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(Alternative Title: Arrival at Konoha)

[Good morning, Elior,] came the semi-neutral tone of the system.

"Good morning, Yuma... Did anything happen while I was asleep?"

[Not really, no. Only thing I've noticed is that your new body will have a completely pure Uzumaki bloodline, which speeds up your bloodline collecting by 1... Ah, right, almost forgot. All of your wishes have been done, but you have to activate them personally. Since the wish came from you, it requires your energy to truly be completed.]

"Alright, I'll have to remember to do that. How much longer until my body is ready?"

[About 5 minutes, I'd say... A nude child is definitely going to stand out... and not in a good way.]

"I have Inventory available now, right?"

[As your body is now physically part of the world, yes. You can't access it without your soul in your body though, at least at your current power.]

"You don't think you can create some very ragged and blood-stained clothes and put them into the Inventory, right?"

[... I'll give it a try. I'll be extracting some of your energy to do it though.]

"Go right ahead, use as much as you need." Elior took a moment to check his status, now that he knew his body would have partially updated stats.


Name: Unnamed Uzumaki Clansman

Age: 5

Titles: (3 available)

Health: 100
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Energy (Chakra): 495k/500k


Strength: 15

Agility: 15

Dexterity: 15

Endurance: 15

Intellect: 500

Wisdom: 250

Luck: 250

Charisma: 25

Energy Type: Chakra

Bloodlines: Primordial Chaos, Pure Uzumaki


Manual of Primordial Chaos: (Lv. 0)

Compendium of Seal Mastery (Lv. 0)

Chakra Control Proficiency: Lowest


"Just for reference, what are the average stats of a 5-year-old here?"

[The average stats are usually between 8-12 for all stats, with Luck and Charisma being variable. So your body will not be too far above the average, but still better than most. That said, there are always exceptions, such as Naruto and Lee having well above average Endurance.]

"Considering their tenacity, that's understandable... How do give myself a name?"

[You can name yourself in a few ways, but I recommend letting me do it. Do you have a name you'd like to have?]

"Jun. The Jun of the 'pure' character."

[Altering status now... Congratulations, you are now Uzumaki Jun.]

Elior, or, rather, Jun thanked Yuma before asking, "Right, I noticed that I have 3 available titles... What are those for?"

[Ah, you can get those from several sources, such as missions, cultivating, and a lot of killing. Such as getting a Wolf Slayer title after spending a very long time killing wolves over and over again. Right now, you have these titles.]



Chosen of Chaos (Locked): Gained from Primordial Chaos

Future Hero of Shinobi: Gained from the collective Will of the Shinobi World

Uzumaki Survivor: Gained from being a surviving member of the Uzumaki Clan


"Do any of these titles do anything? Like a stat boost?"

[Not these three, no, but something like the Wolf Slayer title would give a damage boost or a deterrence effect against beast-type enemies. If your Future Hero of Shinobi title upgraded to Hero of Shinobi, while you wouldn't get a direct effect, being a leader of, say, an army of Shinobi would give them an overall stat boost and increase morale.]

Jun was about to respond when he felt a force similar to gravity pulling on his non-physical form, "I think my body is ready."

[It is. Just relax and let the process happen.]

He did just that, clearing his mind of thought as he gave in to the force. After a brief moment, he felt his soul settle into a stable spot before a powerful electrical jolt struck his mind. Immediately after the shock, Jun instinctively opened his new body's eyes and drew in a desperate breath, sitting straight up quick enough to give himself vertigo.

As he did so, Yuma's partially worried voice said, [Take your time, you're fine. Your body has only just been awakened, so it's not totally active yet. Just calm yourself and let everything naturally work.]

Doing as best as he could to stabilize his rapid heartbeat and breathing, Jun sat in place, as his limbs hadn't gained full sensitivity yet. A couple of minutes passed and he was soon capable of moving his body enough to get to his feet. He could almost feel Yuma's nervous amusement as he struggled to his feet. Jun did a few experimental stretches to get used to his new body, from simple things like trying to touch his toes to more advanced ones such as back-flips. He did fail a few times with the harder ones, but he'd managed to get accustomed pretty quickly.

[I recommend you put on those clothes now. The patrol isn't that far away.]

"Ah, right... wow my voice sounds adorable..." Jun almost startled himself when he heard how young and cute his new voice was. Opening the Inventory tab, he easily found the only items in it: a pair of very ragged and messy pants and a shirt with more holes than cloth. As he withdrew them and began to dress himself, Jun counted a dozen or so different spots of blood on each one. When he was finished, he looked like a homeless slum child, save for the fact that he was far too clean. Using his wits, Jun quickly covered himself in dirt and mud, adding a stick and some leaves in his hair for good measure.

[Right, I should remind you that, because of your administrator privileges, you have a heads-up display (HUD) for a few things. You should be able to see a mini-map in the bottom right corner of your vision.]

Jun quickly thanked Yuma for reminding him as he glanced quickly at the mini-map. Two green dots were moving quickly in his direction from the east. To make his act believable, the young lad started to stumble and awkwardly make his way north towards the gate. As he did so, he had Yuma extract all but 1% of his chakra reserve, producing a more credible exhaustion. Yuma converted all of the drained chakra into his Energy Points, which he learned had a conversion rate of 1 EP for every 1000 chakra.

Less than a minute passed of Jun walking towards Konoha when a pair of Chunin dropped from above and landed next to him. One of them, a male member of the Aburame Clan if the dark glasses were any indication, spoke first, "What are you doing here, kid?"

"Hey, be nice. The poor boy must have been through a lot," a brown-haired female chided him before asking in a tone one would have when talking to a spooked animal, "Are you okay, sweetie? Do you know where you are?"

Using his 'amazing' acting skills, Jun stuttered out, "I-I d-don't know... I think I-I'm lost..." He fidgeted a little, just to improve his act.

"It's okay, you're fine. Can you tell me your name?" The lady continued, asking the basic questions one would ask to someone who was lost and not looking very well.

"M-my name..? My name is J-Jun... Uz-Uzumaki Jun..."

This perked up not just the female, but the Aburame clansman as well. "Uzumaki? You're from Uzushiogakure? How did you get here..?"

"I... I don't remember how I got here... I just r-remember running... A lot of running... and falling..." Jun rubbed his right eye with the back of his hand as he said, "I kept running straight f-from the village. I c-came this way because an elder o-once mentioned that Konoha was directly west of us... I h-had to steal a boat to e-escape the village... I-I've been running since then..."

The lady gathered Jun in her arms for a comforting hug, brushing the leaves and sticks from his hair, "You made it all the way here by yourself..? You're a strong boy, aren't you? Come on, let's take you back to the village. We need to tell the Hokage about this."

Jun made a sniffling noise and nodded, "O-okay..."

The Aburame clansman quietly nodded, and the lady asked Jun if he wanted her to carry him. He shyly nodded, after which she helped him onto her back. The two ninjas, and Jun, quickly headed to Konoha's gate.

Internally, all Jun could think about was, "This is not exactly the way I'd hoped to start my new life... being carried into Konoha like a child... oh, wait. I am a child now... this is going to take a while to get used to..."
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