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Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 63 Sudden Thunderstorm

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Angel closed his book and was lost in contemplation for a long time.

According to the book, the strangeness of the Nightmare Plane has baffled many wizards. But behind this untouchable mystery is something that attracts these wizards and causes each of them to obsess over this plane. This is just like in Sanders case when he describes that special Guidance Method, obviously even without knowing what the content of the Guidance Method was, or what guaranteed fit value it had, it still caused him obsess about it for a long time.

Perhaps this is the wonder of the Nightmare Plane: It is the unknown, but causes those who have been to it to flock again towards it.

Looking out of the window towards the blue sky, Angel began to clear his thoughts.

Angel knew since that day in Barbie’s Restaurant, when he promised to become Sanders apprentice, the day he has to pay the price is slowly creeping up.

The Nightmare Plane is a place he must visit.

He doesn’t want to be the bane of Sanders, and he also wants to see the real purpose of his cheap Mentor, to know what he wants to achieve by taking him, and what wonders will be revealed during their trip to the Nightmare Plane.

As for the other two choices given by Sanders, he has basically given them up.

It can’t be said that his other choices were completely hopeless, at least Sanders gave him freedom with the second choice-which was to create his own Mental Model. In fact, he can still try it. After all, the book for “Initial Glory” is still here!

Thinking of “Initial Glory”, Angel came down the ladder and went to the bookshelf marked “3”.

To Angel’s surprise, the vast majority of the books on this shelf are not pulp and paper books, a large part of them are warped leather books, crammed with worn out scrolls, where some outer parts are exposed and covered with thick layer of dust. Obviously, these scrolls have not been opened for a long time.

Angel opens one roll and then closes another.

Many scrolls contain anecdotes from the Wizard Plane thousands or even tens of thousands of years ago, some about ancient gossip or news. Occasionally practical information surfaces, but Angel can not be too involved with this, since at this stage he lacks the necessary Spell knowledge.

After sorting out most of the useless scrolls on the shelf, Angel finally found an ancient gray-black scroll with a row of strange texts written in an uncommon language.

When it comes to common text, he has many things to say about the Wizard Plane. The language of the Wizard Plane has many geographical differences, but the common text is universal. Of course, there are many other types of text, and some even contain incredible power. However, the mainstream language used for recording and dissemination in the Wizard Plane is still the universal text.

The big reason why the common text spread from the World of Wizards to the mortal world is because of natural human tendencies.

Wizards were at the top of the world in ancient times all the way up to the present. Human beings are a kind of creature that love to “worship” the strong, whether it is ordinary people, or royal aristocratic families, all are not free from this vulgarity. While they refuse and fear wizards, they silently worship wizards in their hearts, and even scramble to imitate the customs and norms of wizards. It is in this complex emotion that the text used by wizards are slowly spread.

Old Land (Edge Island), Big 6 also follows this line of thought, but later, because of the weakening of atmospheric magic elements, a large number of wizards withdrew from Old Land to migrate to Big 6. Even though the wizards are gone, the words they left behind have long been learned by the aristocracy and passed down through the generations, so the general text used by the Canary Empire is actually the common text used by wizards. This is why Angel is able to understand the common language of the Wizard Plane.

It is just that there are many variants of the Wizard language, which is due to historical factors, just like the Chinese characters, of which Angel himself has also learned, seeing the evolution of “Jia Jin Zhuan Li Cao Kai Xing”. In order to facilitate and popularize literature, Chinese characters are simplified from traditional to simplified versions.

The same is true of common text, because of the different times, the font also has the corresponding change. Fortunately, the body of the common text is logographic, even if there are variants, it is only the difference between simple and complicated writing, careful identification can still be recognized.

The words of the scroll, when carefully identified by Angel, is still recognizable.

A row of very elegant floral characters presents the word “Initial Glory” that Angel is looking for.

Angel opened the scroll, held it in the palm of his hand, and was ready to read it quickly before lunch.

“At the beginning of glory, it was not that I had found you, but that you were always there waiting for me and have never left my side.”

This is the first sentence after the title page. It doesn’t read like a book that teaches construction of Mental Force Models, But reads more like a love poem. Angel is silent in his heart.

As Angel was about to turn to the next page, an unexpected roar of thunder came into his ears.

He looked up and out the window, and saw that somehow, the clear blue sky had been replaced by layer upon layer of thick black clouds.

In the Devil’s Sea domain, thunder and lightning is the norm, and Angel was used to it when he was sailing on the Bohemia. But with this thunderous roar, Angel finally couldn’t sit still.

After all, the Bohemia was sailing on the sea, far away from the thunderclouds. But the Cloud Whale flying in the sky can almost touch these thunderclouds, while the Cloud Whale itself has wisdom, and can also take the initiative to dodge the thunderclouds, perhaps they are now in the middle of the storm!

But even if there is no contact with “lightning” from the thunderclouds, the degree of booming sounds escaping through the air was completely different from how it felt on the Bohemia!


A louder boom thundered before it hit his eardrum, Angel’s goes blank for a moment, which illustrates the degree his ear-drum shook!

Angel luckily covered his ears in time, but this can not stop the loud booms, it can only slightly weaken the damage caused by the thunder to his eardrum.

This unexpected occurrence naturally made Angel lose his mood to read any more books, and in such an environment, he could not continue to read any more.

The frequent concentrated thunder finally passed after three minutes. But as soon as Angel relaxed, lightning struck!

He did not know when, but the stratosphere was full of thick continuous thunderclouds! The Cloud Whale flew under the thunderclouds and was left with very little space to maneuver.

The lightning also seemed to crazily dance, allowing Angel see what a real “electric snake dance” looked like. This intense electric display looked like a flashing branch, freely sprinkling on the Cloud Whale.

The Cloud Whale itself has thick skin, so it does not feel much of it while flying. But the creature of the ranch on its back suffered immensely.

Through the small window of the tent, Angel had seen from a distance that some of the cows had been scorched black by the lightning. Even the usual flamboyant Falcon Demon, has been struck by lightning.

Several other trees were struck down by the lightning and burst into flames. The spreading fire lit the prairie, and gray smoke began to emanate everywhere on the pasture.

Looking at such a tragic scene, Angel was worried about whether the lightning would hit his tent. If the tent was struck, where can he hide?

As time went by, the dancing lightning turned the entire ranch into a miasma of smoke, however, none of the tents were struck by lightning. Clearly, Angel’s concerns were superfluous. The means of wizards are hard to guess.

Although the thunderclouds are no longer concentrated, there were bursts of lightning from time to time, making it impossible for Angel to focus on reading. Crazy thundering booms prevented him from leaving, for a time, so he did not know what to do, all he could do was only cover his ears, droop his head down on the pulley ladder, and go to sleep.

He doesn’t know how much time passes, but Angel was suddenly awoken by a loud boom.

Wiping the saliva from the corners of his mouth, Angel realized that he had just fallen asleep.

Angel looked out of the window again, the scene before his slumber had not changed, the sky was still dark, thunderclouds were still lingering, lightning strikes had not changed, and the ranch was still a mess.

The quartz clock on the side has changed from 1:00 noon before his sleep to 8 p.m in the evening.

He has slept from noon to night, but why was the thunderstorm not over?
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