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The cyan-clothed man was Ouyang Huan, the Demon Son of the Demonic Sect.

The Demon Son was highly revered in the Sect. He was on the same level as the Saint of the Demonic Sect, even though his current cultivation was only at the Ninth Change of the Fish-Dragon Realm.

Sometimes, his authority even exceeds a Saint's.

Ouyang Huan glanced at Gai Tianjiao. His calm eyes overshadowed a faint smile, "Innate Extreme Yang Body, Gai Tianjiao."

Gai Tianjiao and Ouyang Huan have never met before, but they immediately recognized one another. Only top masters had such acute senses.

Centipede Eight and Bird Nine drew out a Holy Weapon almost at the same time and held it in their hands while staring at the burly man walking out of the woods.

The Saint power, like turbulent sea waves, was seething from the Holy Weapons and forming ripples of strong energy. The two Palace-keeping Beast Guardians were ready to attack anytime.

Even in the Demonic Sect, the name of Gai Tianjiao was often mentioned.

Everyone knew not to let their guard down when facing such a powerful guy.

"I have heard that Gai Tianjiao is a gorgeous woman. I was even looking forward to seeing her someday. But now I'm disappointed, why does the legendary beauty look like this?" Centipede Eight chuckled.

Gai Tianjiao's eyes were ablaze with anger. She looked at Centipede Eight and said in a threatening voice, "You are dead meat to me."

Gai Tianjiao's murderous look made Centipede Eight tremble. His smile faded and his face turned pale.

It was not that Centipede Eight was frightened by Gai Tianjiao but that her voice had so much power in it that each word she said felt like a loud set of drums.

Just by saying a word, Gai Tianjiao has injured Centipede Eight.

Zhang Ruochen who was sitting cross-legged at the pit of the Handprint was also taken aback.

He...no, how could she be Gai Tianjiao?

The burly man in front of him had a sturdy build. His bones were three times stronger than a normal person's and his skin was as tough as iron with each meridian winding around his body like a dragon.

How could such a virile, strong, and robust man be the legendary No.1 beauty of the Yin and Yang Sect?

Sure enough, legends were not infallible.

After thinking about it, it would be unacceptable for someone with an Innate Extreme Yang Body to be a feminine beauty.

But, Zhang Ruochen had heard that she hated it when people say that she was not beautiful enough.

Apparently, Centipede Eight violated the taboo. With her violent temper, how could she spare him?


When Zhang Ruochen was thinking about whether Gai Tianjiao would give Centipede Eight a good beating or not, the ground suddenly jolted.

It was Gai Tianjiao striding toward Centipede Eight. With each step she took, the ground shook. Meanwhile, the furious aura around her body was intensely burning.

When she stopped in front of Centipede Eight, her body glowed with fire, melting the mud under Centipede Eight's feet into red lava.

"Fantastic Extreme Yang Qi."

Centipede Eight turned grim and immediately threw the axe-shaped holy weapon at Gai Tianjiao.

Inscriptions, line by line, emerged from the axe. They were glowing with purplish light and grew ten meters long like a formidable force that could break up the sky and the earth.

With his cultivation and the saint power of the Army Breaking Axe, Centipede Eight was capable of bringing forth enough power to hack a lofty mountain in half. You could imagine what would happen if that power fell on the human body.

However, Gai Tianjiao did not fear the Army Breaking Axe of Holy Weapon level at all. Instead, she wore a disdainful expression in her eyes.

She pushed her palm out and released the saint power from the Army Breaking Axe. As her powers overtook the saint power, the Army Breaking Axe was flung away.


The Army Breaking Axe fell into a river hundreds of miles away. The power from the saint weapon was so strong that the water stopped flowing for a while.

Seeing that it was a saint weapon, Gai Tianjiao did not lessen her palm's powers, instead, she made it more ferocious.

Before her palm reached Centipede Eight, the strength released from her palms were enough to set his body on fire.

If her palm landed on his body, Centipede Eight would be turned into flying dust no matter how strong his physical savage beast quality was.

"Blue-sky Demon Handprint."

Of course, Ouyang Huan could not simply sit and watch the Demonic Sect's Palace-keeping Beast Guardians be killed by Gai Tianjiao. He rushed down to the ground and stood before Centipede Eight. With a motion of his arms, a black hand of evil energy was conjured in the air.

"I have always wanted to know how strong the Blue-sky Demon Handprint is."

Gai Tianjiao launched herself forward aggressively and struck with the Blue-sky Demon Handprint.

One was fiery palm full of Extreme Yand and Extreme virility power and the other was freezing demonic hand that could engulf anything. The two forces were so strong that the sky was split into two halves, one black, and one red.


As the two forces collided with each other, the ground between Gai Tianjiao and Ouyang Huan formed a gap that kept widening, half a meter, one meter, two meters....

The cleft continued to stretch on both sides until it was 13 meters wide, leaving an immense gap between Gai Tianjiao and Ouyang Huan.

It was as if someone had ripped the earth open.

The drastic collision between the Extreme Yang Qi and evil energy caused both Gai Tianjiao and Ouyang Huan to take three steps back. In the blink of an eye, they both continued the fight and charged at each other again.

Even with their cultivation, Centipede Eight and Bird Nine could not see their fighting movements clearly. All they could see was shadows of two figures flashing quickly in the midst of thunderous clapping sound.

After a while, they fought into the far distance.

When Centipede Eight and Bird Nine breathed a sigh of relief, a loud bang was heard from the far distance and caused the ground to tremble violently.

As far as the eye could see, the towering mountain where Wusheng Taoist temple sat was torn apart by an enormous fist wrapped in flames.

Parts of the torn mountain were melted by the leaping fire into trickles of golden lava.

Bird Nine inhaled a breath of cold air and asked, "Is this happening between two Monks only with a cultivation of the Ninth Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm?"

Centipede Eight blinked his eyes with fear and said, "Innate Extreme Yang Body deserves its reputation. We should not have offended her had we known about the extent of her strength."

The cultivation of Divine Son and Gai Tianjiao were beyond imagination. Even if they went against a Half-Saint, they would probably not lose that easily.

Monks with a cultivation of the Ninth Change in the Fish-Dragon Realm would definitely be killed if they fought them.

After recovering for a while, Zhang Ruochen suppressed his injuries and slowly rose to his feet.

He looked to the distant mountain tumbling down. Zhang Ruochen was surprised and thought to himself, "The two people were really top masters under Half-Saints. With my current cultivation, I am no match for them, but I will catch up with them very soon."

Centipede Eight and Bird Nine were standing on the edge of the pit. Even when they were looking on, they also spared part of their Spiritual Power on Zhang Ruochen.

Seeing Zhang Ruochen recover from his injuries so soon, they were rather surprised.

"Even after taking a blow from the Blue-sky Demon Handprint, you are still able to recover quickly. Your strength must be incredibly profound." Bird Nine smiled.

Centipede Eight had a cold smile and an evil look on his face, "Since Gai Tianjiao gave a hand to you, you must be the God's favored son of the Yin and Yang Sect. If I killed you now, the old generation in the Yin and Yang Sect would be furious."

Zhang Ruochen looked pale and weak, but his eyes were very sharp. He smiled still with a calm expression, "This place is not far from the Yin and Yang Sect, the fight between Gai Tianjiao and Ouyang Huan will soon attract Half-Saints and even Saints over here. If I were you, I would run away for my life."

"As long as I capture you alive, I can strike a deal with them even if Saints from the Yin and Yang Sect come here in person." Bird Nine sneered.

Bird Nine lost to Zhang Ruochen several times in a row, so, he bore a grudge against Zhang Ruochen.


Bird Nine lifted one of his arms and 42 sharply-edged bone whams grew out of the arm. They intertwined with each other like claws and targeted 42 of Zhang Ruochen's joints and meridians.

Zhang Ruochen was badly injured, so he would not be able to take the blow.

However, Zhang Ruochen was calm and a hint of a smile could be seen from his eyes. He looked through Bird Nine and said, "Blackie, do it now."

In the darkness, a low and deep meow could be heard.

Then, a black shadow rushed to Bird Nine from his back and fell on her shoulder.


When Bird Nine realized it, three sharp claws had already brushed past her neck, leaving three streaks of bloody scars.

"What...was that..."

Bird Nine opened her eyes wide. Her body twitched a bit and the genuine Qi inside her body was out of control. The Qi was surging toward her neck.

The blood started gushing from the three bloody scars and made her body red.

It was not good.

Centipede Eight also turned grim. He ran to Bird Nine and covered her neck with his four hands while the other four hands were ready to fight back.

Holy Qi was continuously flowing out of four of Centipede Eight's palms to protect the blood meridians and meridians around Bird Nine's neck.

Even if Centipede Eight did so, it was useless. Bird Nine's body was becoming colder and colder, and blood was gushing non-stop until she finally lay at rest.

Centipede Eight put down Bird Nine's body and looked in the direction of the pit, only to find Zhang Ruochen gone.

"Damn it, who the hell is he?"

With a roar, Centipede Eight's body swelled up into a black 200-hundred-meter long centipede. He started catching up to Zhang Ruochen by following his lingering aura in the air.

At that moment, Blackie made his body as big as a hill and a pair of black wings grew on his back. He rushed back to the mountain gate of the Yin and Yang Sect with the badly-hurt Zhang Ruochen on his back.
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