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Dragon Blood Warrior Chapter 5 :Winning a Small Lolita

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An avenue ran towards the east from the general’s official residence. This path lead to the Imperial Palace. Lush with trees on both sides, covering the entire avenue under shade, a cool and refreshing sensation could oft be felt here during summer. However, it was late autumn now. The foliage withered, leaving naught but bare shivering branches within the chilly wind. At this moment, a carriage made its way towards the palace through this avenue.

Aiwa couldn’t care about the gelid atmosphere. He was trying to imagine the Queen’s visage from Margaret’s description.

A woman with peerless beauty, such was the conception he held of her.

Aiwa could feel the dignity as well as the imposing aura the palace emitted from 1 li away. He had often played with his childhood friends at this place. They used to wander the high palace walls while dreaming of the Queen’s appearance. She was the emblem of power, but that wasn’t due to her beauty; she was rather a demonic queen than a beautiful woman within their childish imaginations.

TLN: 1 li = 0.5km

He hadn’t visited the imperial palace again and by the time he was 15, he had been sent to the East Empire to study, several hundred li away from Montelago City.

The decision was made by his father, General Kyle and the Empire had no play in it. There hadn’t been any battles between Hass Empire and the East Empire for the past 59 years. Merchants arriving at the Hass Empire from there spoke of its mysteriousness, piquing the interest of Kyle. Although he was known to be obstinate, he decided to send his son there to gain knowledge and experience. If he didn’t cultivate his son early, his future prospects would be limited, making it difficult for their Holtzer Empire to retain their position within the Empire.

Groote had already nabbed the position of the Prime Minister using the influence of his family within the past year. His few sons’ all held important positions within the army. It was no doubt a zenith time for the Herman Clan. However, Kyle only had his son, Aiwa. This made Kyle anxious as it would be difficult for this young lad to contend against the Herman Clan. He would have never sent his son to meet the Queen after he had just arrived back home if it wasn’t for this fact. If he is able to obtain the Queen’s recognition, it would elevate the Holtzer Clans’ status. Even Groote wouldn’t dare despise their Holtzer Clan then.

The Queen had already commanded for Aiwa to come see her. Although Kyle wasn’t reassured about his son, he also didn’t have any other choice in this matter. He could only console himself by believing in the experience his son had gained in the outside world during these past 2 years.

The carriage stopped at the entrance of the Imperial Palace. Aiwa dismounted the carriage while wearing the Holtzer Clan’s insignia on his chest.

At this time, a luxurious carriage came over galloping from another avenue, when Aiwa was preparing to enter the imperial palace that carriage quickly stopped right in front of him.

Arousing Aiwa’s attention were the pair of male and female sitting together on the carriage, the man was approximately over 20 years, looking confident and elegant, wearing a Junior Officer’s uniform; as for the woman she was wearing a skirt adornment reaching her knees, appearing delicate and pretty, age approximately 15, 16 years, with a highly sticking out nose bridge, blue eyes, long-long eyelashes, and elegant brown hair covered up under a female hat at the crown of her head.

This pair slowly came down from the carriage. Aiwa had a déjà vu feeling, after seeing the Herman Clan insignia on their chests; he remembered that they were the son and daughter of the current Prime Minister, Groote.

After getting off, that girl pulled the man’s arm towards Aiwa. In her memory, such a handsome boy never existed in the Holtzer Clan.

[If I haven’t guessed wrong, you must be Young Master Aiwa? Surely, you aren’t planning to offer a grand plan to the Queen at the audience with her.]

Federer said.

[I dare not, myself is receiving Queens’s summon and arrived here]

TLN:’ Myself’ here is used as a humble way of speaking.

Aiwa had already heard about Herman Clan’s Young Master Federer, a guy whose mouth wouldn’t spare a person, therefore he didn’t feel like quarreling with this kind of man, and modestly bowed his body.

Relying on their clan insignia’s, these three passed through the imperial palace sentry, entering the heavily guarded imperial palace. Within Hass Empire, there has never happened an incident of impersonation of these two great clan members; therefore, the imperial palace guards simply let the two great clan persons be exempt from checking. These insignia were like an all-pass within Hass Empire.

This party of three persons waited in front of the door of the Queen’s office. Soon, someone came out to inform these two Young Master’s and Young Lady Dolly to come in for the audience with the Queen.

They entered the Queen’s Office side by side. Rather than to say this was an office, it would be right to say that it was a luxurious hall. The Queen was sitting at the end of a spacious table, accompanied by a girl on both sides. Although they didn’t wear uniforms, but as soon as Aiwa entered the inside the hall, he faintly felt the cold air emerging from the two girls. Regarding anyone entering inside the Queen’s office, these two higher than 10th rank skilled beautiful woman’s ritual was to closely probe them.

Aiwa, who possessed a mere 3rd rank strength, was almost knocked down along with that hidden force. Although his body didn’t move, but he knew, those beautiful women standing at the Queen’s side had sensed Aiwa’s weakness, and couldn’t help but cover their mouths and laugh.

After they saluted the Queen together and obtained permission to sit on the high seats, Aiwa sat on one side while brother-sister pair; Federer and Dolly sat on the other side.

After the Queen sized up Aiwa once, a trace of happiness flashed through those deep pupils, but she quickly changed her sight towards Federer’s face.

[Federer, do you have any important matter for me today?]

This was the Queen being persistent with her interrogation, but this really wasn’t baseless. In fact, each and every person who came to the imperial palace seeking to see her all had important matters to speak of, if not, who would dare to come and chat with the Queen?

[Your Majesty, recently the southern part Tanzya tribes have frequently disturbed my empire’s common population, I wish to request Your Majesty to give me another opportunity, to lead my soldiers and kill all the Tanzyanians!]

Federer stood up and said ambitiously.

[Those Tanzya women aren’t vegetarian’s, if you desire to establish achievements, then I feel it would be better to send you to the West and fight there, perhaps their terrain would suit your tactics better.]

The Queen said.

Hearing the Queen say that Tanzya Women are difficult to deal with, Federer’s heart quickly felt unwell. Because, just a few days ago he had suffered a defeat by a Tanzya woman, so he was still unable to swallow this anger till now. He didn’t expect that the courage which he had crawled up to gain the Queen’s admiration would instead result in a reversal. Still, the Queen didn’t hold any confidence in the fight between Federer’s soldiers and the Tanzya tribe, because Federer had already suffered two continuous defeats at their hands. Those Tanzya tribes were also fighting over some Hass Empire border area, and didn’t endanger Hass Kingdom’s foundation. In the Queen’s eyes, Tanzya’s disturbance resembled a little bullying that’s all, not worthy of making such a fuss.

The Queen’s gaze went towards Aiwa: [I heard from your father that you went to East Empire to study for two years, surely you must have learned a lot?]

[Answering Your Majesty, I fear my father has exaggerated much. I only went out to play for 2 years that’s all.]

The two maids at the Queen’s side were already shocked by Aiwa’s reply, where did he dare to say he learned what thing and returned! Hearing the Queen’s questioning, Aiwa’s forehead was already dripping with sweat. However the Queen was a bit happy looking at Aiwa’s distressed appearance, especially after seeing he was this young, but still knew how to show modesty. This was a really rare quality.

[Actually summoning you back from the East Empire was my wish, Hass Empire needs more personnel right now! How? What’s your opinion on becoming my chamberlain?]

After listening to the Queen’s gentle voice, Aiwa felt as if he was bathing in a spring wind. When he arrived inside the hall, he had already become restless after looking at her otherworldly beautiful face, merely being hindered by the Queen’s status; Aiwa didn’t dare to peek. Using this opportunity, Aiwa quite naturally lifted his head up glancing towards the Queen; he shockingly felt a gentle and soft emotion inside her deep gaze

[Aiwa wishes to serve Your Majesty!]

Aiwa immediately replied. Looking at the Queen’s eyes, made Aiwa feel like serving her, he genuinely thought of following her everywhere, looking at her beautiful face, smelling the enchanting fragrance on her body.

Federer, who was waiting for the Queen to grant him an army, quickly thought of using this opportunity to let Aiwa make a fool of himself, and properly recover his face, so he pretended to lightly shrug off his shoulders, shooting a glance towards Aiwa, he said with a smile: [Your Majesty, letting Young Master Aiwa return from the East Empire was a really pitiable matter.]

The Queen wrinkled her brows, asked: [How so?]

No one ever dared to speak of the Queen’s faults in front of her; however it seems that Federer’s courage was unexpectedly so large. Looking at the change in the Queen’s expression, Dolly reached out her hand to pull her older brother’s sleeve, to prevent him from speaking, however was Federer ready to listen? This was an opportunity to show his cleverness and quick-wittedness, he couldn’t miss it!

So, Federer once again stood up and asserted: [Relying on Young Master Aiwa’s appearance, Your Majesty ought to let Young Master Aiwa stay at East Empire and be a spy? In case any issue arises between us and East Empire, perhaps a person like Young Master Aiwa could come in handy!]

After speaking, Federer very proudly returned to sit in his original position, giving a look towards Dolly, hoping to receive a look of praise from her face.

Dolly couldn’t bear to see Federer harm other’s moral integrity in this way, her originally set out hand to pull Federer’s sleeve quickly returned with disgust: [When will proper points come out from older brother’s mouth, since you do not know him, what are you doing by taunting him?]

Dolly shot a glance towards Federer, keeping a distance from him.

[Hehe, it’s nothing. Looking at your army clothes, Young Master Federer is already a Junior Officer, frequently leading troops to battle, I heard that Groote had a son who was very good at battling, an undefeated general; I think that ought to be precisely your distinguished self right? Hass Empire really has an outstanding military service, that it can raise Young Master Federer this kind of talented person using battles.]

Although Aiwa was not familiar with Federer but he already heard his infamous name from his father.

Every time Federer set out for a battle, he was utterly defeated, if it were not for his father’s asylum, he would have already been demoted by the Queen. Today, seeing his pitiable leather bag like appearance, and listening to him sneer at himself, Aiwa couldn’t help but speak sarcastically in front of the Queen. Running into this kind of person, if you don’t defeat him, he would continue to bully you! This was Aiwa’s nature, if you don’t offend me, I won’t offend you, if someone felt like offending me, then I will fiercely offend him!

Although listening to a person belittle her older brother made her heart unhappy, but it seemed to Dolly that, this deficit was purely due to Federer’s own fault, her heart unexpectedly held support for Aiwa. Although Aiwa’s age wasn’t very high, she could still feel a mature feel from him. She couldn’t help but stealthily look towards Aiwa, his handsome appearance when showed off an empire’s serviceman’s demeanour instead of counterattacking her older brother, gave rise to a tint of respect and admiration in her gaze.

The Queen thought of speaking a few sentences in behalf of Aiwa, making Federer embarrassed, however, she didn’t expect Aiwa would settle it himself. A hidden smile floated across the Queen’s face. Speaking of the truth, during the lunch with General Kyle yesterday, the Queen was only giving the old general face, not at all thinking to put up much thought about a 17 year old child, but after seeing him now, not only was his figure much different from her imagination of a thin and weak child, but rather excelling in wisdom. In the future, he would surely be capable of becoming the empire’s personnel, however, she still didn’t know what Aiwa learned at the East Empire, but seeing him being modest blindly, she felt this wasn’t the right time to ask this.

If it wasn’t for giving face to Prime Minister Groote, the Queen would have given this useless and conceited guy a good scolding and send him off. But regarding that beautiful young lady at Federer’ side, the Queen liked her very much, she wasn’t like the other Herman Clan members who always rejoiced in their grandiose deeds to express themselves, but rather had a good and honest heart, it would also appear that she was more intelligent than her older brother Federer.

[Federer, if you don’t have any other matter, then you can go. I still have a matter to discuss with your younger sister and Aiwa.]

The Queen impolitely ordered him leave, this move, would make it difficult for Federer to complain to his father, because the Queen had a good opinion regarding Groote’s daughter, if Federer spoke of this matter to his father, it would only lead to him getting scolded by Groote – Why only your younger sister was liked by the Queen and invited?

[Come, you two come over]

Queen Sofia waved her hand towards Aiwa and Dolly. Aiwa didn’t dare to believe the Queen let him approach near her, he was overwhelmed, standing up he came over looking at the two maids at the Queen’s side. He guessed that these two beautiful women weren’t simply the Queen’s maids; they were surely holding the government office’s most important position – the Queen’s personal guard.

After Aiwa heard the Queen call him, it didn’t matter whether he was or wasn’t afraid of those two guards, he went past them, compared to him, Dolly expertly and familiarly followed the Queen as if she frequently came to the palace, unlike him who revered the Queen.

The Queen sized them up once, wearing a smile: While Aiwa and Dolly were still unclear about the Queens’s intention they heard the Queen’s question:

[Are you two engaged to anyone?]

The Queen suddenly asked.

This question was very sudden, Aiwa and Dolly looked at each other, not knowing saying what would be good. However in order to make it clear that she still didn’t have her husband’s family, Dolly hurriedly said to the Queen: [Dolly isn’t engaged!]

Since Aiwa was unaware of the Queen’s intention, he didn’t know what reply would be good. If he directly said he didn’t like Dolly, then that would be accepting the plan arranged by the Queen. Dolly was pretty good, but he disliked her conceited older brother, or to say he wasn’t fond of their Herman Clan. He learned from his father that, although Kyle and Groote similarly served Hass Empire, due to Queen Sofia’s influence, these two clans have never gotten along, fighting openly and scheming covertly for many years; they never had friendly relations between them.

In order to avoid matrimony with the Herman Clan, Aiwa intended to speak he was engaged, but this would lead to the charge of cheating the Queen. He couldn’t do that.

It can be assumed that, it was better for him to not reply.

After looking at Aiwa’s distressed appearance, the Queen liked him even more.

[If I act as your matchmaker, are you willing to be husband and wife?]

The Queen wasn’t prompted by an impulse today, she had already thought of a good plan, these two persons involved had came together today, so she thought to make it clear for these Clan’s younger generation, first trapping these two insensible children.

Aiwa looked towards Dolly again, first to look at her behaviour and appearance which was indeed quite upright, fitting to his tastes, after looking at Dolly’s submissive expression. He determined that this15, 16 year old girl, probably didn’t have any scheme she was hiding from Your Majesty Queen.

[Since you don’t have any objection, then this matter is settled. I shall notify this to your family heads later, choosing a day to complete this happy occasion. Aiwa, you don’t need to come for work today, you can return to General Kyle and consult with him regarding this matter, but I will be waiting to drink at your wedding feast.]

Saying this, the Queen retired herself. Without any better option, Aiwa and Dolly came out.

Coming out of the imperial palace, Dolly didn’t seem to have any plans, [What’s to be done?]

She didn’t have any opinion and asked Aiwa.

[What what’s to be done?]

Aiwa pretended to be silly.

[The elders still don’t know this matter, but Her Majesty Queen has already decided this, if the elders don’t agree, then what’s to be done?]

Dolly naturally knew of the discord between their two clans. It seemed to her that her father wouldn’t agree with her marrying Aiwa, to become his wife.

[Feel relieved, whether they like or not, with the Queen acting as the matchmaker, who are they to dare disobey her decree? Hehe, what’s not known is whether this path is or isn’t bringing grievance to you?]

Aiwa spoke vehemently till now, but now stealthily set about to feel the situation.

[I … I will naturally listen to Her Majesty, we are after all her people, how can we disobey her decree?]

Dolly was also fond of Aiwa in her heart; however she was merely hindered by a young lady’s shyness and embarrassment, preventing her expressions to come out. By using the Queen’s decree, she raised her thoughts regarding this matter.

[I’m also the same, we are her people, and will naturally listen to her. Hah, I don’t know when I’ll be able to hold this beauty and return.]

Saying this, Aiwa glanced towards Dolly. After hearing Aiwa’s words, Dolly’s face immediately became red due to shyness.

[Since we have already decided to listen and obey Her Majesty Queen’s command, shouldn’t we also take the elders thoughts into consideration?]

Dolly said shyly.

[Anyway, I certainly will come to your Herman Clan later!]

Aiwa said proudly. Then he suddenly remembered that Dolly came in a passenger carriage with Federer, and Federer after getting reprimanded by the Queen, didn’t wait and happily returned by himself, completely forgetting about Dolly.[Dolly, since your clan carriage has already returned, let me deliver you back all right?]

Dolly was one affluent family’s humble daughter, how could she walk so far on foot? Apparently Federer had completely lost his mind with anger; casting his sister aside, giving a chance to Aiwa.


Dolly lifted her skirt lightly and moved forward, Aiwa went forward to hold her small hand and pulled her on top of his carriage.

Following her older brother for the first time, and apart from her father, Dolly had never gotten on a carriage along with a male before, this made little Dolly feel uneasy, she didn’t dare to relax her body, acting somewhat stiff. Aiwa reached out his hand towards her bee waist, and gently said:[Don’t be so nervous, I am not an outsider, I am your future husband!]

After looking at Dolly’s adorable small crimson face, Aiwa’s hand didn’t feel like leaving, his tepid hand not only warmed Dolly, but also caused one kind of youthful restlessness to rise in her. She gently looked towards Aiwa, and stiffly smiled, she liked this boy, however she wasn’t familiar with him, therefore her heart inevitably held some misgivings.

Aiwa silently watched Dolly’s pretty face, looking at her fiercely moving up and down swelling chest; resembling great waves. A girly fragrance came from her body, almost making Aiwa’s beastly desire emerge again.

But they were after all on top of a carriage, he could only hug that slim body of Dolly tightly, exerting all his strength to sniff her body’s aroma which could easily causing a man to get infatuated.

Dolly didn’t struggle, after Aiwa’s powerful arm finished hugging her, she even felt that hand on her waist reach under her breasts, her heart resembled a frightened deer right now, her faint breathing voice was vividly heard by Aiwa.

Right now she couldn’t disobey Aiwa, like how she couldn’t disobey the Queen’s decree, if only it wasn’t too excessive, she would accept anything he did! Who let herself be promised to Aiwa by the Queen!

At this time, two hunting dogs suddenly appeared on top of the wide avenue, the coachman immediately pulled the carriage’s reins causing the carriage to stop. At this moment, Aiwa and Dolly who were immersed inside their happiness didn’t notice this, due to the huge inertia, their two bodies rapidly fell forward, Aiwa acting on his instinct to protect this girl, quickly settled himself, one hand grasping Dolly’s bosom, holding her chest in his hands, groping those petite breasts with his palms.

Although Dolly was frightened momentarily; she was safe and sound, merely she was a bit reluctant to let Aiwa’s hand relinquish from groping her breasts.

[I’m sorry, Young Master, just now I didn’t take notice of those two wretched hunting dogs!]

The Coachman immediately apologized towards Aiwa.

[Don’t mind it, keep going.]

The reason why Aiwa didn’t blame his coachman was because he was very grateful for this very small mishap in his heart, using this excuse; he felt Dolly’s petite and adorable breasts.

Although separated by dressed clothes, Dolly’s those soft and ample flexible breast’s made him fascinated, just now it was Dolly who was faintly breathing, and now it was Aiwa’s turn to release a coarse gasp.

[Thank you, Aiwa.]

Dolly gratefully looked towards Aiwa, if he hadn’t stepped in time to stop her falling body, she would have definitely been marred by a scar, a girl’s appearance was precisely her asset, an asset a man would forever be fond of. She didn’t have the intention of staying at a minister’s house after marrying, being lonely and receiving her husband’s cold shoulder. She wanted her man to like her for a lifetime, treasure her. Right now she didn’t dislike Aiwa’s big hand on her chest, rather she thought of it as one kind of happiness, so she leaned her body on top of Aiwa’s body, sticking her face towards Aiwa’s chest. The Coachman could only face towards the front of the carriage, and wouldn’t turn around to look at the master; therefore she dared to act boldly like this.

However the Prime Minister’s house quickly arrived, this made Aiwa feel a little dejected.

Hearing the rumbling sound of the carriage, Federer appeared from inside. He thought the Queen had sent someone to return his sister. Before when he was sulking, he forgot that his younger sister was still inside the palace, so he prepared to receive her from the carriage.

After seeing his younger sister return with Kyle’s son, that abominable Aiwa and not the Queen’s personnel, also looking at Aiwa holding his younger sister Dolly, Federer eyeball’s almost popped out!

[Let her go!]

Federer bellowed.

Aiwa laughed, letting go of Dolly. After getting off first, he held Dolly bringing her down. Dolly simply hated Federer for forgetting about her and returning home alone, so she didn’t even glance at Federer. But just now at the house door, the reason she lied in Aiwa’s embrace wasn’t to deliberately anger Federer, rather it was because she was unwilling to depart Aiwa’s hug. He was a good guy; a person worthy of receiving her entire lifetime’s adoration.

After saying thanks, Dolly turned around thinking of returning.

[Dolly, you still haven’t kissed me.]

Aiwa stood there and said confidently.

After hearing Aiwa’s words, Dolly turned around, walked until in front of Aiwa, she stood on tiptoe and held her small mouth up.

This scene let Federer become foolish, making his jaw drop down, a thousand jin young lady, was going to kiss a feuding clan’s son? How could this be possible!

TLN: thousand jin: coming from a riches and fame home

Aiwa’s hand held Dolly’s bee waist inside his arm, while his other hand raised her small face, then he kissed her sexy and frail fragrant lips. The reason why he was so calm was, because he judged, even a presidential palace’s Young Master won’t be able to advance and separate them, as he didn’t have any worry about his status.

TLN: Raw says he was worried about his identity but according to the flow it should be he wasn’t worried so the last line was modified.

When Aiwa was kissing Dolly’s lips, Dolly was still a bit nervous and felt awkward, her small tongue didn’t agree to come out from her pearly white teeth. After Aiwa explored his tongue forward provoking her lips twice, Dolly suddenly extended her small lilac tongue and intertwined it with Aiwa’s tongue, at the same time she held Aiwa’s waist with her two hands..

Aiwa didn’t give her a tempest like kiss, but rather gave her a lingering and delicate kiss, a little sample which prevented Dolly’s nimble small tongue from returning.

Federer couldn’t bear to look anymore, letting a feuding clan’s son kiss his younger sister in front of him; this was extraordinary shame and humiliation for him! But he could only stand there and turn his face around.

[See you later, Dolly!]

[See you later, Aiwa!]

Aiwa turned around, jumping on top of his carriage.

At this time, Federer heard the two people’s voice and turned back, looking at Aiwa jumping on top of the carriage, he abused roundly: [You bastard! I will tear you!]

[Goodbye, Federer, I will come to visit you another day!]

Aiwa laughed for a long time, he quickly made his way towards the path leading to the imperial palace. He could only return home through this path. A direct avenue between these two clans didn’t exist; a person could only walk through a rugged lane.

Federer thought of overtaking this stinky youngster who took small advantages of his younger sister and hit him once, but what made his heart ache was, that Dolly held his arm, so he could only stand there and stamp with fury.

From Dolly’s fond attachment to his body and that kiss, Aiwa could make out that she liked him very much.

It was indeed a fascinating affair; two individual feuding clan children fall in love with each other. He didn’t know whether or not his father would fight against this marriage after finding out about it, as his father didn’t have any good opinion regarding the Herman Clan.
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