lower realm where the sous sect, friends and the families of his women live. The guardians are keeping an eye on the closed ones here.

But the realm itself had given a birth to powerful cultivators giving them flesh, mind and qi. It tailored up the cultivation method and provided enough resources! This is indeed a beautiful water realm with unique concept!

"Our daughter will meet the unique cultivators and concept on her adventure for sure."

"Yes... Our self-proclaimed goddess will break through her obstacles and come back safely."

"Don't speak with such sad tone, Ame. Our goddess won't die..."

Xia Feng reassured the worried mother, his arms wrapping around Ame's lovely body. She reacted instinctively, reaching for her man's chest to lie on. Then, her arms tightly coiled around his back and tightly pressed her onto him!

Kissing her hair, Xia Feng reached for the blue hair with green ends, and fiddled enjoying the warmth hug filled with emotions.

"I know, but I can not be worried... Nothing is certain in the cultivation worlds."

The erossu lady never expected to be caught up nor to be a woman of the erossu cultivator wholeheartedly for example.

The erossu knew Ame's feelings well as he was also worried, but the man can not show up his feelings at all. It would just make the beauty of his more worried! He stroked her fluffy hair, then Ame slowly raised her eyes to face him.

She had a few tears welled up around her eyes.

These tears were the tears of the water cultivator, sparkling and seemingly inviting Xia Feng to lick her here. He, fueled by the emotions coursing through his body, leaned down and kissed Ame's soft cheeks.

Her eyes instantly shut, then shuddering in his embrace from the delight, Ame exterted more strength and cuteness to get as much as possible from the erossu! He is the good erossu, the unexpected good and unique 'event' that happened to her!

"Ame, I love you. I am proud to have you as my woman, and mother of my child."

"I love you too, Feng. The fickle, but good erossu."

The good erossu totally made Ame forget about 'her sisters', feeling as if she is the only one in the erossu world. Her soft fingers slipped through Xia Feng's clothes, then gently caressed his chiseled chest.

She was releasing a lot of tears, nearly bursting out with emotions.

Slowly and slowly, their clothes began disappearing from their bodies. Surrounded by nothing as it was a mere grassland, Ame and Xia Feng were as if truly in their own world, all alone and for themselves.

As a tall lady, Ame easily grasped Xia Feng's lips, sucking and kissing him so much her sweet emotions began getting fiery! A fiery emotions then swept through the erossu as well, his grasp already filling up his palm with the soft flesh below.

"Fill me up, Feng. I want to have your love deeply planted within me."

Ame deftly turned around, pressed her shapely butt on Xia Feng's crotch, then laid herself with contentment on his chest. Her body was left all for him now, waiting for the best to come... As the erossu qi was silently coiling around them, teasing their yang and yin qi, Ame and Xia Feng were ready to go!

Now, this erossu qi bursted out from their bodies respectively.

"Then, let's do it... Let's flare up our world, Ame."

In their own world formed by the sweet feelings, Xia Feng gently swung his waist. He teased Ame's wet pussy, her juices coating up that burning tip abundantly. Her lovely body shuddered from the excitement brought up from that tease, then the doors to the drenched in love softness spread open by Xia Feng's cock.

"Yes... Let's flare it up."

Moaning just from a little insertion, Ame rekindled Xia Feng's lust amply. Her voluptuous chest got weighted by his two claws while he began pushing his cock deeper into her folds. He stretched and yanked on her red pearls, then as their bodies stuck as closely as possible.

"I feel like coming already, haha~~"

The lady rolled her eyes.

"You can not come unless I feel like coming!"

"Yes, yes."

The explosions arose a few minutes later !

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