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The trick to practice the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm is to transport the blood rapidly to open the seven apertures in the palm, using the power of blood Qi and doubling the power of the palm play.

Zhang Ruochen had sat at the first floor of the Practice Tower for two whole days, comprehending each formula of the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm and planning for the following practice.

At dusk, Zhang Ruochen walked out of the Practice Tower to an empty beach in the northeastern part of Wangchu Island. He stood in the shallow water, which was at about the height of his knees, practicing the palm play steadily.

At first, he was extremely slow. And sometimes, he would even stop in the middle of a play to think while operating the power.

The slow speed made people wonder...was he practicing the palm play, or not?

Ru Yue and Ru Xin stood at the foot of a Golden-Wood Spiritual-Fruit Tree afar. They looked extremely sexy in white gauze, which winded up their breasts and waists, exposing their flat lower abdomens and snow-white legs.

"Is he really practicing the palm play? Why do I feel like that he just pretends to work hard to behave in front of the Discipline King?" Ru Xin seemed to despise him.

Ru Yue touched her pointed chin with a finger and laughed. "It is said that the Discipline King has given the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm to him, setting great importance on him."

Ru Xin showed a look mixed with envy and glumness. "The Discipline King was too partial to pass such a profound play to him, instead of us. But in the history of the Blood God Sect, no one could practice the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm to its utmost. Few can open five apertures."

Ru Yue said, "Opening five apertures can burst out a palm power 28 times that of before, which is enough to kill any monk at the same state. "

Ru Xin said, "But aren't all who have broken five apertures unparalleled figures? To my knowledge, the Discipline King has only opened five apertures himself in practicing the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm. And Gu Linfeng is nothing more than a womanizer and playboy. How could he compare with the formidable Discipline King?"

"Gu Linfeng does have an excellent talent to have reached the state of the Second Level Half-Saint. Even if he can't open five apertures, he can do four." Ru Yue stared at Zhang Ruochen who was practicing, putting on an enchanting smile.

Ru Xin gave a stare at Ru Yue, rounded her red lips. "What's that? Do you expect that he will succeed? Have you been taken over by him after he pinched your butt? Don't you forget our task that the Discipline King sent us for!"

"Of course I will not forget."

Ru Yue just smiled and blinked. "The Discipline King has passed the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm to him for a reason. Maybe he could make something out of the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm."

Rustling noises sounded on the beach close by.

The palms played by Zhang Ruochen became quicker and quicker, causing dozens of palm winds to roll up the water from the lake, forming a wave which was several meters tall.

At the same time, blood in Zhang Ruochen's arms gave a deafening noise, rushing to his palms.


A deafening sound of explosion was heard. The blood Qi seemed to have broken through the barrier to connect the Holy Qi in Zhang Ruochen's palms with the spiritual Qi between the heaven and the earth.

The connecting point was the first spiritual aperture in the palms.

Once a spiritual aperture was opened, Zhang Ruochen could borrow the power of the heaven and the earth to double his palm power, when he gave a strike.

Zhang Ruochen stopped for a minute, looking at his hands. He smiled, "The first aperture, Feng Chi."

According to the jade book, the seven apertures in the palms were called: Feng Chi, Shao Shang, Yu Ji, Shao Chong, Shao Fu, Zhong Chong, and Lao Gong.

With one aperture open, the palm power would be doubled.

With two apertures open, the palm power would be quadrupled.

Therefore, Zhang Ruochen couldn't wait to go on practicing to open the second aperture.

Ru Yue and Ru Xin, standing afar, were both shocked. They looked at each other.

"Has he opened the first aperture in such a short time? Wasn't he just practicing for less than two hours?" Ru Yue opened her eyes wide, finding it hard to believe it.

Ru Xin gave a sneer, "Nobody can progress so fast, no matter how talented he is. Maybe he has been practicing inside the Practice Tower for the past two days, so he can crack the first aperture easily."

"According to the Discipline King, the first aperture is just a base. It means nothing to have opened it. The difficulty to open the second aperture is several times that of the first one. If Gu Linfeng could have it opened in five days, only then could he be called a rare talent."

But instead of five days, they witnessed Zhang Ruochen's crack of the second aperture, Shao Shang, at night. 

Such development shocked Ru Yue and Ru Xin greatly.

Ru Xin dared not to look down on Zhang Ruochen, and raced to the Kongcheng Island to report it to Discipline King Haiming. 

It was so quick of him to have opened two apertures in one day. Even Discipline King Haiming couldn't be so quick, back in the day.

Perhaps only the the best talent of the Blood God Sect, Mei Lanzhu, could beat him over.

Hearing the news, Discipline King Haiming just smiled, "Two apertures opened. Not bad. He is really a rough diamond."

Ru Xin was kneeling down at his feet, a little annoyed. She said, "Discipline King, the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm is too profound to be hardly mastered by ordinary people in one decade. How can Gu Linfeng open two apertures only two days after receiving the rare book? I think he must have practiced the palm play before."

The Discipline King Haiming said, "It would cost ten years of a Fish-Dragon Realm Monk to make the progress."

"But as a Half-Saint for palm plays, Gu Linfeng has commanded the Rule of Palm Play. His understanding of the Way of Palm can't be compared by Fish-Dragon Realm Monks."

"With his understanding of the Rule of Palm Play, he can easily practice any palm plays. So it's not strange for him to have mastered the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm in such a short time. If he could open four apertures in ten days, I will see more value in him."

Ru Xin said, "My state is too low to have understood it. I will work hard and strive to reach the state of the Half-Saint to help Discipline King more."

Discipline King Haiming gave Ru Xin a glance, wanting to tell her that the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm was already her limit and she would never reach the state of Half-Saint with her talent.

Discipline King Haiming said, "You will follow Gu Linfeng from now on. Whatever he asks from you, you must say yes."

Ru Xin was discouraged. It became clear to her that her value in Discipline King Haiming's eyes couldn't even compare with one finger of Gu Linfeng. Therefore, Discipline King Haiming had given her to Gu Linfeng casually.

But Discipline King Haiming did underestimate Gu Linfeng. After three days, he opened the fourth aperture to give out the palm power 20 times.

Even Discipline King Haiming was astonished by the news. He sent out a line of saint mind to observe Zhang Ruochen's practice.

Three days later, Zhang Ruochen broke through again to have opened the fifth aperture.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Once the fifth aperture opened, it meant a primary mastery of the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm. Each palm would burst out the palm power of 28 times now.

The power of this palm play was comparable to a Consummate Skill.

Zhang Ruochen had gone far beyond the expectations of Discipline King Haiming. He now had more confidence in his plan.

Ji Shui returned to the Spiritual Void Sea on the tenth day.

She stood in the center of Discipline King's Hall, and reported the information she gathered in the Yuan Mansion to Discipline King Haiming, like a cloud of blood fog shaped in human body.

"So the Blood Dragon Hall was really exterminated by powerful figures of the Death Zen Sect." The Discipline King Haiming looked gloomy, with freezing cold Qi gushing out from his eyes.

Nobody knew what he was thinking about.

Ji Shui said, "There was a fierce fight between the Ancient Race of Prison Guardians and the Immortal Vampires in the Yuan Mansion before, involving various powers. The Death Zen Sect always had a secret connection with the Immortal Vampires. It was normal for the powerful figures of the Death Zen Sect to appear in the Yuan Mansion."

Discipline King Haiming sneered, "Chaos is showing up in the Kunlun's Field. Nobody knows who will win in the future. We cannot fight against the Death Zen Sect now. Put it aside."

The voice of Ji Shui was hardly discernible. "I passed the Wangchu Island on my way back, and saw that Gu Linfeng has opened five apertures to master the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm primarily. Did the Master give the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm to him?"

Discipline King Haiming showed a rare admiration upon hearing it. "He is surely a rare talent of palm play. If cultivated with caution, he can have unlimited achievements in the future to become my right hand."

"If he had appeared 100 years earlier, I would have be loathed to send him to the Nether Heavenly Palace."

"But his only value now is to study the secret of the Bottomless Abyss. If he died in the Nether Heavenly Palace, it would be a shame."

Ji shui was clear that everyone was labeled with a price in the Master's mind. Only the people who had high value could be put to important posts, and receive saint rocks, pills, top exercises and martial arts.

Apparently, Gu Linfeng now had more value than she did.
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