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Kibo had finally reached his location, in all his rage, he blew off the entire hilltop revealing a stunned Hiruko and Orochimaru. Before they could move Kibo produced a crazy level of Immortal Energy and forced them to the ground. The two were stunned, no matter how they tried they couldn't budge. Hiruko revealed his Void Chakra Mode and tried to fight against the flow, as he was covered in a black chakra outfit that had white markings on it. Orochimaru saw how helpless the situation was sighed, he didn't think he would survive this one as it was, in fact, his true body.

Kibo looked at the struggling Hiruko and placed out his hand and said, "Orochimaru stay put and be a good boy, we're going to have a long chat after I finish off this trash." Orochimaru lifted his brow and smiled, "Maybe there's hope yet." He thought to himself as Kibo shouted, "Chimera Technique." Hiruko screamed in denial "This can't be how it ends, I have your bloodline and your Do-Jutsu. Why are you so strong?!" Kibo growled, "Because you didn't earn it!"

As he absorbed the matter into the blob he stopped it before it entered his body, waving his hand he shouted "Reverse Chimera Jutsu!"

The blob began to split into 7 people, they were all comatose and naked, Hiruko's body than withered as Kibo began separating the extra bloodline effects he absorbed such as the white snake's regeneration ability and several other types as well into the freed victims' bodies. As he stood over Hiruko who was seconds away from death Kibo placed his hand up as Hiruko was suddenly surrounded by a Dust release. "Good-bye Hiruko!" Hiruko let out a scream of defiance as his body was ripped into microparticles.

Orochimaru shivered as Kibo walked over towards him, suddenly Shion gasped. Kibo looked over to see her standing over her old body, even though it was fused with Hiruko the bodies that returned still showed signs of aging. Kibo walked over to her and just as he was about to speak, Shion touched Karin's body. A strange spark of energy traveled throughout her soul and entered into Karin's body, like a dead battery receiving a jolt of power the soul residue inside her body ignited.

As she opened her eyes and saw Orochimaru in a pinned position on the floor she screamed, Shion screamed as well, while Kibo's jaw dropped "How is this possible?"

Navi began explaining that two souls of different times were capable of existing at the same time, these unique duos were known as Gemini Souls, and when in close proximity to each other they could spark an incredible growth in each other's power. Sasuke and Madara were perfect examples of this effect, during the final war Sasuke underwent massive increases of power that came out of nowhere, even managing to keep up with Naruto who was at the peak of the Mortal Realm.

He then thought of how to handle his love life now that it just became infinitely more complicated, "Karin?" Kibo said as he moved closer to them, the redhead turned around and saw the only person in the world she wanted to see at the moment.

"Kibo!" Karin's naked body jumped into Kibo locking her arms around him in an embrace. Kibo looked to Shion and didn't know what to do, when Shion's nose bleed a little, "This Pervert!" Kibo thought as Shion placed a nearby blanket that was lying on Orochimaru's bed around her.

Karin looked to Shion and asked with a spicy tone "Kibo! Who is she?" Kibo coughed and said "Okay now get this, you died! Your soul then reincarnated into this woman you see before you." Shion waved her hand as Karin shouted, "Have you lost your mind Kibo?!"

Kibo coughed again as Shion spoke, "It's true, and I can prove it." Shion whispered something in Karin's ear that made both of them blush. "I never told anyone one that." Shion laughed as she said, "I have a few more." She then began thoroughly convincing herself that she was indeed her reincarnation.

"Enough! I get it, I believe you! Now would you please stop embarrassing your former self?!" Karin cried in defeat. Shion smiled and grabbed Kibo's arm while she bragged "Just so you know, Kibo's already proposed." Karin looked at the ring and back to Kibo with a puffed up face, Shion placed her head on his shoulder and said, "Don't worry, I'll get him to make one for you too." Kibo almost fell over, "You're okay with that!?" He shouted in disbelief when both of them looked at each other and back to Kibo and said, "We're both the same person, so we can only love one person."

"Okay, that was kind of creepy!" Kibo said to their statement in unison, "Are you sure you don't have other motives?"

Shion and Karin looked at each other and smiled, "That's a secret between sisters."

Kibo lowered his head in defeat, as he noticed a very interested Orochimaru, he then pulled out some clothing for Karin and covered up the rest of the victims with blankets. Checking their condition he discovered that they would slowly recover over time and may even be stronger than they used to be. Navi informed him that the soul would eventually return to their vessels as they chose to wait around in the afterlife rather than reincarnate. Since their lives were restored, their souls would soon follow.

He turned his attention to Orochimaru and sat down "Okay, now it's time for you and me to have a nice long chat."

Orochimaru then said, "You can release me, I won't run."

Kibo laughed as he replied, "You can sit there and shut up."

Orochimaru frowned and made a grunting noise, Kibo then started to talk "Did you know there is a way to become an Immortal without all your bull shit experiments."

Orochimaru's eyes widened as Kibo waved his hand making a ball of Immortal energy "This is Immortal Essence! When one breaks through into the Immortal Realm their lifespans are multiplied by a factor of 1000."

Orochimaru couldn't believe his words, because if he did then everything he ever did in the pursuit Immortality for the sake of perfecting all Jutsus would have been for naught, every dirty scheme and innocent he hurt. "You're lying!" Orochimaru shouted making Kibo frown, "No, I speak the truth. I can also offer you a chance to redeem yourself. Once I thought killing you would be the better option, but now after all this, I'm not so sure. You still have a chance to change, and I will offer you this chance only once. Repent or Die."

Orochimaru looked lifeless as his entire world crumbled around him. He didn't know what to do anymore, or what path to follow, when Kibo said, "You clone Log is still, alive, and the Mitsuki project has been preserved by me." Orochimaru's eyes widened.

"I am curious as to how you purified the Ōtsutsuki bloodline to such a level, and I don't mind you continuing to experiment, but no more barbaric procedures, from now on you have to follow my code of ethics. If it violates my idea of morals, then you'd better find a non-harmful method of achieving your goals."

Orochimaru bit down on his lip and was struggling to make a decision. When what Kibo said next made him crumble under the pressure, "If you agree to these conditions, I will give a trial period and if you pass, I will teach you how to become an Immortal."

Kibo really didn't like Orochimaru, but he had to appreciate his genius, not many people could do what Orochimaru was capable of, he often supplied groundbreaking information to the people of Konoha, and Hokage Naruto stated that he has helped the village on several occasions.

Once Orochimaru agreed, Kibo placed a powerful Fūin Marker on his body "This will monitor your actions, should you ever violate my terms it will incapacitate you, and I will come to execute you myself." Orochimaru bowed his head as Kibo released him.

Orochimaru then stood still before saying "If you can make me an Immortal then I will follow your guidance."

Kibo laughed as he took his girls into his arms, and then looked around at the missing Nin remaining in the rooms and said, "Your first order of responsibility is to return these Ninja to their homes." Kibo threw Orochimaru a map, "This is the location of my Village. When you complete this task, come to meet with me once more. I will prepare you a place at the Immortal Village Six Elements Mountain.

Kibo then swapped places with a clone that was to watch over Orochimaru during this time. As he arrived with Karin and Shion in his arms he gave Karin the full tour and update on what transpired during her death.

She felt torn, sadness and joy all at the same time when she looked to Kibo and asked, "Can I go home for a bit? I want to see mother."

Kibo nodded his head and said, "I think it's time to return to Konoha for a while, it's a little early than anticipated; but maybe it's better this way, I can summon a meeting of the Kages and deal with this situation." Kibo looked at his countdown timer to his 5-year shop, it only had two weeks left on them so he smiled and said, "In two weeks, we will return Konoha. In this time I guess I just recruit a few more Jinchūriki, but first I want to take a look at your body." Kibo said pointing to Karin.

Karin crossed her arms over her chest and blushed before she said, "So soon!"

Kibo shook his head and picked her up before saying "We'll have time for that later, right now I need to see what changes happened inside your body after being removed from the Chimera Jutsu."

Karin wrapped her arms around his shoulders, and smiled while being carried like a princess into the empty hospital, Shion walked right beside them with her arms around his elbow, when they entered her room Kibo began his inspection. He used his Tengan to overlook her Chakra, and took a few blood samples while using the lab equipment he confiscated from Orochimaru, the hospital was a few times more advanced than the one at Konoha and was fully stocked for business the only thing missing was competent Medical Nin and patients.

After running a series of test Kibo discovered that bits of the genetics from all 5 other victims were dormant inside her D.N.A, however, the biggest change was the addition of the white snake's bloodline. It had mutated her Uzumaki gene into something new, Kibo took out some samples of Hashirama's cells he gained from the white Zetsu's remains. He noticed that similar to Hashirama, Karin now had regeneration Kekkei Genkai; the two cells showed common traits that had extremely heightened recovery times. Kibo would use heat to damage the cells and see how quickly they regenerated; as it turns out Karin's regeneration factor was 3 times what Hashirama's cells were capable of.

He then discovered that the unique Kekkei Genkai Jutsu's were slowly merging into one, Kibo thought of the strange Chakra mode Hiruko was capable of using, Kibo then conversed with Navi to clear up some of his theories.

After a full hour, Kibo had completed his examination on Karin. He had deduced that if she managed to master a sage form and open her first gate; then all of the Kekkei Genkai would slowly fuse into a single one, and a Void Chakra Mode would be accessible for Karin to achieve.

As he was thinking this he turned to the massive Array before him and began thinking of an alteration. It could already absorb Natural Energy of the 6 Earthy Elements, what he wanted to do was create training grounds for Sage Modes. So after telling Karin about the changes in her body he helped move her into his house. After spending some time with her he began planning out the changes he would have to make to the Array.
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