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Blue Night brought Zhang Ruochen into the Discipline King's Hall. They appeared at the feet of a shared saint soul of Discipline King Haiming.



They both bowed to Discipline King Haiming.

Discipline King Haiming stroked his beard and laughed, "Linfeng, you really shocked me with your talent on palm plays. Good, very good."

Zhang Ruochen said, "But I can only open five apertures. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't open the sixth one."

Discipline King Haiming took his time to speak. "The origin of the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm is grand. It is said that Pluto has read thousands of rare books of palm plays in the world to create it. Its power may not be the strongest in the world. But once the apertures are opened, it will do extremely well for the monks who practiced it. They can give out more power with other palm plays."

"But Pluto is an Immortal Vampire, who has strong blood Qi to crack all seven apertures in palms. It's extreme for human monks to open five apertures during the practicing of the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm. Nobody has ever opened the sixth one."

"Therefore, you have reached the limit of human beings to have opened five apertures in ten days, and will benefit greatly from the five apertures in the future."

Zhang Ruochen nodded, acting like he understood.

Then the Discipline King said, "Do you know why Grandmaster called you here to the Discipline King's Hall?"

"I don't know," Zhang Ruochen replied.

Discipline King Haiming explained, "The Blood God Sect is an ancient sect inherited from the Middle Ages. Other than the supreme Hierarch, there are the Son of Deity, the Saintess, the Four Discipline Kings, the Elders' Pavilion and the Ten Heavenly Palaces."

"Among them, the Ten Heavenly Palaces are ruled by the Hierarch himself. They are called: Nether, Waste, Underworld, Departure, Death, Heaven, Mess, Flood, Earth and Disorder."

"Nether Heavenly Palace will recruit three Banner Lords tomorrow, and I hope you can go and strive to become one of them."

Zhang Ruochen looked into the eyes of Discipline King Haiming, and found overbearing power. It was him using the Saint Might to press on him.

Apparently Discipline King Haiming was not negotiating with him. He was giving an order.

Zhang Ruochen folded his fists. "I will not disappoint Grandmaster. Tomorrow, I will take the position of a Banner Lord."

Discipline King Haiming nodded with contentment. "If you can make it, I will reward you with a Third-class Divine Origin Pill to help you reach the Third Level of Half-Saint."

Zhang Ruochen was moved by his words. 

Discipline King Haiming would reward him with a Third-class Divine Origin Pill. It must be very important to be a Banner Lord.

"Before that, you must take this."

A blood red light was thrown to the front between two fingers of Discipline King Haiming, landing on the palm of Zhang Ruochen.

It was a blood red pill the size of a grain of rice.

Zhang Ruochen input a spiritual power to detect it secretly, and found a slight life Qi inside the pill.

The finding frightened Zhang Ruochen for he knew that he was going to face a huge risk. Zhang Ruochen was clever enough to know that it was a Venomous Worm Pill.

Zhang Ruochen tried to keep calm and acted like he didn't know it. He asked, "Grandmaster, what is it?"

"This is a pill that will add up to your strength. Once you take it, your chance to win tomorrow will increase greatly." Discipline King Haiming laughed.

Blue Night, standing beside Zhang Ruochen, also gave a frightened look at the sight of the blood pill in Zhang Ruochen's hand.

Discipline King Haiming saw that Zhang Ruochen hesitated to take the blood pill, and gave a cold look. He kept laughing, but threateningly he said, "What happened? You don't trust your Grandmaster?"

"How can I not trust Grandmaster?"

Zhang Ruochen stopped hesitating, and put the blood pill in his mouth. He swallowed it.

Zhang Ruochen wasn't given a second chance in the current situation. Only by taking the blood pill could he keep staying in the Blood God Sect.

If he dared to refuse Discipline King Haiming's order, he would probably die today.

Then, the piercing pain was sensed from his belly, like his veins being cut by thousands of blades.

The pain circulated through Zhang Ruochen's body with his veins, and ended up in his lower abdomen.

It was a venomous worm shaped like a centipede with 100 sharp legs. Its head was like a human skull.

Zhang Ruochen had survived from a even fiercer pain when he was reaching the Tenth Change of Fish-Dragon Realm.

But now he was no longer Zhang Ruochen, but the Blood Dragon Prince, Gu Linfeng.

How could Gu Linfeng stand the pain of the venomous worm's biting?

So Zhang Ruochen lay down on the ground, rolling and screaming. "Grandmaster...help me! I'm...so...hurt..."

After one and a half hours, the venomous worm stopped torturing Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen was covered by blood red sweat droplets. He got up from the ground, trembling. And he asked, "Grandmaster, what did you make me take?"

Discipline King Haiming narrowed his old eyes into a smile. "It's the Blood God Venomous Worm. It was made from the corpse worm in the Blood God Corpse. Only one Venomous Worm can be refined each year. It is too precious to be taken by common people."

Of course it is the Blood God Venomous Worm, Zhang Ruochen said to himself.

He had speculated a little when he took the blood pill.

But it never occurred to him that Discipline King Haiming would use the Blood God Venomous Worm to control him.

The Blood God Venomous Worm of the Blood God Sect was said to be used only to control saints, or other important figures from the Ancient Races.

What was Discipline King Haiming's purpose in using the Blood God Venomous Worm to control his disciple's son? Discipline King Haiming added, "Don't hate Grandmaster, I am helping you. The Blood God Venomous Worm you took has reached the state of the Fifth Level Half-Saint. Borrowing its power, you can give out the battle power of a Fifth Level Half-Saint as well."

"Besides, the Blood God Venomous Worm can get to the state of saint and even beyond by absorbing divine blood. Think about that. What a treasure the Blood God Venomous Worm is!"

Zhang Ruochen said, "But what if it bites my lower abdomen and veins again? Won't I be taken by it?"

Discipline King Haiming laughed, "Rest Assured. As long as you feed it one drop of divine blood of the Blood Deity, it will live on the divine blood instead of you."

"The divine blood of the Blood Deity?" said Zhang Ruochen.

Discipline King Haiming took out a fist-sized crystal. One drop of divine blood was concealed at its center, giving out blinding red light.

Discipline King Haiming held the divine blood and said slightly, "Once you take one post of the three Banner Lords tomorrow, I will reward you with this drop of divine blood to help you survive the next month."

"What if I can't be a Banner Lord of the Nether Heavenly Palace?" asked Zhang Ruochen.

Discipline King Haiming put the divine blood back, and said earnestly, "Only the Banner Lord of the Nether Heavenly Palace is qualified for the divine blood of the Blood Deity. I've passed both the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm and the Blood God Venomous Worm to you. If you can't take the position of just a Banner Lord, what's the meaning for you to live on in this world?"

"Blue Night, Ji Shui, you two elders should teach the jungle rule of the Blood God Sect to Linfeng clearly. By the way, tell him what he needs to pay attention to during tomorrow's test."

After he finished, the division of Discipline King Haiming's saint soul dispersed gradually.

Only Zhang Ruochen, Blue Night and Ji Shui were left in the Discipline King's Hall.

Blue Night glanced at Zhang Ruochen with pity. "You have to prove your value to survive in the Blood God Sect. Once you failed, you would die."

Zhang Ruochen's eyes were bloodshot. He pinched his hands tightly, appearing furious. He said, "Thanks for the heads up, Uncle Blue."

Although Zhang Ruochen was acting angry, 30 percent of his fury was real.

There were people in the Kunlun's Field who didn't know the name of the Hierarch of the Blood God Sect, but no one didn't know the terrible impact of the Blood God Venomous Worm.

It was the venomous worm which would frighten a saint. Once being implanted with it, a Supreme Saint would have to pay hard to refine it at a heavy cost.

From which the power of the Blood God Venomous Worm could be seen.

Zhang Ruochen surely had the protection of the Mark of Gods in the wall of his lower abdomen, not totally irresistible to the Blood God Venomous Worm.

Therefore, it was not too difficult for Zhang Ruochen to resist it.

The voice of Ji Shui, a surprisingly female voice, sounded. "If you want to survive, you'd better put away your anger. From now on, you can only be rewarded the divine blood of the Blood Deity to extend your life, on account of being loyal to the Discipline King. But before that, you must pass the test tomorrow."

"Even if you have the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm and the Blood God Venomous Worm, it won't be easy for you to become a Banner Lord of the Nether Heavenly Palace. There are some powerful figures who will compete with you tomorrow."Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Zhang Ruochen put away his anger, and asked, "Who are they?"

Ji Shui said, "The son of Discipline King Tianji's disciple, Yan Kongming."

"The son of Discipline King Chengxu's disciple, Bai Yu."

"The son of Discipline King Diyuan's disciple, Ning Guihai."

"Yan Kongming, the so-called Thousand-calculation Sorcerer, has reached the peak of the Third Level Half-Saint. His blade play is outstanding, and his spiritual power has reached the state of Half-Saint, too."

"Bai Yu has also reached the peak of the Third Level Half-Saint. He has a saint body of Flying Fairy and two sword plays of the Consummate Skill. He never loses to enemies of his level."

"Ning Guihai is comparatively mysterious. Few words of him have been heard, except that he has assassinated a Fifth Level Half-Saint, and left unwounded. You should know what it means for a Third Level Half-Saint to kill a Fifth Level Half-Saint."

"Most importantly, they likely have all taken the Blood God Venomous Worm to borrow its power. You have no advantage over them, but absolute disadvantages."
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