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While Wang Zhen had a feeling that the person behind the scenes didn't have a simple background, he got the chills when he thought about it.

If even Gu Shunzhi couldn't sense this person, then he was above order…

As far as Wang Zhen knew, Wang Ling was the only person in the world who could jump out of order!

"Don't scare yourself. The enemy may be strong, but he's absolutely within our grasp," Loopy Toad said. He was, in any case, a demon king, and after accompanying Wang Ling for so long, he had naturally learned a lot from him.

Keeping calm was the best way to deal with any emergency!

"If this person is truly above order, why did he choose to attack Earth in particular?" Loopy Toad brought up a critical question.

Indeed, it was frightening that the other side was above order, but as long as he existed in this world, then there would be a way to deal with him.

The reason why the other side chose Earth had to be because Earth had something that he had to get his hands on, and it was likely that this thing could help him acquire new abilities or boost his current capability.

Factoring in the situation on Nine Dragon Mountain and what they already knew about the other party trying to seize control of Nine Dragon Mountain's heavenly vein, Loopy Toad felt that this matter might not be as simple as it seemed. There was a possibility that the heavenly vein was just a cover, and that what the other person wanted to grab was something else…

This person was above order, and even Gu Shunzhi, the keeper of order, was unable to sense him. The heavenly vein master valve under Nine Dragon Mountain indeed was the root of all the underground spirit veins on Earth, but since the other side's identity was one that even the keeper of order couldn't grasp, why would he need to activate this heavenly vein master valve?

The only explanation that made sense was that the other party definitely had another purpose.

At least, he wasn't planning to activate the master valve to absorb the heavenly vein!

"What Brother Dog says is reasonable." Wang Zhen agreed with Loopy Toad's conjecture. If the other side merely wanted to seize the master valve, he didn't have to go to so much trouble. By deliberately choosing to create a ruckus during the national competition, he seemed to be deliberately sending a signal to make people believe that he was trying to seize the heavenly vein…

Following on from Loopy Toad's words, Wang Zhen continued speculating: "If the other party's purpose is to grab the heavenly vein, it seems a little suspicious that he would go to all this trouble."

"So what do you think might be a reasonable explanation for this?"

"Everything he's doing is a cover. He doesn't want to seize the heavenly vein at all. He's choosing to act at this time simply to convince everyone that he's only here for the heavenly vein. There's also another very important point — the other side has deliberately resurrected so many people… Chances are that he's going to use them to cover what he's really doing and buy him time."

At these words, Wang Zhen, Loopy Toad and Little Silver basically thought of the same keyword.

That was right!

It was time — two hours[1]!

From the various theories they had come up with, the critical factor in this mastermind's plan was that all this was for the sake of the two-hour blocks!

Specific time, specific conditions, followed by specific actions…

In the cultivation world, what sort of thing needed to be combined with "two-hour blocks" to bear fruit?

Wang Zhen frowned. "An array… Does the other party want to set up an array?"

Everyone knew that setting up an array only required: spirit power, an array layout, and magic seals!

These were the three basic requirements for constructing an array, as indicated in the Cultivation Encyclopedia!

But the truth was that in addition to these three basic requirements, the Almightys of the cultivation world paid even more attention to the fourth major requirement: the two-hour blocks.

It was absolutely necessary to pay attention to the two-hour blocks in every large-scale array.

The twenty-four hours in a day were divided into twelve two-hour periods.

Each of the twelve two-hour periods experienced different fluctuations in feng shui. In other words, the reason why large-scale arrays were so particular about the two-hour periods was to match the right time to the right position so that even more of the spirit qi of heaven and earth would be absorbed, and the array would resonate with nature!

"He's pretending that his goal is to seize the heavenly vein, when in fact, there's no need for him to do so, when all he needs to do is open the heavenly vein master valve. So, is his real purpose to use the power of the heavenly vein to mobilize fengshui and set up a massive hidden array?" Loopy Toad came up with this theory after putting all their deductions together.

Then, based on this theory, they now faced a new problem…

The other side summoned so many dead spirits and brought them back to life in order to buy time — more specifically, the two-hour periods.

He had gone to so much trouble to come up with a fake plan to seize the heavenly vein master valve, ostensibly to activate the heavenly vein, but this wasn't his real goal. Once the conditions were met, what he would take for himself was the spirit power needed in order to set up an array!

This was assuming that the other side already had the required magic seals.

Then, figuring out the array layout was another problem.

If they wanted to break the array, they needed to know its layout first.

An array was naturally a circle or an oval in design… However, Nine Dragon Mountain's terrain was very complicated, and didn't seem conducive to setting up an array.

"Could it be possible that he used the nine peaks around the mountain dome to draw a circle?" Little Silver asked.

"I don't think so." Wang Zhen shook his head. Using the peaks of Nine Dragon Mountain along with the mountain dome in the middle would be a shoddy array design — anyone with a little bit of experience in arrays would see right through it. Furthermore, that wouldn't be a large-scale array at all.

Wang Zhen's parents had told him stories before about the great battle between gods in the Domain of the Gods. The most remarkable array master in ancient times could set up an array centered around a small country! To bring his nation to new heights, this crazy array master decided to destroy his own country first, and then had the idea to set up a giant array.

In order to set up this giant array, the crazy array master calculated the locations and time, and dug a deep underground tunnel day and night until he finally completed a perfect circle around the country. He then activated the array in an attempt to sacrifice all the people in the country!

This inhuman dark array was the most notorious "National Blood Sacrifice Array" in the war of the gods! Once the array was created, the souls of all the Almightys with a particular level of cultivation inside the array were instantly sacrificed and their bodies turned to dust.

But this sort of giant array had long been banned, and was under strict restrictions, whether on Earth or in the Domain of the Gods… Growing up, Wang Zhen had only heard mention of it a few times.

He was deeply worried. "If such a giant array is set up… Huaxiu Alliance will certainly take action."

He was wondering…

If this array layout was even bigger…

If this giant array wasn't confined to just a single country…

What if the other party had planned to use the Earth as the array's end point since the very beginning…

[1] 时辰 refers to one of the twelve two-hour periods in a day.

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