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Discipline King Haiming rolled up the saint decree on the table and placed it to the left. "Why did the Death Zen Sect kill your father?" he asked.

Thus, Zhang Ruochen repeated the words that he'd prepared earlier. Discipline King Haiming didn't actually care why the Death Zen Sect wanted to kill Gu Yan. After all, the cultivation world was a survival of the fittest. He understood this more than anyone else.

Sometimes, a reason wasn't needed to kill someone. Plus, Gu Yan was already dead. He had lost his value too.

What Discipline King Haiming cared about was the current state of the Blood Dragon Hall.

The Blood Dragon Hall was the top evil force in the Yuan Mansion. It was vast and had more than one million Monks. It was known as one of the top three sects and ruled over many mines and spiritual medicine sources.

This was a piece of fatty meat that Disciple King Haiming always had indirect control over.

Hearing Zhang Ruochen's recounting, Discipline King Haiming's expression gradually darkened. He sneered. "So the Blood Dragon Hall has already been wiped out?"

He'd never liked the Blood Dragon Prince. Now, his father was dead and the Blood Dragon Hall ceased to exist. So what value did he have now?

Just as Discipline King Haiming was about to order the Blood Dragon Prince out of the Spiritual Void Sea, his ancient eyes narrowed slightly. He carefully observed the Blood Dragon Prince for a moment and discovered that he was actually a second level Half-Saint now.

Second level Half-Saint…

Sensing this, Discipline King Haiming was pleasantly surprised. He knew early on that the Blood Dragon Prince had good talent, but he didn't expect that he'd actually reached the second level.

This way, the Blood Dragon Prince was quite useful to him.

Discipline King Haiming immediately changed his mind. Pretending to be furious, he slammed down on the bronze table. "Those damn monks of the Death Zen Sect!" he thundered. "How dare they kill my beloved disciple and massacre the entire Gu family? I will take revenge no matter what."


Discipline King Haiming streaked through the air and appeared before Zhang Ruochen. He helped Zhang Ruochen up and sighed. "If I remember correctly, your name is Gu Linfeng, right?"

Zhang Ruochen pretended to be very touched. Sobbing, he said, "Thank you, grand-master, for remembering my name. My father's revenge…"

"First, rest and recover. Don't think too much and hand this to me. I will not let your father die for nothing."

Discipline King Haiming patted Zhang Ruochen's shoulder. It seemed casual, but a burst of secret power entered Zhang Ruochen's body, going into his meridians and Saintly Meridians.

The real Blood Dragon Prince wouldn't be able to sense Discipline King Haiming's force, but Zhang Ruochen was highly sensitive. He instantly felt the force.

Discipline King Haiming is checking my body to confirm my identity. As expected, he doesn't believe me enough. He's really a paranoid fox.

Zhang Ruochen pretended not to sense anything and continued grieving to Discipline King Haiming.

Other than his cultivation, Zhang Ruochen's entire body changed drastically due to the Traceless 36 Changes. Discipline King Haiming naturally couldn't find any flaws.

When he removed his hand, Zhang Ruochen was already covered in cold sweat. Thankfully, I didn't restrict my cultivation to the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm, he thought. Otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to pass this challenge. If I failed, I'd probably be minced flesh right now.

"Are you nervous to see me?" Discipline King Haiming asked, sensing something.

Zhang Ruochen coughed out blood onto his hands. Face pale, he bowed and said, "Grand-master, you are a Saint who knows everything about the world. Your name is known throughout Kunlun's Field. Anyone would be intimidated within such close distance to you, let alone me."

Discipline King Haiming chuckled in satisfaction. He retrieved a Withered Pill and handed it to Zhang Ruochen. "You're quite well-endowed and can be developed well. Stay in the Spiritual Void Sea and cultivate. Treat this as your own home. This is a Withered Pill. Take it and try to recover as soon as possible. When your cultivation matures and you can hold your own, I will help you re-establish the Blood Dragon Hall."

Zhang Ruochen accepted the Withered Pill and pretended to be extremely grateful. Kowtowing in gratitude, he said, "Thank you, Grand-master. I am unable to repay you, but I will be even more filial to you in the future."

Discipline King Haiming smiled and nodded. He sent two servants to help the Blood Dragon Prince out of the hall.

Immediately, his benevolent smile gradually turned eerie. He made one shudder involuntarily. "Ji Shui, visit the Yuan Mansion."

The one in the blood-red robe was Ji Shui, tenth disciple of Discipline King Haiming.

"Master, are you really going to take revenge for Ninth Senior Brother?" Ji Shui asked.

Discipline King Haiming didn't answer in the negative or positive. "Go to the Yuan Mansion and check the real reason why the Blood Dragon Hall was destroyed. Investigate Gu Linfeng too. He was in somewhere like the Blood Dragon Hall. How did he go from the First Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm to the second level of the Half-Saint Realm in 20 short years? Is he really that talented?"

He seemed to be talking to Ji Shui but also talking to himself. A moment later, he added, "Use the saint decree to hurry over. Try to return within ten days."

"I understand."

Ji Shui's body gradually dissipated into a shred of bloody mist. He flew out of the Discipline King's Hall. A moment later, he was already flying thousands of miles away from the Spiritual Void Sea.

Only Blue Night and Discipline King Haiming's saint soul remained in the hall.

"Master, are you checking Gu Linfeng so thoroughly because you wish to send him into the Nether Heavenly Palace?" Blue Night asked.

Discipline King Haiming put on a cold smile. "Is there a better choice than him now? However, we still must test him to see just how his skills are."

The two servants leading Zhang Ruochen were Ru Xin and Ru Yue. There were both top beauties with lovely features and enticing figures. They were mesmerizing.

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In terms of looks, Duanmu Xingling and the Saint Lady were a whole different level. In terms of sexiness, they couldn't be compared to the former Red Star Emissary, Ye Honglei.

Zhang Ruochen had checked the Blood Dragon Prince's information. This man had stayed in the Spiritual Void Sea for a time before, but he was expelled after sleeping with one of Discipline King Haiming's servants.

It was kept hushed, but the Black Market Excellence Hall's intelligence network spread across the entire world. It had recorded this long ago.

Discipline King Haiming knows about the Blood Dragon Prince's earlier actions, Zhang Ruochen thought. But he still sent two such beautiful servants to be in charge of me. This is interesting.

He felt like Discipline King Haiming's actions were abnormal. He grew more cautious. Abnormalities were always fishy.

There were more than 100 islands in the Spiritual Void Sea. Each island had glamorous palaces. Usually, only a disciple of Discipline King Haiming was qualified to have an island for his long-term cultivation.

However, an exception was made tonight. Zhang Ruochen also had his own small island.

The island's name was Wangchu Island. Apparently, the Blood Dragon Prince's father, Gu Yan, had once lived here. It was less than 100 miles away from the Kongcheng Island that the Discipline King's Hall was on.

"Lord Gu, please rest here. We will wait outside the door," Ru Yue said sweetly. "Please call us if you need anything." She fluttered her lashes, seeming very lovely.

Zhang Ruochen stared at Ru Yue, his eyes going from her face to her feet. He smirked. "Come here."

Ru Yue's white face turned pink. She nibbled her lips, pretending to be shy, but she still walked towards Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen reached out and squeezed her behind. Her butt was shockingly bouncy under his fingers. The fleshiness filled his hand.

Ru Yue mewled and said coquettishly, "Lord Gu, we are servants of the Discipline King. How can you do this? If he finds out, he'll kill us."

"Really? But he told you two to serve me. From now on, you're my women. I can play however I want…" Zhang Ruochen broke off with a cough. He patted his chest and waved his hand. "Never mind…I'm seriously injured, so I'll let you two go tonight."

Massaging her sore behind, Ru Yue walked out of Wangchu Island's training tower with Ru Xin.

When the tower's door closed firmly, Zhang Ruochen wiped away his lustful smile and his seriousness returned. He looked at his hand and wiped it on his sleeve.

The two servants were both in the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm. They weren't nobodies. They were definitely powerful and evil women. In that case, Zhang Ruochen had to act like the Blood Dragon Prince and be careful.

With Discipline King Haiming's paranoid personality, he'll definitely send someone to the Yuan Mansion to investigate the Blood Dragon Prince, he thought. I hope Murong Yue has arranged everything.

Zhang Ruochen trusted the Black Market Excellence Hall's abilities. They could definitely help the Blood Dragon Prince change his profile.

For example, the Blood Dragon Prince was now a second level Half-Saint. Even if Discipline King Haiming sent someone to check, they could only find this result.

Following this, Zhang Ruochen checked the Withered Pill that Discipline King Haiming gave him. When he confirmed nothing was wrong, he ate it and started refining it.

The next day, Zhang Ruochen's injuries had already started healing.

"Junior Nephew Linfeng, have you healed?"

That morning, a black shadow landed in Wangchu Island and appeared before the practice tower.

Inside the practice tower, Zhang Ruochen felt a strong gust of power. Thus, he opened the heavy gates with a flourish of his sleeves.

He'd seen the man in black yesterday in the Discipline King's Hall. He only knew that the man had very high cultivation, but was unsure about his identity.
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