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After finishing dealing with the Void Dragon, Kibo turned to the rest of the Genryū, "Can you take me to the Chakra layline?" The other Genryū gasped in shock, "How do you know of the Azure Temple!?" Chiryu asked loudly; Kibo waved the Ryūjin in front of him before saying "This guy is telling me about it, so if you could please escort me. I think it's time to revive the rest of the hidden Genryū."

The other Dragons nodded their heads as they gathered around Kibo and combined their energy once more, he felt the space around him beginning to twist and pull on him, he experienced the world grow small before he snapped into a new space. Kibo discovered he was several hundred feet beneath the center Mount Koryu; a large 9 story jade pavilion was in front of him as a large ocean of Chakra glowed around the small island of land he was on.

The current was frighteningly powerful not even the Bijuu could compare, after all they only came from a piece of this energy formed by the God Tree. After its destruction the Chakra Leylines have started to recover when Seiryu informed him that the energy was still only a fraction of what it should be; he was shocked once more.

Looking around he noticed Dragon Eggs floating in the Chakra numbering in the hundreds of thousands all of them were sealed with a nurturing array that kept them from hatching, Kibo smiled as looked over the future dragons in anticipation, he also wondered what else his Clone that he left in the Phoenix Temple might have discovered; it has been almost a full year since it has been studying the ruins and what it discovered would shock Kibo just as much.

Kibo walked up to the building and say the door that had a seal on it, Kibo placed the Ryūjin up to it and watched as the sword dissipated the barrier around the building, entering inside he saw the legacy of the Ryu Clan, there were piles of scrolls neatly set in shelves that were stacked in rows, Kibo glanced through them and discovered that these were Talisman and Array teaching scrolls, Kibo was fascinated by their research as it was light years ahead of the Uzumaki clans seals, they not only were capable of sealing all 6 elements, but the natural energies as well, this is how they managed to have so many sage level beings that eventually became Immortals.

Normally one would have to have at least a Sage form to handle Immortal Energy, of course this might not be needed for today's Chakra practitioners; they would at least need Kage level Chakra before even attempting to try and absorb Immortal energy, or at least have some kind of physique mutation.

He even found the Ryu Clan's 3 big cultivation techniques. One of mind called the Dragons Pearl Technique, one of Physique called the Immortal Dragon's Body Transformation, and the Chakra Cultivation Technique Source of the 6 Dragons.

The Dragons Pearl Technique allowed one to create a space of consciousness where they could store information that they wished to memorize, it send the information repeatedly through the pearl an into the brains long term memory storage pathways. A useful technique that mimics photographic memories, except the information is selective. In order to practice the Technique one had to mold Chakra so finely that it became a reflective and small enough not to adversely affect the brain, it also required the use of millions complex arrangements of Fūin markings or runes as they called it back then.

The Immortal Dragon's Body Transformation Technique required a drop of Dragon's blood to cultivate; it altered the physique bone, blood, and muscles to become a human dragon hybrid. The current appearance of the Ryu Clan was actually because they were all descendants of these practitioners. Like the previous technique it required the user to seal the blood inside their body and slowly break it down by advancing through the three levels; low blood, high blood, and Demi-Dragon. Once one completed the technique they would develop a Kekkei Genkai called the Demi-Dragon Physique, and it would be passed on through their descendants.

The Chakra Cultivation Technique Source of the 6 Dragons; allowed one sense and absorb the 6 Earthy Elements. Affinities still played an important part because they could sense and absorb more of the elements that they were aligned with, however with enough training they could increase their affinities with the other elements.

Kibo placed the scrolls in his inventory as he moved up to the next floor; his eyes gleamed with joy as he saw many forging materials related to the 6 elements. There were thick metal Ingots stacked to the roof in long pyramids. There were even rare S ranked bones, and one that interested Kibo the most was the 4 elemental Behemoth Kibo drooled as the Earth, Wind, Fire, and Water blended into a powerful aura of destruction. Kibo thought that if he stitched these into an armament it would be able to erase the elemental energy inside a Jutsu. You'd still get hit with the Chakra but it the defense that came from the bones wouldn't be weak.

Kibo laughed as he pulled in all the materials and headed up stairs to see the 3rd floor was full of what he believed to be currency, they were made of purple steel and had a strange Chakra coming from them, he asked "Navi what is this?"

"It is like the host thinks, this is Currency. These purple coins are marked with the Ryu Clan's Chakra so that they keep the currency to be spent inside their territory only. The rest of the items in this room are Chakra and Natural energy crystals, only these were used for trading."

Kibo took the Chakra and Natural energy Crystals that were all much weaker than the tears he obtained from his two sacred beasts, but there were still the sizes of large stones, and the Natural Energy Crystals could make some unique items, and help train sage energy.

Kibo moved up to the 4th floor, and dropped his jaw, there were bones of dragons that served the Ryu Clan in the past, the energy that rippled off of them felt like they ranged from 3 to 7 tails and the elements on them varied greatly. He even managed to find a wood dragon's skeleton that barely reached the power of 8 tails.

Kibo gulped as he felt a little bad about taking their bones, but seeing as he would redistribute them to the Ryu clan as superior weapons and armors so they could once again fight alongside their clansmen, he didn't think they would mind as much. After clearing out the room he headed to the 5th floor to feel a terrifying pressure overcome his body, he had entered his complete Hybrid Dragon form without even realizing it, his heart started pounding as he stared at the two statues in front of him one was the shape of the void dragon, and the other was in the shape of a white dragon of creation. The two stood guard next to a dragon egg that was pure white. Kibo could feel a crazy level of energy rolling off the egg that was being nurtured by a giant Chakra and Natural Energy Converging Array.

Just breathing the air inside this room made Kibo feel stronger, a thin stream of purple gold energy was steadily being absorbing the egg, when Navi stated that this was 'light' dragon that was originally the boss from the game. As it turned out the ritual sacrificed the 5 Genryū to hatch the egg, the problem was Akari didn't follow the popper sealing procedures which put a new born dragon in a lot of pain, and caused it to run wild.

Kibo sighed as he thought of the pointless death that occurred and that this light dragon was actually the embodiment of the 6 Heavenly elements; the Dragon of Creation. The energy was what Navi was more interested in, "This is Immortal Energy, Kibo you should absorb this to open up your second Dantian you already have the Chakra of a Nine Tailed beast, becoming an Immortal requires you to store Immortal energy; and only the second Dantian is capable of holding it."

Kibo smiled as he sat down in the lotus position and began cultivation his Star Gods technique. The Immortal energy began drifting over to Kibo as it entered his body he felt a surge of power like he had never felt before, it was similar to how powerful Naruto was when he activates his Senjutsu Mode. His middle Dantian centered in the middle of his chest opened up and began storing the energy like a greedy whale feasting. Kibo smiled as his body popped with a natural feeling, like he was given knowledge by the universe it's self.

There are three stages for Immortal levels, one the Dao Seeking Phase, one's life span is increased exponentially. They must spend this time developing Dao Seeds inside their Middle Dantian, the grade of Dao Seeds depends on the comprehension and talent of the practitioner. For instance those who are born with certain affinities tend to make Dao seeds based on their strongest aspects, the bigger the Dao seed the greater the grade.

The second stage is called Immortal Manifestation, at this stage the seeds grow into Dao Trees like before they are graded by what kind the kinds of Dao Trees they are, how high they reach, and how many leaves they sprout. A title is also bestowed upon them by the universe which becomes their karmic moniker.

To become a god one must perform use Karmic Merit to become a Shinto God, or train until their Dao Trees bear fruit to become a Taoist God. Either way the third Dantian has to be breached and fully opened, he also must pass his godly tribulation before he can become a god. However he was more worried by the storm clouds gathering in the room.

Kibo quickly ran outside, as the clouds darkened and began to cover the large underground Layline; Kibo shook as he saw the golden lightning bolts rumbling, it was the second time in this life he really felt the hint of death looming over him. Kibo gritted his teeth and sat back down to continue cultivating his Second Dantian.

The lightning grew stronger the closer he got to fully opening his second Dantian, Kibo had lost track of time several days had passed by without him even noticing, the tribulation clouds had encompassed the entire cavernous region. Kibo however was completely oblivious to it as the first bolt came striking down on his head.

The Immortal bolt shot waves of crippling pain through Kibo's entire body, the energy gathered by the bolt slammed middle Dantian it hammered away at the entrance; forcing it open bit by bit. Kibo grunted in pain as he was continuously assaulted by the tribulation lightning.

Everyone of his cells screamed in pain as the two bolts struck down on him at the same time, then three and four, and didn't pause until it reached nine radiant bolts; they hovered above his burnt flesh that constantly crackled with electricity, Kibo had never felt such pain before, hell even getting blown up by the terrorist hurt less than what he was experiencing now. Blood pooled from his mouth like flowing water and out every pore and orifice on his body.

He looked like a blood covered specter that was on the verge of starving to death, his bones were clearly visible over his skin that was cracked and torn all over, Kibo felt the last set of bolts surge into his Middle Dantian making the Chakra in his body go crazy, he felt he was losing control when he had an Idea, shifting the chaotic energy into his Gate of View that was directly located in his eyes. The Chakra now under control he felt the lightning tempering his Dantian until it turned completely golden, Seiryu and Suzaku were shocked as they both shouted "A Golden Core!? He managed to form a Golden Immortals Core?"
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