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Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 88 Anchor to the Nightmare Plane

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Sanders room is at the top cabin of the airship. This room is the largest, best-lit and has the widest view of the rooms available on the airship.

As the Falcon finished guiding Angel to Sanders room, it immediately flew away, leaving him alone in front of the door.

Pushing open the door, Angel saw Sanders standing in front of the room’s window and Flora drinking on the other side, behind a bar.

“Good morning Mentor…” Angel respectfully salutes.

Flora snorted: “How many times have you been told, you don’t have to greet our Mentor anymore, but you don’t listen. Well, seeing you act like this reminds me of a guy named Wallace. ”

“Who is Wallace?”Angel looked at Flora with a look of doubt.

Flora glared angrily at him. “Don’t ask me who Wallace is. When you get back to the Savage Grottoes, you’ll know. He’s just an indecent old man.”

“Angel, I called you here for your Guidance Method.” Sanders low voice passed by Angel’s ear.

Guidance Method! There was a uproar in Angel’s mind.

“Am I going to the Nightmare Plane now?” Angel had a hard time opening his mouth in order to ask this.

Sanders said coldly, “Do you regret it? If you regret it, I can give you another chance to choose.”

Does Angel regret it? Of course he did not regret it, but he was afraid of the unknown dangers that await him. These days, he deliberately did not think about the Guidance Method, because he did not want the fear of death looming over his shoulders every single waking moment.

“I don’t regret it. It’s just… … I’m a little troubled.” Angel did not say what was in his heart. He knew that in order to gain a foothold in this world, his weak state of mind must become strong.

“You made a bold choice, which is not a bad thing. The wizard’s world, if one is not bold and adventurous, one can only be washed away by the riptide back to their origin.” Sanders went to a table and pulled out a crystal tube from the drawer to threw at Angel: “This is a scale for testing mental force values. Before you go to the Nightmare Plane to get your guidance method, you have to know your mental force value.”

Formal wizards can use spells to directly see through the mental force values of mortals. Sanders naturally already knows the value of Angel’s mental force, but in most cases, people trust their own eyes rather hearing from others.

Angel took a look at the crystal tube. There seemed to be a line in the crystal, but as soon as Angel wanted to take a closer look, he immediately felt dizzy looking at the tube.

“Don’t look in the middle of the mental force scale. It has a special spiritual magic line in it. The closer you look towards the back of the scale, the more teeth and claws you will feel from the magic lines, and this will easily have an impact on your brain. The correct use of it is to start with the 0 at the bottom of the scale,” Flora explained. “Look up a little bit, and as you move along the magic lines, more of it will be revealed further back, you will feel dizzier as you look on, and when you feel like you can’t take it anymore, look at the measure where the magic lines stop on the scale, that should be your mental force value.”

Flora’s explanation suddenly enlightened him. Angel closes his eyes to ease his previous dizziness, and waited until his body and mind are at their peak before picking up the mental force scale again to start his first test.

At the 0 portion of the scale, Angel can clearly see a light gold line, it slowly travels up from the original point, and along the way, the lines curl up beautifully and smoothly. When the 3 on the scale is reached, the golden lines slowly diverge into two lines, which travel intertwined, each stretching and twisting in the most suitable pattern.

When the two lines reach the 4 on the scale, they are no longer traveling straight forward, but began to branch out like roots, new forks began to appear in the middle of these lines, and these new forks occasionally curl and come to an abrupt end.

By this time, Angel has already felt a straining in his eyes.

When the mental force scale reaches 7, the two lines differentiate further into four gold lines that appear in the crystal tube. These four gold lines are not willing to be lonely, so they crazily draw a variety of strange paths, when each new path appears, Angel feels his chest tighten, and even starts to feel an impulse to close his eyes.

Soon, the scale rushes to 9, which is already the limit of mortals. Once one travels past 10, they come to another world, the world of Talents.

At this point, Angel was already feeling severely dizzy.

Soon, the four gold lines crazily stretched to 10, when the gold line broke through this part of the scale, the whole magic line suddenly changes, these four gold lines did not appear to have any difference, but they went from a two dimensional plane into a three-dimensional one!

The gold lines are now entangled with one another like a DNA’s double helix, moving forward in an eccentric three-dimensional structure, when this happens, Angel’s pupils dilate to the size of mosquitoes.

After a while, Angel can no longer feel the existence of the scale, and can only mechanically follow the gold lines while they travel along, he does not even know whether he is following with his eyes or his soul.

Before long, Angel fell face first onto the floor with his eyes wide open, pale and vomiting, as if a stick was stuck into his brain and stirred it into a paste.

“Have you reached your limit?” Flora’s voice fell into his “stirred pasty brain” and Angel calls out in response.

Angel wakes up from his stupor and sits on the floor for a while. Sanders did not urge him to stand, but pulled a cup of tea from nowhere and began drinking it while annotating something in his notes.

When Angel felt a little better, he slowly stood up, using the foot of the table.

“13.00.” Angel, with a pale face, smiled bitterly.

Although a wizard’s achievement has little to do with their mental force value, Angel is still a bit frustrated from this 13.00. It is neither a high or low number.

Between 1 and 9 are for mortals, Talents and wizards go up from 10. Angel remembers Sanders saying that Eastley’s mental force value from Hurricane Tower was as high as 23.00. At 13.00, he was a full 10 points less than Eastley. His efficiency of practicing a Guidance Method must not be as high as the other.

Therefore, if he does not want to be left behind by Eastley, he must carefully choose a Guidance Method, the mental model fit should be at least 20%, or even higher than 20%.

“This mental force value does not represent your future.” Sanders casually comforted and changed the subject: “I said I wouldn’t tell you about your talent until you became a wizard apprentice. It’s not that I didn’t want to say, but your talent is a little strange, and it’s unclear to me where your upper limit is. But there is no doubt that your talent has something to do with the Nightmare Plane. This time we are going to the Nightmare Plane, so we may be able to draw some conclusions.”

We are going to the Nightmare Plane? We? Angel is acutely aware of this word.

“Is Mentor going too?” Angel asked doubtfully.

Sanders nodded. “If I’m not coming along, will you know where that Guidance Method is?”

“That’s true.” Angel suddenly realized.

“The Nightmare Plane is a very special world,” Sanders said with a smile. “It can Project Reality and Reveal Illusion. This means that if we enter the Nightmare Plane from here, it may also be in the sky, and also on top of an airship. ”

“So in order to avoid this situation and find the exact location of the Guidance Method, we must have an anchor.”

Angel: “What is an anchor?”

Sanders went to Angel and covered his shoulder blade with his wide palm: “This is the anchor.”

Angel touched his back, and remembers in that strange world, this place had been scratched by that stitch sewn woman.

“The wound in your soul is an anchor. With this anchor, it can lead you to the place where this wound was created.” Sanders smiled.

Where my wound was created? That’s at Pat Manor in the Nightmare Plane! With this anchor, it can lead him to Pat Manor? That place was full of weird animals and the stitch sewn women in the Nightmare Plane.

Sanders took out a glass bottle, the bottom of which was covered with a thin layer of blood.

“This is also an anchor, the bottle contains my blood from when I struggled against a demon in the Nightmare Plane and left some of my blood in that area. This blood can lead us back to that place… … the place where the Guidance Method is located. “
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