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"With grandmaster's Withered Pill, my injuries have already healed. Senior, by what should I call you?"

Zhang Ruochen walked out. He tried hard to seem humble.

"No need to call me 'senior,'" the man in black said. "I shouldn't be much older than you. However, I am in the same generation as your father. You can call me Senior Uncle Blue."

"Oh, you're Senior Uncle Blue? I often heard my father mention you," Zhang Ruochen said respectfully. "He said that you're the most talented of all his fellow disciples. The Ice Soul Divine Guide that you cultivate is in the lower class King Level. It's said to be unparalleled in the world."

The information on the Blood Dragon Prince also contained details about Discipline King Haiming's various disciples. Since this man's surname was Blue, he must be Discipline King Haiming's thirteenth disciple, Blue Night.

He was indeed a dangerous person.

Blue Night scoffed coldly inside. Not thinking much about Zhang Ruochen's words, he said, "Master wishes to see you. Follow me."

Under Blue Night's guidance, Zhang Ruochen returned to Kongcheng Island. He saw Discipline King Haiming, drinking tea in a garden of more than 1,000 acres.

Feathery snowflakes floated in the sky and fluttered down.

Smiling, Discipline King Haiming said, "Linfeng, what level have you cultivated the Blood Dragon Scripture to?"

"Grandmaster, I am at the seventh level," Zhang Ruochen said.

Discipline King Haiming nodded. "If I remember correctly, you major in palm techniques, correct?"

"Yes, I have studied the palm techniques seriously," Zhang Ruochen said. "Of course, I'm not worthy to be mentioned, compared to Grandmaster."

"How can you be so self-deprecating?" Discipline King Haiming said. "Reaching the second level of the Half-Saint Realm with your age, you've already surpassed people of your age. Blue Night, exchange some blows with Linfeng. Test what level his palm techniques have reached."

"Senior Uncle Blue's cultivation is highly advanced," Zhang Ruochen said hurriedly. "I'm not his match at all…"

Discipline King Haiming ignored him. He drank tea as if he didn't hear Zhang Ruochen's words. He seemed relaxed.


Blue Night streaked horizontally and appeared before Zhang Ruochen. "Nephew Linfeng, do not worry. I will suppress my cultivation to the second level. I won't bully you."

Two balls of cold blue light suddenly appeared between Blue Night's hands. The next moment, the garden's temperature dropped multiple times. Dozens of chaotic currents of cold air appeared.

Whooshes sounded. Five sharp pillars of ice formed behind Blue Night. It was like a huge icy palm print that pressed down at Zhang Ruochen.

They're testing my abilities. It'll make them suspicious if I'm too strong, but they won't value me if I'm too weak.

Dozens of thoughts flashed through Zhang Ruochen's mind instantly.


A blood-red dragon soul flew out of Zhang Ruochen. It grew hundreds of feet long and wrapped around him, strengthening his aura more and more. Zhang Ruochen slapped forward, crashing against that huge blue ice palm.


The snow underfoot flew quickly like white flying daggers.

He actually caught it! Discipline King Haiming raised his head slightly and stared hard at Zhang Ruochen. This was quite surprising.

Various red meridians bulged on Zhang Ruochen's body. "Break!" he thundered.


The huge ice palm cracked apart. The huge shockwave that burst from it forced Blue Night back.

"As expected from a talent that Ninth Senior Brother taught. Nephew Linfeng's palm technique is indeed strong."

Blue Night's eyes darkened. Clenching his hands, he charged towards Zhang Ruochen and attacked again.

Zhang Ruochen, also acting unwilling to surrender, rushed towards Blue Night too.

Boom, boom.

The two figures overlapped and continuously sent out palm prints. They created countless powerful energy ripples.

Thankfully, Kongcheng Island had many defensive formations. Otherwise, the entire island might have sunk.

The two didn't separate until they'd exchanged more than 300 palms. Zhang Ruochen's hands were sealed with ice. His body trembled. Soon after, he used Holy Qi to shatter the ice.

Zhang Ruochen didn't attack again. Putting his hands together, he said, "Thank you, Senior Uncle, for your mercy."

Blue Night crossed his hands behind his back. He seemed calm, but his eyes were a bit heavier when he looked at Zhang Ruochen.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

Clap, clap!

Discipline King Haiming stood up and started clapping. He walked into the snow. Studying Zhang Ruochen, he smiled. "Not bad, truly not bad. You could take 300 of your Senior Uncle Blue's palms while in the same plane. Very impressive."

But then Discipline King Haiming's tone changed. "However, your palm technique isn't very advanced. It should be the lower class Ghost Level Flood-dragon Palm, right?"

Zhang Ruochen nodded and sighed. "The Flood-dragon Palm is the most advanced palm technique of Blood Dragon Hall."

Discipline King Haiming put on an upset expression. "Your father is truly…ah! If he was still alive, I would definitely reprimand him. If he didn't have an advanced palm technique, he should've asked me for one. How could he waste a great gem like you?"

He took out a jade book the size of his finger and gave it to Zhang Ruochen. "This is the Consummate Skill of the Blood God Sect, called the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm. Take it and study it. Try to cultivate it. I will check your progress in ten days."

Zhang Ruochen naturally pretended to be overjoyed. He reverently clutched the jade carved with the technique and scurried off.

After Zhang Ruochen left, Discipline King Haiming asked Blue Night, "What do you think?

"This youngster has a strong desire to perform and prove himself. However, his abilities are indeed shockingly strong. He's only in the second level, but he can defeat a third level Half-Saint. For opponents in his level, he can probably fight with someone with a Saint Body."

Discipline King Haiming nodded with a smile. "He indeed is a nice fellow. He's a miraculous gift from god. Ten days from now, the Nether Heavenly Palace will start enrolling new Banner Lords. This time, they'll enroll three. Do you think he can pass the test?"

"I'm afraid it will be difficult," Blue Night said. "The Banner Lord is chosen from low-level Half-Saints. Gu Linfeng is strong, but he's still only at the second level. There's still a gap between him and the stronger third level Half-Saints of the sect."

Discipline King Haiming chuckled. "Then we'll have to force him to risk his life. He'll only have a chance if he risks his life."

"How do we force him?" Blue Night asked.

Discipline King Haiming smiled mysteriously. He didn't speak further, but cruelty colored his old eyes.

After Zhang Ruochen returned to the Wangchu Island, he walked straight to the practice tower.

He felt a bit anxious inwardly. He actually gave me a Consummate Skill to cultivate. What exactly is the Discipline King Haiming planning? Ten days…no, I can't wait that long. I must go to the Bottomless Abyss immediately.

Zhang Ruochen released his Spiritual Power to investigate the outside. He found Ru Yue and Ru Xin outside the tower.

No, I just got to the Blood God Sect. Discipline King Haiming doesn't trust me completely yet. He might be using his saintly will to look over me. If he senses that I left Wangchu Island, the consequences will be unimaginable.

Zhang Ruochen took a deep breath, calming himself.

After a moment of thinking, he took out the Universe Spiritual Map and released Blackie. "I can't leave at the moment," he said. "Blackie, you must go to the Bottomless Abyss for me."

"I'm not going. No one returns from there. No way am I going. Plus, the Saint Lady doesn't even like me. Why should I risk it?"

Then Blackie added, "Zhang Ruochen, I suggest that you leave the Blood God Sect as soon as possible. That Discipline King Haiming isn't a nice guy. From what I know about humans, that old man probably wants you to do something dangerous. That's why he's doing everything to win you over. First, he assigned beauties to serve you. Then, he gave you a Consummate Skill. Is he the grandmaster or are you?"

Zhang Ruochen shook his head, determined. "I was already prepared to die before I came here. Whether I can leave alive or not all depends on luck."

"Is it worth it to lose your own life for the Saint Lady? You don't even know if she's alive." Blackie couldn't understand. Zhang Ruochen didn't seem like such an illogical guy.

"If you're also in danger someday, I'll go save you too, no matter how risky it is," Zhang Ruochen said.

Zhang Ruochen and Blackie had gone through many things. They'd started off using each other, but they'd gradually turned into friends who fought back to back.

Hearing this, Blackie froze for a moment. Then it made a face and muttered, "Thank god you're a man. If you were a female cat…ah, whatever! I'll visit the Bottomless Abyss, but I'm only investigating the outside. Don't expect me to jump in and look for the Saint Lady's corpse for you!"

With that, Blackie shrunk quickly to the size of a mosquito. It flew out of the tower and left the Spiritual Void Sea.

Smiling, Zhang Ruochen shook his head. He took out the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm book. Holding it in his hand, he read it carefully.

Since it was a Consummate Skill, it was naturally mysterious and filled with many truths of palm techniques. Comprehending it would boost Zhang Ruochen's Palm Way greatly.

Humans have seven apertures. The palm also has seven apertures. If all seven are opened, one will complete the palm technique.

That mysterious paragraph was how the Seven-Apertures Blood Palm opened up.

Zhang Ruochen continued reading. He discovered that the technique was actually a Saint Spell, but no one in the history of the Blood God Sect had anyone open all seven apertures. Thus, they could only release the power of a Consummate Skill.

A palm technique of the Saint Spell level was worthy of cultivating.
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