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Murong Yefeng, who was two years younger than Zhang Ruochen, was also very talented, and he was the first genius of the Murong family.

The leader of the Murong family sent him to be Zhang Ruochen's apprentice. He wanted the boy to take this opportunity to train with him. He hoped he could get to know Zhang Ruochen and cultivate a good relationship with him. Then, one day, Murong Yefeng could take over as family leader.

If the future leader of Murong family could make friends with the future Sacred Central Emperor, endless benefit would definitely be brought to the whole family.

Murong Yefeng had a really strong relationship with Zhang Ruochen, and he never regarded him as a servant.

Zhang Ruochen, Chi Yao, Murong Yefeng, and Kong Lanyou were listening to classes and practicing Martial Arts together in the academy. Murong Yefeng was the youngest and received the most care.

If Zhang Ruochen had a friend in the last lifetime, then it certainly was Murong Yefeng.

Therefore, when Zhang Ruochen learned that the Orange Star Emissary was a descendant of the Murong family, he thought of his old friend immediately.

Eight hundred years had passed. Zhang Ruochen wondered whether Murong Yunfeng was dead or alive.

It took a long time for Zhang Ruochen to collect himself. Then, he said, "What's your relationship with Murong Yefeng?"

The Orange Star Emissary noticed the strange expression on Zhang Ruochen's face and remembered her earlier speculations about him. She recalled the Holy Qi on her hand at once, replying, "He is the Highest Elder Lord of the Murong family."

"Is he still alive?" Zhang Ruochen asked.

"I have no idea."

She shook her head and added, "The Highest Elder Lord hasn't presented himself physically for over 300 years. Even some Murong elders don't know whether he is alive or dead."

With some hesitation, she finally decided to speak the doubt in her mind. She said, "Zhang Ruochen, actually, I have a question to ask you."

"Go ahead!" Zhang Ruochen replied.

Orange Star Emissary said," Your name is Zhang Ruochen. Eight hundred years ago, the Crown Prince of the Sacred Central Empire was also named Zhang Ruochen. It's not just a coincidence, is it?"

Zhang Ruochen asked, "What do you think?"

"Eight hundred years ago, the Crown Prince died mysteriously. The world was shocked with consternation for a little while.

"At the time, two rumors appeared. One said he was killed by his fiancee, Princess Chi Yao. So, it led to a 57-year battle between Sacred Central Empire and Qingchi Central Empire.

"The other rumor was that he was killed by his cousin, Princess Peacock. Soon after the diappearance of the Emperor, Peacock Mountain Village took over the power of Sacred Central Empire and became the ruler of the Empire.

"It's even recorded in the history books that the Crown Prince and Emperor Ming were killed by schemes of the Peacock Mountain Village. Emperor Qing and Princess Chi Yao of Qingchi Central Empire attacked Sacred Central Empire to avenge the murder of Zhang Ruochen.

"Although there are many opinions, the dead bodies of the Crown Prince and Emperor Ming were never recovered. No one knows what actually happened."

The Orange Star Emissary continued. "The Highest Elder Lord of our Murong family spent hundreds of years pursuing the truth, but it was in vain.

"In the end, the he had no choice but to lead the broken Murong family to flee into the Black Market in order to avoid being killed by the imperial court and Ming Hall."

Zhang Ruchen narrowed his eyes and suddenly raised his head. He said, "Why did Ming Hall chase and kill the Murong family? Wasn't Ming Hall built by former subordinates of Sacred Cental Empire? Why didn't all of you join together to defy Chi Yao?"

Orange Star Emissary snorted and said, "At that time, Emperor Ming disappeared, and the prince was killed. The whole Sacred Central Empire was left in chaos. Kong Shangling, the Manager of Peacock Mountain Village, allied with a crew of courtiers to take over the administration and occupancy of Emperor Ming's Palace."

"The leader of the Murongs, Murong Chengde, was one of Three Ducal Ministers of Sacred Central Empire. He took the title of 'Grand Preceptor.' Murong Chengde was totally disgusted with Kong Shangling's behavior. He reprimanded him for treason and heresy, and he proposed that a new member of Zhang family should be a new king. Unfortunately, it was suppressed by Kong Shangling, and countless disciples of the Murong family were persecuted.

"Later, the Sacred Central Empire was defeated by the army of Qingchi Central Empire. Everyone, whether Peacock Mountain Villager or Murong family, became enslaved and subjugated."

"When Qingchi Central Empire's army force breached the wall of Emperor Ming's city, all the descendants of the Murong family fought to the end. More than 70% of them died. Finally, the rest were forced to retreat to Eastern Evil Land and hide themselves in the Black Market.

"Kong Shangling and the members of Peacock Mountain Village led some remaining subordinates to form Ming Hall to fight against Empress Chi Yao in the Central Region.

"Without the shield of the Evil Emperor, the Murong family would have been destroyed completely. Di Yi was the descendant of the Evil Emperor. The reason why the Murong family fully supported him to be the young master was to repay the kindness of the Evil Emperor."

Although the Orange Star Emissary had never witnessed the glory of Sacred Central Empire, it had been mentioned by her grandparents and passed down from generation to generation.

Zhang Ruochen had been observing the Orange Star Emissary's eyes. She did not appear to be lying, and every word she said was the truth as she knew it.

If what she said was true, had the disappearance of Emperor Ming really been related to Peacock Mountain Village?

However, Zhang Ruochen had only seen Kong Lanyou once. He knew that she held her former feelings, and she did contrive them falsely.

After all, the Orange Star Emissary was just a junior of the Murong family. The things she knew were not necessarily the truth.

Eight hundred years ago, Kong Lanyou had just been a teenage girl. Even if Peacock Mountain Village had cast greedy eyes on imperial power and plotted to kill Emperor Ming, it had nothing to do with her.

However, when Chi Yao killed Zhang Ruochen, she had been there.

Who was telling the truth? Who was hiding?

Or maybe both sides were right, but some unknown secrets lurked behind the scenes.

"It is very hard to undertand a person's heart."

The case of "The assassinated Prince and missing Emperor" had happened eight hundred years ago, and it was still complicated and confusing.

All the things before Zhang Ruochen were so opaque that he had to ferret out the truth on his own.

With his current cultivation, both the Murong family and Ming Hall were so massive and formidable that they could kill him at a hand's turn.

Any precipitate exposure of his identity could possibly consign himself to perdition before he was able to hunt down all the facts.

"I will take the initiative to contact them after I reach at least the Half-Saint realm of the Sacred Realm." Zhang Ruochen secretly made a decision.

Only when he had reached the Half-Saint state could he have the real ability to protect himself.

The Orange Star Emissary stared at Zhang Ruochen and said,"Eight hundred years ago, the Crown Prince was assassinated, but his body was lost. Zhang Ruochen, you are a Time and Space Descendent. Since you can control time and space, did you come from eight hundred years ago?"

Zhang Ruochen laughed and said, "Do you think it is so easy to control the power of time? With my current cultivation, it is impossible to cross a moment, let alone a span of eight hundred years."

"So, where is your Master?" she asked.

"My master?"

"Yes, since you are the Time and Space Descendant, there must be a Master who teaches you the secret spell of time and space. Can he use his power to travel through time?"

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen fell into silence.

If there must be a Master that taught him the power of time and place, this person, he thought, must be Saint Monk Xumi.

With Saint Monk Xumi's accomplishments of time power, it would be possible to bring Zhang Ruochen's soul eight hundred years into the future.

Was it really him?

Zhang Ruochen took a deep breath and tried to calm himself down. He said, "What are you going to ask, anyway?"

The Orange Star Emissary asked, "Are you the Crown Prince of the Sacred Central Empire?"

"If you think so, then yes, that's it," Zhang Ruochen muttered.

The Orange Star Emissary trembled as if hit by an electric shock.

Although Zhang Ruochen had replied plausibly, he had not admitted it directly. The Orange Star Emissary knew that if he was not the Crown Prince, he would have denied it immediately, instead of reponding like this.

Unbelievably, the Crown Prince of eight hundred years ago had not died.

If the news came out, it would implicate numerous former subordinates of the Sacred Central Empire. It would shake up Kunlun's Field.


The Orange Star Emissary knelt on one knee with both hands clasped in front to salute Zhang Ruochen. She said, "Greetings, Your Highness."

Zhang Ruochen glanced at her and said, "You do not need to salute me. I have never said that I am the Crown Prince. And, even if I were, there is no more Sacred Central Empire, and thus no Crown Prince, in the world."

" No. "

The Orange Star Emissary said,"Although the Sacred Central Empire has been destroyed, a number of former courtiers are in Kunlun's Field. If they knew you were still alive, they would be very happy."

"At least, we Murong family have been always loyal to the Empire. At one word from you, your Highness, we will definitely pledge our life to follow you and to rebuild the Sacred Central Empire."

The Sacred Central Empire had a total history of 63,000 years. It had been ruled by the Zhang family, who had cultivated groups of vassals and servants with loyalty beyond question during such a long time.

Zhang Ruochen was convinced that even after eight hundred years, a number of people must still be loyal to the Zhang family.

But with his current cultivation, was it really a good idea to conspicuously reveal his identity as the Crown Prince?

Zhang Ruochen shook his head, and still insisted that he would never expose who he was before he had ascertained the truth of what had happened eight hundred years ago.

"Please, get up," Zhang Ruochen said.

The Orange Star Emissary stood up, thrilled. She said, "Your Highness, would you please return to the Murong family with me? If the elders knew you were still alive, they would be very happy."

Zhang Ruochen shook his head and said, "Without my permission, you can't reveal my identity to anyone, including the elders of the Murong family."

"Why?" asked the Orange Star Emissary, puzzled.

Zhang Ruochen said, "No reason. You must swear to the gods that you won't tell anyone about my identity. Of course, you can choose not to swear. But, I would have to imprison you in the Scroll World to keep the secret."

"Well, I swear."

The Orange Star Emissary was not a stupid person, and she soon understood what Zhang Ruochen was concerned about. She made a vow immediately.

After that, Zhang Ruochen nodded his head gently and said in a steady voice, "Now, you need to do two things for me."

The Orange Star Emissary stood to the side and listened carefully.

"First, I hope you can go back to the Black Market Excellence Hall and compete for the postion of young master."

"After the death of Emperor Di Yi, the Black Market Excellence Hall will definitely select another young master. You and the Red Wish Emissary have the greatest chance. Relatively speaking, I would prefer that you are the winner."

"Second, Immortal Vampires have broken the seal and escaped from Manji Island."

"I hope you can return to the Black Market and spread the news at once, so that all the major forces of Kunlun's Field can make some preparations in advance."
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