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Fortunate Wife Chapter 39 - Misunderstanding

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Li Shu seemed have suddenly realized something and jealously glanced at Li Hua. He mumbled a few words.

"Third brother." Li Hua looked towards the hut in panic. He temporarily forgot that Li Man wouldn't understand what his brother was saying even if she did hear his words.

Feeling a bit bitter, Li Shu forlornly looked at Li Mo. "Oldest brother, this isn't fair."

Really, how could his third brother say those words? With a blushing face and disregarding everything else, Li Hua frantically covered Li Shu's mouth before he could repeat his words.

With stern expression, Li Mo glared at Li Shu. He silently glanced at Li Hua before heading towards the kitchen.

Li Shu peeled off Li Hua's hand and faked smiled. "See, oldest brother is mad too. He's the oldest one, but he still hasn't had a chance to talk to that woman yet."

Hearing these words, Li Hua lowered his gaze.

"What woman are you talking about?" Li Yan's voice and sudden return somewhat startled his brothers.

Looking at the sight of his third brother and fourth brother that seemed like gunpowder that was about to ignite between them, Little Five felt a bit scared. He hurriedly scampered over to his second brother's side. "Second brother, why did you come home?"

Li Yan rubbed Little Five's head and asked Li Hua, "Did something happen at home? I heard that Second Shun's wife caused a commotion that went all the way to the village head's home."

"It's okay now." Li Hua raised his head and gave a simple explanation of what had happened.

Li Yan asked, "Where's oldest brother?"

Li Shu stuck out his lips and gestured at the kitchen. With a troublemaker's smile, he said, "Oldest brother is feeling jealous."

"Third brother, I didn't do anything." Li Hua immediately denied, but when Li Yan looked at him, he had a feeling that even if he had a hundred mouths, he wouldn't be able to successfully defend himself. "Second brother..."

"I'm going to check up on oldest brother." Li Yan didn't stay to listen to his explanation and headed straight for the kitchen.

When Li Yan entered the kitchen, Li Mo was washing the rice. Seeing that Li Yan had returned, he wasn't surprised. "You're back? Nothing major happened."

Leaning against the stove, Li Yan comforted Li Mo by saying, "Actually, because of the fuss that Second Shun's wife stirred up, our wife's past has been settled. No one will dare to say nonsense about her again." Of course, he knew that Li Mo wasn't feeling upset because of that matter.

Li Shu came into the kitchen and coldly said, "How dare that rotten woman compare herself to our wife. Our wife is still a pure virgin."

"Third brother." Li Hua felt that his older brother's words were too explicit. And yet, the image of her snow-white arm and that red mark inexplicably flashed through his mind.

"Ah, I didn't say anything wrong. Didn't we all see the mark on our wife?" As Li Shu said this, he looked at Li Mo. Little Five was too young to appreciate the sight they had witnessed today.

"We?" The smile on Li Yan's handsome face gradually grew cold. He looked at Li Mo with a serious gaze...

"Second brother, don't misunderstand..." Li Shu knew that Li Yan had misunderstood his words, so he explained, "Chunni ripped our wife's clothes, so that's how we all saw it."

The brothers looked at Li Mo. They hoped that he would make a decision. Of course, everyone was thinking of something different.

Li Mo suddenly put down the bowl and stopped washing the rice. He gloomily stared at Li Shu.

Li Shu felt goosebumps from being stared at. He hastily retreated until he was hiding behind Li Yan. However, he still recklessly said, "Oldest brother, she's already been here for so long. Second brother definitely likes her. And as for fourth brother, humph! Anyways, other than Little Five, I'm sure that everyone else likes her as much as I like her."
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