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Saint Lady said, "Up until now, Lin Yue has a pretty good chance. His success in becoming one of the Nine Kunlun Heirs will depend on the Empress."

"If he can reach the Completion of Sword Two at the Fish-Dragon Realm, he will surely become one of the Nine Kunlun Heirs. In the future, he will be an imperial disciple."

Since Empress Chi Yao selected the Heirs of Kunlun Field, it was a given that she would spend the time to foster them. Under Empress Chi Yao, the Nine Kunlun Heirs would become paramount and powerful. They would also have plenty of responsibilities, like the nine pillars of the Kunlun's Field.

Among them, the most outstanding heir would inherit the throne and become the next monarch of the Kunlun's Field.

The first step of becoming the dominator of Kunlun's filed was to become an heir. Then, the heirs would fight for the throne.

After hearing Saint Lady's words, all the Half-Saints shook their heads and smiled weakly.

It was a great achievement for a man at the Fish-Dragon Realm to be able to practice to the Completion of Sword One. So it was definitely not easy to practice to the Completion of Sword Two.

Over the course of thousands of years, the entire Kunlun's Field had only had two people from the Fish-Dragon Realm who practiced to the Completion of Sword Two.

Those two were the Empress and the Sword Emperor.

Nobody would deny that Lin Yue was extremely talented, but no one would think that he was capable of being on the same level as the Empress and the Sword Emperor.

Saint Lady rolled her beautiful eyes and saw the looks on the five Half-Saints' face. She showed off her snow-white teeth and said with a smile, "Predecessors, do you think that I deliberately put obstacles in his way?"

"Honestly, reaching the Completion of Sword Two is the minimum requirement for him. If he can't even do that, how would he defeat the other young sword heroes in the Kunlun's Field?"

"Xue Wuye, the Young City Governor of Fragrance City, has practiced to the 'Yin-Yang Blend' Realm. Within a year, he should reach the Completion of Sword Two and become the third person for thousands of years."

Half-saint Jing Lan sighed and said, "As the Sword Emperor's descendant, Xue Wuye is familiar with a few Sword Emperor's styles. For 500 years, he is known as the top Genius in Tao of the sword in the Kunlun's Field. Now, Lin Yue is highly inferior to him."

Saint Lady continued, "Sui Han from the Qin Sect has reached the Completion of Sword One since four years ago. Now, he has practiced the 'Separation of Yin and Yang' of Sword Two. His realm in Tao of the sword is close to Xue Wuye's."

Half-saint Zixia nodded and said, "Sui Han has been an unrivaled hero ever since he was a child. His lute-playing and Tao of the sword are superb. Only a few people in this world can compare to him."

There were countless swordsmen in the entire Kunlun's Field. So naturally, there were many Geniuses in Tao of the sword. Among them, Xue Wuye and Sui Han were the most outstanding figures.

When they heard Saint Lady mentioning Xue Wuye and Sui Han, the five Half-Saints who were there felt as if they had been doused in cold water. Their excitement immediately died down.

Lin Yue's skill in Tao of the sword was high. Compared to Xue Wuye and Sui Han, Lin Yue is overshadowed; like a firefly to the bright moon.

Saint Lady said with a smile, "Lin Yue is currently at the Fifth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm. He has a great potential. It's not impossible for him to catch up to them."


According to the rules of the finals, each champion would have two hours to restore their Genuine Qi after each battle.

Zhang Ruochen did not use that much Genuine Qi during the last battle, hence he was able to go back to his optimal condition quickly and began to face the next battle.

The second to appear at the Coliseum was a hunched-back, wrinkled Cyan-robed Elder. At 120 years old, he walked fast and vigorously; he did not look old at all.

"Liu An from the Pure Jade Palace," the Cyan-robed Elder said his name.

Zhang Ruochen clasped his hands together and bowed, saying, "Elder Liu, please."

"In that case, I won't stand on ceremony."

Liu An used a combat sword of ice nature. Following his sword movements, the entire Coliseum was frozen.

They fought fiercely, leaving nothing but interlaced figures on the Coliseum.

With his strength, Zhang Ruochen could defeat Liu An within three movements.

Considering that Liu An was older than him and a senior celebrity of the Yin and Yang Sect, Zhang Ruochen respected him. After they fought for 30 strokes, Zhang Ruochen defeated him by using "Sacred Breaking Plum Sword".

"Han Wu from Skill-Imparting Yard."

"Feng Tianlu from Fire and Thunder Yard."


Subsequently, seven more challengers ascended the Coliseum. They struck successively but they were all defeated by Zhang Ruochen.

So far, Zhang Ruochen won nine times in a row at an overwhelming speed. Meanwhile, his speed and skill surprised all the inner disciples and Saint's disciples present.

The participants from Group 10 thought that they were lucky. They had not expected that Zhang Ruochen was not a push-over.

As they watched Zhang Ruochen, they all forced a smile and shook their heads helplessly.

The champions were really the most outstanding superior.

"No wonder Lin Yue could defeat Zhao Wuyan in the preliminary contest. He is much stronger than I thought; I'm am nothing compared to him," Liu An who was defeated by Zhang Ruochen sighed with a smile.

Liu An knew very well that Lin Yue had deliberately slowed down the fight to save his face. He was very impressed by Lin Yue's abilities.

He used to treat him as an opponent or a junior. But now, he appreciated him and even admired him.

It was getting dark. Raging flames were burning at the top of 18 copper pillars on Zhiyu Sacred Mountain. They formed 18 huge torches, lighting up the four coliseums.

At midnight, the contests of Group Seven, Group Eight, Group Nine, and Group Ten finally ended.

Zhao Wuyan and Lin Yue took the first place in Group Seven and Group 10 respectively.

Mo Xin, the champion of Group Eight, came first in the group by winning in eight combats and losing one.

Han Zhang, the champion of Group Nine, was not so lucky. He ranked second in the group by winning in seven combats and losing in two combats.

Another powerful Saint's disciple called "Yang Qi" won all nine combats and became the No.1 of the Group Nine.

Today's finals were over. In the next two days, there would be the finals of Group One, Group Two, Group Three, Group Four, Group Five, and Group Six. In the end, 10 group winners would be determined.

Those monks who could become group winners were the top masters through rounds of selection. Even if they added another round of challenges, the list of top 10 would not change much.

The winners of the four groups today were Zhao Wuyan, Mo Xin, Yang Qi, and Lin Yue. They all gained instant popularity. The crowd stood around them and called out their names.

Surrounded by the Long-living Yard disciples, Zhang Ruochen left Zhiyu Sacred Mountain.

Xu Changsheng stood at a relatively high place overlooking the crowd. With a gloomy look on his pretty face, he said secretly, "Lin Yue has greatly improved his cultivation again."

"If he had not encountered some amazing adventures, he must be some evil man who is in disguise. Which one is it?"

He looked at the direction that Qi Feiyu had gone to.

"She has always been indifferent to others and keeps a good distance from others. However, only by going to Ancient Gods Mountain with Lin Yue, she got very close to him."

"This is very weird!"

"Perhaps she is suspicious too."

"Should I investigate her first?"

Lin Yue's strength had scared Xu Changsheng, but Qi Feiyu had an even more unfathomable strength.

"It's going to be really troublesome if they join hands. In the entire Yin and Yang Sect, only Eldest Sister Apprentice will be able to suppress them, apart from the Half-Saint Patriarchs." Xu Changsheng's eyes turned sharp.

Even if he was confident enough, he did not dare provoke them both at the same time.

Without any evidence, he did not dare disturb Half-Saint Patriarchs.

If both Lin Yue and Qi Feiyu were innocent, he would be accused of being jealous of talents and suffer a certain punishment.

"I have to go to Ground-stove Valley and ask Eldest Sister Apprentice to release herself from refining. In that case, 10 Lin Yue plus 10 Qi Feiyu wouldn't be able to defeat her."


Xu Changsheng shook his body and immediately disappeared from Zhiyu Sacred Mountain. He came out of the scarlet valley at full speed.

Ground-stove Valley was a barren valley with scarlet sand and stones that covered a hundred-mile radius.

The ground was extremely hot. When he stepped on the ground, a "chi chi" rang out. His shoes were blazing.

If he observed carefully, he would even discover that flames were shooting up from the underground, which made the air temperature higher than that of boiling water.


Flames spurted out of the valley uncontrollably like water flow. The flames piled up and converged into a giant as high as a mountain. The giant looked down on Xu Changsheng and said, "Xu Changsheng, why did you disturb me when I was secluding myself for refining?"

The voice was loud, thunderous. It was hard to tell whether it came from a man or a woman.

Xu Changsheng stood under the Fire Titan. By comparison, his body was the size of a grain of rice. He looked like an ant standing before a giant.

He knew that the Fire Titan was his Eldest Sister Apprentice's Dharma Laksana. He was awe-stricken and had beads of sweat rolling down his face.

He immediately bowed down to Eldest Sister Apprentice and gave her information on Lin Yue and Qi Feiyu.

A long while later, Fire Titan muttered to herself, "At the Fourth Change in the Fish-dragon Realm, he was able to ascend to the Second Level Mountain of Ancient Gods Mountain. This man is brilliant."

"More importantly, he can practice to the ninth realm of Sword One. At this level, he can be considered as a genius in sword saint. Unexpectedly, the sect gives birth to such an amazing talent after I've only secluded myself for refining for one year."
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