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Super Dimensional Wizard Chapter 35 Gold Card Holder

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Saab’s cold exterior caused the surrounding temperature to drop instantly.

Le Skunk glanced at him nonchalantly, returned to his grandiose tone, and said to the crowd, “Hnnn, Le Skunk is here to remind you that the old Barbie’s rules allow cardholders to enter the restaurant.” Depending on the level of the invitation card, you can carry a different number of guests. ”

“If you don’t have an invitation card, please bring your invitation card next time.” Le Skunk made a “please” sign to Saab.

Saab made a cold face and was about to go crazy.

Looking at the sight of Le Skunk, seeing his mouth grinned to his ears, seemingly smiling, but there was a slight cold light in his narrowed eyes: “If you have a problem with the system of this restaurant, you can complain to the foreman on duty.” The foreman of the restaurant today is Bored Neo. Do you want me to call out the roast chicken? ”

Bored Neo? Saab has never heard of that name.

But when he caught sight of Flora and Sanders, both of them frowned subconsciously when they heard the name.

Saab suddenly felt a chill in his back.

Calm down. Saab said silently from the bottom of his heart.

No matter who he is, he can’t start trouble now.

With these two great demons, if he really goes mad. Not only will he be looked down upon, but he will also be laughed at.

Look at this joke. He suddenly remembered the smile that Flora had just now, and then the conversation he had just had with Flora outside, and he finally understood why Flora had always smiled secretly at him. She had an attitude of watching a funny event unfold!

Saab was angry from the bottom of his heart, but his face was expressionless.

“They can go in because they all have invitation cards?” At this point, Jailall, standing next to Saab, suddenly stepped forward, pointed to Flora, and asked Le Skunk.

Le Skunk twirled around with his pirouette and said, “Sorry, not only does Lord Sanders have an invitation card, but Lord Sander’s invitation card is a copper card, which can only bring two people into the restaurant.”

“Can I get an invitation card now?” Herolyn asked too, frowning. Although she didn’t come here for Barbie’s Restaurant, she wanted to see it too, since she met the rumored restaurant.

Le Skunk shrugged his shoulders: “This Don doesn’t know how to send an invitation card.”

“I heard that Gloria had to feel the mood to send out invitation cards, and her favorite way to send it is to throw away invitation cards at will.” At this moment, Flora suddenly chuckled: “You can look around, maybe you can find an invitation card discarded by Gloria!”

“But so many of you. Perhaps only the rumored golden card can allow all of you to come in together. “Flora said, turning her back and saying goodbye to the crowd, disappearing into the darkness of the restaurant.

As for Sanders. He had no interest in raising his eyes at the quarrel here. He never stopped. He had already reached the depths of the restaurant.


At front door of Barbie’s Restaurant.

Everyone looked at each other, the younger generation did not really care, but the three official wizards felt unable to keep their faces.

Why do they have to go to war with Barbie‘s Restaurant just for a meal?

To measure the gains and losses, Saab shook his head. Gloria, like them, is a first-class wizard, but her organization is very difficult to mess with, everyone is a deadly madman, and very protective.

Plus, Sanders and Flora are already in the restaurant, and he doesn’t know why Sanders is looking for Barbie‘s Restaurant, but Sanders searched for the restaurant for months and sent the Bohemia together for this reason. If they have a falling out with Gloria, God knows if they will face another scary person when they get in.

Even if successful, there is no pleasure, no profit, and they can only be said to have found a breathing space. Failure, there is not only humiliation, but the other side has nothing to lose.

Thinking of this, Saab took a break from breaking his skull.

“In that case, let’s leave.” Saab sighed: “Well, that one has already gone in, there must be a period of time they will not care about us, we have to take advantage of now to get out of here. In case when he comes out, there will be a real conflict. ”

Saab did call Jailall and others here because of Sanders.

Since there is no benefit in Barbie’s Restaurant, it is also satisfactory to avoid Sanders and safely return to Big 6.

With that in mind, Saab has to taken everyone away.

But just then Le Skunk suddenly looked at the door of the deck, and his expression became extremely strange, and in a slightly surprised tone of voice:

“Unexpectedly, in addition to Lord Sander’s copper card, there is a distinguished guest here, and, they happen…” Le Skunk paused. “To be a holder of the Gold Card!”

Gold Card holder?

The words of Le Skunk did not escape the crowd, and Saab naturally heard it.

There’s a Gold Card holder here? Who?

“Is it ‘Tree Man’ Poku?” Herolyn wondered.

Jailall subconsciously closed his eyes and waved his metal stick. He opened his eyes and shook his head at the crowd. “It’s not Poku. There’s no breath of Poku within a hundred miles.”

Who would it be?

Saab looked at the wizard apprentices of the three major organizations. Is the Gold Card holder among them?

On closer inspection, they all looked dazed.

Saab snorted, not even a formal wizard, how could these apprentices have them.


Even if they do have them, who would the identity of the holder of the Gold Card be?

The crowd looked again at Le Skunk, who was almost singing in tune.

Le Skunk had no intention of concealing it, or rather, he did not feel the need to hide it at all. For Gold Card holders, Barbie’s Restaurant have always treated them with the greatest courtesy.

Le Skunk, with his trademark laughter and ballet pirouette, spun like a top from the front entrance of Barbie’s Restaurant, leaping like a white ribbon in the sky, and finally landing on the deck of the Bohemia without a sound.

Out of nowhere, Le Skunk took out the microphone again, this time with a gentleman’s top hat.

As he walked forward, putting on his top hat as he walked, his ragged clothes slowly became clean and tidy with the pace, when he came to a young man with surprise showing on his face. The appearance of Le Skunk had changed dramatically, from being crazy and sloven person to a gentleman with neat clothes, bright silk, and a warm air.

Although the appearance has not changed much, but the overall impression has changed. This is the common consensus of all people.

The new Le Skunk stopped in front of the teenager and performed a set of rhythmic complicated etiquette for an aristocratic invitation.

“Sorry for the late invitation, honorable Gold Card holder, Welcome to Barbie’s Restaurant. I’m your special receptionist today, Yayo. Guests can call me, Yo. ”

This simple sentence is respectful and polite. In addition to the sign of laughter, it is entirely the standard of aristocratic waiter.

The mortals on the other side also stared, wondering if Le Skunk was his real name. Did Le Skunk not give his real name before because he felt that they were not qualified?

With this in mind, Saab’s face turned dark again.

But thinking of Le Skunk in front of Sanders, did not reveal his real name, his mood also inexplicable raised.

At least they know the real name of Le Skunk now, don’t they?

The boy who was treated so politely by Le Skunk was in a state of ignorance.

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