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The Blood God Sect was a land of darkness. It sprawled across the north of the Zhouwan Divine Land. Its back was to the Ancient Snow Mountain. It was tundra and the land was covered in icy snow year-round.

The Spiritual Void Sea was actually an icy river with an area of more than 1000 miles. It was below the Ancient Snow Mountain and was where Discipline King Haiming cultivated.

Despite the extreme cold, the Spiritual Void Sea had never frozen. The water seemed to be dark blue. Looking down from the sky, it was like a sapphire placed on a piece of paper.

At night, five-colored Spiritual Qi rose up from the river. It made the vast land seem like a divine place.

At the moment, a man in a black robe was on the Kongcheng Island at the heart of the Spiritual Void Sea. He held a coffin with one hand and crossed the suspended bridge. He went straight to the Discipline King's Hall.

The two young women standing on either side of the Disciple King's Hall lowered onto one knee to greet the black-clad man. They seemed very respectful.Find authorized novels in romanticlovebooks,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.romanticlovebooks.com for visiting.

The two women were both quite beautiful. They'd also reached the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm. They were close servants of Discipline King Haiming and had quite a high status in the Spiritual Void Sea. However, they still had to bow to this man in black. It was evident that the man must have a high status as well.

There was no one else in the Discipline King's Hall other than the man in black. There were only 36 saint blood lanterns still lit up. They shone with light, revealing the man's features.

His name was Blue Night. He was Discipline King Haiming's 13th disciple and was also an elder of the Blood God Sect.

He looked to be around 30 years old. He had a high nose bridge and sharp eyes, giving off a clean yet sinister feeling.

Blue Night pushed forward lightly. Like a thin piece of paper, the heavy metallic coffin floated down and landed in the center of the hall without a sound.

"Master, this is Sun Chengyi's body," Blue Night reported indifferently. "I found him in the Thousand Burial Valley. His body was cut into eight pieces and has now been put back together."

The flames of the 36 saint blood lanterns quivered and flashed quickly. An old yet resonant voice came out of nowhere. "Sun Chengyi was Sixth Disciple's favorite disciple. He wasn't even 100 years old but was already a third level Half-Saint. He was the best choice. I didn't think that he would die before getting settled in the Nether Heavenly Palace."

Then there was a long sigh.

Blue Night looked up at the empty black throne at the end of the hall. Seeming to speak to the air, he said, "Even Sun Chengyi died such a horrible death. If we send other juniors, they will probably die as well."

The Discipline King's Hall fell into silence.

Half a beat later, the resonant voice sounded once again. "The Bottomless Abyss holds a shocking secret. However, the Hierarch has sent the Nether Heavenly Palace to guard it. No one can approach it, including the followers of the sect."

"Three hundred years ago, we four Discipline Kings were only a bit weaker than the Hierarch, but his cultivation has skyrocketed in the recent 300 years. He has far surpassed us, indisputably becoming the most powerful man of the Blood God Sect. No one can counter him anymore."

Blue Night raised his eyes. A different gleam was in his eyes. "Master, do you think that the Hierarch's current accomplishments are due to the secret of the Bottomless Abyss?"

"Yes. The Nether Heavenly Palace began stationing outside the Bottomless Abyss 300 years ago, sealing it completely. No one can approach it, other than the Hierarch. Do you think it's just a coincidence?"

With that, the resonant voice turned sharp, carrying heavy resentment. "No matter the sacrifices, I must uncover the secret of the Bottomless Abyss. Once I grasp this secret, I can become the head of the four Discipline Kings."

"But with Sun Chengyi, we've already lost 12 Half-Saint elites," Blue Night said. "It is hard to find a more suitable candidate from the third generation of disciples. If we choose another Half-Saint to enter the Nether Heavenly Palace, he might not be trustworthy. If he exposes your plan and the Hierarch finds out, it will be a bigger problem."

Blue Night had said what Discipline King Haiming feared most.

He had 14 disciples in total. He had countless grand-disciples of the third, fourth, and fifth generation. There were quite a few elites amongst them. They'd entered the Half-Saint Realm while still young and held their own ground.

For example, the man in the coffin—Sun Chengyi—was the disciple of Discipline King Haiming's sixth disciple Li Shigong. He was also the leader of the third generation.

Sixty years ago, Discipline King Haiming began sending his elite grand-disciples into the Nether Heavenly Palace to search for the Bottomless Abyss' secret for him. However, all of them had either gone missing or died. No one survived.

Practically all of the third generation of disciples who'd entered the Half-Saint Realm had died. There were no more suitable candidates.

Discipline King Haiming was already 600 years old. His vitality was almost used up. He could only reach a higher level to extend his life. This was why he was so anxious about finding the secret.

Should he risk it and go personally?


Just then, a beam of red mist poured in from the door. It reached Blue Night's side and consolidated into a man shrouded in a blood-red robe. This man was tall and thin, but his face was hidden in the robe. His age, features, and gender were unknown, making him seem mysterious.

"Master, Senior Brother Gu Yan's son requests to see you." The robed man's voice was insubstantial. It sounded genderless and ageless—impossible to figure out.

With that, the blood robed man unfurled a saint decree. Holy Qi rolled out of his sleeve and wrapped around the saint decree. He sent it flying to the bronze table.


Blood-red threads appeared out of thin air. They gathered above the Disciple King's Hall, forming an elder wearing a long sea-blue robe.

This was one of Discipline King Haiming's saint souls. "Gu Yan's son?"

He looked at the saint decree on the table and his expression grew thoughtful. He finally remembered that Gu Yan, his ninth disciple, had once come to the Spiritual Void Sea to ask for a saint decree for his son.

At that time, Discipline King Haiming had agreed because the Blood Dragon Hall had contributed a lot of spiritual crystals and medicine.

He remembered Gu Yan's son as well. That guy was quite talented. Discipline King Haiming had kept him in the Spiritual Void Sea for a while to train him carefully. He might have reached a high level.

However, that guy truly had the guts. He'd only stayed at the Spiritual Void Sea for three days before bedding one of Discipline King Haiming's close servants.

Discipline King Haiming had been furious, but seeing as Gu Yan's Blood Dragon Hall could provide him with wealth, he didn't punish the Blood Dragon Prince. He just found an excuse to expel him from the Spiritual Void Sea and back to the Yuan Mansion.

Of course, he'd killed the servant.

"What's he here for?"

Discipline King Haiming was unhappy. However, thinking that his ninth disciple was still valuable, he summoned the Blood Dragon Prince.

Zhang Ruochen, disguised as the Blood Dragon Prince, entered the Discipline King's Hall. He immediately knelt before Haiming's saint soul and cried, "Grandmaster, please take revenge for me! The disciples of the Blood Dragon Hall can't die for nothing, my father can't die for nothing. Only you can avenge him…cough…"

As he spoke, he spat out black blood. He couldn't stop coughing, making him seem extremely pitiful.

It wasn't an act. Zhang Ruochen was truly gravely injured. Even so, Zhang Ruochen was still carefully studying the three people inside the hall.

Discipline King Haiming sat up front. He had long wavy sea-blue hair, deep-set eyes and a wrinkled face. Despite being just an apparition, he radiated with boundless Qi. He was like a towering saint mountain and a bottomless sea. He gave Zhang Ruochen extreme pressure.

In addition, there was a black-clad man and a red-robed man on either side of him.

The man in black seemed to have cultivated some dark technique. He just stood there, but he emanated icy Qi that froze the space around him. Any Qi that flowed within ten feet of him would immediately scatter.

He must be a cruel figure.

The other person in the blood-red robe seemed to be a wisp with no physical body. He seemed too advanced to figure out.

It was clear that no one in the Discipline King's Hall was easy to deal with.

Bearing the great pressure, Zhang Ruochen maintained his disguise carefully. If he made any slight mistake, he would probably die here tonight.

Discipline King Haiming's eyes narrowed. Staring at the kneeling Blood Dragon Prince, he asked coldly, "What did you say? Your father died? Who dares to touch my disciple?"

"The Death Zen Sect!" Zhang Ruochen exclaimed. "The evil monks of the Death Zen Sect."

Discipline King Haiming's brow twitched. "The Death Zen Sect," he murmured to himself.

If any other force dared to kill his discipline, he would wipe out the entire force, even if it was just for his own reputation. However, the Death Zen Sect wasn't just any force. It was only a few centuries old, but it was vast. The members were spread throughout the world. Even when compared to the Blood God Sect with millenniums of history, they still weren't much weaker.

The Death Zen Elder was especially powerful. He'd taken a hit from the Empress without dying. There weren't many figures like that in the entire Kunlun's Field.

It didn't seem worth it to anger the Death Zen Sect for a mere disciple.
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