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Kibo placed his ship in orbit, and flew down to the planets surface, once he arrived, he looked around and saw many different cultivation sects with a few Peak Immortals.

He decided to head over to the weakest of the three Peak Immortals and along the way, he read the minds of a few people to learn the language.

When he arrived, Kibo saw a massive Immortal Essence gathering array set up around a large town of 80,000 cultivators.

The town looked like something straight out of a Wuxia-Novel there were towering pagodas, countless Immortal estates and shops, and a supermassive Sect Building surrounded by a Half-God Essence Layline.

People waring martial Gi, colorful robes, and fancy outfits, flew around on swords and magical artifacts.

There were beast people, and true demons, children that were born between their Dao Beast Partner.

Just like Earth, they could use seals to create a tiny chamber to house a Chakra or Immortal Beast, a far cry from the Star Chamber, it could only keep the beast's soul and body alive.

Sometimes when they reach Demi-God and gain human forms, they would fall in love with their masters and marry them. A child between a Demi-God and a human was called the Demon Race, Kankuro married his Dyrad once she became a Divine Beast, they had one child named Gaza, he looked completely human, other than his jade green eyes, but the biggest advantage, was that Demons, were born with a Spirit Root.

This explained why Beasts Cultivate so differently from humans, they were born with an Innate sense towards the Heavens, so their progress is only halted by their environment. They don't have bottlenecks or tribulations until they become Divine Beasts.

Because Kibo was a God, he could easily hide his presence from the others, he pushed his power to down to mimic that of a Peak Immortal Manifestation Practitioner and walked up to the front gates.

Before he could enter, two guards placed their hands in front of him, blocking his path, Kibo raised an eyebrow and heard them shout, "50 high-grade Immortal Crystals to enter!"

Kibo raised at the two Initial Manifestation Stage Immortals and said, "Oh, I don't have Immortal Crystals, but would an Immortal Pill suffice?"

The two guards had their eyes go wide as they sniffed the pill Kibo pulled out, they could tell it was made from incredibly potent magical herbs, even just breathing it in made their cultivation progress.

"This is an Immortal Essence Pill I made, taking it just once is enough to supply you 5 years worth of training." Kibo held a jade jar full of them.

The two guards sweated, "We didn't know you were an Immortal Pill King, please forgive us! Send world to the Patriarch, please honored guest, come in, come in!"

Kibo nodded his head and continued to walk past them, he handed the guard one for free and said, "I've been in closed-door training for a while, what is the name of this Sect?"

The guard almost fumbled as he held on to the pill, he smiled and placed it into a bag of holding that made Kibo smile, the poor bag could only hold a few feet of materials.

"You must be ancient if you've never heard of the Cloud Chasing Sect." The guard pointed to the main building in the center of the array, "Master Mo has been the patriarch for a 1000 years now, he's been stuck at the peak of the Ascension stage for more than 80 years.

Kibo smiled, "I'm curious, and if you answer honestly, I'll give you another pill."

The guard gulped, "I can only promise to answer to the best of my abilities."

"How does the Cloud Chasing Sect operate, are they a righteous Sect?" Kibo smiled.

The guard suddenly laughed, "Far more righteous than the other to Heaven Grade Sects, at least Master Mo fought until his last breath during the Sky Devil's descent."

Kibo knew he was talking about the Otsutsuki and laughed, "If they were sky devils then not even I could handle them with my current power, and this entire universe would be sucked dry of all its essence in a matter of seconds. Those were alien Gods. They go by the Clan name, Otsutsuki."

The guard shook, "You know what those things are?"

Kibo smiled, "Would you believe me if I told you I killed them all and resurrected this whole planet?"

The guard laughed, "Good joke sir, we don't know how everyone came back, but there hasn't been a Divine Tribulation in this universe for a million years."

Kibo chuckled, hearing after scanning over the city he was impressed with the Sect's principles, mortal lives were equal to Immortals, and they weren't treated as slaves or lesser beings, as he saw in some other cities and Sects.

Kibo laughed at his luck, he no longer felt the need to hide or test this Sect Leader, he released the full power of his Godly Essence and shook the world, an elderly bearded man appeared in the air on a flying sword and said, "Senior, please tell me what brings you to my sect?"

Kibo smiled and said, "I've come to form ties with an honorable man, tell me, are you honorable?" Kibo could feel Patriarch Mo's Aura, he had already digested his Dao Fruit, ruining his future, Kibo shook his head as he saw that they were at least 9, Nine-Leaved Dao Fruits, that wasn't half bad.

Patriarch Mo clapped his hands together and bowed, "I, Yun Mo, can not claim to be honorable, only other's can decide that based on my actions."

Kibo smiled and nodded his head, "Come, do you have someplace we can talk?"

Yun Mo nodded his head and ripped open the space in front of them with his finger, he then said, "Please, after you."

Kibo nodded politely and entered, he appeared inside a large chamber with a single square table in the center, Yun Mo entered behind and the two took a seat.

Kibo smiled as Yun Mo poured him a cup of fragrant wine, he could tell magic herbs had been mixed into the solution, however, it was for one's benefit, not poison.

The herbs had the ability to nourish Immortal Energy, it did nothing for Kibo, but it was tasty none the less.

After they drank, Kibo smiled and said, "Where are my manners, I am Kibo, I come from another planet, and am a peak Minute God."

Yun Mo felt his hands quake, "You...you really obtained godhood!?"

Kibo smiled, "I don't know how you can tell if someone from this universe is has had their Divine Tribulations, but, you should know that there are other spaces to undergo that Tribulation. If you did so, in let's say, a pocket space, then you could hide your ascension from the universe."

Kibo then pulled out a gourd of Immortal Elixir, a brew made by fermenting both the Immortal and God Fruits, along with a few dozen other magical herbs.

He poured a cup and said, "Reset your cultivation and drink this, by eating your Dao Fruit you have ruined your hard work."

The Peak Ascension Immortal shook, he thought it was the natural course of Immortal Cultivation to eat one's Dao Fruit, however, now he was told that that was a mistake.

Kibo sighed, "That is the allure of the Heavens, to Cultivate is to go against the way of the Heavens and become a God by rising above it, this is the most basic, and most important part of Cultivating. If you had held off on eating your Dao Fruit you would have discovered that there are a hidden three leaves, and if you held off on eating them until you summoned your Divine Tribulation, you could have a living Spirit Root, rather than a dried up dead one."

Yun Mo coughed up a mouth of blood, "All these years wasted, gone down the wrong path." He wanted to refute his words, but Cultivators have a certain instinct towards the path of Cultivation, he could tell, Kibo's words were true.

Kibo smiled and said, "If you want, I can take you as an Outer Sect Desciple, if you restart your cultivation and obtain Godhood within a hundred years, I will allow you to become a Core Sect Disciple. By the way, the name of my Sect is, Kame Hoshikage, God Star Shadow Sect."

Yun Mo shook again, he looked at Kibo with stars in his eyes, then he sighed, "It's too late for me, I am 2,800 years old, if I reset my cultivation now, I'll die."

Kibo smiled and pointed to the cup of wine he poured, "Drink this and you'll not only survive, but it will improve your new foundation." Kibo then pulled out two more pills, "This is an Immortal Merrow Cleansing Pill, and this is an Immortal Blood Washing Pill. It will remove all the impurities and pill toxins you've built over the years."

Yun Mo suddenly bowed and slammed his head on to the table, "This one greets Master Kibo."

Kibo smiled and nodded his head, "Good, now reset your cultivation."

Yun Mo sighed as he released his Sealed Demi-God which was a Two-Headed Ice-Fire Serpent, they were said to be the king of all snakes and had around 10% of a True Dragon's blood.

Kibo nodded his head and said, "Nice Demi-God, however, her bloodline is a little lacking." Kibo then threw a few drops of Seiryu's blood and a few blood purification pills into the crystals subspace.

The Ice-Fire Serpent knew what it was given and immediately swallowed the blood and pills. It relished in the power it was given as it started its transformation into a Twin-Headed Ice-Fire Flood Dragon.

Yun Mo then stabbed all of his Chakra Points and cracked his Immortal Dantian.

His blood pooled out of his body as his Immortal Essence dripped away, he felt his Purple Core shatter and his longevity fading away, Kibo gathered up his lost Essence and formed it into an energy pill, then he forced the pills and Immortal Elixir down Yun Mo's throat just as his power waned down to that of a simple mortal.

The townspeople felt their leader suddenly lose energy and feared for the worst, they thought their leader had been killed, and thanks to Kibo flexing his God Aura temporarily, the other two Sect Heads flew over thinking he had discovered some kind of legendary treasure.

Kibo smiled as he watched the elder's body drain of toxins and impurities, he was covered in a thick black sludged that hardened into a soft rock substance.

Cracks formed over the Impurities as Yun Mo blasted them away revealing his youthful looks, he touched his face and noticed that he still had his beard, only it wasn't white anymore, he was at the mortal stage, and he looked as if he were a teenager again. Yun Mo was quite the handsome man.

He felt his smooth skin and his vibrant body, he could tell that something new was surging inside of him, his first Dantian, that was completely ignored before was now open, he had no idea that the Mortal Dantian was so important. He felt the Ki suddenly mixing with a new strange and natural energy he's never felt before.

"Now you're at the Mortal Foundation Stage, Chakra is one part physical energy, one part mental energy, Ki is Spirit and Emotion, and Nature comes from the energy of our surroundings." Kibo then taught him the basics of how to connect to these energies.

"By fusing Ki, Natural Energy, and Chakra, your Mortal Dantian is fed by what I call Heavenly Essence. Once you form your Golden Core, you must mix the energies Immortal Essence to make Origin Essence. I will provide you with a cultivation technique." Kibo gave him the Heavenly Mind, Body and Soul God Tier Cultivation technique. It wasn't as good as three legendary manuals, however, that was for Core and True Disciples Only.

After sending the information directly into his mind, Kibo said, "This is a God Tier Cultivation Method, if you follow this and can't form at least twelve leaves in twenty years, then you can forget about being my disciple."

Yun Mo shivered, gaining twelve leaves in twenty years was madness, but after discovering the cultivation technique's power, Yun Mo banged his head on the ground, "Master Kibo, I won't disappoint you, however, I don't have the resources..."

Kibo smiled, "I will send you to my inner world at a later date, and give you this for now." Kibo threw over a 10 Star Chambers, "Set your beast free and crush one while holding her." Since Kibo became a god, he could forge complete Star Chambers, no worse than the ones he bought from the Shop.

If the Cultivators in the Heaven Realm learned of this, they might lose their minds and kill him to Scour his soul for the method, that or imprison him to make it for him.

Yun Mo did as ordered, he crushed the relic and created a tiny world for his partner, Scelia.
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