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The God's Relic was the burial place of many proud sons of heaven.

This time was just like it had been in the past. Many people had fallen here.

However, it was very rare for people of Gai Shi Shi's status to fall here. For one thing, everyone there was very strong, and for another, their opponents would usually show mercy. After all, he was the heir to the Golden Divine Nation. If other members of top forces fell here, it is possible that the people here would not care. After all, there was nothing unusual about that.

But they would definitely care about someone like Gai Shi Shi dying.

Even though in the past, people of his level had been killed, they had been killed by people who were even more powerful than them. For example, the people of the Central Emperor Realm could ignore it if their fellows were killed by people from the other top forces since they were very strong themselves.

But Ye Futian was someone without any background. He called himself the disciple of the Sky River Great Elder and had killed Gai Shi Shi. This was not something that made sense.

But everyone knew that war was chaotic, and when deep enmity was involved, things did not always make sense.

After all, the people from the Golden Divine Nation had attacked him and Yu Sheng. If Yu Sheng had not been strong enough, he would have died at the Renhuang's hands.

Ye Futian stood there in the sky, holding his spear. He swept his gaze over the people from the Golden Divine Nation and said, "Get out of here."

He had not slaughtered them all, killing only Gai Shi Shi and the Renhuang. They were the main figures of the Golden Divine Realm here anyway.

As for whether the rest of them lived or died, he really didn't care.

If he let them return, they could report what had happened to the Golden Divine Nation. They would tell them who had struck first.

The people from the Golden Divine Nation turned and left. What would be the point of remaining there?

They had not gained much from this trip to the God's Relic, and most of what they had gained had gone to Gai Shi Shi. With his death, it could be said that the trip was a complete disaster. It would be difficult for them to explain themselves when they returned.

"You're letting them go?" Dou Zhao whispered. Ye Futian was very kind. If it had been him, he would not have let even a single one of them go. He would have slaughtered them all.

"There would be no point in killing them all," whispered Ye Futian. He turned and walked over to the statues. He could see Yu Sheng bathed in the statue's light. Brilliant divine light was falling from the palace in the sky, making Yu Sheng's body change continuously. His eyes were closed, and it seemed like he was calmly taking everything in. The Great Path was resonating within him.

The inheritance that had been left here must be good. Although it would be difficult for it to let Yu Sheng directly break through to the next level, it would probably put him within a step of that level. This would be a great boon to his cultivation.

"When will I get a chance like this?" Dou Zhao watched Yu Sheng enviously. That guy had been able to defeat him when he used the will of the Sevenfold Will of the Fighting God even though he was at a lower level. Once he had forged a law body just like Dou Zhao had, he would get even stronger. At that point, even the Sevenfold Will of the Fighting God wouldn't be enough.

"You are truly not polite at all," Ye Futian praised him.

"We're all family here, why should I be polite?" said Dou Zhao cheerfully. He hadn't forgotten that this guy had many treasures taken from the sacred hall.

"You are right," said Ye Futian with a smile. Dou Zhao was well suited to his own temperament.

His combat ability and capacity for violence were similar to Yu Sheng's. His personality was not that sincere. He was brazen and shameless. It could be said that he was a combination of Yu Sheng and Little Condor.

"Since you also say we are family, I will also not be polite the next time I need a weapon," said Dou Zhao, looking at Ye Futian. He obviously still had the idea that he needed magic weapons. If he could equip the elders in his family, they would be able to directly sweep into the Ziwei Realm.

They were not able to wield the full power of the weapons from the Spatial Sacred Hall due to their level. Their true power could only be unleashed in the hands of Renhuangs.

"Are you serious..." whispered Ye Futian. Five weapons was not enough?

Why did he feel like this guy had just ruined the mood?

By that point, all of the fighting had calmed down. The heirs all appeared within the nine statues, and no one else was bothering Yu Sheng. Two Renhuangs had already fallen. The people of the Celestial Worthy Temple had fled, and the Renhuang from the Golden Divine Nation had been killed. Who else would dare interfere?

As for the other battles, Qin Lin of the Slaughtering World's inheritance had been seized...

Although the Slaughtering World was not weak, they were not strong enough to withstand attacks from many other forces. They had no choice but to give up their spot.

"Futian." At that moment, the Swordmaster of Lihen flew downward and landed beside Ye Futian. He had recalled his powerful sword will, but even so, he still looked like a sharp sword.

Ye Futian smiled brightly when he saw him. He had a perfect Divine Wheel and had the power to kill a Renhuang with a single strike. He was so happy for him.

He remembered that he and the Swordmaster of Lihen had misunderstood each other the first time they had met. At that time, he had fought his way to the 33rd layer of Lihen Heaven and defeated Wang Chuan. But the Swordmaster of Lihen had not only not blamed him for this, but he had also given his sword to Ye Wuchen.

Afterward, the sword that he had given Ye Wuchen had played a key role in the Battle of the Empty Realm. After that, he had participated in the Battle of the Crimson Dragon Realm. As far as Ye Futian was concerned, he owed him several times over. He was a man of measure and grandeur.

Otherwise, even given a chance like he had just had, he would not have been able to forge a perfect Divine Wheel.

Now, seeing that the Swordmaster had finally reached the level that he had been pursuing for so long, and had, in fact, succeeded far beyond his hopes, he was naturally very happy for his friend.

"You have a perfect Divine Wheel, showing that your following of the Way is flawless. I hope that your sword will one day sweep through the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path," said Ye Futian with a smile.

"I can feel that my sword has become incredibly strong. In the past, I felt His Majesty's power, and thus challenged him on purpose in order to learn more. But now that I've formed my own Wheel, I can feel that it is different. It is a flawless feeling. Is this what is called a Flawless Divine Wheel?" the Swordmaster of Lihen asked. It seemed that he still did not really understand Divine Wheels.

"Yes," said Ye Futian with a nod. "Even people who rule an entire realm, like Lord Taixuan, will not necessarily have perfect Wheels. As far as I know, the God's Relic is a special place. When added to the fact that you reforged yourself, this allowed you to forge your perfect Wheel. There are few people in the 3,000 Realms of the Great Path who have done this."

When he had been in the ancestral land of the Divine Palace, the mysterious person there had told him some of this. Cultivating at the ancestral land would give one the chance to forge a perfect Wheel. Thus, he speculated that the God's Relic and the ancient Renhuang who had fallen here were different. He must have been a Renhuang from before the collapse of the heavens.

The Swordmaster of Lihen was shocked when he heard what Ye Futian said. He could feel that his Wheel of the Great Path was different, and the previous battle had proved his strength. But he had not thought that it was quite this extraordinary.

If that was the case, then he, a swordsman who had come from Emperor Xia's Realm, ad become one of the top swordsmen in the Three Thousand Realms of the Great Path in a single step?

Would he have to abandon His Majesty then?

This made him feel very strange. After all, he had followed Emperor Xia for many years.

"Perhaps this is fate," said the Swordmaster of Lihen with a smile. He was not terribly excited. Swordsmen had to focus on swordsmanship. No matter how strong or weak they are, they needed to have an indomitable will to move forward.

It was the same for Saints and Renhuangs. It was the same in the past and now. He would follow his own sword path to the end.

"Congratulations," came a voice. It was Yaya. She and the Swordmaster of Lihen were old friends. In the past, the two strongest swordsmen in Emperor Xia's Realm, the Swordmaster of Lihen, and the Sword Saint of the Void were often compared to each other.

"Ye Futian is the one who gave me this chance. I have taken the first step onto the Renhuang plane, and I will wait for you here," said the Swordmaster of Lihen.

Given the relationship between Ye Futian and Yaya, he would certainly not deny her an opportunity.

"Mmm," said Yaya with a nod. She looked at Ye Futian.

"Uhhh..." Feeling Yaya's eyes on him, Ye Futian shifted his gaze and looked at Yu Sheng. "It's taking him a long time."

Ye Futian had a strong desire to survive.

The Swordmaster had been lucky enough to find a chance to break through to the next level. He had no way of guaranteeing that Yaya would be able to have a chance to forge a perfect Wheel. He had no choice but to play dead.

Yaya stared at him, but in reality, she did not care too much. She would not force the issue.

As they were speaking, someone came out of his statue. It was Shen Hao.

In the instant that he stepped out, the statue that was bathed in light from the celestial palace above disappeared.

He opened his eyes, and a beam of divine light shot out of them, incredibly sharp. He seemed to have changed.

He swept his gaze over the people before him, then at those beside him. Next, Jian Qingzhu, Nan Luoshen, and the others finished as well. They came out of their statues one by one, each statue disappearing into nothing once they exited. It was as if they never existed.

Once they exited, some of them looked at Ye Futian and the Swordmaster of Lihen, and others looked at Yu Sheng.

Although they had been inheriting the will of the statues, they knew what had been happening outside. The battle that had just taken place had been brilliant. Moreover, a swordsman who had forged a perfect Wheel of the Great Path had appeared.

And Ye Futian had given his own chance for an inheritance to his friend.

Before he had even reached the Renhuang plane, he had given his opportunity to another. It did not need to be said that this Ye Futian was an extraordinary person with incredible talent.

Yu Sheng was the last one to enter a statue. Thus, he was the last one to come out.

As he opened his eyes and stepped out, the Great Path resonated within him. He looked at Ye Futian, and Ye Futian looked back at him with a bright smile.

Then the statue disappeared like an illusion. At that moment, the light coming down from the celestial palace, which had been restrained at first, burst with brilliance.


A fierce rumbling sound rang out as the palace began shaking. An invisible force had covered the sky stairwell that went up to the palace, but now it collapsed and split apart.

Soon, the Sky Stairwell disappeared, making it seem like the celestial palace was no longer rooted to the ground. It burst with incomparably brilliant light, and one beam of the light shot up into the clouds like a bridge connecting the palace to the sky.

"Is the final inheritance going to appear?" Everyone trembled on the inside. They held their breath in anticipation. This was the first time anyone on the trip to the God's Relic had gotten this far. This was the first time they had gotten to the end.

What was hidden here?


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