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There would be more and more masters at the later stages and both parties in the battle would undoubtedly be more excited. The truth was at this stage, one couldn't afford to lose in official challenges. Lear undoubtedly had ample preparation. However, Achilles did not have another way out. He had to leverage on a victory to attract stronger contestants to join him and train his team at the same time. Hiding or dodging would only cause the Fiery Moon battle team to be in a difficult situation.

It was just that he had not expected that Lear was not intending to give him any time to grow. Lear had issued a direct challenge at this awkward stage.

From this aspect, Lear wasn't kind at all. At least others did not kick him while he was down. However, Lear didn't care. If he was kind, he wouldn't be Lear.

The warriors from both parties were warming up. After adjusting their mecha, they entered the battle scene.

The choice of battle location was a City battle. It was also the more popular mainstream battle location and allowed battle teams to fully maximise their individual team's characteristics. It was also rather challenging on leadership capabilities.

"How did you feel about dueling with Lear?" asked Wang Zheng suddenly.

Although he was attacked by a group, Olivios still had some feelings about it.

As Wang Zheng was his opponent, this kind of question could have been ignored. However, Olivios didn't mind just like how Wang Zheng didn't mind too. This type of conversation could only happen between the two of them.

"There's something wrong with that guy called Luo Fei. Lear is… very strong."

This was Olivios' conclusion.

Clearly Olivios was being sincere. Wang Zheng nodded his head. All along, Lear had been too much of a coward and he couldn't find the right reason to challenge him in a solo match. With a team now, it would be even harder. If the Saruman Snake battle team was to go against Dynasty battle team now, it would likely not have any chance. However, Wang Zheng had the confidence to surpass the Dynasty battle team. It would only be interesting if there was difficulty.

"To eliminate the Dynasty battle team, one has to get rid of the Mayans first."

"We are not that worried about this. The Golden Wheel is a very good counter against the Mayans," laughed Wang Zheng.

The Mayans were able to make mainstream attackers like Slayers feel desolate. However, it would definitely be difficult for them to go against the Golden Wheel. At least they wouldn't have an overwhelming advantage in the control of energy.

"This type of fragile lifeform isn't a match for us humans." Olivios' tone was filled with dominance. He didn't look like a failure at all and the truth was no one could see him as a failure.

This was what others called momentum. Olivios seemed to be not seeing the Mayans as humans at all.

"You're right! That's the right attitude." Zhang Shan, who was at the side, admired Olivios a lot. However, Olivios didn't respond to him at all. Student Zhang Shan was fine with it as it wasn't only recently that Olivios didn't have respect for others.

Achilles had started planning for his battle strategy. The truth was since the day he had received the challenge, Achilles had been looking to identify weaknesses. The two spots taken by the Mayans were dead knots. No matter if it was the Heavenly Crystal King or the Mayans' Mantis, it was a headache for him. If he allowed them enough room to perform, frankly speaking, Fiery Moon battle team would be dead for sure.

However, team battles weren't simply about laying out the strength indexes. One had to use their brains.

For the Fiery Moon battle team, there would be opportunities.

The two teams headed towards the centre of the battle field. However, everyone was able to discover something weird. Milo, as the sniper of the team, had not gone into hiding but had followed the team the team instead. It would seem that they had other plans.

The formation of the Dynasty battle team was maintained rather well as they responded normally. However, Lear clearly could see that Achilles wasn't intending to fight slowly. Once the battle was dragged into regular exchanges of attacks, the strength of the Dynasty battle team was clear to everyone.

Lasers were shot from both sides and concentrated at the centre. The formation of the Fiery Moon battle team wasn't that great.

They seemed a little annoyed. Once the battle had started, the Fiery Moon battle team had started firing while risking their lives. The momentum were with them as they had the first mover advantage. However, everyone knew that this type of brainless suppression would only be for a few minutes and wouldn't have any real impact.

Lear wasn't panicking at all. It felt a little like a cat teasing a mouse. Once upon a time, Achilles had ruled over the Solar System and he didn't have to look down at all. Every battle felt like it was firmly within his control. At these times, Lear could only endure at a side and wait. Thing has really changed and the luck had shifted away.

In terms of momentum, Fiery Moon battle team was very fierce. However, it wasn't able to practically suppress the other party. This was because the energy cannons of the two Mayans could surprisingly withstand it. One should know that there was still another sly fatty who wasn't showing what he could do yet.

Wang Zheng stared at the Achilles' Moonlit Knight. He knew Achilles well. This definitely wasn't a brash person. He must be holding something back. However, he could not tell what his hidden move was.

It might be because she was too anxious. As the sniper, Milo had exposed her Hawkeye battle mech a little too much. Subaru's Mayan's Mantis wasn't a noob and had immediately started attacking Milo. The wall was blasted apart and Milo's Hawkeye battle mech had no choice but to roll consecutively on the floor to dodge. One should know that Milo's Ability X itself was dodging agilely. In the past, she would take the role of the scout. Although she was using the sniper mech now, her dodging speed was still very fast. It was just that she was exposed to open fire and her life was at risk.

At this moment, the heavy armoured Overlord mech suddenly accelerated in preparation to tank. The other members of the Fiery Moon battle team had also headed towards Milo. If the sniper was finished, this match would be even more hopeless.

How would Dynasty battle team squander this opportunity? Their firepower immediately concentrated to where Milo was.

However, at this moment, the Overlord battle mech's engine erupted. This was… the Sky Rocket Cannon???

Seeing that the Overlord had leapt up, Achilles' Moonlit Knight lunged ahead suddenly. At the same time, with just a move, Lie Xin's Fire Demon battle mech and Lu Bei's Wind Whisperer mech were pulled over.

This was Achilles' Ability X, gravity control. Moreover, this was a super gravitational field!

Overlord had rushed to Giroud's Heavenly Crystal King. While in the air, with a shout, the scout mech was pulled to the Mayan's Mantis which was faraway. As for Lie Xin, she had rushed towards Lear. In an instance, the situation had changed.

The sudden changes clearly threw the Dynasty battle team off balance and they had no choice but to give up on Milo. As for Milo, she was no longer dodging. She pulled out her laser gun on the spot. Now would be the time to see who was faster!

Everyone below the stage was stunned. Achilles had met Marzu in the Elite tournament. Frankly speaking, Marzu was a peerless existence in Elite Academy and could be considered as the top. Achilles was suppressed the whole match and didn't have a performance that was eye-catching. Yet, his previous move had surprised all the people. Gravitational field control was honestly an outstanding Ability as it could control or repel. However, the key was the strength of it. The more outstanding an Ability X was, the less effective it was when compared to the minor five elements. However, Achilles' move had blinded the eyes of those who had looked down on him.

He was able to hold the Overlord at the same time with the Fire Demon and Wind Whisperer. This wasn't simply pulling three people but three mobile warriors. There was definitely no second person in Elite Academy that could do this.

The repulsion in the air was clearly a setup to turn the tables around for Fiery Moon battle team. In an instant, the circumstances had changed and they were holding the advantage now.
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