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Kibo's mind was thrust back farther than ever before, he saw a beautiful city surging with six elemental forces, there were many Cultivators running about and living prosperous lives, Kibo saw many people wearing the same dragon medallions around their necks, and wore similar outfits to the current day Ryu Clan.

He looked around as time moved forward to a climatic event, the skies were covered with Ōtsutsuki Immortals, and 3 gods over watching the situation behind them, Kibo saw four powerful clans wearing full battle armors that represent the 4 sacred beast. The Dragon Blade was being held by a priest, or religious leader. He prayed to Ryūjin as the war raged on over his head, thousands of Immortals began dying by the thousands; Kibo sighed as he looked up at the gods viewing the battle like a blood sport, the leaders seemed to have met their end in valiant combat, however the Array around the temple protected the citizens from the Ōtsutsuki Immortal's further attacks.

The three gods were seconds away from making their move when a dark rip appeared in the space behind them, a being single strange third eye on his forehead appeared; his third eye had a large red iris with a black whirlpool that constantly moved in a clockwise direction and was constantly spiraling into the center of his pupil.

Three smaller whirlpools about the size if a Sharingan's Tomoes, circled the outside of his Irises in a counter clockwise direction. A thick aura of death spread out from the tear in space, as the three gods bowed and shouted "Greetings God Emperor Ōkuninushi!" A deep and powerful voice shook the plane as the Emperor gave out a grunt of displeasure.

The pressure from his voice made Kibo's Tengan start to burr; he immediately averted his gaze from the Emperor's eye and saw as the a thin hand reached out from the static rip in space; a single imminence energy wave shattered the Array and knocked Kibo flat on his back in real life. Kibo's face paled while he coughed up some blood; as he tried to hold on to the image he saw as the mysterious god left and the scenes of horror overtook the citizens of this place; many ran for their lives while the gods did unspeakable atrocities.

A loud roar was heard as a pure black, 9 horned dragon that gave of a similar energy signature to the Truth Seeking Orbs appeared from out of the temple, the western dragon felt as strong as Hagoromo in his prime, the giant city sized reptile stared at the remaining gods in hate over the loss of its brethren and in his fit of rage created 9 small spherical balls of energy besides it that concentrated into a massive beam. When it exploded the Ōtsutsuki Gods laughed as they absorbed it; the leader of the Ōtsutsuki members transformed into a grotesque three eyed horned monster and placed his hand out releasing a powerful shock wave that pierced through the chest of the western dragon.

As they gods grew closer to the Dragon, it began laughing as itself destructed injuring 2 of the gods and killing another while simultaneously destroying most of the land. Kibo saw six eggs that were thrown out from the explosion and landed in various locations that focused on powering the Array, after the smoke cleared; one of the gods had managed to retreat while the other one violated the universe's laws by using his god energy to survive the attack; because of this a black and gold lightning bolt appeared from a cloud hovering in space.

The bolt carried the entire force of the universe, a mere god was helpless against such a force as the lightning ripped through space and time, shattering the Ōtsutsuki god's body into fragments along with several millions of the Ōtsutsuki Immortals.

After the lightning of judgment fell, Kibo watched as the Array fractured into pieces loosing the metal and lightning energy control sections. Kibo continued to continued to view the history of the Ryu Clan, as time moved forward he saw 4 of the Genryū being born, that day a miracle happened, because the wind dragon was born it pulled in many storm clouds that formed into a powerful lightning bolt to strike the malfunctioning lightning gathering Array; causing the Lightning Dragon to be born.

Only the Metal Dragon has remained unhatched for countless centuries, Kibo quickly released his Tengan to discover that his body smelled like charred meat, he tasted metal in his mouth as an electric current ran throughout his entire body; this was the second time that his body retained the memories and physical effects from a vision. He saw that many of the villagers where staring at him in worry.

A chime went off in Kibo's head.

[Repair the Six Elements Formation and Build the Foundation of your Immortal Village. Reward: Deluxe Training Facility!]

Kibo sighed and accelerated his Gate of Healing, shocking the crowd before him. Kibo laughed as shouted "I can fix this Array! The Genryū should stop patrolling this place Mugonhei; if I do so the animals will eventually return, but there is a condition that I need you all to agree on before I start."

Seitei looked confused as Kibo began explaining what an Array was, it wasn't that hard for them to understand because their talismans performed a similar action, but the Array was millions of times more complex. After he finished his explanation, Seitei asked "What do you want from us?" Kibo laughed and replied "I want to build my Immortal Village here, and I want your Ryu Clan to become one of the foundation clansmen."

The village was shocked, "We don't own this land the Genryū do, and if you can make them agree then I will accept your terms." Kibo laughed as he made dozens of clones, they each grew wings and half of them flew off to flatten and prepare the land for a village to be built while the other half went to begin repairing the Array. Kibo then said, "I'll be borrowing this for a bit." as he grew his Star Chakra wings and flew off in the direction of the most damage section of the Array.

Kibo entered into a cavernous region and discovered a pile of rich metal ores, no Chakra ones though; inside the cave the further he traveled the more organized the metal became; they now resembled a perfectly flat hallway big enough to fit a few of the Genryū in. He continued to follow the path when he reached a caved in section, using his Metal Release he repaired the damage by turning it into memory metal, otherwise known as Shape Memory Alloy, by being heated to a certain temperature the alloy "remembers" its original structure and returns to its pre-deformed shape.

Kibo continued to use his Metal Memory Jutsu for hours as he finally entered into a large circular chamber that had Fūin Jutsu markings running all over its surface and directed towards a fractured column that had a metallic egg resting on top of the pillar. Kibo used his Metal Memory Jutsu to repair the room to its original appearance.

As he still had the Ryūjin in his hands he knew exactly how to repair the Array, as his hands moved in a rapid sequence of characters, the Fūin markings began running into the surface of the material, the room started to shine as the metal energy from the surroundings began to grow and be devoured by the egg.

A loud cracking noise echoed throughout the chamber as fractures began running down the surface of the egg's shell, Kibo walked up the egg and put the finishing touches on the repairs to the pillar and felt the ground beneath his feet shake. Outside the metal temple the metal energy began to gather all the metal in the surroundings and shot into the skies, within seconds a massive mountain made of metal breached the clouds and matched the tallest mountain in the area.

Suddenly a large lightning bolt was attracted to the mountain, as the energy from the strike ran through the mountain Kibo sensed this and sent a clone outside that began repairing the Lightning section of the Array, thousands of characters flew into the sky and met with the lighting clouds gathered above him, the clouds grew thicker and seemed solid enough to stand on, it quickly took the shape of a giant mountain when Kibo redirected the lightning Array to its original position. Next he watched as his clones push the other four mountains back into a ring surrounding the entire territory, now there were 6 elemental mountains; one representing each element.

The Genryū let out a joyous cheer as the energy in the land rapidly multiplied, the Chakra in the atmosphere became hundreds of times thicker, and the natural energy did so the same. As the egg was doused in the energy of a completed Array it began to hatch, a large metallic dragon baby appeared, it had 2 horns on its head and all metal scales covered the dragon's 6 foot long and 5 feet high sized body. The metal Genryū didn't wait around for pleasantries as it flew away in a beam of light like it was being summoned.

This didn't upset him at all, in fact just as this happened Kibo became very excited; because Navi stated that the Array could focus the Chakra and Natural energy into a small amount of Immortal energy, and the metal dragon was heading towards the same direction where the array focused all its energy. Kibo flew to the main temple and repaired everything he saw along the way, when he reached the central area he noticed that the 6 Genryū had gathered and placed their tails together over the gold plated circular platform that was centered in the room.

From out of the gold that turned to a liquid substance a glowing red scale that beat like a heart appeared from out the altar. "Kibo this is a reverse scale." Seiryu shouted as the combined energy of the 6 Genryū entered into it a bright light shined as the scale began to morph into a pitch black egg.

Little by little the egg started to become more complete when the sound of a heart beating echoed throughout the temple. The dragons shrank a bit as they appeared exhausted, when Kibo approached them the 6 of them let out a protective growl, but to Kibo's ears it sounded like the human tongue. "Go away human, although we are thankful for your assistance, we won't let you approach master Ryukyo while he is in such a state." Hiryu said standing at the forefront.

Kibo smiled as he grew a set of Azure horns by activating his hybrid mode, the celestial dragon's energy made the 6 tremble as Kibo let Seiryu speak through him "You fledglings dare to order the God of Dragons around." Seiryu shouted in the Dragonic Language. Kibo laughed and thought "Doesn't he mean the almost God of Dragons?"

The 6 Genryū couldn't control their fear, like the bloodline of Seiryu was completely able to suppress them they bowed in obedience, Kibo walked up to them as Seiryu translated "I have no desire to make you suffer, I wish to use this land to build up the Immortals of Earth once more. If you are as long lived as I think you are then you should know of the Ōtsutsuki clan, and that they will one day return. In preparation for this event I will use this land to rebuild the Immortal Village and make the Ryu clan a foundation of this Village."

After hearing his words the dragons backed off a little, not many people knew of their origins and if this human/dragon person in front of them could do what he says and return the 6 Element Mountains to their original glory then it might be worth listening to the child for a bit longer.

"My name is Kibo Hoshi, a human born on this world, if you vow to serve me then I will bring back the age of Immortals. I will also give the Void Dragon a suitable partner, one who has limitless talent." Kibo showed the full might of his energy causing the Dragons to be awed, he then walked over to the Egg and made a Clone, he handed the egg over and along with a Star Chamber Relic, "Go deliver this to my sister. I've finally found a worthy Chakra Beast for her to fuse with." The clone nodded his head as he flew towards Konoha with the Void Dragon in hand.
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