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In the next few days, Wang Zheng was very at ease. Besides daily training, the rest was hanging out with Chen Xiu and the gang. The only thing they were missing was Zhang Shan, who would definitely make things even livelier. Zhang Shan had sent a message. He was currently working his hardest, aiming to be Wang Zheng's superior in the future.

 Meng Tian and Zhang Runan had news as well. Meng Tian was as cold as ever, but clearly her stance had softened. As for Zhang Runan, after her ability X had stabilized, she was no longer the macho woman of that time. Now she carried herself tall. Although Nan liked the peace and quiet of the past, she was now surrounded by all kinds of houseflies buzzing around her. Those around her looked on amused. Normal girls would like it, but Zhang Runan was irritated. Some things did not change.

 But they had not been included in the first wave of Elite X College, which Wang Zheng felt was a pity.

 After hosting Gail, all that was left for Wang Zheng to do was to wait for the ability X test. Now he had mastered 3 types, wind, fire, ice. His fire and ice abilities were not particularly refined. Wang Zheng understood this, and hoped that Elite X College could help him develop it. His wind control was a bit better, with a bit more coherence. But after leaving Tita Titan Star, his results had suffered greatly.

 Wang Zheng missed the days when humanity could hold their own against the outside. Those were wild times, but now it was impossible. However, using mechas, mankind could still display its power. Only, the complementation between ability X and mecha still needed more research. The super-gravity energy ore was definitely a step in the right direction.

 After the school anniversary, Ye Zisu entered a busy experimental phase. The news that OMG had been awarded extracting rights had shaken the entire Solar System Federation.

 Before, they had already knew that the super-gravity energy ore's mining rights had been awarded to the Aslan Empire, but this was on the basis of Princess Huiyin risking death to support Tita Titan, and nobody could challenge that. But OMG was the second to be awarded it, and it was a company… and from Earth.

 Although nobody knew OMG's quota, but the news alone had brought OMG to the spotlight once again. The space program was still a money burner, with no results yet. After that wave of hype, it had been over. But this news was way more stirring than the space program, and OMG's board chairman Ye Bingwen had also succeeded in the election. There was indeed ample cause for celebration.

 This was perhaps also why Ye Bingwen was opposed to the chamber of commerce declaring war. Even if the outside world thought so, no one actually knew that the reverse was true.

 But now that news was only making the rounds internally and in the financial circles, but not publicly released. Furthermore, Tita Star still had not released the official name list.

 Little Lucky Star's position looked good as well. Yan Xiaosu had already secured an agreement with Tita Star, which could be a huge lifesaver. With the talk of the galaxy Tita Star as the selling point, this could be Little Lucky Star's road to fame.

 Now it was time for that Ment guy to be the one to come begging.

 Although the Diana Group was big, but the Tita program was really too important. It was what the group's future would completely revolve around. Because of Ment's ill words, it had all gone to pieces. The board had been furious. Such a corporate group was not the plaything of a single person. It had implicated all their interests. To have forgone such a huge window because of Ment's stupidity was unforgiveable.

 As for Little Lucky Star, expanding in other areas, especially in the Solar System, even just paving in-roads was a headache, while this was a piece of cake for the Diana Group. Both parties had some common ground to cooperate over. Of course, the initiative stood with Yan Xiaosu's side.

 Tyrant Su, in order to become Aristocrat Su, had already passed the age where he ran business purely in a righteous manner. Lessons to be taught had been taught, and now he began to plan how to best win concessions from the Diana Group side.

 Everybody was busy about their own business, and Wang Zheng suddenly felt left with nothing to do. Until he received a Skylink from Lin Huiyin.

 "Big Brother Wang Zheng, I have many things to say to you!" Lin Huiyin pouted her petite mouth.

 Wang Zheng was completely confused. "Little Princess, what have I done wrong now?"

 "You haven't contacted me for so long!" Huiyin replied.

 Wang Zheng was not sure how to respond to this. He had been afraid of affecting Lin Huiyin. Who knew if the people in the palace were monitoring her? But in hindsight, perhaps not. The palace was not so full of intrigue, and the Princess was probably not subjected to such things.

 "Alright, it's my mistake. The next time we meet, I'll treat you to a feast!" Wang Zheng said.

 "From one look, I can already see your insincerity. When is 'next time'? Treat me now!" Lin Huiyin said. The little Princess was only wearing a short skirt. Her pink butterfly ribbon was especially cute, and stirred emotions.

 "I also wish I could instantly teleport to Aslan, but there's no such technology yet." When the childish temper came, all one could do was wheedle along. Although he had no siblings, but Wang Zheng had always wished for a younger sister. Things were too lonely.

 "Heehee, I have an idea. You wait a bit, I'll send it to you."

 Lin Huiyin said. Suddenly Wang Zheng's Skylink had another acceptance notification.

 Seeing the thing, Wang Zheng was stunned, because his Skylink already had it. "How did you come to have this too?"

 In these 2 days, Wang Zheng had already tossed the wretched thing from his memory. Who would have thought that he would actually see it in Lin Huiyin's hands?

 "Ah, you already have it, no wonder you're so good. We'll just meet inside! Right, and call me Elder Sister, they'll never figure it out. Haha, I'm a genius!"

 Highness Huiyin was getting puffed up with herself.

 "You mean, you all already started this way earlier?"

 "Yup. This is a mysterious and exciting virtual world, although its origins are a mystery. Aslan has tried to chase it down, but with no results. Never mind that, as long as it's fun!"

 Huiyin smiled.

 "I've only entered that thing once before."

 "Oh, it's fine. I'll protect you, Big Brother Wang Zheng. I won't let anybody bully you. That said, it is quite a dangerous place, especially for newbies. But you're so clever, you should be difficult to bully!"

 Clearly, Princess Huiyin still held that level of respect and trust in Wang Zheng.

 Wang Zheng's face reddened. Damn, the first time he entered he had been swindled clean. That was too embarrassing. Of course, in front of Lin Huiyin he was not about to show that side.

 Well, it looked like no pain, no gain. Besides, if he could see Aina inside, that would be the best.

 Suddenly, the bad points did not look so bad anymore.

 "Big Brother Wang Zheng, my ID is Little White Rabbit, what's yours?" Lin Huiyin asked curiously.

 Wang Zheng could not help it. She was too cute. Normal girls would like princess-y stuff, but this actual genuine princess, returning to her true girly self was in fact even cuter.

 "Charcoal." Wang Zheng replied without thinking, before realizing that it had been the name laughed at by the swindler. Could it be that a name could reflect one's intelligence?

 "Wow, that's really cute. But Big Brother Wang Zheng isn't 'black' at all. You're just right." Lin Huiyin clapped her hands.

 This made Wang Zheng feel a little better. People were perceptive. He had been lazy at that time. Skeleton and Charcoal had been used once each, so there was no favoritism between the two.

 Wang Zheng charged the Saint program with 24,000, and received 24 hours of time. He rarely spent money, let alone in such a large sum. Thinking of that cheat made his teeth itch. To think that such a lovely looking girl was so cruel.

 In the Sanctuary, time did not pass. With even just 1 minute left, one could spend a long time there. But the opponent had cleaned his time out, and that had booted him from the system.

 Wang Zheng thought that she must be a piece of wood that looked like a human!

 Although money was a great enabler, Wang Zheng entered the Sanctuary, and waited for Lin Huiyin to come find him.

 Failure was the mother of success. If he met another kind-hearted person, he would not fall for the same trick again.

 Opening his trade space, Wang Zheng found the last trade deal. Now he understood. The opponent had directly created a complete transfer trade, and Wang Zheng had accepted readily without thinking further, transferring all his remaining time to his opponent.

 He took out the card. Well, he did spend 8 hours to buy it.

 Once he opened it, it dissolved and disappeared, and then a chain of information directly streamed into Wang Zheng's brain.

 The thing was real, and was the one-use consumable type. An information card. On this point, he had not been lied to. It indeed contained a basic introduction of the Saint world.

 The Saint world was divided into 3 layers. In the Disciple layer, which was where Wang Zheng was, all people could master was the 8 Point Blade Techniques.

 Once entered into the Acolyte level, there were many ways to acquire martial arts that suited one's own body. People were classified into Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth, which gave rise to all kinds of ability X.

 The Saint tier was a magical tier. Because only by entering the Saint tier, could one bring what they had learnt in the previous two levels back to reality.

 Besides the basic way of movement gleaned from the game, all other training and experience, including martial arts, were stored on cards. Only by entering the Saint level, and fulfilling certain conditions, could this all be transferred to reality.

 Clearly the enlightenment would have convinced a majority of the players to believe in this. It was said that once the transfer succeeded, although immortality was not attained, but the benefits to body were something that no mechanism or biological product could substitute.

 On this point Wang Zheng was sold. The extent that martial arts strengthened the body exceeded the imagination. Without the Primordial Regression Technique, he would have been dead countless times in the past.

 The Blade Techniques, Wang Zheng knew, was a martial art from a lost era, and was somehow connected to what he had learnt.

 In the Saint world, everything used time as the currency. One could earn time through completing Saint missions, or directly charge it with money. But the latter was more reliable. In the world filled with darkness and honeyed words, stealing time was counted a good thing. If some enlightenment was stolen by others, that would be a cruel world indeed.

 Note: Although I cheated your time, but I gave you the most valuable experience, noob. Bullying is tough love.

 The last note was clearly left by the girl. Wang Zheng was not sure how to respond to that. It was truly a dumb mistake to make. If Bonehead found out about it, he would laugh until his teeth fell out, even if he had no teeth to fall out.

 All 3 worlds of Saint were vast, but the nasty thing was this. For the lower level to ascend, no problem, just spend money. For the higher level to descend, no problem, just spend money.

 In the confines of the World of Saints, things seemed no different from any other living zone in other virtual worlds, including trade, food etc. There were even inns and some private architecture. Of course, this cost money. Even the relationships between the sexes were governed rather strictly, requiring both parties to consent. At the same time… it cost money. It seemed like something called a "Happiness Card" was required.

 Originally, he felt that it was a posh and mysterious place. But the more he understood, the less he had to say about it. He had never encountered a stingier place. The saying was true here: Time is money.
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