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Dragon Blood Warrior Chapter 8 An Unexpected Even

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Chapter 8
An Unexpected Event

Right now Aiwa had already recovered his strength after getting knocked out, if he used his dou qi, then he could have easily knocked out the maids and escaped while he was being delivered to Kayseri’s tent, however he didn’t do that, because he had already seen Kayseri’s dazzling features during the day. If he was able to sleep with this woman once, then it was a wonderful thing in his life.

Moreover the person, who demanded him just now, wasn’t Kayseri, rather her immortal daughter. As for this Beira, she was more moving than her mother, those mellow cheeks and huge vivid eyes seemed as if they were born of the ling qi between heaven and earth.

Aiwa’s big hand grabbed Kayseri’s breast, breathing in the attractive fragrance from her body, it was very infatuating, if he wasn’t Favargo’s Senior Officer, he would have surely received Kayseri’s punishment, the treatment he was receiving would have been a lot different. Although he was a captive, but it seemed to Kayseri that, he was a darling delivered by heaven, there was no harm in letting him take the initiative.

[Generalissimo, I was demanded by your daughter by using her position as Tanzya’s princess, now you’re holding me in your embrace, isn’t this relying on force to bully others?]

Aiwa’s hand directly went towards Kayseri’s underwear, grabbing her ample and voluptuous breast.

[What did you say?]

Kayseri didn’t dare to be convinced and looked towards her daughter, and Beira had narrowed her eyes right now, pretending to have fallen asleep.

[Of course, perhaps she demanded me for her mother, but in front of those two generals, she used her own mouth to demand me! Therefore, you must let me go inside your daughters quilt.]

Aiwa lustfully moved his thick meat rod on top of Kayseri’s rich and beautiful leg, that erect meat rod was sufficient to bring huge undulations in her heart.

Kayseri believed Aiwa, if it was for her mother, Beira would have definitely said that, she merely spoke like that to defend her mother, this Generalissimo’s face, if not, how could a girl go and demand a big man?

[Only, you are also pretty good, such a soft body, not resembling even a bit like the ice-cold expression on your face in the daytime, I wish to spend a very cheerful night with you.]

Saying this, Aiwa tormented Kayseri’s breast, while stooping down his head kissing on top of her neck.

Kayseri hadn’t adapted to this feeling that’s all, after all she hadn’t been caressed and kissed by a man like this since several years, whenever Aiwa’s lips stuck on top of her skin, it made her body go limp all over, because her daughter was still at her side, she tried to control herself as much as possible, but a woman’s instinct betrayed her, she was unable to restrain herself and hugged Aiwa’s head, pressing him on top of her well-rounded chest, she felt a burning hot thing at Aiwa’s crotch sticking to her thigh, she thirsted for Aiwa to immediately pull down her nightdress, and ravage her body, she wouldn’t complain even if he split open her pussy, her hungry and thirsty body wasn’t able to endure this man’s enticement.

Since her daughter had demanded this man, surely her daughter also fancied this man, however, when this man touched her body, she also get intoxicated.

When Aiwa was thinking of lifting her nightdress, Kayseri still hesitated; she extended her hand to stop Aiwa. Aiwa lifted his head to look at her; she was indicating that her daughter hadn’t fallen asleep.

Aiwa’s hand didn’t stop there, pressing on her smooth underbelly, again sliding towards her pubis. Kayseri was worried that her daughter was still at the side, no matter what Aiwa wanted, the oil lamp on the top was still bright; Aiwa surrounded Kayseri’s body using his well-built body.

A woman was after all a woman, Aiwa use a little force inside the quilt, her body quickly wriggled. Even if one wasn’t lonely for many years, a woman would definitely become weak under this kind of teasing by a man.

[You mustn’t move, Beira is still awake.]

Kayseri stopped the excited Aiwa, actually she was also unable to control herself; it was like when a hungry and thirsty person had found a water source, she merely used the rationality of being the Generalissimo to control herself.

[I don’t want to be Favargo’s Senior Officer, being an emperor’s son-in-law at your side is good enough for me, what are you still afraid of? Your daughter brought me over, what matter doesn’t she know, there’s no need for you to avoid her right?]

Aiwa comforted Kayseri. This moment let Kayseri forget that this man was her enemy.

[Then be a bit gentle.]

Kayseri said in a low voice. After her body was teased by Aiwa, her body had already warmed up a lot, she couldn’t help but lift the quilt on her body to one side, letting Aiwa crawl on top of her body.

Aiwa was also impolite; his hand lightly pulled the belt at her waist, in a moment opening the tying belt of the nightdress. Her nightdress immediately separated to either side, exposing her spotless white jade skin.

Aiwa didn’t fondle them yet, he simply stooped down his head, kissing between her smooth cleavage. [Oh — —]

Kayseri’s moan made the air inside the whole tent tremble for a moment. Aiwa’s hands separated her nightdress to either side, exposing that graceful naked body in front of him. Right now, Kayseri didn’t consider Aiwa as a captive, rather as a man, letting him manipulate her body.

Kayseri’s nightdress was stripped down by Aiwa, her graceful curves, that exquisite figure, especially her high twin peaks, made Aiwa’s beast blood quickly boil up, and he couldn’t help but suck her nipple, while gently caressing her smooth underbelly, his hand slowly slid down her abdomen towards her deep valley.

That thick pubic hair showed how intense her desire was, when Aiwa’s finger reached the cave entrance of her tender hole, it could feel it was already wet with a viscous liquid.

[Generalissimo, you’re leaking fluids!]

Aiwa lifted his head and said to Kayseri who was already a little intoxicated. Her charming sharp chin, was worthy of Tanzya’s Generalissimo.

[Oh — — quickly pierce me once —]

Kayseri moaned in a low voice, she didn’t want her daughter to know how thirsty and hungry her body was, but she was unable to control the pleasure received by Aiwa’s caressing, she couldn’t help but separate her legs, letting Aiwa’s hand easily stretch until her crotch, since it had already come to this, she didn’t want to conceal her desire anymore.

When her legs had separated, Aiwa’s little finger naturally went inside her flesh hole, that side was more pleasurable and slippery, as a muddy paste, actually it resembled one marsh, if one wasn’t careful they could at once could fall in it.

Kayseri’s hands aimlessly caressed Aiwa’s body, ying ying moaning sounds escaping from her sexy lips, her maroon hair swayed on the pillow, transmitting her raging inferno kind of desire.

Aiwa pressed his whole body on Kayseri’s tempting naked body, experiencing her body’s movements which were seeking Aiwa’s thick meat rod, thinking of letting him smoothly insert inside her body. And whenever her vulva rubbed against Aiwa’s meat rod, Aiwa quickly avoided it, making her great effort result in nothing.

This had already tormented the thirsty and hungry Kayseri, she wanted to use her hands to insert Aiwa’s meat rod inside her body, but as the Generalissimo she also had some dignity, her dignity had already infiltrated her to the depths, even if her body felt unwell, she still tried to preserve.

[If you shout loudly, perhaps I can give it to you — —]

Aiwa nibbled Kayseri’s sharp chin, his hands kneading her sexy breasts, not letting that burning hot thick thing go inside her flesh hole.

[Wu — —]

Her moan was still soft, as if it was issued from underground, but also very tempting. Because her moan wasn’t fake, rather it evolved from the bottom of her heart; this was the reaction of her body after being unable to restrain her emotions.

[Still not enough, be louder.]

Aiwa had grasped this woman’s weak point, he merely pressed that thick meat rod on Kayseri’s vulva, but didn’t insert it inside, that enticement was like one block of meat was hanging beside your mouth but you aren’t able to eat it. [Aah — — give it to me!]

Kayseri’s hands pressed on Aiwa’s buttocks, thinking of leaving no place for Aiwa’s meat rod to hide, however her efforts were fruitless, her cave was already muddy, but, also because it was this way, that his thick thing could move in relative to it, going under and to the side.

[Aiwa, quickly give it to me, satisfy me, I won’t let you become their slave — —]

Kayseri’s mouth murmured, she started to give a promise in confusion, naturally, Aiwa knew, as the generalissimo, she would be able to keep her promise, but violating the Tanzya tribe traditions for personal gains, also carried some risks, giving rise to interior mutiny.

[If I’m not you slave, then what will you make me? Will you make me your husband?]

Aiwa’s thick thing forcefully milled on top of Kayseri’s dripping vulva, it was difficult for this woman to endure the strange itching. Right now she couldn’t be satisfied by merely getting her breasts kneaded by Aiwa’s hands, as well as Aiwa’s tongue kissing on top of her neck.

[Whatever you think — — want to do what — — all can — —]

Kayseri had already lost her principle, her murmuring came out of her writhing body.

Aiwa’s body completely pressed down Kayseri’s trembling naked body, [I at least want to become you mother-daughter pair’s common husband, can I?]

Aiwa’s lips stuck on the lovely skin on her face, licking her ear’s border, extending his tongue’s tip teasing her earlobe, a numbness extended towards Kayseri’s whole body from there.

[You — — are threatening me — —]

Kayseri’s mind was still not completely confused, but her body and soul were already on the edge of collapse. If Aiwa didn’t hold her, she would fall inside a bottomless abyss. [It isn’t threatening, this is an equivalent exchange, if you think of it as a profit, then you can agree, if you think you are suffering losses, there’s still time for you to renounce it.]

Aiwa’s thick glans penis was in front of her intensely reacting cave entrance, waiting eagerly, waiting for its master’s command.

[Me — — get lost for me — —]

She powerlessly transmitted down an order. However Aiwa knew that she was speaking without meaning, she absolutely couldn’t go against her desire.

[Becoming you mother-daughter pair’s husband is very good, I can let you mother-daughter be happy everyday — —]

Not waiting for Kayseri to speak again, Aiwa directly delivered his thick penis inside the dripping wet cave.

[Oh —] a burning hot and rich feel crammed inside Kayseri’s hungry and thirsty body, Aiwa let that eager meat rod deeply penetrate inside Kayseri’s naked body, that thick thing pressed against her excited flesh walls, directly slipping towards her end, rubbing against her sensitive flower bud, making her lovely body tremble. That pain burst out through an unrestrained moan containing all the power of her body, but her throat forcibly stopped it bit by bit not letting it come out. Her waist muscles tensed, she spent a great effort to straighten her beautiful crotch, letting Aiwa’s meat rod give more pleasure to her.

And when her body was straightened, Aiwa’s buttocks again stuck out, maintaining a distance of 2mm from that flower bud!

This seemingly touching and not touching feel could make a woman who was on the edge of collapse really insane. And now Aiwa didn’t merely think of tormenting her, there was another reason for this precaution, because he could clearly feel that, when he inserted his meat rod inside Kayseri’s body, after getting surrounded by her bodily fluids, his thing had experienced a change, this change didn’t appear when it was inside Lucy and Lumen, and happened when he was having sex with Wuya, also exactly the same!

He felt his penis quietly change after touching Kayseri’s secretions! It wasn’t shrinking, rather enlarging!

In order to not let the same situation appear again, Aiwa had no choice to use silently read his incantation, on this way, he could guarantee having sex smoothly with Kayseri.

After the experience of having sex with Wuya, Aiwa had already perfectly grasped that incantation’s use, it was impossible to again let his penis get stuck inside Kayseri’s body, again improbable to let his thing become like a small worm, making a woman dispirited.

But why was Kayseri’s body different from Lucy and Lumen’s? Don’t tell me Kayseri’s body was different from other Tanzya women? And Wuya was also a part of this other group? Naturally, another kind would be special cases like Lucy and Lumen these women. No matter what, right now Aiwa was improbable to let his penis stop inside Kayseri’s body. He silently read the incantation, keeping a balance between the provocation caused to his penis by Kayseri’s bodily fluids, taking his time, making that thick thing rub all around Kayseri’s tender hole.

And speaking of Kayseri that pleasure was growing like a geometric series; her hot secretions also seeped out of some mysterious region due to that pleasure, gathering inside her cave.

Aiwa used his thing to explore her cave stirring it, he didn’t find any difference between her cave and other women, even not having any difference to Hass women’s cave, but those secretions were definitely not like Hass women’s!

When there wasn’t the need for Aiwa to read the incantations, he pressed his lips on top of Kaiser’s lips, saliva was already flowing out of her, if at a normal time, no matter how pretty a woman was, if saliva came out of her mouth, that would definitely be a shameful thing for her, however, right now when Aiwa saw saliva flowing from the corners of her mouth he thought she looked very beautiful.

He stretched his tongue licking Kayseri’s saliva; taking it inside his mouth and swallowed it, afterwards his tongue followed the flowing saliva’s path and returned while licking, when it still hadn’t reached her mouth, Kayseri’s fragrant tongue impatiently stretched out; she wanted to feel Aiwa kissing her mouth.

This was a thing she had thirsted for a long time, she thought Aiwa would quickly come and kiss her mouth, but this bastard tormented her body like that for a long time before coming to kiss her mouth.

Aiwa kissed Kayseri’s fragrant lips, her small fragrant tongue immediately entered inside his mouth, these two persons tongues were similar to snakes intertwining with each other sending out their feelings.

[En — — aah — —]

Kayseri’s mouth was already suffocated tightly by Aiwa’s lips and tongue, her moans and ecstatic cries were similar to a person struggling while getting raped.

Right now Beira who was lying to the side slightly opened her beautiful eyes, blinking her long eyelashes, looking at her mother’s side, listening to the ze ze sound of her body getting kissed by a man, looking at her mother crazing writhing under that man’s body, this girl appeared indifferent, but curiosity filled eyes.

After Aiwa stooped down to kiss Kayseri for roughly 10 minutes, the two individuals felt a suffocating feel, Aiwa let go of her, lifting her body, and this posture change made it easy for him to deliver inside Kayseri’s naked body, one side appreciating her beautiful tempting face, still looking at her erect and plump breasts trembling on a snow-white area.

Aiwa was thrusting inside Kayseri’s body to one side, while looking a Beira, when his sight met hers, Beira didn’t evade it, rather still calmly looked at Aiwa, merely it seemed as if there was a question inside her gaze — — is it very pleasurable?

Aiwa smiled towards Beira, of course once kind of confident laugh, Beria also smiled. They didn’t need to speak, in the whole Tanzya tribe, Beira had never seen Aiwa this kind of soldierly handsome guy, when he was delivering on her mother’s body, her face didn’t show even a bit of fierceness, looking very tempting.

Aiwa’s smile could make all of Tanzya women crazy, including this insensible child. Aiwa’s meat rod had already pressed against Kayseri’s body countless times until her flower bud came out, of course it meant it was the moment a woman’s libido has reached the time for an orgasm, if there aren’t any intense reactions, then this thing wouldn’t come out, furthermore the degree of pleasure it caused in woman could bring out genuine reactions, even if she wanted to pretend, she couldn’t pretend, because this thing couldn’t be controlled by willpower, and was controlled by the amount of endocrine in a woman’s body.

[Wu — — Aiwa, thrust a bit deeper again, I — — can’t bear it — —]

Kayseri was already waiting for a long time, Aiwa didn’t let his hard thing go thrust at her flower bud, making her body stay in a vague intense pleasure state, making her feel unwell.

[You still haven’t answered my question.]

Aiwa’s meat rod slightly left her flower bud, Aiwa thought he had succeeded, but her flower bud sprouted out a section, almost reaching her cave mouth. Aiwa had no choice to take out his meat rod, only letting a small section go in and out.

[Aah — — you first make me feel comfortable — — I’ll say then — —]

Kayseri merely said that in order to have some face as the Generalissimo, not to haggle with this somewhat queer strong man. Actually she had already reached a compromise in her heart, she not only thought of possessing this strong man, but also thought of letting his daughter enjoy this man’s protection, if other girls fought over to become his wife, she would surely regret.

[You promise first then I’ll give it to you!]

Aiwa directly pulled out his meat rod outside her body, Kayseri’s naked body burning with lust immediately felt as if she was hollowed out; feeling very unwell.

[Aah — — quickly give it to me — —]

Kayseri’s body tensed up, a portion of sec fluids immediately gathered and spurted outside, at the same time Aiwa felt her body’s tenseness, he quickly dashed forwards, using his thick penis to block her cave mouth. When Kayseri’s body was trembling along with the spurting sex fluids, Aiwa moved his dou qi, converting that portion of sex fluids into a strand of essence sucking it inside his body.

Inside Lucy’s tent, he had used this method to suck Lucy and Lumen’s sec fluids, it’s a pity he had only sucked it once and hadn’t converted their body’s entire essence into his energy, before Beira appeared.

Right now Aiwa was merely standing up at her flower bud, and didn’t thrust inside her cave, also haven’t forcefully chased after that flower bud, this made Kayseri crave for more.

[Promise or not?]

Aiwa grabbed the optimum occasion to threaten her. [Aah — — my — — reply is — — agree — —]

Along with Kayseri’s compromise, Aiwa all of a sudden rammed his hyperaemic meat rod on top of her flower bud, rapidly grinding it.

[Oh — — wu — —]

Kayseri’s body also rapidly twitched. A portion of sex fluids again spurted out of her abyss, this time also Aiwa used his dou qi store a portion of essence inside his body.

Aiwa used the same method to continuously incite the igniting lust within Kayseri’s body, her sex fluids spurted out again and again, but Aiwa still hadn’t let off a single time, sucking all of her sex fluids inside his body.

Under Beira’s attentive gaze, these two persons waged war for several hours, Kayseri’s ecstatic cries penetrated out of her thick tent, making it hard for the women in the surrounding tents to sleep, when Kayseri was writhing in exhaustion, Aiwa released his semen in a crazy speed shooting it inside her body!

After Kayseri’s body became tranquil, Aiwa slowly pulled out that meat rod which had completed its mission from her limp body.

Aiwa didn’t avoid Beira’s curious gaze she crawled up from her mother’s bed, Aiwa’s thick thing came into Beira’s line of sight, her small face became slightly red, but she didn’t move her gaze away.

He sat cross-legged between Beira and Kayseri, bringing his palms close towards his chest, breathing out stale air and breathing in fresh air, handling the essence qi he had just gathered from Kayseri’s body. His dou qi revolved that essence qi around his whole body.

But after revolving for around one heaven circle, Aiwa’s body suddenly swelled up. Those veins resembled like big earthworms crawling on top of his arm and back. His body transformed in a split second, his the flesh on his arm, head, as well as the muscles on his back, all resembled as if they had expanded due to dead qi, he could hearing his bones and joints issuing out a ka ka voice.

Aiwa was also frightened; he didn’t know what had happened, as he had never met this kind of matter. But he made a great effort to keep his mind calm, because he felt that at the time his joints were issuing huge sounds, his power was also growing by many folds. He didn’t know what had happened, when he had sex with Hass Empire women; such a thing had never happened, and while having sex with Wuya, only his penis had experienced a change that’s all, after having a round with Kayseri how did this condition appear?

Aiwa’s heart tensed up, because he didn’t know whether or not he would survive this path, if his muscles continued to expand, it was possible for him to explode and die.

[Aiwa, what happened to you?]

Beira was really frightened after looking at Aiwa’s swelling body, she immediately stood up from the bed, gently caressing his bulging veins with her small hands.

[Mustn’t move!]

Kayseri immediately stopped her reckless daughter; she didn’t want this boy who had brought happiness to her to die on top of her bed. That too an extreme death, and also couldn’t let him die at their mother-daughter hands.

She had heard of a legend once, there was a kind of Dragon Blood Clan man; if he joined together with a woman from a Blood Shed Clan, their two persons essence blood would mix together, arising a variation on the man’s body, because the mixture of their bodily fluids would give rise to one kind of huge energy, that energy could make his blood flow inside his veins at an extraordinary speed, that speed flow could let a man’s veins quickly rupture and meet a violent death, Kayseri didn’t know whether her blood category belonged to a Blood Shed Clan, but she was convinced that this youngster ought to be a member of Dragon Blood Clan, as for whether or not he was a part of that Special Dragon Blood Clan, she also didn’t know.

At the moment Aiwa’s mind sensed the danger, he put out great effort to use his dou qi to control his madly rushing blood, he thought, this was the only way left to ensure that his veins were not ruptured by that rapidly flowing blood. After that he did a few stamina drills, to increase his veins flexibility, but he had no choice to be a bit careful.

[Ma, I’m very afraid — —]

Beira threw herself in her mother’s embrace, she could feel, this handsome youngster’s body could rupture again after some and cause him to die. That would surely scare a person, currently she regretted bringing this youngster over from Lucy’s tent, if not, she didn’t need to see this youngster die in front of her, she could have blamed a criminal charge on that avaricious Lumen, weaken her power, stabilizing her mother’s position inside the Tanzya tribe.

[Beira, you mustn’t be afraid, he’s going to get better.]

Kayseri closely held her daughter’s shivering body, her eyes watching Aiwa’s body without blinking, silently praying for him to be able to survive this crisis.

Bid beads of sweat tumbled down from Aiwa’s bronze coloured back, he had no choice to use a qi transmitting method to discharge a portion of energy from within his body, at East Empire’s learning time this special self saving method was specially learned by him, because any person could meet an unexpected matter, for example eating a food or drinking a liquid with high energy could cause a person’s death.

Kayseri who was attentively watching the changes on Aiwa’s body suddenly heard a disturbance from outside. She vigilantly released Beira, raising her body.

[Kayseri, quickly come out!]
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