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Fortunate Wife Chapter 84 - The first night 3

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Chapter 84 - The first night (3)

Li Mo cleared his throat with a quiet cough. In order to hide the feelings that seemed to be surging forth like waves, he said, "Third brother, stop saying nonsense. It's already the middle of the night. Go to sleep."

"I can't sleep. I keep thinking about wife." Li Shu fidgeted and tugged his clothes open. His strong and muscular chest was heaving.

Li Yan secretly thought that Li Shu was being was too frank. And yet, this was simply his third brother's personality. He would say and do whatever he thought. It was already unprecedented for Li Shu to have acted with restraint since their wife had joined their household several days ago.

Li Mo closed his eyes and didn't respond. He was hoping that his third brother would get bored from the lack of response and obediently go to sleep.

But, Li Shu had really felt too stifled during the past period. He continued by saying, "Oldest brother, is it because you don't like wife? How about you buy another wife after we've earned more money? Just give wife to me now. Anyways, I think she's pretty good."

What kind of nonsense was this? How could he not like her? Li Mo clenched his fist in the dark room. Third brother was always saying things that deserved a beating.

Hearing these words, Li Yan sneered. "Dream on."

"What?" Li Shu gloomily curled his lip. "Second brother, I'm being serious. Mudan likes you so much. You should just accept her. Oh right, and fourth brother, you're a scholar, you'll have a really bright future. Who knows? You might even be able to marry a lady from a noble family. You don't need to mix in with us. Little Five is still young, so this has nothing to do with him. How about considering wife as just mine? I'll work to earn money. Oldest brother, don't worry, when you marry another woman in the future, I definitely won't stand to the side and do nothing. Second brother, I'll definitely help you with the bridal price when you marry Mudan. How about it?"

Li Shu had said these words with absolutely sincerity and after several days of careful deliberation. But, contrary to his expectations, right after these words were said, he received unanimous refusal from three voices.

“Shut up."

"No way."



Li Shu was left feeling stumped by this response.

LI Mo was feeling irritated and trouble as he heavily closed his eyes. His voice had sunk as he said, "Stop talking. There's work to do tomorrow. Go to sleep."

Li Shu felt very wronged as he pleaded, "I'm being serious though. You guys should consider it.”

Li Yan insincerely smiled and said, "Third brother, it's surprisingly rare to see you putting so much thought into our wife."

Li Hua thought the same. His third brother had been short-tempered since they were children, and he would only have a brief period of enthusiasm for everything. He had even less patience towards woman. They had always thought that if he got married, it would only be for the purpose of carrying on his ancestral line.

In fact, before Li Man had entered their household, these had been Li Shu's thoughts too. He hadn’t cared what kind of woman their future shared wife would be. All women seemed the same to him. But, he had shown a rarely seen possessive streak tonight.

Not willing to back down, Li Shu responded, "Of course. Second brother, have you not felt moved by her? If so, why won't you give her to me?"

Li Yan secretly rolled his eyes. Annoyed and amused at the same time, he said, "Rubbish. Why would I give her to you? Moreover, even if oldest brother doesn't like her, I'm your second brother. By order, it should be me next, not you. How about this? Third brother, you're still young. Wait two more years, once I've settled down, we'll arrange matters for you and oldest brother."

Anxious, Li Shu almost wanted to jump up and start fighting with his second brother. "Get out. Wife is mine. I won't give her up."

At this time, Li Hua said in a neither cold not light voice, "Then, why are you asking us to give her up?"
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