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Chapter 450: History’s First Counter Kill!
Translator: Abyssruler Editor: Lucas

No matter who it was, they would be desperate. To reach this step, to make it this far, the Solar System team might lose, but they would lose gloriously!

Everyone's nervous hearts were already calmed down. Perhaps the only nervous ones left were the Solar System team's supporters. Aina's hands were grasped tightly in front of her chest. At this moment, she had already forgotten her status. She was just praying for the man she loved, hoping that he could create a miracle, even though she also thought that it was no longer possible.

But humans were humans because they never gave up till the end.

Wang Zheng became more anxious, and he chose... to directly advance!

He did not attack the laser cannons, because it was too late. Wang Zheng wanted to directly attack the energy tower while bearing the attacks of the laser cannon.

This was risking his life!

But this was not possible. At this distance, the laser cannon could instantly lock onto their attack target. If they could not hit their targets in this situation, the cannons might as well be disassembled and sold as useless metal. Wang Zheng...


The Phantom King's Mysterious Energy shield blocked the attack. The mech vibrated strongly. This type of laser cannon's fire power was not the average kind. Its key point was not to attack but to block attacking mecha with a forceful strike.

Wang Zheng was sure to be covered in cold sweat at this moment. This laser cannon strike had as good as blasted all his hopes away.

If he did not move, it would no longer be a problem of winning or losing, because he would definitely die here.

The Phantom King transformed into an afterimage and retreated away from the energy tower with strong maneuvering, hong...

Another attack. To the energy tower, doppelgangers and afterimages were useless.

The Mysterious Energy shield forcefully withstood the attack, but just as the mech managed to distance itself, another cannon blasted at him.


The shield exploded into pieces. This sign meant that the Phantom King could no longer provide a Mysterious Energy shield anymore, and at this moment, Wang Zheng managed to escape from the attack range of the laser cannon with great difficulty.

All was lost!

All hope had dissolved into nothing.

A cloud of purple light appeared on top of the Phantom King. Instantly, Bordia's Phantom King reached him.


An afterimage was left on the ground, and Wang Zheng's Phantom King made a horizontal move. Bordia's Phantom King split into two and instantly attacked the golden Phantom King. It was so near, almost like an instant attack.


The golden Phantom King split into two, attacking with Mysterious Energy at the same time.

Hong long long long...

Four Phantom Kings became two in the blink of an eye.... Wang Zheng was actually still alive, but his Phantom King was fleeing already.


An afterimage and a purple Phantom King instantly appeared behind Wang Zheng. Its Mysterious Energy sword pierced forward. At this moment, Wang Zheng's Phantom King was defenseless…


The golden Phantom King exploded….. another mirage???

An afterimage flashed past. Mysterious Energy firing out ...


The golden Phantom King then ran past, appearing five meters away. But the golden Phantom King did not turn back, and instead ran towards the energy tower.

And the purple Phantom King actually did not give chase???

However. it was useless. The laser cannons were within the energy tower's energy defense. Unless there were long range heavy weapon attacks, which Wang Zheng obviously did not have, he could not attack. Conversely, once he entered the attacking range of the laser cannons...

But Wang Zheng's Phantom King had already rushed in without a care. The rune sword was thrown out like a streak of lightning at almost the instant he entered.


The rune sword hit the laser cannon's eye, and light flowed out...


The laser cannon broke apart. Wang Zheng's Phantom King continued its advance, rushing towards the energy tower.

Leaning Landslide!

The Phantom King threw itself towards the energy tower. Everyone's eyes were popping out.

The whole set of movement was completed in an instant; the last hit was done without hesitation.

Half of the Phantom King creaked and instantly bent, but the energy tower fell explosively, its light extinguished.

Zhang Shan was lying on the ground. That slam had knocked him out, but he was at least a warrior and had woken up now. His whole body had no strength and he could only lie down and look at the sky.

This position was not bad; at least he was not lying face down on the floor.

This battle allowed Zhang Shan to fully understand his own strength. It was really not enough. He had actually failed to even block one blow.

Lie Xin could not move either. This time her injuries would take at least one or two months to heal. The mech was slammed into the ground with one punch, and could not get up no matter what. She could only wait till the competition ended and the paramedics would drag her out.

Luo Fei's mech had already stalled. Even though he did not stall, he was not willing to move. S**t, was this necessary? So fierce. He had not lived long enough. This life-risking battle style was indeed not suited for him. Fatty waited for failure silently. The situation was obvious. The Atlanteans' abilities were higher than them by two to three levels. They had no chance. They should have just surrendered directly; he just hoped Boss would not be angry.

At this moment, Lieutenant General Markroff's voice travelled into the audience's ears. Except, Mr. Lieutenant General, why did your voice break?

Solar System team WIN, entering the finals!

The viewing hall was still silent. Everyone's eyes were attracted by the screen.

What happened?

After suffering three laser cannon strikes, Wang Zheng's Phantom King had counter-killed Bordia's Phantom King?

What the f**k? This was even more ridiculous than having a cooked duck mating with a goose and giving birth to a rabbit!

No one spoke. Actually, no one even reacted. Everything was drowned out by this question.

On the screen, Bordia's Phantom King had already stalled.

The slow motion shots were pulled out.

Wang Zheng's Phantom King was knocked away by the third blast from the cannon. It was clear that at the first blast, Bordia's Phantom King was already preparing to attack, at the second blast he had finished preparations, and while he was waiting for the best time to attack, he was defending against Wang Zheng playing any tricks.

When Wang Zheng forcefully withstood the third cannon blast and left the range of the laser cannons, Bordia attacked.

The spiritual imprint locked on and the Phantom King's rune sword attacked Wang Zheng. At this moment, Wang Zheng simply had to be hit once and everything would end.

However, at this moment, Wang Zheng's Phantom King immediately spilt, leaving an afterimage. He moved to the right horizontally. It was just by a little bit, and he barely avoided Bordia's attack. With the spiritual imprint, Bordia immediately initiated all his power to attack.


At this moment, you could see the spiritual imprint exploding on top of Wang Zheng's head. This could cause harm to the pilot. A weaker opponent would directly faint from impact. Wang Zheng was very strong, but he had just bore three blasts from the laser cannons. It was definitely one disaster on top of another. At this moment, the Phantom doppelganger, under the lock on by the spiritual imprint, attacked Wang Zheng at the same time. This was definitely unavoidable.

But at this moment, the video on the screen became very slow. The spiritual imprint on top of Wang Zheng's mech did not explode, rather... it was washed away by a golden Mysterious Energy.

This caused... God!

Bordia's Phantom King's real body and doppelganger's Mysterious Energy attacks to all miss!

They all missed at such a close distance!

Because a golden spiritual imprint appeared on top of his head, at the same time the Phantom King split, the spiritual imprint exploded, while Bordia was tough, he was hit strong enough to almost throw up blood. The scariest part was behind. Wang Zheng's Phantom King's real body and doppelganger launched a series of attacks on Bordia simultaneously.

Bordia's reaction was fast enough. His Mysterious Energy shield activated, but what he was facing was the Phantom King's attack, and the real body could not avoid even one attack. All of Wang Zheng's attacks landed on him.

The Mysterious Energy shield exploded instantly, the whole process taking not more than one second.

However, in that violent attack, the two people's afterimages disappeared, seemingly at the same time. Actually, it was Bordia's that disappeared first, because he had attacked first. And Wang Zheng's round of attacks had already ended. Bordia definitely understood the attack limits of the Phantom King. Wang Zheng was sure to run. This was almost on instinct. At this moment, no abilities could be used on time, and he could only rely on his battle instincts to predict where the real body was, in the situation where Wang Zheng's afterimage had not disappeared yet. Both of them had to make the right decision at the same time. Both of them were not wrong.

Wang Zheng indeed went left, in other words, opposite direction horizontal movement. The two of them made their predictions in 0.01 seconds. The rune sword already reached Wang Zheng's back. The replay speed was lowered again. The rune sword was almost touching Wang Zheng's Phantom King.


At this moment, both of their rune powers were already used to the maximum. The Phantom King was also not without limits. Hence this blow was almost undisputable!

But it missed!

It was not a Phantom doppelganger, but an afterimage!

The sharp left movement was a feint. Forcefully, with strong control of the mech, the Phantom King counter-attacked with a turn. Most of the audience knew this move because this was the Milky Way mech level two battle move – Prokanoff's counter attack after baiting.

And at this moment, the bottom left hand corner of the big screen revealed a shot. Bordia's Phantom King's head slid down...

It was just one hit.

There was no stopping him. Then Wang Zheng's Phantom King rushed towards the laser cannon. At the start he actually already had an idea as to how to deal with the laser cannon. He had great accuracy in throwing his sword, but if he did not get rid of Bordia, he would be finished by Bordia while he was dealing with the laser cannon. Losing the rune sword and first attack chance was because he could not defeat a Bordia who was operating the mech at its peak.

As Wang Zheng piloted the Phantom King to slam into the energy tower, all the Solar System representative members present could no longer control their tears. Tyrant Su was crying uncontrollably. What the f**k, even if God himself came, he would not have been so weepy.

There were multiple parts where he could die. As long as he did one step wrongly, this competition would be over. He could not make even a single mistake.

Wang Zheng rushed in and seemingly endured three blasts, but these three blasts were also the most important. Actually, Wang Zheng never thought that he would be almost killed, but he had to do it this way. Because it was the only way that Bordia would completely put his guard down.

No matter whom it was, when their opponent was met with such heavy blows, there was not much to doubt.

Meng Ao bit his lip, but he still secretly wiped his eyes. He had started from a second lieutenant and had worked up to a lieutenant general. Yet he had never seen a battle like this. F**k, it was really an eye-opening battle for him.

As a mech warrior, it was really worth living to see a battle like this!

The whole viewing hall was boiling with excitement. Other than the Atlanteans, who were stunned, everyone was cheering. They might have been opponents in the past, but now they were all conquered by this person called Wang Zheng.

You could imagine, the person called Olivios roared the loudest! This Arbiter King was waving his undefeatable fists.

Undefeatable ability, undefeatable battle intelligence, cold and calm beyond normality!

Wang Zheng had used the Phantom King and defeated Atlantis' "Phantom King".

This scene would be kept forever. Even if it were a 100 years later, this would still be a classic!
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