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In Wang Zheng's storage, there was another white crystal card. On it was written – 8 Point Blade Techniques.

 Huiyin had yet to arrive, so Wang Zheng clicked it open.

 IN an instant the crystal card dissolved into Wang Zheng's body, and his 8 pressure points started to burn, quickly forming a circulation.

 At first, Wang Zheng did not mind much. Such a basic martial art did not mean much to him. But suddenly, he felt his body seizing up.


 Was different!

 When he had been enlightened he had not been too bothered, but after this 8 Point Blade Techniques had been transferred once, he suddenly realized that it was different from the Primordial Regression Technique!

 More importantly, the feeling felt like it agreed with him. This Blade Technique seemed to be the continuation of his own Primordial Regression Technique?

 Previously, in martial arts, Wang Zheng had always reached epiphany by himself, but his body's reaction told the truth. His body craved these Blade Techniques.

 8 Point… Blade Techniques. By this logic, the Primordial Regression Technique should belong to a 64 Point Blade Technique. The Saint world also claimed that the highest Blade Techniques were 64 Points. Given that, when these two martial arts of 64 Points were completely meshed, the result would be 128 Points of martial arts?

 Suddenly, Wang Zheng was anxious to find Charcoal to get to the bottom of this. He should know at least a little about this matter.

 As for the 8 Point Blade Techniques, Wang Zheng was uncaring to the gaze of passers-by. He sat cross-legged, again experiencing the 8 Point Blade Techniques. This time. This time, he was not passively driven, but actively sought to receive it. A normal person would take some time to master the 8 Point Blade Techniques, but to Wang Zheng it was a breeze. This had the same sense as his own Primordial Regression Technique, and much could be re-applied.

 The Primordial Regression Technique was Wang Zheng's best trump card in dealing with this world. To think that he would find something complementary to his Primordial Regression Technique in this world, and that the two seemed to come from the same source.

 Wang Zheng could not care less about leaving Huiyin hanging now. He quickly left the Saint world, calling for Charcoal, but he received no response.

 Wang Zheng carefully recalled the garrulous tale that Charcoal had told him. He had not treated it serious back then, but now he thought that perhaps there was truth in his story. Perhaps it was no fable, but a real account.

 The perfect martial art should have 128 Points, but such a thing was too impossible to consider, and should not technically exist. Therefore, it stood to reason that it was split into two, becoming separate inheritances. One portion was mastered by Charcoal, awaiting the chosen one. The other would be passed down through another source. Whoever could combine the two would possess the perfect martial art.

 Wang Zheng's heart was thudding non-stop. His own Primordial Regression Technique was already formidable. If he had the complete version, this was not a matter of 1 plus 1 equaling 2. Perhaps it would have the ability to move heaven and earth.

 Wang Zheng hurriedly re-entered the Saint world. Since he now knew the value of what he was searching for, he was willing to spend the money necessary. Now he did not gripe about the cost. This Saint world must be of the other source. He now no longer cared about using it as a method to earn money. He wanted the other half of the martial art.

 64 Point Blade Techniques!

 As he re-entered, he found a White Rabbit searching high and low. This was too easy to recognize, because White Rabbit was wearing a white rabbit mask.

 Mutually, White Rabbit also recognized Wang Zheng in an instant. His face mask was unremarkable, a black metal mask which had the words "Charcoal". This was a match made in heaven.

 They matched very well, black and white.

 Once she saw Wang Zheng, Lin Huiyin was as ecstatic as a bunny. She tugged on his arm, jumping up and down.

 "Big Brother Zheng, it's too good to see you." Lin Huiyin exclaimed.

 Wang Zheng dry coughed a few times. This wench. Although she was still a kid, but she was too close. Lin Huiyin was almost 14 now, and the little loli was starting to fill out. Her soft breast was pressed against his arm, making him feel a little uneasy.

 "Huiyin, where is Aina?"

 "Hmph, to choose lovers over friends. You only have eyes for my cousin!" Lin Huiyin pouted. "She won't reach so quickly. I've already informed her. She has plenty of time to be with you, but I'm the busy one. You two had better not burn bridges after you cross the river. Don't forget me when the time comes."

 Lin Huiyin had brought Wang Zheng to the outskirts of the Sanctuary. The Sanctuary was surrounded by incomparable bustle, almost like a small city. The most popular sales were the information cards and the martial arts cards.

 Everybody's knowledge was stored in the crystal cards. Whether through trade or force, others' cards could be taken. The intelligence cards brought opportunity, allowing one to avoid many dangers.

 In the Saint world, there were all sorts of fighting and training missions, that had great rewards upon completion. What was different from other virtual worlds was that failure was punished very heavily.

 It was a rare chance that Huiyin could show off in front of Wang Zheng, who seemed content to play the part of obedient student. Lin Huiyin was overjoyed, answering his questions patiently as though he was the child.

 Robbing and such, Wang Zheng had no need for. He had no interest in the entertainment factor of this world. His goal was very clear – the 64 Point Blade Techniques.

 "Huiyin, how does one obtain the 64 Point Blade Techniques?"

 Lin Huiyin was surprised. "The Disciple level only has one martial art, which is the 8 Point Blade Technique. Once you reach the Acolyte level, martial arts evolves to take all kinds of shape and form. One must search according to one's alignment to the 5 basic elements, to find the one which is most suitable. There is a rumor that 16 Point Blade Techniques does exist in the Disciple level. I seem to recall it being put up for auction once, but was sold at the top price of 16 billion. I don't recall the details. In the Saint level, there is a 32 Point Blade Technique, but that is a rarity already. As for the 64 Point Blade Technique, I have never even heard of it. Big Brother Zheng, if you want to find such a thing, I'm afraid it will be nigh impossible."

 If even a ditzy princess like Lin Huiyin deemed it impossible, then it would indeed be very, very difficult.

 Wang Zheng brushed it off. "No matter, what I have is time. If it can't be obtained by money, that doesn't mean it can't be obtained through other means. As long as I have confirmation that it exists. Oh that's right. What martial art are you using?"

 "Me? Here, take a look." As she said, Lin Huiyin opened her own ability panel, selecting martial arts. A pink card floated in the air. "16 Point Song of the Storm, a water-type."

 As the 16 Point Song of the Storm appeared, many hungry gazes were immediately attracted. The greed was apparent. But those who could use the 16 Point Techniques were clearly experts of the Acolyte Tier. Although the Disciple Tier people coveted it, but they could only wish for it.

 "Better keep it quick." Wang Zheng had sensed a turn in the atmosphere as well. He had treated this world rather lightly at the start, but now he realized that he was the exception, and everybody else took it very seriously.

 Lin Huiyin was unfazed. "No worries, those of the Disciple level can't beat me. But you, Big Brother Zheng, you have to be careful. If you get something good, you have to be even more careful. Here, they can force a battle, even in the Sanctuary.

 Wang Zheng frowned. "How can this be? Then, won't the strong do as they please?"

 Lin Huiyin smiled engagingly. "In the Sanctuary boundaries, there are still no rules. But to force a duel in the Sanctuary has a fairly high price. First, you have to buy an expensive duel card. If you lose, your opponent also gets to choose a card from all that you possess.

 Wang Zheng was interested. "And if the challenged one loses?"

 "The opponent gets a card of yours at random. So you should always have some common cards with you, just in case."

 Huiyin's tone was of a senpai's. This left Wang Zheng a little speechless. All he had was a Blade Technique card, and even the basic information card had disappeared with one use. He guessed that this 8 Point Blade Technique was a common enough card, and nobody would come after him.

 "Right, I forgot you just came. Here, let's trade!" Lin Huiyin excitedly said, opening a trade panel."

 Wang Zheng's screen increased by 10 fast-return city cards. They could be used in the mission world to escape a battle situation, and promptly return to the Sanctuary of that level.

 Price… 100,000 each.

 Wang Zheng's heart quavered a little. He had thought he and Yan Xiaosu had come into fortune these last 2 years, but looking at the way people splurged here, damn, even millionaires could not afford to play around.

 Lin Huiyin was an endless supply of treasures, reaching for more, but Wang Zheng declined. After all, he was still a man, and had his dignity to protect.

 "That's enough. If I need more next time, I won't stand on ceremony." Wang Zheng said. He wouldn't be too embarrassed about asking either. The 64 Point Blade Techniques were too important to him. He would get it at all costs, and for this he might need Lin Huiyin's help.

 "Hmm. That's fine too. Sis says that if it is too easy, then training won't be effective." Lin Huiyin stuck out her little tongue. Clearly she was in this for the entertainment. "Let's go. I'll bring you through the first few tests, to save you some effort."

 And just like that, Wang Zheng found himself dragged along by Lin Huiyin. Although after all, in this world, Lin Huiyin was the senpai.

 Sanctuary – entrance test.

 "Big Brother Zheng, this one determines your affinity." Lin Huiyin was also very curious as to his affinity. It should be water, since Wang Zheng's ability X was ice.

 Wang Zheng did not particularly care, and walked in directly. Inside was a huge matrix, that mesmerized the eye. Wang Zheng stepped up, paying the 1 hour test fee.

 Around him, others were taking the test as well.

 A test was a test, but Wang Zheng did not let his mind wander. He was different from the rest. He held no particular awe for this world, but it did blend fiction with reality, and the martial arts should be the real thing. Yet, all the martial arts were stored in cards, so one could only experience, but not reapply them. The central thing was still firmly within the grasp of the creators.

 But Wang Zheng was different. As long as he experienced the effects of that martial art, he would have a shot at bringing it back to the real world. After all, his own Primordial Regression Technique had already reached an untouchable stage, and now he only had to recreate it.

 Even the Saint people would not guess that such an unnatural existence like himself existed. Even if his recreation could only access the lower level martial arts, to Wang Zheng that would be enough.
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