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Fortunate Wife Chapter 47 - Feeling helpless

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Li Man had originally just wanted to express her true feelings. But once these words were said, her sadness also spilled out. She couldn't stop her tears from coming out.

Back then, she had read some transmigration novels when she was feeling bored. In those novels, no matter how horrible the female lead's original life was, once she transmigrated, there would either be an explosion of energy that would raise all of her stats, or she would gain a superhuman body. No matter what kind of environment the female lead was dropped into, she would thrive in it like a fish being dropped back into water.

But really, that was too unrealistic. She wasn't a superhuman and didn't have any special skills or a high IQ. She was just an ordinary housewife in modern-day society. After coming to this strange environment, she only had fear and helplessness.

In the blink of an eye, she had come to this world with its unfamiliar dialect, scenery, and people. She had been tied to a tree and almost hanged.

There was no electricity, electrical lights, or even well-fitting clothes here. If she woke up in the middle of the night, she would get scared all over again from the pitch-black room. She didn't even dare to go outside to use the outhouse. One night, she had woken up wanting to pee and had uncomfortably waited until dawn before daring to go outside to relieve herself. After that incident, she would always hurriedly use the outhouse before night fell and didn't dare to drink water for the rest of the night.

"Older sister, what's wrong?" Seeing the tears falling from Li Man's eyes without stopping, Little Five was so worried that his face had paled. He helplessly stood by her side and gently tugged on the edge of her clothing. His eyes had turned red, and he looked like he was about to start crying too.

Li Man also knew that her behavior was somewhat wrong, but she couldn't stop herself. The more she wiped away her tears, the more she cried. She could only turned around to try to hide her crying.

Right after she had turned around, a strong arm wrapped around her, and she heard Li Hua's low and clear voice say, "It's okay. All of that has passed. No one will bully you in the future."

"Older sister.” Little Five squeezed his way in so that one hand was holding onto the edge of Li Man’s clothes and his other hand wrapped around Li Hua's waist.

Li Hua simply stretched his arm over so that Little Five could be included into his hug.

Li Shu had been pushing his stone-filled cart. When he turned around the corner, he saw this scene.

His fourth brother had his hand half lowered and was looking at Li Man with a tender expression. His wife was half-leaning against Li Hua's chest and hugging his arm as she softly cried. Looking down, LittleFGive was hugging Li Hua's waist and also crying loudly.

Li Shu hurriedly stopped his cart and came forwarded to ask, "Hey, what happened?"

Seeing his older brother, Li Hua was also a bit stunned. Before he could answer, Li Man had already let him go and hastily wiped her eyes. She waved her hand and said, "It's nothing. I just got dust in my eyes."

Li Shu looked at Li Hua in confusion. Li Hua awkwardly laughed and said, "She said that she got dust in her eyes."

Who were they trying to fool with such a weak excuse? Li Shu looked at Little Five and asked, "Little Five, what happened?"

Little Five shook his head while rubbing his eyes. He didn't know what had happened either. Older sister had started crying, so he started crying too.

"Let's go get the wild plants for the piglets." Li Man hurriedly pulled Li Hua and Little Five forward to continue walking. She knew that Li Shu had a short-temper. He had hit Xing-niang this morning just because Little Five had blabbed to him. Because of that argument, they had ended up going all the way to the village head's house. What if Li Shu cut down that tree and hit that woman if she told him the truth? The truth was simply that the tree and that woman had reminded her of that miserable day?

"Third brother, you can go back first. We'll come back after gathering some wild plants for the piglets." Li Hua tossed down these words and followed after Li Man.

Li Shu gloomy scratched his head in puzzlement. That rotten brat. He had even tried to fool his older brother. He didn't believe that Li Man had been crying because of dust. But, why would his wife be crying?

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