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[Yes, Chakra. As in the Chakra from the Naruto world, which is where you are being reincarnated.]

Elior was ecstatic, his orb-ish appearance bouncing joyously before calming down once more. After recollecting himself, he thought, "So I'm going to be born in the Naruto world. Sweet. Oh, right, I didn't see the virtue points in the status."

[Ah, my bad. Hold on a second, I'll give you the information... here we are.]

A popup appeared before Elior:


Virtue Points (VP): 2,500,000,000,000 (2.5 trillion)

World Points (WP): N/A

Energy Points (EP): N/A


"Holy shit, 2.5 trillion!?"

[As I said before, you'd managed to gain more than all others from Earth. Considering people such as Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and even Mother Teresa have also reached the trillion mark, but you managed to eke just enough over them due to having an even more long-standing international effect.]

"...I'd rather not hear that again. I don't want to compare myself with such figures. Everything they did, they did it while they were alive. I didn't manage to do a damn thing other than save a little girl."

[Don't sell yourself short, you're still able to do much more.]

"True... anyway, what can I do with these virtue points? Is there, like, a shop or something?"

[Yes, there are shops, but virtue points don't work that way. The two shops you have access to are the Bloodlines/Racial Abilities shop and the Skills/Techniques shop, both of which will be available upon reincarnating. Virtue points can be used to make wishes, per se.]

"So, if I wish to have a Primordial Chaos Bloodline, is it possible?"

[...Technically, yes. Far from naturally possible, to be honest. Without virtue points, it's impossible. However, because you don't have enough VP to acquire the complete bloodline, I recommend you purchase the Hollow version instead.]

"Is there a difference?"

[Other than the cost, the Hollow version requires you gain bloodlines via the System's various methods and integrate it with the bloodline. Only upon gaining 9 bloodlines and integrating them will you be capable of cultivating the manual required to use the Primordial Chaos Bloodline. Ah, just for reference, here is the cost difference.]


Primordial Chaos Bloodline (Complete): 1 quadrillion

Primordial Chaos Bloodline (Hollow): 500 billion


"Hot lord, that's expensive! No wonder it's not possible... I guess I'll go with the Hollow version."

[I will deduct the required points for the bloodline and manuals.]

"So I have two trillion points left... Any recommendations?"

[Other than being able to affect other beings in the timeline of the world you're being reincarnated into, not much comes to mind... Ah, affinities!]

"Right, affinities. I forgot about those. Since I'm going with the Primordial Chaos Bloodline, might as well follow the same thing."

[All affinities set to their maximum values, deducting points.]


Virtue Points (VP): 1.75 trillion


"Hmm... what part of the timeline will I be born into?"

[A rough estimate would be about 2 years before Naruto would be born, making it roughly 12-14 years before the start of the main storyline.]

"And who are my parents supposed to be?"

[Uzumaki Clan ninjas, both Jounin rank. Uzushiogakure's destruction will happen about the same time... I think.]

"Right, the timeline was very confusing... Since I haven't been born, I don't have the Uzumaki Clan bloodline registered... I guess I'll use my wishes on the future major characters. Can you do calculations for wish costs?"

[Tell me and I'll get you the cost data.]

"Alright, I'll start listing them off." Using a Notes tab, he wrote down the wishes."


1. Purify Naruto's bloodline and give him space affinity.

2. Make the eye bloodline abilities useless without the original owner's consent. When unconscious, it still counts as against their will.

3. Give Haku a Yin Physique.

4. Give Might Guy and Rock Lee a Yang Physique.

5. Give Kurotsuchi Dust Style kekkei tota and enough chakra to make up for its deficiency. Say, the chakra of two or three tails.

6. Give Shisui a single chance to survive and be completely healed. Requires a pure heart and just before death, preferably a willing one.

7. Make Itachi disease and poison immune.

8. Give Shikamaru better chakra control and more versatile shadow manipulation. Increase chakra amount by one tail for 3 years starting from 11.

9. Give both Neji and Hinata Hyuuga an increase in chakra by one tail for 3 years starting from 11.

10. Give Sasuke a fire and lightning kekkei genkai.

11. Come up with a way to save Minato and Kushina from death.


[You've got quite a bit of wishes... This'll take a some time.]

After a minute, an alert popped up.


1. 1 billion

2. 10 billion

3. 1 billion

4. 2 billion

5. 10 billion

6. 1 billion

7. 1 billion

8. 8 billion

9. 25 billion

10. 10 billion

11. 15 billion or 1 trillion


[This is the current list of costs. The last wish has two choices: the first is basically a container to heal their bodies and souls over time until you can use a technique to revive them. The last is just for them to survive the Kyuubi rampage, and it's that expensive because it'd alter Naruto's character drastically enough to render the entire timeline invalid.]

"Buy all of the first ten, and I'll take the first option for the 11th wish. How much do I still have?"

[After deducting the aforementioned costs, you have 1.916 trillion...]

"Bloody hell, I still have so much... Um, are there any abilities I can get that are pointlessly overpowered..?"

[... I'd love to say no, but there are... you also have administrator access, so some of the normally unavailable ones are available... some of them are more of a setting, though, so those aren't included...]

"Give me a list of those, then, please."

The system sighed as it did as asked:


Meta Regeneration/Semi-Immortality

Infinite Energy

Infinite Summons

Resource Creation

World Management

Endless Telepathy

Forge of Existence

Temporal Save-Points

World Portal Dimension



[I should add that, of these abilities, only Limitless and Endless Telepathy would have been available prior to the... accidental administrator addition. Some of them can be toggled on and off, while there is an interface for World Management, Resource Creation, Temporal Save-Points, and Forge of Existence in order to use them. Endless Telepathy is a permanent passive, while Limitless, Infinite Energy and Summons, and Meta Regeneration/Semi-Immortality are toggleable. World Portal Dimension is simply a dimension that requires no maintenance and is static in nature... I really hope that was an accident.]

"Yeah... this list is ridiculous... Can I afford all of them?"



[...Yes, you have enough to purchase most of them... but you'd have to decide which ones... here are the prices...]


Meta Regeneration/Semi-Immortality - 1 trillion

Infinite Energy - 100 billion

Infinite Summons - 500 million

Resource Creation - 250 billion

World Management - 250 billion

Endless Telepathy - 500 million

Forge of Existence - 250 million

Temporal Save-Points - 500 billion

World Portal Dimension - 250 million

Limitless - 250 billion


"Oh my lord, I feel broke all of a sudden... Umm... The one's I have to choose are Meta Regeneration/Semi Immortality, Infinite Energy and Summons, and Endless Telepathy, then add on Forge of Existence and World Portal Dimension... Which would be about...--"

[1.0025 trillion, leaving 913.5 billion.]

"Right... So, then World Management and Resource Creation would be an additional 500 billion..."

[Which leaves 413.5 billion, and only Temporal Save-Points or Limitless left.]

"Why is Temporal Save-Points so expensive?"

[You want to try altering time repeatedly without getting destroyed because of excessive usage? Also, paradoxes.]

"Ah... that makes a lot of sense..."

[To paraphrase one of those novels you read, 'Time is like a conscious being. You don't control time, you have to ask for its assistance.']

"Right, understandable. Then I'll take Limitless as well... That leaves me with how much?"

[163.5 billion VP.]

"Uhh... since I'll be an Uzumaki, how about making some seals for my family? Make 3 seals for my parents and I, 3 of each seal. 3 teleportation seals with Konoha as the destination, 3 temporary invincible barrier seals for 15 seconds, and 3 seals for instant full regeneration."

[150 billion VP deducted. 13.5 billion VP remaining.]

"Oh, right, is there a phasing ability?"

[There's one called Phasewalk. It'll cost 12 billion.]

"Add that, then... and I guess I'll scrap the rest. Oh, give the rest of it back to people on Earth like that girl."

[Done. You have roughly 8.5 months before you are reborn.]

"Alright, seems I've got nothing to do now... Can you put me to sleep until just before I'm to be born?"

[You got it, dude.]

"That is an old ass reference."

[Gotta entertain myself somehow.]

"Speaking of which, you're sentient..? Do you have a name?"

[Yes, I am sentient... and I currently have no name.]

"What do you identify as, then? Since you're influenced by Earth's cultures, I have to be careful with asking."

[Technically, I am genderless, but I would identify as male because I am also influenced by your mentality.]

"How about the name Alexander, Alex for short?"

[Alexander... protector of mankind? Well, I guess I count as a protector of some sort...]

"If that one doesn't appeal to you, how about Leon?"

[I'm far from a lion, Elior.]

"We're gonna be at this all day."

[No kidding.]


[Again, a defender of mankind...]


[Child of the sea?]

"I will name you Navi'i if this keeps up."

[Oh, hell, don't remind me of that annoying pixie...]


[Am I rising in the sky? Am I a hunter?]

"Caleb? Dillon? Warren? Damien??"

[Faithful, faithful, defender or enclosed area, and to tame...]

"Fucking hell, how about Adrian?"



[... Not a recommended choice, seeing as Thoth does exist...]

"Bloody fuck, how about Lucas?"

[Don't make me start singing Rihanna.]

"Wait, since it's the world of Naruto... how about Yuma?"

[... Superiority, distant... I currently feel the latter but I don't agree with the former... Hell, it's something.]

"Yuma, then. Please take good care of me, partner."

An awkward feeling pervaded the 'atmosphere before Yuma mumbled, [Will do, partner... I'll wake you up in about 8 months. Sleep well.]

With that, Elior's consciousness faded into darkness, leaving Yuma to sigh quietly to himself, [This will be one hell of an adventure...]
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