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Dragon Blood Warrior Chapter 1 Pacifying The Rebellion

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Chapter 1
Pacifying The Rebellion

Aiwa sat between Kayseri and Beria, harmonizing his breath to calm the surging blood. Since having sex with Kayseri caused his blood to act crazy, he had no choice but to use the vein expansion method to bring relief to his veins. Big beads of sweat poured down his back and forehead.

Right now, a woman’s shrilling yell came from outside the tent, rather than to say it was yelling, it would be better to describe it as demonstrating.

[Kayseri, quickly get out for me!]

Kayseri had no need to think, from that yell she could already make out who it was.

[I’ll go out to take a look.]

Kayseri quickly wore her clothes, she was clear about the exterior circumstances; a thousand Tanzya soldiers had already assembled outside the Generalissimo’s tent: Naturally, those soldiers were all under Lumen’s command.

And regarding her private soldiers? Kayseri didn’t dare to think about that.

[Mama, no need for you to go out, let me handle this mad disciple!]

Looking at Beira, Aiwa was amazed, this minor humble child unexpectedly had this much courage. He didn’t know how much energy was in Beria’s body, but her determination to stand in for her mother to take up this challenge; this was enough for her to gain Aiwa’s admiration.

Although he was the Tanzyanians captive, Aiwa wanted to help this mother-daughter pair. Confronting a rebel without sufficient power could cause damage to both sides. Naturally, from the pov as Hass Empire’s frontier small garrison Favargo’s Senior Officer, letting them massacre each other may be a good thing.

However, Aiwa didn’t think like that, Tanzyanians were Hass Empire’s neighbours, although they troubled Favargo from time to time, but, looking at the long term, this tribe has taken the important role of local guardians, standing in as Hass Empire’s border guards. Since the Wolf Kingdom was at the Southeast and the Aegean Kingdom at the Southwest direction. Although these two countries were unable to threaten Hass Empire for the time being, but the Tanzya tribe which was situated in the middle zone was very well known for their swiftness, fierceness and bravery, they controlled a long and narrow grassland zone made up of several hundred li, becoming the buffer point to the attack from these two kingdoms.

The Wolf Kingdom and Aegean Kingdom carried out the same tactics as Hass Empire, and this often disturbed their tribe’s dealings: Sometimes in order to ask for truce for a short amount of time, they even took the initiative to send all kinds of goods to show friendliness. Regarding these gifts, the Tanzyanians accepted them all without any questions, and in case of needing time, they ignored them and fled towards their territory. That’s the reason why Tanzya wasn’t encircled and annihilated in this sort of continuous plundering circumstances and the most important reason was that they never killed the goose that lays the golden eggs, they always fought over a little specific property and never brought any casualties.

Outside the tent, Lumen’s female dog kind of yelling could be heard; Kayseri had already predicted such a day like this would come sooner or later. She was always benevolent towards her army, letting a portion of high-ranking military officer’s think she was weak and gullible. Once, her daughter Beira had advised her, that she cannot be lenient towards the opponent, and had to establish a iron fist rule, consolidating her position, then no one would dare to offend the majestic Generalissimo; moreover also draw up an inheritance system, no matter who, if they relied on any other method to usurp the Generalissimo position, then everyone should put them to death.

However, Kayseri couldn’t implement her daughter’s idea, because to establish this kind of system, there was need of support from a strong and powerful military strength.

Beria thought to stand in for her mother and deal with Lumen, but Kayseri stopped her.

Beira was really very small, and still insufficient to face this military coup.

Although Aiwa’s body had stopped expanding, he felt violent pain all over his body. If he was sweating just now due the effect of his expansion method, then right now that violent pain made cold sweat flow down his body.

He continued to operate his dou qi within his body, if he could transform the energy he gained from Lucy, Lumen and Kayseri’s body and absorb a portion of them into his body, then this pain would stop.

Kayseri wore her armour, and calmly went outside the tent. In order to avoid getting plotted against, before leaving the tent, she used her perception ability to probe and verify the circumstances outside the tent.

She only felt hostile cold qi outside the tent and didn’t sense any death qi or arrow qi. If someone wanted to shoot her with a bow, then she could clearly sense it.

After Kayseri came out, she saw that her two maids acting as the outer guards were already unconscious due to the opponent’s despicable methods; she guessed that her private soldiers must have also suffered the same evil scheme. If not, barely relying of her 1000 troops, even Lumen wouldn’t have had the courage to challenge her outside her own tent.

Kayseri very calmed made two steps outside the tent, stopping there, her sharp gaze swept through the faces of the soldier’s in front of her. They weren’t her private soldiers, rather only Lumen’s private soldiers; also, Lucy’s men weren’t present here.

However, at this time of crisis, Lucy still showed neutrality, this wasn’t a good sign.

Kayseri thought of looking for her private soldier’s inside this dense mass of crowd, but she was disappointed.

[What do you think you are doing?]

Kayseri’s voice wasn’t high, when she left the tent; the tent’s surroundings were covered in absolute silence, as if the atmosphere had frozen.

Right now, her voice could reach over the entire barracks, letting every individual clearly hear her voice.

She criticized Lumen and said: [You’re thinking of rebelling?]

However, after looking at the situation before her eyes, she changed her plan, because this sentence had thrown the 1000 soldiers following Lumen into an impasse, making them think that if they fought with her, then the consequences will be too horrible to contemplate.

[Humph! It isn’t about what I want, rather what I think my soldier’s deserve!]

Lumen immediately turned this military coup’s purpose towards everyone’s benefit, this was a General’s trump card, only when seeking benefit for the masses could a person receive their support.

[Is that so?]

Kayseri paused; she continued to say with confidence: [Then compared to my soldiers, in what region’s treatment do your soldiers fall short?]

After saying this, her sharp gaze looked straight towards this instigating woman.

[ … …]

Lumen was at a loss for a moment. Her soldiers and Kayseri’s soldiers all received equal treatment, there wasn’t any difference, but she roared again: [You ignore your daughter snatching a man from our tent, that’s not giving importance to me. Not giving importance to me is the same as not giving importance to them!]

[Hehe, so it was like that. Right, Aiwa, the Favargo Senior Officer caught by Wuya, I asked Beira to bring him from your tent. Because I am the Generalissimo, I was thinking over the relationship between Tanzya tribe and Hass Empire, if we insult a Regional Senior Officer of Hass Empire, then that would no doubt be making enemies between us and an enemy with a large disparity of strength with us. Then, will our Tanzyanians be able to still exist on this thin and narrow land?]

[Moreover, you keep on saying that you are thinking over the benefits of your soldiers, then, why don’t you let your soldiers enjoy the spoils or war first? The reason why I demanded Aiwa to be brought over from your place is because I thought you might impudently infuriate your soldiers. In my eyes, you are at least a valiant military leader; I don’t want to see the soldier’s rebel, so I have no choice to remove the army authority from within your hands.]

Kayseri’s words had substance, in a short while she had pulled over the hearts of some of Lumen’s hapless soldiers to her side.

[Don’t think you can cause disharmony in our relationship! If you don’t hand over your military leadership today, then they also won’t let the matter’s rest like this!]

Lumen still stupidly resisted.


Kayseri didn’t expect to make that many enemies, she at least had to make sure of Lucy’s position.

[Till the end!]

A sharp and clear voice broke past the air and arrived, a person was floating in the region a few chi* ahead of Kayseri. Her hand was holding a long sword, she was fully armed.

*TLN: Chi : a Chinese foot : 0.33m

[You haven’t participated in this trouble?]

Kayseri’s luminous gaze was still sharp in the night-time.

[Lucy has pledged her life to protect the Generalissimo!]

Lucy hurriedly declared her position.

[Right now I need you to return back to your troops and calm them down!]

Kayseri could already see a infantry soldier slowly moving forward within Lumen’s army, her keen perception had already recognized the face hiding under the helmet, she secretly laughed.

[Lucy, it’s best if you are neutral, I don’t want to injure our friendship!]

Hearing Lucy declare her position, Lumen became a bit nervous.

Lucy didn’t speak, rather flew her body back to her troops.

Right now, Kayseri’s private soldiers were concentrated behind Lumen, the two armies were standing opposite to each other, not daring to rush ahead, even a single thing could cause things to go out of hand, it could even endanger the Generalissimo’s safety.

As the Generalissimo’s competent General, Wuya’s thoughts were very thorough. It wasn’t rational to reveal herself in the beginning, or else, Lumen could take up the decisive opportunity, and at that emergency time she wouldn’t be able to protect Kayseri.

[Big brother, are you all right?]

Beira was still inside the tent, since Kayseri strictly disciplined her daughter, after looking at her mother’s irrefutable sight, she wouldn’t say anything else and follow her mother’s order, currently, she came to take care of Aiwa.

[The situation is good and it’s getting better.]

Aiwa didn’t feel his body swelling anymore. The bulging skin and flesh was slowly restoring itself to it’s original state, and Aiwa could feel his body’s power increase several folds.

[Can you help my mother settle this dispute?]

Beira knelt down in front of Aiwa; a genuine desire could be seen in her eyes.

[If you are able to save me and my mother, then I will be your woman!]

Her body slightly trembled.

[No need to be anxious, nothing will happen to your mother, someone has already gone to help your mother. You mustn’t go out, waiting here is the safest, I can protect you here.]

Aiwa extended his hand, and pinched her tender cheek once. [No! I want you to protect my mama!]

Tears came out of Beira’s eyes.

[All right, I will protect her; I promise nothing will happen to your mama!]

Aiwa said with certainty.

All of a sudden, Beira threw herself forward, embracing Aiwa’s big body; she kissed his lips once.

Although this humble child’s kiss was unripe, however Aiwa was very moved, a humble child was willing to sacrifice everything to save her mother!

[You said someone has already gone to help my ma? Who is she?]

Beria’s round eyes curiously looked towards Aiwa. Although as Tanzya’s princess, she didn’t wish for a captive to save her mother, but after looking at his body’s might, she inevitably had the thought of giving it a try. Although she was ambitious, her age was still small, she was unable to contend against the military skills or techniques of a few Generals, and Aiwa was after all a man, if he didn’t have any ability, then Hass Empire wouldn’t have sent him to be the magistrate of this border area small garrison which was often disturbed by outside groups.

[That person’s nearing your mother’s enemy, believe me, soon she can bring down the enemy with her blade.]

Aiwa’s words were confident; it seemed as if he was capable of seeing everything happening outside from within the tent. Beira looked at this tall man in front of her with doubt, not knowing whether or not to believe him.

[Lumen, bring out your conditions, perhaps I can agree.]

Kayseri deliberately stalled for time, turning Lumen’s attention towards her.

She saw that familiar face near Lumen step by step, and her hand was holding a very small dagger.

10 Chi, 8 Chi, 6 Chi … … suddenly, that girl covered in head armour strode forward and reached beside Lumen, and Lumen was completely off guard regarding the soldiers at her side, believing her enemy was only Kayseri standing in front of her.

A shining dagger very accurately pressed against Lumen’s throat.
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