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Kibo didn't even need the System Notice giving him the quest to know who was walking through that door.

[Quest: Beat up and Arrest Mizuki: Reward: 1,000 Sys Pts 1 Teleportation Relic.]

"Good morning students, as you can see, today we have a visitor. This is my long time friend Mizuki; he's aiming to become an instructor at this very academy, so during our last couple of days together I hope you all will be on your best behavior."

"Yes Sensei!" The class answered, afterwards the day carried on as they performed their graduation exam. The students performed their best; Naruto once again surprised Iruka by scoring perfect marks. After all was said and done the graduates received their head bands and were told to meet up tomorrow to be paired into teams. Everyone in the training group agreed to go out to eat out to celebrate, Sasuke and Naruto got in an argument on where to eat, when they used rock paper and scissors to decide. "No using the Sharingan, that's cheating." Naruto said as they started. Naruto won and they ate at Ichiraku's, after their meal they split off to head home. Naruto and Karin acted like perfect gentle men and escorted their ladies home. After they met up and finished thanking Chen for teaching them, Naruto asked Kibo something. "Hey Iruka wouldn't fail me out of spite would he?"

Kibo lifted a brow, "No! You know him better than that."

"That Mizuki guy said that Iruka was going to go to the Hokage and ask him to resend my graduation status, because he secretly hated me. Then he tried to tempt me to steal from the Hokage, and said he'd tell me why Iruka Sensei despises me in exchange for something called the Scroll of Sealing. Luckily I'm no spring chicken; I played along with him and acted like an idiot, while I sent a clone to inform the Hokage!" Kibo was about to say something when a silhouette quickly approached, it was none other than the Hokage himself, "Good, Naruto, Kibo your still here. I need you two to come to my office."

Naruto who just had his shadow clone disappear was filled in on the situation. Sarutobi wanted to have Shisui and Kibo to watch in on Mizuki, while Naruto handed over a fake. Once he took the bait he would be charged as a criminal Nin and sent to prison. He told them he would set it as a C ranked mission, and they would be paid for accomplishing it.

Kibo and Naruto agreed and meet up with Shisui after receiving the fake scroll of sealing, Naruto headed to the meeting location ahead of time, while Kibo waited in a tree watching Naruto from a distance. "Hey Kibo been a while!" Shisui said waving his hand slightly as he appeared on the branch next to Kibo, "Good to see you too Shisui Senpai!" Kibo said as he bowed.

The two spent some time catching up when Shisui said "So you guy's managed to out another traitor?" Kibo scratched the back of his head, "No, this time it was all Naruto. That moron Mitsuki actually expected Naruto to fall for his goading." Kibo then explained what had happened.

"Hahh!" Shisui sighed, "I didn't think Mizuki would leverage 'that' over Naruto! I wonder where he went wrong." Kibo shook his head and said, "Maybe Mizuki has always been this way? He's just good at hiding his real personality."

As they were about to continue their conversation, the target had arrived, "So Naruto did you bring it?" Mizuki appeared from out of the foliage, Naruto smiled as he threw over the fake scroll. "After Mizuki caught it he placed it on his back and said, "Good, now you can die, you little monster." Shisui was about leap out when Kibo stopped him. "Just watch!"

Naruto jumped into action disappearing by using the Flicker and reappearing next Mizuki, with a single gut wrenching punch, Mizuki was sent flying into a tree, when he tried to escape by using a Jutsu he found out that he couldn't properly control his Chakra. "I sealed your chakra center! Although it's only a half seal I made quickly, it will disorient your Chakra control to the point where you can't use it without learning to adjust to the alteration." Shisui was surprised and looked to Kibo

"Well let's go get your prisoner." Kibo said as he jumped down and walked towards Naruto and Mizuki. "A trap!" Mizuki looked stunned "You actually told the Hokage! Didn't you want to know why Iruka hates you?" Shisui kicked him in the face knocking him out, "Careful Mizuki if you said that, I'd have to kill you." Shisui then lifted him over his shoulders; he then gave a quick wave goodbye before he flickered away.

[Mission Complete! Reward: 1,000 System Points and 1 Teleportation Relic.]

"This was an easy one!" Kibo said as he smiled. Naruto looked a little sad, when Kibo said, "Why don't you ask him yourself?" Naruto looked to Kibo and smiled, "Thanks I'll do that!" With that said, Naruto took off towards the village to have a heart filled chat with Iruka.

Kibo went home and sat under the tree in their yard he began to meditate in hopes of opening his next gate. Kibo spine was charged with most of the natural energy and Chakra he had gathered over the past years. "I stored 8 years of Natural Energy and over half of the Star Chakra that was supposed to go to my Dantian, all just to open the Gate of Limit. Why haven't I broken through yet?"

Kibo could hear Seiryu laughing as he began to speak, "You know the Gate of Limit is special, your body has a tremendous amount of potential, the greater the potential, the longer it will take to remove said limits. Opening the Gate of Life first wasn't a bad idea. However it also improved your body's already ridiculous parameters, but don't worry from what I've seen from the glow on your spine, you're nearing the breakthrough. Honestly, 8 years to remove your body's limiters; like you I also chose to open my Life Gate first as well, yet it still took me 3 years to remove mine; you really are a monster!" Seiryu said this as a compliment.

Kibo smiled the whole reason he decided on opening such a troublesome Gate, was because of what Navi told him before he almost chose the Gate of Wonder. Navi said that if he unlocked the Gate of Limit then he would even be able to absorb the Dragon Tears whole and his Chakra levels would be raised substantially, he felt so excited that he would no longer have to completely rely on his ability to constantly absorb Star Chakra, and sapping energy from Seiryu to keep up with the Uzumaki's overflowing Chakra levels. Once he pulled this off, he too would have such reserves.

Kibo sat quietly focusing on unlocking his 3rd Gate, when Naruto had a come home to see Kibo meditating in his usual location. Iruka had informed him why Mizuki would have said such a thing, and he told Naruto that he didn't hate him, or blame him for the death of his parents. The two shared a very touching moment before Naruto left. Seeing how deeply Kibo was into his training Naruto decided to fill him in later. He walked inside and was greeted by Sachi, "Onii Chan! Welcome home." Naruto picked her up and showed off his new head band, while they walked inside to eat their dinner.

Kibo was so focused he didn't even notice Naruto approach, right now a maelstrom of Natural energy was raging inside his spine, so much so that if a single person walked up to him and tapped a bit of Chakra on his spine, his entire body would explode. Kibo's body began expanding as it reached the limit of energy that he could take, he quickly noticed that an opportunity had presented before himself. Redirecting the outward force, he sent the mass of the energy slamming into his 3rd gate.

When the Gate of Limit finally opened Kibo felt like he was in ecstasy, his entire body was filled with an omnipotent feeling, as if every one of his cells had turned into pure energy. Kibo opened his eyes as they now glimmered with a never before seen intelligence, if one looked into them, they would feel as if they could get lost in their beauty. The biggest change was to his Chakra pool, he felt an immense surge of Chakra swirling in his body, like it would break through his vessel and any moment.

[New Chakra Limit Mid Level Jonin and steadily growing.]

"Congratulation Host for Achieving Jonin Level Chakra; 5 Year Shop Unlocked!"

"Congratulations to Host for Unlocking your 3rd Gate. Gate of Limits: Allows Host to break past the body's limits and handle massive stores of energy without risking bodily damage and Chakra overload. Increases spine's durability and flexibility to reach unparalleled levels."

"Congratulation to host, by absorbing massive quantities of Earth and Wood Natural Energies you now have access to 2 new sage forms. Wood Sage Form and Earth Sage Form."

Kibo felt ecstatic as he jumped up for joy, he decided to test out his new forms immediately. Once he activated the Wood form black tribal markings appeared around his eyes and cheeks, he could feel an incredible life force rippling under his skin. Kibo could also sense every blade of grass, every plant living or dead, and the life force of every being that walked on them in 100 yards.

Kibo also felt his body stabilize in the form rather than having the natural energy leaking out over time. Only when he used a Jutsu did he feel some of the form's power wane, but was quickly replaced by newly absorbed wood nature energy. There was also a significant increase in the power of his wood based techniques, he had a feeling if he knew any Wood Nin-Jutsus then their powers would definitely be amplified, he couldn't just use his Tai-Jutsu skill here, he might end up destroying their entire house. So he decided to test the amplification level on his Earth Release Jutsu, in Earth Sage mode.

He deactivated his Wood Sage Form and activated his Earth Sage Form, like before his face was covered in tribal markings but of a different pattern and color. The grey lines were infused with the power of earth nature energy. He could feel every vibration on the ground as if it was like sonar, and his body felt incredibly durable, like he could tank a meteor falling on him. Like his Wood form he felt that this form could increase the power of his Earth Jutsu, after using his Star Earth Armor he felt the earth aspect of the Jutsu had increased in power a little over 3 times its original value.

After deactivating the form he jumped on top of his house with a cheerful look on his face, he looked over the Hoshi Clans land and saw how much their population inflated, most of their funding came from Kibo's Chakra Cooking rights, and they still needed a large surplus of cash to expand without stopping like they are now. He imagined once they stabilize their economy he would have enough spare money to slap the Daimyo with it, and he wouldn't even be offended.

He looked at the item he gained from Mizuki's capture, and was surprised.

[Teleportation Relic: Capable of setting two points in space, and can teleport to and from once.]

He then looked to this 5 year shop and his jaw dropped, "Navi is this real? I'm not hallucinating am I?" Kibo's reaction was perfectly justified as the 4 items that appeared in the shop were very special, but also unimaginably expensive. Unlike his full time shop there was a timer on this one, with the number and letter expressing how long the items would be available. The characters 5y remaining was blinking in the corner view of the shops menu. "Host is not imagining this; the 5 year shop includes 3 random relics and one item or skill from another world. Be warned there is only one of each item in stock, host will have to wait 5 years before he can access new item to purchase."

Kibo felt giddy each of the Relics cost 20,000 per piece, and the three relics were, a Random Jutsu Relic, Profession Relic, and a Double Point Relic; but what he wanted far more than these three objects was the technique manual written in gold. "Hiten Mitsurugi-Ryū Complete Manual." The God Speed Man Slayer, Kenshin Himura's personal Ken-Jutsu. With this art he dominated the end of the Edo period as the world's most renowned sword master and now for 100,000 points he could purchase his skills. Kibo suddenly asked Navi "Is there a place on the world map that is filled with Chakra Beast and no civilization or people around."

"This earth is barely populated; there exist countless wild lands that meet your criteria." Navi answered.

"Can you pin point a location where there is mostly C and B ranked beast located at?" Kibo responded.

"Yes!" Navi said pulling up and marking a point on his map that was around a hundred thousand miles away from here. Kibo Flickered throughout the city and appeared in the academy, he place a marker on his seat and use the Teleportation Relic to sent him to the 2nd marked location on his map. Before Kibo was beamed away by the Relic he smiled "Tomorrow's gonna be a fun day!"
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