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Two flowers blossom, one on each side.

The Flower Garden Labyrinth, Sanders has been to it’s Nightmare Plane projection many times before. He even remembers the distribution of buildings and where each location for demons in each zone by heart already.

But when he first entered this region of the Nightmare Plane, instead of looking for Angel, he began combing through his memories.

The Nightmare Plane is special in every aspect. One of them being is that it interferes with certain areas of the brain. Sometimes it blocks a memory, sometimes it adds a memory, and sometimes one loses a certain emotion. In the most severe case, people may not even remember who they are. Of course, the odds of this happening are still slim.

When the Nightmare Plane blocks a memory, it is done at random, and it doesn’t really matter whether the memory is blocked or not, as long this memory is not a particularly important experience in a person’s life. Some of the blocked memories that one may not remember could be just a meal that was eaten as an infant, or some past roads that they have traveled, or flowers that they have smelled, or maybe even the bed they just slept in… this is if they’re lucky of course, if the Nightmare Plane blocks these kind of memories, it won’t have much of an overall effect on them. The blocked memory does not disappear forever, because when they return back to the Wizard Plane, these blocked memories will naturally be back in their mind.

Therefore, being blocked from a certain traumatic memory can actually result in a better outcome.

Sanders combs through all his memories, and as a wizard, he has the ability to group up all his memories and go through them quickly. From his stubborn childhood to his stable personality today, hundreds of years of experience all passed by in his mind.

These memories, like a scroll slowly unfurling, presented pictures of the past that appeared one by one before his eyes and in chronological order.

From the innocence of childhood to his adolescent youth, all these memories just passed by in a few seconds. Suddenly, Sanders captures a blank period of time, this memory is of his early adulthood.

“Why is my lost memory of when I first stepped into the Flower Garden Labyrinth of the Nightmare Plane?” Sanders tried to carefully recall the scene when he first entered the Flower Garden Labyrinth, but his mind drew a blank, he really could not remember that experience at all.

Sanders frowned slightly.

He considers this experience as a sort of “important memory”, but his experience when he stepped into the Flower Garden Labyrinth for the first time was not really that important overall.

But this loss of his portion of memory for this region of the Nightmare Plane makes Sanders feel that it is really strange. He always feel that this particular loss of memory will cause him some troubles in the future.

After sorting through his memories, Sanders didn’t continue delaying much longer. His new apprentice is currently powerless, and the consequences will be unpredictable if he is not found sooner rather than later.

Sanders left behind a gale when he immediately increased his running speed several times as he quickly shuttled between the buildings. Sanders did not choose to travel by the roads or walkways, but directly jumped back and forth on top of the roofs on the various buildings.

Where he ended up was not far away from the nearest coordinate point. But Sanders had not chosen to head straight to the coordinate point, but instead went in a circular perimeter and reduced it layer by layer until reaching his intended coordinate, and in this fashion, he can increase his probability of meeting Angel while covering a large area. Otherwise, if he arrives at the coordinate point and does not see anyone there, he would have to proceed to the next coordinate point immediately. What if Angel were on his way to one of the previous coordinate points? Then he would have just missed him. That’s why Sanders uses this progressive scoped search approach in order to avoid missing areas while looking for Angel.

The first coordinate point is at a statue of a goddess holding a vase while arranging flowers. There are very few demons nearby, the strongest of which is about the level of a primary wizard apprentice. When Sanders reached that coordinate, there was no sign of anyone there. But there were a lot of demons nearby and they all rushed at him.

Sanders waved his hand and wiped out a large group, then moved onto the next coordinate point without looking back.

Sanders planned route is methodical, he is very familiar with the Flower Garden Labyrinth projected by the Nightmare Plane, each of his routes avoids some particularly powerful demon’s territory.

In other words, the projected Flower Garden Labyrinth is a relatively low-level Nightmare Plane region that Sanders has explored many times. Although there are many demons in it, they are not as strong in the aggregate. Compared to the other Nightmare Plane regions higher up in the pyramid that Sanders has visited, the Flower Garden Labyrinth was not enough to be seen by him at all.

Although the overall level of the demons in this area is not high, it does not mean that Sanders can completely walk through and crush all that are in it.

The whole Flower Garden Labyrinth region has at least a dozen or so areas that he doesn’t dare step through. For example, in the central palace, there is a self-proclaimed demon called the “Queen of Nets”, even a legendary wizard would not dare to enter this deadly territory; another example is an amusement park in front and to the left of him, it is full of invisible baby spirits, one or two can easily be coped with, but hundreds of thousands or even millions of these baby spirits are unfathomable, this large quantitative change is strong enough to produce a qualitative change! And in the underground Sewer Labyrinth, there is a place called the Devil’s Flower Tunnel, which he dared not even think of stepping into. In addition this, there are many other areas of the region that he has to be careful of.

These demons in these danger zones don’t usually step out of their territory, but that doesn’t mean they won’t occasionally cross the boundaries. So even if Sanders did not step through those danger zones, he was still careful in order to not cause too big of a ruckus.

At the second coordinate point, Sanders “carpet bombed” away those pesky demons before walking in, but he was still unable to see Angel.

The third coordinate point, the fourth coordinate point… the sixth coordinate point. Sanders spent two days and two nights looking through all six coordinate points throughout the whole city, but he did not see any trace of Angel at all.

Sanders found another way through the city, but still no sign of Angel.

There may be only three possibilities at this moment: First, Angel is dead. Sanders has doubts about this, because even if he died, he would have left some sort of trace. He looked almost all over the city and saw no traces at all. Unless Angel had some bad luck, such as him being transported to a place where he suddenly appeared directly in the middle of two demons, and would uselessly struggle and eventually be directly swallowed by the demons.

Second, when Angel enters the Nightmare Plane, he directly appears in a dangerous area. The chances of this are also very small, Sanders had traveled around the whole city these days and gained a birds eye view of the danger zones, but there were still no signs of Angel.

Third, when Angel entered the Nightmare Plane and he got directly transported into the Sewer Labyrinth.

Of these three possibilities, the odds of the first two are small, but they account for almost about 30%. On the other hand, the probability of the third event occurring is the greatest possibility.

Thinking of the possibility that his new apprentice was transported directly into the Sewer Labyrinth in the underground tunnel. Sanders could not help sighing. Why is this child so unlucky?

The danger of underground Labyrinth is, needless to say, but the most important point is that the underground Labyrinth changes from time to time, if he wants to find Angel in that Labyrinth, unless he is extremely lucky, the only way he can be reunited with Angel is in between the last coordinate point of the Labyrinth.

But with Angel’s small and frail body, can he really survive and get to the center of the Labyrinth? That is the main issue.

In any case, Sanders is still very fond of his new apprentice, he should look for or has to look for him. On the surface, Sanders continues looking for another day in order to make sure that Angel was not still on the surface (or dead) before he found an entrance to the sewers and jumped in.


“Water… so thirsty…”

After walking in the desert for such a long time, Angel looked wearily in the distance and saw the endless yellow sands.

Angel continued to walk numbly on, he did not know why he walked in this desert, but he had no other choice, he had to continue on walking through the endless desert, he walked for months, and eventually, Angel’s dried food was completely used up, even his leather water skin pouch was empty.

“What if there’s no more water? So thirsty…” Angel whispered.

Suddenly, a drop of water with a seductive fragrance fell onto his lips, Angel greedily stuck his tongue out and licked it, and then… another drop fell…

“Again, I want more…” Angel cried out.

As his voice fell, Angel suddenly opened his eyes with his blurred vision.

“It was a dream…” Angel murmured to himself, raising his hand to wipe the moisture from his lips.

Dream? Wet lips? Angel suddenly realized something was wrong and looked up.

He saw a flower with an open mouth looming over him. This flower is very beautiful, the color of the petals are black, but parts of it shine like starlight, as if he was looking at a gorgeous starry night sky!

But no matter how beautiful the flower was, he can’t hide the fact that the moisture that was on his lips came from… drops that fell from the flower’s wide open mouth.

This was saliva!
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