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Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 49 Say Farewell and Journey On

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By the time they left Barbie’s Restaurant, the moon had crept up from the horizon and was in the night sky.

The stars looked like they were shimmering, their reflection in the dark sea caused the sea to look covered by a layer of beautiful carpet made of fireflies. The surging waves broke apart the carpet of fireflies, and left ripples on the soft rays of moonlight.

For Angel, what was born today was somewhat unimaginable, and he was not yet able to tell whether what happened was good or bad, but he knows it is time to say goodbye to his ordinary past.

Standing in front of a childish looking restaurant, Sanders said slowly, “Go back to the Bohemia tonight and I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning.”

When Sanders had finished, he nodded to Angel, waved his cane, and commanded the standing Falcon to take Angel back to the deck of the Bohemia.

Angel stood on deck, looking at the two people who were flying out of sight. With the bright starry sky in background, and the giant cloud whale humbly drifting through the night. Tomorrow, he will also board that drifting creature and start a new journey.

“Hey, what were you doing in that building over there?”

The road ahead is long, and the unknown future always makes it easy to get lost. Angel stood with a dazed expression on his face while he stayed quietly on deck for a while, until he realized that people stood beside him.

“What’s it like in there? Oh, by the way, what’s your name? Are you from Hurricane Tower? ”

“Who were those people on that big bird just now? Do you know them? ”

“Why did that ballet weirdo take you in? Do you know him? ”

The talents on the Bohemia gathered all around him and asked questions. Angel looked around at the faces, some looked envious, some jealous, some curious, some had compliments, and some held indifference.

As the noise chattered into Angel’s ears, some of the noises even sounded unruly or vilifying with their inquiries, but he still felt more at ease for one reason.

When he was in Barbie’s Restaurant, he always felt like he was walking on the clouds, floating away and always helpless. For an ordinary person, it was good of him to stay calm at the restaurant for the whole time.

Until this moment, he finally fell from the clouds and returned to the earth.

The noise, and childishness of the talents around him were telling him that he had returned to earth. This inexplicable contrast made him feel at ease.

Perhaps this is the mentality that mortals should have when they are mortal.

Angel did not answer the others’ questions, but said sorry to the crowd, then walked through the crowd of puzzled eyes and stepped firmly back into his room.

This night, he was doomed to not sleep. Whether it was Angel or anyone else onboard the Bohemia.

Angel leaned against the window, as his thoughts flowed.

The moonlight was gentle and full, and the sea was sparkling and reflected clearly in his eyes.

The impermanence of the world, where is the first moment, and where is the next? The journey of life is always full of unknowns. Being perturbed on the journey, with the wind in front, or rain, or surging waves, that allow one to peer only halfway through to the next scene.

Angel suddenly realized a lot of things, and even felt that after this night, perhaps he could study the religion and philosophy of earth. It is not always the case that one can control one’s mood by becoming completely single-minded, whether or not the dogma becomes the soup of the soul will be up to fate.

It was not until the middle of the night that Angel recovered.

Leaving the Bohemia tomorrow to Journey On, his cheap mentor gave him one night to pack his bags and Say Farewell, and he couldn’t continue to waste time by wallowing here by himself.

Angel moved quickly.

The first thing, of course, is to pack his luggage. He did not have much luggage. In addition to changing clothes and a small number of daily necessities, his heaviest possessions were his books he had bought from Sea Moon City, which took up two large wooden chests.

The books inside are almost all rare leather scrolls, with only a small number of pulp and paper scripts; although the workmanship is not as fastidious as that produced by the aristocracy, it is also regarded as a fine product by common people.

Angel would like to take all the rare books in the two chests, because to him, books represent knowledge. Nothing is as important as knowledge as Jon and Sanders have continually stressed to him.

But, he can’t take the two chests alone.

Should he ask his mentor for help? At the thought of his mentor helping him carry the chests, the picture was too beautiful to imagine directly, and Angel dared not think too deeply about it.

Inside the book filled chests, he has long scanned all of them into the holographic tablet, the reason why it is so difficult for him to give it up is because of his love of rare books.

After thinking about it for a long time, Angel decided to give up carrying the two chests filled books.

Now that he had given up carrying the chest of books, he naturally had to find the right owner for them. It is not the style of a man who loves books to throw away those books at will.

Angel knew only Morrow, Alan, and his sister Irene on board. Morrow was not a peer or a friend, so it was not appropriate to send books to him, and with Morrow’s knowledge, the books compiled by these ordinary people may not be valued in the eyes of this extraordinary person.

So Angel is going to leave these two chests of books to Alan and his sister Irene.

The clock on board indicated that it was 11:00 in the evening, and Angel did not know when he would leave tomorrow, so even if Alan and his sister Irene were asleep, Angel was going to head over and have a look.

Perhaps it was the food fantasy of that day that caused extensive injuries to the gifted people on the Bohemia. As Angel shuttled through the narrow corridors, he could clearly hear people howling in pain and sobbing alone.

As Angel continued further, the more he felt sad in his heart.

He is not a Virgin Mary, nor does he sympathize with the wounded. He has only one source of grief.

He was only saddened to see that the same humans at the bottom of the wizard world had reached such an end because they could not control their own destiny.

Especially when he knows the truth of the fantasy-.

It’s just a vision that comes naturally when gourmet wizards create food.

No wizard is deliberately suppressing anyone, but the inadvertent breath has plunged the talents on board into an endless terror.

What else can he do? This is what happens to the weak who enter into the world of wizards.

And Angel himself is such a weak person at the moment. His sorrow was only a sorry about people with the same circumstances and who were unable to do anything about it.

Through crossing several corridors, Angel found Alan and his sister Irene.

The two brother and sister live at the end of a branch of corridor, opposite each other, so they can also take care of each other, such an arrangement must have Morrow’s handwriting.

When Angel came forward, the door of Irene’s room unexpectedly opened slightly, sobbing came from inside, and he listened carefully to Alan’s soft and waxy comforting voice.

Angel did not have a habit of listening from the corner, so he gently knocked on the door, after they heard the knocking a “please come in” sounded, and the side door pushed open.

When Angel opened the door, it came as a surprise that not only Alan and his sister Irene were there, but the black-robed Morrow was among them.
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