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Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 92 A Glowing Wall

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“Stay”, “Don’t go”, “Come and stay with me…”

Although the flowers did not say anything coherent, and even though they were all inexplicably crying and laughing, Angel could still hear a trace of emotion in the tone of the flowers’ voices!

They mostly asked him to stay!

Angel could not recognize exactly why they wanted him to stay, but from their peaceful tones, the flowers seemed to mean him no harm.

“Why do you want me to stay?” Angel asked tentatively.

The flowers did not respond, but still scattered their desire for him to stay.

At this point, Angel sensed another emotion which was more complicated, it was a mood of regret, “If there were no light, he would have stayed behind…”

In other words, just now when he faced the situation of “not being able to find the ceiling”. It turned out that it was because of these flowers.

Angel doesn’t know whether the flowers are demons or just strange plants, but whatever they are, it was better to leave immediately.

Although he could not feel any malice coming from these flowers, God knows if it was not some sort of trap set up for him, they pretend to be harmless in order for him to relax his guard, then they strike. In the Canary Empire there is a kind of seductive aroma that comes from the Overlord Flower, this aroma is sent out to attract creatures, luring the creatures near and then hooking them, then it completely devours those hooked without leaving any dregs.

Angel picked up the flashlight and shined it back and forth. He didn’t know where he is going anyway. He doesn’t even know where he came from. He just picked a random direction and flew.

Along the way, Angel could still hear the scattered moods coming from the flowers on the ground, and occasionally, a sweet breeze blew by, making him feel slightly dizzy and unconsciously want to turn around in place.

Is it really true that he is facing a “Phantom Obstacle”? Sure enough, these flowers have a problem.

Fortunately, with this flashlight, Angel did not lose his way, even if he was being “plotted” by these flowers along the way.

“But aren’t there too many tricks?” Angel thought to himself. For every few hundred meters he moves away from them, he gets plotted several times. It’s like the flowers can stop him at any time…

Most of the time during flight, Angel still did not see an end at all, and except for the boundless amount of flowers on the ground, he did not see any other demons.

Along the way, Angel was wondering if this was still the underground Labyrinth? Or where his was Mentor now? Or why the flowers wanted him to stay so badly? There are no answers to all these questions, so he can only add them to his list of worries.

He doesn’t know how much time has passed, but Angel finally saw an end.

When he sees the end, it was not good news, because at the end is another wall. There was no way around it, that is to say, he seems to have gone in the wrong direction this whole time.

Being a few hundred meters away from the wall, Angel shined his flashlight on it, and there seemed to be some glow that caught his eyes.

Angel held some doubt, he received a glow back when shining on that place, as if there was a glowing spot on the wall? Angel had intended to turn around when he saw that there was no way ahead, but this glow had raised his curiosity.

Anyway, even if travels the road back, he was still lost, maybe this glowing thing is some kind of treasure! Sanders said that all the wizards who escaped from the Nightmare Plane were still greedy to get back into the Nightmare Plane. It can be seen that there are many more treasures left in the Nightmare Plane than anywhere else, even if he does not pick up any of them up. And with this beautiful idea, Angel approached the wall carefully.

By the time Angel floated about a hundred meters from the edge of the wall, a glimmer of light could already be seen on the wall from the distance.

This glow is coming from the wall. Angel guessed that it might be a dark luminescent mineral, like fluorite or something like that.

“If it’s just something like that, it’s not worth much.” Angel said in his heart.

Just as Angel continued to fly forward, at about ten meters or so, a strange sound wave burst into Angel’s head.

This frequency was only a buzzing at first, but after a few seconds, the frequency suddenly increased faster! After a while, the frequency increased several times!

Adding several times the level of frequency, this was completely comparable to an extreme sound wave weapon! Instantly going from his eardrum and heading straight into his brain. Angel was good a moment before, but in the next second, he feels like his brain is about to explode.

This mental attack feels similar to Angel’s previous Mental Force value test when it reached the limit, but the pain is many multiple times stronger, maybe even ten times stronger!

His brains feels like it is sizzling in boiling water and billowing smoke out of his ears. This feeling of pain is hard to describe, it is like a surging tide or a huge wave. When Angel thought that he had reached the limit of the pain, in the next second, a wave of pain is set off that was even higher than the last.


Angel kept screaming and wailing, and in the end, he couldn’t even control his body anymore. Enduring this boundless pain, he fell straight down from the air.

Originally, Angel was floating more than ten meters in the air, even if his own perception of gravity is reduced, such a solid fall will be absolutely be unbearable to his body.

As this crisis approached, a length of green vine suddenly drilled directly beneath Angel. Immediately after breaking through the ground, the vines began to twist and turn almost instantly, weaving a reticulated cushioned net.

Angel fell straight into the vine net.

With the vines acting as a buffer, Angel had almost no impact when he landed, so he had no damage in the end.

As Angel lay rolling painfully on the ground, the vines slowly began changing again, they became like rope, binding Angel’s hands and feet and dragging them a hundred meters away from the wall.

Oddly enough, when Angel was away from the wall, the pain that struck his brain was in a state of temporary relief.

Even though the pain that struck his brain is abated slightly, Angel was still gasping for air. Just now, he even felt that he was only one step away from death. At his most painful moment, as his eyes were dark, pictures of his life flashed past his mind, appearing one after another, and he was even able to recall some of the scenes from his infancy.

This is a definite sign of death!

In just a few seconds, Angel went from being full of energy to becoming out of strength and fast approached a state of mental breakdown, which shows how serious his life and death crisis was at that moment!

When everything returned to normal, Angel felt alive again, but his strength had just been completely exhausted. Now he didn’t even have the strength to clench his fist.

Before when he was in pain, he remembered that some sort of vine had “saved” him. Angel didn’t know if the vine was truly “saving” him, or if it had any other kind of motive. He didn’t even know if the vine was being manipulated by someone behind the scenes.

But it is true that he has been saved. Angel held back his weary spirit and said a little “Thank you”.

No response.

This was normal. Vines can’t talk.

The waves were restless when they rose, and tired when they went to rest. Angel’s spirit is now in self-recovery, his brain’s self-preservation mechanism begins to work naturally, and Angel’s mind begins to fall into a state of confusion while his eyes begin to slowly blur.

Before becoming completely unconscious, Angel vaguely saw a flower in front of him with the same mouth as the others, but the color of the petals that appeared before him were like a starry night sky…
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