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The Luosha Princess's delicate frame was embedded in the stone wall, but she still let out a laugh from her red lips. "Who is this man? Why is he so proud?"

"He has the body of a true god," Zhang Ruochen said. "And he's the World Spiritual Root decided by the goddess of the Kunlun's Field. It's normal that he's proud."

The Luosha Princess burst into laughter. Her round breasts actually moved up and down. "I've seen many World Spiritual Roots before, but I've never seen one like him before. Is the goddess of the Kunlun's Field blind or stupid?"

"Perhaps," Zhang Ruochen said.

Qiu Yu naturally heard the mockery in the Luosha Princess' voice. He was quite unhappy, so his gaze moved from Zhang Ruochen to her.

The Luosha Princess was very beautiful and had a mesmerizing aura. She also had a cold body constitution, so she was especially attractive to Qiu Yu.

Jealousy flashed past Qiu Yu's eyes.

Even though Zhang Ruochen had been driven out of the Kunlun's Field, he was still doing great. He always had such beautiful girls around him.

This woman was also very strong physically. If he could cultivate with her, he might be able to resolve the swelling fire within him.

Just as Qiu Yu got this idea, his eyes met the Luosha Princess's eyes.

It was a pair of demonic eyes, like two black holes. It was about to swallow up Qiu Yu's mind.

Qiu Yu's eyes emptied and his body swayed. Then he fell from the sky.

In the stone wall, the Luosha Princess's lips twitched, curling into an alluring smile. "He has such a low will but he's trained as the World Spiritual Root. It seems like I've overestimated the Kunlun's Field."

Zhang Ruochen clenched his jaw. His eyes turned menacing. Suppressing his pain, he lifted the Abyss Ancient Sword from the stone wall and rushed out. He flew down the cliff and cut down.

Qiu Yu was plummeting quickly. Suddenly, fiery runes appeared on his forehead. He'd actually resolved the power from the Luosha Princess's two demonic eyes. His eyes brightened again.

In his eyes, the downward point of the Abyss Ancient Sword was getting closer and closer.

"Oh no…"

Qiu Yu was still a top talent. He processed everything in a very short time and the Holy Qi circulated rapidly in him, pouring into his boxing gloves.

Poof, poof.

Two red clouds of fire poured out of the gloves.

A gust of earth-splitting Sword Qi crashed against the two fiery clouds. Qiu Yu plummeted down even faster.


He smashed into the ground, forming a huge crater of cracked rock. Plumes of dust lifted. Bloody injuries appeared on his face, arms, and back.

Even though his true form is a tree, Qiu Yu was in a flesh body now and still had blood.

Before Qiu Yu could climb out of the crater, Zhang Ruochen stabbed down straight, going for his forehead.

Qiu Yu let out a roar. He lifted his right hand. The fire pouring out of his gloves turned even more frightening. It formed a 100-foot-tall projection of a fire god.


This clash forced Qiu Yu down even more and he spat out blood, but he'd finally stopped the Abyss Ancient Sword.

First, it was because Qiu Yu had improved greatly and had reached the Absolute Saint Realm.

Second, his gloves had a special background. They were part of the Fire God Armor.

In legends, the Fire God Armor had been worn by a Kunlun god in the middle ages. Not only did it have supernatural defensive abilities, it could also improve a cultivator's combat abilities.

Zhang Ruochen had been badly hurt. His injuries worsened after clashing with Qiu Yu. The pain traveling through him grew more intense.

The Luosha Princess recovered a bit of her abilities. She flew down like a blue butterfly. Grabbing in the air, she collected the staff that had been sent flying by the bone phoenix.

"Do you need help?" she asked.

"No," Zhang Ruochen said. "I will take care of him personally."

Qiu Yu walked out of the bottom of the crater. He was covered in bloody sword marks and looked very miserable. "You wouldn't have been able to hurt me if she hadn't tricked me earlier," he said in a low voice. "Zhang Ruochen, I've been cultivating with all my might, just to defeat you personally."

Zhang Ruochen didn't feel like wasting time. He directly used spatial power and struck with seven spatial cracks.

Qiu Yu immediately flew up, dodging the spatial cracks. He crossed his arms. Ancient runes instantly appeared on his Fire God wrist guards. Then a beam of firelight poured down at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen struck with the Buddha's sarira. It crashed against the firelight.

The two forces were at a stalemate in the air. Energy rippled out, dyeing half of the space golden, the other half red.

Zhang Ruochen held the Buddha's sarira with one hand. He controlled the Abyss Ancient Sword with the other, attacking Qiu Yu with a sword technique.

Golden branches grew out of Qiu Yu's body, clashing with the sword.

They looked like tree branches, but they seemed to be made out of metal. The Abyss Ancient Sword's sharpness couldn't cut them. Soon, the dense branches enveloped the sword.

"Even in your best state, you still weren't my match, let alone in your injured state now. What use is there to continue fighting? Why don't you beg forgiveness?"

He'd begged for Zhang Ruochen's forgiveness at the Demonic Sect, so Qiu Yu had a strong resentment.

"Beg forgiveness?"

Zhang Ruochen scoffed. He activated spatial power and disappeared from the spot.

Spatial Move.

Qiu Yu sensed something wrong. He immediately pulled back his power and pushed up, forming a hundred-foot-wide fire territory.

"Soul of Fire God."

A fire god's projection appeared behind Qiu Yu.

Zhang Ruochen walked out of the space, appearing in front of Qiu Yu. Then he activated the second level of the Hundred Saint Blood Armor. Gathering the power of 100 mid-level Saints, he punched Qiu Yu's chest.

Panic flashed past Qiu Yu's eyes.

He'd thought that Zhang Ruochen would use the Spatial Move to appear behind him and attack from there. That was why he'd activated the Fire God Soul.

Who would've thought that Zhang Ruochen would attack from the front?

Now, it was too late to dodge.


Zhang Ruochen's palm hit Qiu Yu's chest. Blood spurted from his nose and he shot back like a canon.

Before Qiu Yu could steady himself, Zhang Ruochen used the Spatial Move and appeared before him again. He slammed another palm onto his body.

Thud, thud.

After that, Zhang Ruochen completely controlled the situation. He made it so that Qiu Yu couldn't fight back at all. He could only get beaten.

Mad Man led the three big figures of the Eight Ministry Field into Xifeng Saint Mountain. Seeing the one-sided battle in the mountain, he wasn't surprised at all. Instead, he asked the Luosha Princess, "Demonic Concubine, who is Zhang Ruochen torturing now?"

"A guy who doesn't know his place. He seems to have an old rivalry with Zhang Ruochen."

The Luosha Princess's gaze was trained on Qiu Yu's gloves and wrist guards. Her gaze was hot. With her knowledge, she actually recognized the Fire God Armor.

If not for the Fire God Armor, Qiu Yu probably would've fallen down much earlier from Zhang Ruochen's attacks.

Of the three who'd hurried over with Mad Man, one of them was the Heir of the Eight Ministry Field. His name was Yuan Hun.

He looked quite young. He wore a loose Buddhist robe and had short hair. He gripped a string of golden beads and looked very energetic.

The other two…

Actually, they were two divine beasts in human form. They were one male and one female, called Zhentian Tiger and Golden Leopard.

They were both more than two meters tall and extremely burly. Their cultivations had reached the half-step Saint King Realm.

"It's best to make Zhang Ruochen stop fighting," Zhentian Tiger said gruffly. "Our business is the most important."

Mad Man was about to send a message to Zhang Ruochen when he saw a figure fly horizontally toward him. He hurriedly moved aside.


Qiu Yu crashed onto the ground. His body was deformed. Many places had turned into wood. He lay on the ground on his last breath and was unable to continue fighting.

Zhang Ruochen flew down from the sky. Blood Qi surged from his stomach to his throat. He was about to spit out a mouthful of blood.

But when he saw Mad Man, Yuan Hun, Zhentian Tiger, and Golden Leopard standing to the side, he swallowed the Blood Qi again.

Four top figures of the Eight Ministry Field had appeared at the same time. Even if they'd come to work with him, they might attack him immediately if they discovered that he was hurt.

After all, Zhang Ruochen only had a shallow relationship with Mad Man.

The Spiritual Flame Demonic Concubine was also the Heir of the Great Devil Ten Square Field. Before Demonic Sound and Han Qiu hurried back, Zhang Ruochen was surrounded by danger and treading on thin ice.

Thus, he worked to suppress his injuries. He stood up straight and put on a powerful front. Then he took a Saint-binding Chain taken from a first marquis to tie Qiu Yu up.

Qiu Yu was unwilling. "Zhang Ruochen," he roared. "Let me go and fight again."

"You're already beaten up like this and you're still so annoying. Pah, don't disturb our business."

Zhentian Tiger stepped on Qiu Yu's head, crushing his head into the dirt. Then he spat a mouthful of saliva.

He had a lot of spit and dampened Qiu Yu's entire head.

"Zhang Ruochen, our Heir would like to discuss exchanging merits with you," Golden Leopard said. "Look…"

Zhang Ruochen ignored her. He used the Saint-binding Chain to drag Qiu Yu and went to find Le, who Qiu Yu had forced down the abyss.

Seeing that Zhang Ruochen didn't even look at her, she felt like he was too rude. She immediately grew furious and saintly power surged from her claws.

"Even Ning Dongliu isn't his match," Mad Man warned. "You still dare to attack him?"

Golden Leopard thought of Ning Dongliu's terrifying abilities. Her lips twitched and she pulled her power back.

Yuan Hun's eyes were trained on Zhang Ruochen's back. He felt like Zhang Ruochen was badly hurt but was pretending to be strong.

He wanted to investigate further, but he saw in the corner of his vision that the Spiritual Flame Demonic Concubine was staring at him.

She's big trouble, Yuan Hun thought. With her on the side, it's unsuitable to attack Zhang Ruochen now. I can wait and look for another chance after exchanging for merits.

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