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God Emperor 1605 Repay Debt with Blood

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The Heavenly Assassination Organization was despicable, but they only killed after taking money. The more disgusting ones were Shang Ziyan and the Evil Way cultivator who was setting up formations inside the heads.

Zhang Ruochen just wanted to take out their tendons and drink their blood.

The demons could all sense the saintly might crashing within Zhang Ruochen and the fury that could burn the world up.

Suddenly, a shadow flew out of the group of demons. It was so fast that even some Absolute Saints couldn't see it clearly.

It was an Evil Way Saint King. He wanted to sneakily injure Zhang Ruochen before he could activate the equality.

"Zhang Ruochen, I was the one who set up the formation, but I'm afraid you're not strong enough to drink my blood."

A deep voice rang out.

Zhang Ruochen sensed the incoming evil Qi but didn't move at all. It was like he didn't have time to block it.

The demons were all overjoyed, thinking that they'd over-estimated Zhang Ruochen.

Were all those fatal mechanisms unnecessary?

"That is… Oh no!"

The Saint King was shocked and immediately tried to retreat.

But he'd attacked too powerfully and couldn't pull back at all.

Thus, that Saint King quickly activated his Holy Qi and poured it into his black necklace. Instantly, Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapon armor covered his body.

He was this frightened because a huge black skeleton walked out behind Zhang Ruochen.

The skeleton stepped forward and slammed down with a huge bone hand.


The Saint King's attack and defense waves were all shattered. He fell heavily to the ground. If not for his Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapon armor, he probably would've gotten destroyed.

However, even though he didn't die, he was horribly injured and had lost 90% of his combat ability.

"You still want to climb up?"

Zhang Ruochen stepped onto the Saint King's back. He'd wanted to climb back up, but he was forced down again. Eyes cold, Zhang Ruochen said, "I didn't activate equality yet because I wanted to lure you out. Now, you can die."


Blue Divine Fire Jingmie poured out from under Zhang Ruochen's feet and wrapped around that Saint King.

The black Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapon armor burned red-hot.

Inside the armor, the Saint King seemed to be under arduous torture. His body kept popping and he cursed angrily.

However, he had a cultivation and was protected by the saint armor, so Zhang Ruochen couldn't kill him quickly.

An intimidating voice rang out from the depths of the Yin and Yang Palace. "How dare you step on a Saint King of the Black Demon Field? You're looking for death.

Qiong Lin, leader of the Black Demon Field, transformed into a demonic cloud and flew quickly out of the palace.

Due to his cultivation and status, he hadn't felt like fighting Zhang Ruochen. Otherwise, he would've gotten laughed at by the other top figures.

But for some reason, Zhang Ruochen had been able to increase the combat ability of the Emperor Yi Bone Staff to a fifth step Saint King's level. This way, Qiong Lin was forced to attack personally.

Merely the demonic sound created shocking sound waves that made all the Absolute Saints and half-step Saint Kings turn pale. They had immense headaches.

Zhang Ruochen had already activated the fifth level of the Hundred Saint Blood Armor. One hundred Absolute Land Saint projections stood around him, blocking the force of the sound waves.

At the same time, Zhang Ruochen gazed at the Moon Goddess' statue and his lips moved.


The snow-white statue shone with brilliant light that shrouded the entire Yin and Yang Palace. In an instant, half of the Evil Qi, Demonic Qi, and Yin Qi was purified. The dojo became a cleansed place.

Divine power spread out.

The power of "equality" fell upon everyone. Even the aura from the black skeleton slid down quickly, reaching the level of a half-step Saint King.

Qiong Lin's demonic mace had released a third level saintly ripple and was at the Third Yao level. But the black light emanating from the mace was fading. Finally, it only had two levels of saintly ripples.

Of course, even a Second Yao force was still shocking.

As soon as the demonic mace touched the 100 saintly projections, the projections retreated back into Zhang Ruochen's arms.

"Dragon and Elephant to the Sky."

A dragon soul rushed out of Zhang Ruochen's left arm. An elephant soul broke out of his right.

Supported by the power of the 100 Saints, Zhang Ruochen attacked with both hands together. A dragon and elephant shadow flew out at the same time, spinning quickly. They formed a whirlpool and crashed against the demonic mace.

After a huge boom, the demonic mace tore the whirlpool apart.

However, the two layers of light on the mace had also shattered. Zhang Ruochen's palm force had actually dissolved the terrifying power.

"A mid-level saint spell?"

Wang Xu had a shocked and uncertain expression.

Last time that he fought against Zhang Ruochen, he'd discovered that Zhang Ruochen's biggest weakness was that he hadn't cultivated mid-level spells or the Way of Truth.

Now, Zhang Ruochen's palm technique was indeed a mid-level saint spell.

How much time had passed...and he'd already succeeded with a mid-level spell? Wang Xu felt like he'd just gotten hit. He wanted to get rid of Zhang Ruochen even more now.

The other cultivators all grew serious. They truly saw Zhang Ruochen as an enemy now.

After all, Qiong Lin's demonic mace could shatter a mountain casually. But Zhang Ruochen had been able to take it without getting harmed. This was incredible.

Seeing the light disappear from the mace, Zhang Ruochen immediately activated spatial power. He grabbed forward to try and steal the demonic mace.

As a weapon of a Black Demon Field leader, it was definitely a treasure.

Stealing it would be like breaking Qiong Lin's arm, and his combat ability would be halved.


Now, Qiong Lin finally walked out of the gates. He extended a thick arm through the thick demonic cloud and controlled the demonic mace remotely.


The mace spun in the air and shook the space.

Zhang Ruochen's spatial power had locked onto the blood mace, but he couldn't collect the mace so quickly. Instead, the mace released pungent Blood Qi shaped like snakes that slithered toward Zhang Ruochen.

The cultivators around him all grew anxious, so Zhang Ruochen ended the stalemate with Qiong Lin. He immediately retracted his spatial power.

Qiong Lin was also worried, so he didn't dare to take risks. He grabbed the demonic mace back, thinking, This Zhang Ruochen is quite cautious. I purposely lowered my power to trap him, but he sensed something wrong and immediately pulled back. It probably won't be easy to capture him today.

This was the Moon Goddess' dojo. They didn't dare to kill Zhang Ruochen directly or else they would break the rules of the Truth Heavenly Domain. They'd have to pay with their lives.

Of course, if it was due to this, they could find a scapegoat. They could beat Zhang Ruochen to his last breath and have that scapegoat kill him. That way, only the scapegoat would die. The other cultivators would be unharmed.

However, more importantly, Shang Ziyan had ordered that Zhang Ruochen must be captured alive.

This was why the cultivators present were all a bit restricted.

A piercing scream sounded.

The Saint King who was stepped on under Zhang Ruochen's foot earlier suddenly realized his saint armor had turned back into a black necklace. The black skeleton now held him in its hands.


The skeleton bit down, biting off the Saint King's head.

Even though the Saint King didn't die completely after his head fell into the skeleton's mouth, he seemed to realize that Qiong Lin couldn't save him. He yelled sharply, "Let's die together!"

Demonic Qi poured out of his head, wanting to deactivate the saint source inside.

But the next moment, his voice grew shriller. "No, how is it possible, don't refine my…saint…soul!"

The Saint King's saint soul was controlled by the evil spirit of the black skeleton. It was getting swallowed bit by bit.

It was thousands of times more painful to get one's saint soul eaten than getting one's tendons ripped out. Even a Saint King couldn't take it, and he screamed out loud.

Qiong Lin shook in anger. So many cultivators were gathered here to defeat Zhang Ruochen and they'd actually lost quite a talented Saint King.

"Attack!" he uttered. "Disable Zhang Ruochen."

The Evil Way cultivators had all prepared attack formations. Instantly, dozens of full-power Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapons flew out.

This shocking force was enough to destroy a first or second step Saint King, let alone a half-step Saint King.

Blackie chuckled. Controlling the three-sided star formation, he struck out with three dozen-meter-wide stone balls.


The three balls clashed violently with the dozens of Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapons. Rather than getting destroyed, they blocked all the attacks.

This time, all the Evil Way cultivators were stunned.

The three-sided star formation had been one of the mechanisms that they'd prepared against Zhang Ruochen.

But now, it was being used against them instead.

A dozen pairs of cold eyes glared at Master Lin who was controlling the formation. They suspected that he was Zhang Ruochen's spy in the Yin and Yang Palace.

He was covered in sweat now. How could he have guessed that his well-planned formation would be decoded and controlled by an owl?

This was impossible!

Unless this owl's attainment in formations was at the level of a formation master.

But formation masters were even rarer than Supreme Saints. They wouldn't waste time in comprehending the Way of Truth either. How could one appear in the Truth Heavenly Domain?

Qiong Lin obviously knew that Master Lin wasn't Zhang Ruochen's spy, but he was still deeply disappointed. "Can you snatch the star formation back?" he asked in a deep voice.

Master Lin shook his head. "If 'equality' wasn't activated, I could try with my level 56 Spiritual Power. But now, my Spiritual Power is restrained to below level 55…"

Suddenly, he felt that he couldn't move anymore. While he was stunned, he felt coldness in his heart.


A black saint sword had penetrated his saint heart.

To martial artists, the Sea of Qi and saint source were the most important.

To a Spiritual Power cultivator, the most important was the saint heart.

Once the heart had been struck, they would die without a doubt.

That was how fragile a Spiritual Power cultivator's body was.

Zhang Ruochen appeared behind Master Lin. Taking back the immobilization rune on Master Lin, he also extracted the Abyss Ancient Sword.

Earlier, when everyone had attacked with Ten-thousand-pattern Saint Weapons, the light and power from the weapons had swallowed up the outside of the Yin and Yang Palace.

Zhang Ruochen had taken advantage of it to use the Spatial Move and appear behind Master Lin.

Zhang Ruochen feared the formations the most, so he obviously had to take out this highly skilled master. This way, the power of the formations would be reduced greatly.

The Immobilization Rune is indeed a great thing to restrain half-step Saint Kings, Zhang Ruochen thought.

Earlier, Zhang Ruochen had taken the risk to use the Immobilization Rune on Master Lin. After applying it, Master Lin was locked down and his Spiritual Power was also restrained.

Without it, Master Lin would've immediately sensed danger and activated his defensive rune to stop Zhang Ruochen's attack. Martial Saint Kings might not have advanced protective runes, but a formation master definitely would.

Also, even if Zhang Ruochen's sneak attack had succeeded, Master Lin definitely would've fought desperately before death. At such a close distance, Zhang Ruochen might not be able to dodge it.

The result with and without the Immobilization Rune was completely different.

"Looking for death!"

Qiong Lin saw Zhang Ruochen kill Master Lin with his own eyes, but he couldn't save the man, so he naturally was furious. He grabbed the demonic mace, dragging out a bloody gale.

In the blink of an eye, the mace was above Zhang Ruochen's head.

The power that radiated from it was countless times stronger than the first strike. It could be said that this was Qiong Lin's true strength.

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