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Author Note: I'm working full time now, so, it's been hard to upload lately; I'm still writing, but I have almost no time to myself these days, so in the future, most uploads will be five or so chapters at a time. I have like two hours to myself, then I work, come home and sleep. That's it, two hours or so to get ready for work and do this upload.


Kibo smiled as he stared at Vegeta, his favorite character in the Dragon Ball series, "Greetings prince Vegeta, I am Kibo Hoshi, I have summoned you across time and space to do battle with you."

Vegeta lifted a brow as he looked around, "Is this the Time Chamber? No, it's a bit different, it's similar to my Training Grounds, however, it doesn't have enough land...I see. You altered the Time Chamber with a wish, is this some alternate reality or timeline?"

Kibo frowned, "Training Grounds? Why is this Vegeta so talkative?" Kibo questioned.

"Because this version is like you, he is a reincarnated human," Navi explained.

Kibo's jaw but all dropped, "Wait, wait, wait, you're a reincarnated human?!"

Vegeta was stunned, "How did you know that?"

Kibo started laughing loudly, "This is amazing, so, Vegeta, who were you before you became Vegeta?"

Vegeta tilted his head, "I was born as Vegeta, I have always been Vegeta."

Kibo smiled, "Relax, your secret is safe with me, I am like you, only you are in the Narutoverse."

Vegeta's eyes widened, "Come again?"

Kibo laughed when he saw Vegeta's speechless expression, "Well, I was reborn with a system, what about you?"

Vegeta grunted as he said, "Hmph, a cheating assistant, for a weakling reincarnator, I was reborn with the ability to use magic and spells from the Dragon Quest games; all Dragon Quest games." Vegeta gave out a confident expression as he continued, "I achieved my current level of strength through my own efforts and training."

Kibo chuckled, "And the dragon balls I'm guessing?"

Vegeta paused but couldn't refute his words, he crossed his arms in a very Vegeta-like fashion and said, "Very well, so you summoned me to fight, but, how can I get back to my home?"

Kibo explained how the Summon Token works and a bit on how his System operates, "So if you win, you get a prize, this System of yours is cheap, indeed."

"And the Dragon Balls aren't?" Kibo jested.

Vegeta gave out a rare chuckle, "I suppose it isn't."

Kibo couldn't help but laugh, "Man, it feels funny talking to someone from the same Earth as I."

"Indeed, it is a bit odd," Vegeta followed up.

"So, when do we fight?" Vegeta asked as he stood into his stance.

Kibo grinned, "If you think that this is the same Naruto world that you know, then you are fooling yourself."

Kibo powered up to his Mastered Super Human State, "This is Super Human Stage 1."

Vegeta looked surprised, "Super Human?"

Kibo giggled at how little the Saiyan Prince knew about his own physiology, it seemed that this universe may be weak when it comes to the quality of energy, but, the Naruto Universe's understanding towards their energies far surpassed that of the Dragon Ball Universe.

Kibo started to explain a bit of the knowledge he gained about their ability to transform, "Your Chakra Gates are what allow you to achieve this power, specifically your Manipura Gate is responsible for your Golden Super-Saiyan Transformation States."

"That explains a lot actually, so humans and Saiyans are almost the same species, huh? I guess this is good news for Krillin, maybe there really is a Super Human State he can access," Vegeta said with a smile on his face.

Vegeta was genuinely interested in the knowledge Kibo was imparting, they two talked back and forth about training for days, Kibo couldn't help but ask about what he had done in the Dragon Ball-verse.

Vegeta's story enthralled Kibo to the point that he thought he was back on Old Earth reading a Fanfiction. (Winky-Face.)

Vegeta was no different when he heard of what Kibo did to this world he nodded his head with an impressed expression.

"So this world as a pathway to Immortality and Godhood, eh?" Vegeta asked as he rubbed his chin.

Kibo nodded his head and pulled out a bottle of his Immortal Wine, "Here, take this, it will extend your life span by millions of years."

Vegeta nodded his head and said, "Thank you, Bulma's going to love this."

Kibo also pulled the fruit from his Immortal Peachtree and a herb called the Longevity Flower, while handing them over, Kibo smiled and said, "It doesn't have the same effects as the wine, this will increase the Immortal Energy inside the body, but once it's fermented with this flower it will become the Immortal Wine that I gave you."

Vegeta pulled them into his hammerspace and said, "I think I have the perfect present for you."

Holding out his hand, Vegeta gave Kibo his Heavenly Wine to Kibo and said, "This is a wine made from the Tree of Might's Fruit, seeing as you already have one, I'll spare giving you a fruit, but take this as well."

Vegeta handed over a tome contained dozens of techniques, the Kamehameha, Galic Gun, Instant Transmission, Hammer-Space Technique, and many more were included. Kibo was very thankful towards Vegeta and showed his the training room inside the time chamber.

Vegeta nodded his head with an impressed stare, "So, these are all these world's techniques?"

Kibo smiled and nodded his head, "Yes, I used the Dragon Balls to wish for the cultivation techniques for humans in this universe."

"Interesting wish, well, I'm ready to go home, so let's do this," Vegeta said as he stretched his arm by rotating it.

Kibo nodded his head and led him to the outside of the building, after flying away from the habitable zone, the two traversed all the way to an empty area with only the white void of the Time Chamber to look upon.

Vegeta held his hand up and said, "Show me what you can do, ninja boy."

Kibo grinned as he used his Flash God's Step, Vegeta's eyes widened as he saw Kibo speed, raising his arm to block, Kibo hit him directly on the shoulder with a spinning side kick.

Vegeta's feet dragged across the ground for a few inches, "Fast, but not enough strength."

"Azure Dragon God's Punch!" Kibo shouted while he threw out his fist, a giant depiction of the Azure Dragon roared out as a solid body of Origin Energy slammed into Vegeta sending him flying.

Vegeta grunted as he took the brunt of the blow, "Impressive, most of our techniques can only double or triple our Ki output, however, that attack of yours was hundreds of times stronger than a simple Kamehameha. It's the same with your movement technique's speed, interesting, you got my blood boiling."

Vegeta used his Instant Transmission to appear behind Kibo, with a powerful overhead smash, Kibo was struck in the back of the head and sent him flying to the ground.

Moments before Kibo slammed into the floor, he teleported behind Vegeta and shouted, "Blazing Pheonix God's Assualt."

Dozens of firey kicks slammed into Vegeta's back and covered his body in the myriad flames of the legendary Pheonix.

Vegeta was sent flying through the air once more, only this time, he was on fire, "Douse!" Vegeta shouted causing a wave of water to crash into his body, "Galic Gun!" A bright, violet beam shot out from the steam causing Kibo to doge as quickly as he could.

A massive explosion went off, causing the entire Time Chamber to shake, Kibo appeared beside Vegeta and shot out with a fierce combo, but, Vegeta was ready for him, he blocked every punch with extreme precision, not a single wasted or excessive movement in technique or fighting style, Kibo was shocked as he continued to hit him with everything that he had.

"Azure Dragon God's Flurry of Blows! Blazing Pheonix God's Rage! White Tiger God's Claws! Black Tortoise God's Snake Fang." Vegeta snickered as he dodged his attacks left and right.

The explosions of Kibo's technique constantly shook the entire Time Chamber, Vegeta was impressed by his movements and techniques but that was it, Vegeta clearly outclassed Kibo in sheer power, and was being led around by his nose.

"Chaos End!" Kibo shouted as he held his hands out in a very Kamehameha like stance, a large quantity of chaotic energy built up in his hands, Vegeta's eyes widened.

Reacting as quickly as possible, Vegeta powered up a Super Galic Gun and shot it towards Kibo's blast. Expecting a beam struggle, Vegeta was taken aback by the nature of Kibo's attack.

The moment their energies clashed, Kibo's Chaotic blast seemed to absorb Vegeta's Ki and got stronger as it traveled upward towards Vegeta.

Vegeta ceased his attack and teleported away, holding one hand at Kibo, Vegeta shouted, "Big Bang Bolt!"

Magic infused with Ki as a bolt of electricity gathered around the sphere in Vegeta's hands, Kibo's senses went awry as a massive lightning ball charged towards him.

Kibo held up his hand-sign and created his Asura Avatar, Vegeta's eyes widened as the giant fists slammed into him in a wild and furious barrage, Vegeta was being thrown around like a rag-doll as Kibo continued his assault, Kibo saw blood and wounds forming on Vegeta's body, however, the Saiyan's face only showed an expression of joy.

As Kibo's fist came down on top of Vegeta, Kibo felt a sudden eruption of power shatter the Asura's arm. Vegeta punched out with all of the strength and hit Kibo directly in the center of the Avatar's gut.

Kibo's giant Asura body flung back and bounced off the surface of the ground causing a massive crater to form around him, the Asura Avatar bounced across the ground like an out of control ball, Vegeta appeared behind Kibo and punched out again, a massive hole appeared in the center of the Avatar, sending Kibo's real body flying through the air.

Kibo raised his arms in defense as Vegeta landed a flying knee kick in the center of his chest, Kibo yelled out in pain as he crashed into the floor; before he could react, Vegeta let loose a volley of high-speed Ki Blasts.

"Black Tortoise God's Shell!" Kibo shouted as a barrier of Death energy surrounded him and absorbed the Ki Blasts.

Vegeta stared at the dark shadow that surrounded Kibo in trepidation, raising his hands into the air, Vegeta gathered up a large amount of life energy and shouted, "Holy Spirit Bomb!"

Throwing the sphere of dense energy at Kibo, the reaction when it hit created a cataclysmic explosion of energy that sent Kibo flying out of the smoke covered in bloody wounds.

Vegeta shot forward and started to lay into Kibo with a series of ardent blows, ten punches to the gut, nine to his face, three elbows to his chin, a dozen kicks to his body, and finally an overhead swing that crashed into the back of Kibo's skull.

As Kibo fell towards the ground he felt like every bone in his body was shattered, Vegeta held his hands back and started to power up, "Super Galic Kamehameha."

Kibo took the full brunt of the blast, he could feel the Ki trying to rip apart his body, screaming out in pain, Kibo struggled to lift his fist, the pressure from the beam was pinning him to the ground, Kibo summoned all of his strength and barely managed to lift his arm upward, "Sword God Array!"

A massive array appeared around Vegeta, who was still maintaining his Super Galic Kamehameha, he didn't have time to react before blades made of Chaotic energy engulfed his body.

Vegeta felt the pain of the Chaotic Blades as they cut through his flesh, using his instant transmission, Vegeta escaped the array, but not without consequences, he was covered in blood, slashes, and stab wounds, he stared at Kibo with an impressed look as he said, "Full Heal."

Kibo's eyes widened as all the damage done to Vegeta was completely erased, just like magic, "Wait, it is magic." Kibo laughed as he pulled out his sword, "I hope you don't mind?"

Vegeta could sense a fearsome power coming from the surface of Kibo's blade and grinned wildly, "Fun! But shouldn't you heal yourself?"

Kibo grinned, "Not yet, my physique hasn't been dealt enough damage, I don't mean to sound like Fox from MGS, but hurt me more Snake!"

Vegeta laughed, "Okay, you asked for it."
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