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Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 91 Reversal of Fantasy and Reality

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Angel rises slowly, 5 seconds, 10 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes… he doesn’t know how long it’s been, but he hasn’t reached the stone wall above his head yet!

This is impossible! Angel remembers very clearly that although the stone wall above his head is high, it is definitely not so high that he would not have reached the top by now!

Or was he not in an underground tunnel of the Labyrinth, but in an interior of a building. Did he fly out from that building and is now traveling with a sky overhead, could this be why he hasn’t touched the ceiling yet? This is highly unlikely, because Angel can clearly sense that the surrounding air flow has not changed at all, and even if this was the outside, it would not be so dark that he would be unable to reach out and see his own hand in front of him.

Angel secretly speculated that he might have inadvertently broken into some kind of magic array? Or maybe this is a “Phantom Obstacle”?

Jon once explained the phenomenon of a “Phantom Obstacle” to Angel, which is not a magical event, but a movement pattern that one subconsciously follows as biological instinct takes over in a state of vague self-perception. And with this instinctual movement, a creature moves in a circular pattern.

So in this absolute darkness, did he fly in a circle unconsciously?

Angel didn’t know. He didn’t think he had a bad sense of direction, but he hasn’t touched anything yet.

However, Angel does not rule out this possibility. Because he is in a strange state, his perception of gravity is so low that he can fly in the air. In his usual perception of gravity, it would allow him to know which direction the center of the earth was; now however, when his perception of gravity is reduced, he could have wrongly judged what direction the center of the earth was. In this infinite darkness, what he believes is down, perhaps could be left or right. This is the side effect of losing the perception of gravity.

What are best ways to solve a “Phantom Obstacle”? Jon has stated four ways: “Orientation by Referencing an Object”, “Celestial Navigation”, “Focusing on Carefully Observing the Surroundings”, “Carrying a Direct or Indirect Source of Light”. The first three methods are clearly inappropriate for Angel right now. Only the last method is more reliable.

Angel is not a pipe smoker like Nausica. And has no habit of carrying around matchsticks. But if there is no fire, it does not mean that there is no way to shine a light.

Angel fumbled for his pocket watch in his pants pocket, skillfully opening the back cover of the watch and pulling out a thin chip from the inside.

This thin chip is the Holographic Tablet Angel had received from Jon, he was also taught how to use the Holographic Tablet by his Mentor as well, and if he remembers correctly, there is a “flashlight” option in the system control panel.

After Angel took out the Holographic Tablet, his tense mood suddenly relaxed a little. At this moment, after he brought it out. He put back the pocket watch into his pocket. It did not feel as solid as he had imagined, but only had it’s “form” without any sensation of weight…

The Holographic Tablet was actually a smartwatch with a strap. It was just that this strap had been worn away by the time Angel received it, so he tied a fine rope in each of the holes on both sides of it. Angel quickly picked up the rope and tied the Holographic Tablet to his wrist.

After being sure that he had securely tied it to his wrists, Angel presses the ON button to control the Holographic Tablet.

Pressing the ON button-

After a while, there was no reaction at all. Neither a picture of the system nor a holographic projection appeared in front of him after he pressed the button to turn it on.

Angel frowned, because he remembered very well that he had recently charged the Holographic Tablet. There should be no problem with the Holographic Tablet being used continuously for several weeks when it is full of energy.

So what’s going on now? It can’t be broken, can it? Or is it just this particular instance of him being in the Nightmare Plane that invalidates the use of the Holographic Tablet?

Hoping for a bit of luck, Angel presses the button again. Still no reaction.

“Darn it! Why it there a problem at such a critical moment? Come on, work for me!” Angel cursed in a low voice.

Just as his voice fell, there was a strange change in this mysterious world that he wasn’t aware of. If there were light around, Angel would clearly see that the Holographic Tablet, which he he strapped on his wrist, had began to change dramatically.

The Holographic Tablet, which was originally brought in with him, like the pocket watch, has only it’s ‘form’ but no ‘substance’. In fact, it’s essence is an illusion, but through Angel’s cursing, the original illusory outline of the Holographic Tablet gradually appeared more real, going from fantasy to reality very quickly, only taking the time between a snap of the fingers, a Reversal of Fantasy and Reality, true and false transposing onto one another!

Angel however, did not know what had happened at this moment, but was still bemoaning his situation.

When he pressed the button again in a fit of anger, a faint blue holographic projection suddenly appeared in front of his eyes.

Watching the system open it’s interface, Angel’s eyes stared in great surprise! Wasn’t it broken? Why is it working now? Angel was completely confused, still holding some resentment from before, but with this sudden change, he does not know what to make of it, or whether he should be angry or happy, well, laughter is better overall.

Forget it, as long as it can be turned on, this is fine. In this unknown and dangerous Nightmare Plane, Angel is not in the mood to explore other issues. He only wants to safely and smoothly reach the coordinate points that Sanders had been previously provided him, this is his most important task at the moment.

With a faint blue light coming from the holographic projection, Angel was able to vaguely see the scene around him, and although he still unable to completely see around, he confirms that there are no demons near him.

Angel quickly found the “flashlight” function in the options, and as he pressed the virtual key, the boundless darkness was broken up by a beam of bright light. Like turning on the stars in the dead of night, the dark fog that surrounded him was swept away.

This was the first time that Angel had used the flashlight, and it was completely unexpected that this light would be so bright, the intensity and scope of the light also surprised him.

As the pillar of light beamed, it almost looked like it had no end.

“Good treasure!” Angel’s eyes brightened, since he solved his Mentor’s problems and started using the tablet, he hasn’t really explored in-depth many of the features on the tablet, only having a rough idea of what their functions were. Such as the “flashlight” function, he only knows that it can illuminate the darkness, which did not sound like much. Oil lamps, torches and candles can all be used to illuminate the dark as well, so he has never felt the need to really try it.

But he had no idea that this light was as bright as day, which was a great surprise to him.

Now it seems that he still underestimates the level of science and technology coming from a technological civilization. Many seemingly mundane functions with just a one-sentence introductions can not truly summarize their functions, they have to be tested in person.

With light shining from the flashlight, Angel also gained a certain grasp of his surrounding environment.

There is no doubt that he is still in mid-air, the flashlight shined overhead, clearly showing that the ceiling stone wall is more than ten meters away. It can be seen that just now when he had no vision, he may have travelled in a circular pattern and came to the same place.

Angel took his flashlight and shined it at the ground again, his heart thumped loudly as the light beam swepted across the ground.

The damp ground was covered with countless flowers. These flowers did not look unusual at first glance, but when the long beam of bright light shined down, Angel clearly sees what the flowers truly looked like.

Petals, branches, leaves and roots are all normal, but the stamens of the flowers looked like human mouths, these mouths, when opened or closed, clearly showed the lips and tongue inside.

Countless flowers, showing that there are countless mouths.

Before Angel had shined the light, it was quiet, but after the light beam swept across, the originally silent flowers had suddenly all became abnormal.

Strange voices suddenly came from the mouth of these flowers. Some began laughing, some crying, some mumbling, or some muttering. These flowers shook as they talked, which looked extremely creepy.

But none of this was the point.

The most important point that Angel focused on was that he seemed to understand what the flowers were saying.
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