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The Hall was left after a great battle, it was left completely in shambles. Gravel, blood, rags can be seen strewn all over, enough to prove how fierce the battle was between the two, even while walking through the hall, Angel still felt a lingering sense of fear within him.

There are two different colors of blood on the floor, one blue, and the other bright red. The blue blood should belong to the blue giant man, and the red blood, if there is no one else, will 99% likely come from the young Sanders.

The blue blood came to an abrupt end in one of the ruins where Angel speculated that the blue giant might have died, but why has the body disappeared, either the young Sanders has taken it, or there were other factors at play.

The red blood extends all the way down to the path towards the door, and Angel follows it to the end, straight to the wooden door. It can be seen that young Sanders left from here full of injuries.

This wooden door is the only exit in the hall and the only way forward that Angel has seen for a long time. He’s going to have to leave through here later, but before he he leaves, Angel takes a look at the nearby bookshelves.

As a book lover, Angel will naturally not let go of any of these books. Besides, he was curious about what books the Nightmare Plane would record.

Angel remembers accidentally entering through the Nightmare Plane when he was testing his talent in Pat Manor, he saw Sir Rabbit reading a large book. And at the time, Angel secretly read the contents of the book behind Sir Rabbit, and now recalls the fairy tale’s hypnotic spell on him. Angel even unwittingly became the heroine in the fairy tale with Sir Rabbit behind as well. In the end, although he escaped during that precipitousness period, he could not helped but gain a fascination of the book.

The magic from that book made Angel highly curious about the the other books on the shelves in the hall.

When Angel got to a shelf, he saw that the books on the current shelf were left in a complete mess after the battle, most of the books were scattered all over the floor.

And there are red bloody fingerprints on the sides of some of the books. Angel estimates that young Sanders should have skimmed some of the books before he left.

But what makes Angel feel a little curious is that only a couple of the books have bloody fingerprints, it can be seen that young Sanders was not able to read all of them before he left.

What does this mean? Did young Sanders think the books here were worthless, and only turned over a book or two before running out of patience? With this speculation, Angel picked up a book that was already read by young Sanders, which was a book with a blank cover. Angel opened it and suddenly became confused.

What was recorded in the book was about a primary alchemy method, and it’s a very common copy of a book as well. Angel saw it in Sanders library before, and he also has his own recording of it.

Angel turned on the Holographic Tablet, to find a comparison to the alchemy book recorded at that time, and the book was exactly the same.

He picked up a few more books, including those that young Sanders had read and those that he had ignored, and it turned out that most of them were about superficial wizard knowledge, and many were duplicates from Sanders own collection.

No wonder young Sanders turned a blind eye and left immediately after flipping through a few of the books.

Angel does not refuse these books, although some of them coincide with Sanders collection, but there were also many other books which Sanders probably considered too crude or elementary to add to his collection that had not been included by Sanders. It took Angel half an hour to record all the books that were not recorded from in his Mentor’s collection. Although these books are all basic knowledge for junior wizards, even if they were not expensive to purchase, he can still save a lot of magic crystals from the small amount given by Gloria. Before he finds a way to make a living, he still needs to be a bit frugal.

By the time he finished recording the books, Angel stretched out his stiff limbs. Looking at the bloody smears on the wooden door, he sighed and set out on his adventure again.

Behind the wooden door is an immutable Labyrinth tunnel, occasionally he can also see the edge of a drainage channel, after all, this a city sewer. But Angel was still curious about something. Why did the ancient wizards turn the sewers into a Labyrinth?

Along the tunnel he saw drops of blood on the path that must have belonged to young Sanders, Angel came to his first fork in the road after leaving the hall.

There are three paths that extend in different directions at the fork, two of which have blood and one has no blood at all. Angel squatted at the fork, observing the flow of blood, on the right fork, there appeared to be two rows of blood, obviously young Sanders chose the far right fork, but for some reason, he backtracked, so it left two rows of blood.

And in the middle fork there was only one row of blood, it can be seen that young Sanders came out of the right fork and went onto the middle fork. Judging from the color of the dripped blood, young Sanders should have left here a long time ago. Which means that past this point, young Sanders did not turn around.

Either there is a demon in front that killed him, or the middle fork is the right choice.

Angel had to make a choice, and he naturally ruled out the right fork, the middle fork chosen by young Sanders or the left fork without blood.

The left fork, since no one has ever explored it, is left in an unknown state. He treats it as Schrödinger’s Cat, and doesn’t knows whether the outcome will be good or bad. In the middle fork, the one young Sanders traveled, perhaps this was the right path, or may lead to a dangerous nest of demons. No matter which path he chose, there was a certain degree of risk. Angel stood thinking at the three forks for a long time, but ended up traveling on the middle fork.

Choosing this path, Angel does not have any deeper meaning, but simply felt that, although the strength of young Sanders is not as strong as middle-aged Sanders, but compared with his inexperienced mortal self, young Sanders is much more powerful. This path is not necessarily a correct correct one, but it is not good for him to sit back and do nothing.

With this in mind, Angel chose the path traveled by young Sanders, and he will meet whatever outcome his choice has provided.

He doesn’t know how long he has walked for or how many more times he chose to follow young Sanders when he came to a fork in the road, but when Angel thought to himself of how he wanted to change the path he was on, he suddenly saw an image of a one-eyed smoky ghost on the tunnel wall.

When Angel saw this image, he did not feel frightened, but showed a trace of surprise!

The demon of this image is a Wizard Ghost! When entering the Nightmare Plane, Sanders explained that the scope of a Wizard Ghost’s activity was in the middle of the Sewer Labyrinth. In other words, when one sees a Wizard Ghost, they will not be far from the central exit!

But at the same time, Sanders also said: “Wizard Ghosts are very cruel and cunning, and they are a social demon, with your current strength, going face-to-face against them will only result in you becoming a set of white bones.”

What Sanders said at the time was meant to be a complete joke. Because he does not believe that Angel will be alone against a Wizard Ghost, even if he was unfortunately transported directly into the Sewer Labyrinth, with Angel’s strength, he could not walk smoothly through to the central area of the Labyrinth.

But what Sanders did not expect was that Angel was not only transported to the central area, but has only fought once from beginning to end. At that time, the battle was not with some demon, but against the younger version of Sanders himself.

Angel did not encounter any demons along the way, and he naturally attributed it to the result of young Sanders helping him open the way. So, when he saw another fork in the road, Angel did not hesitate to choose the path taken by young Sanders again. Now that he is in the central area, and with the path already opened by young Sanders, perhaps he can really make it to the exit!

But before Angel’s little plan could be implemented, just around the corner, he heard a loud scream not far away.

Angel peeked around and saw young Sanders!

At this time, young Sanders was fighting against dozens of flying shadows in the air. Suddenly, a shadow passed through young Sanders chest, and at that point, young Sanders gave an incredibly shocked expression before screaming and spitting out a mixture of grime, blood and some internal organs from his mouth. After, he laid down on the ground, passing out.

Angel was startled and turned away, but as soon as he moved, he saw a sharp treble from the shadows, as if frightened by something, and they all scattered away immediately.

When the shadows disappeared, Angel saw that they had one big eye in the middle of the shadow. It was a Wizard Ghost!
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