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In a spiraling Jade castle surrounded by a glittering emerald city, the leader of the Otsutuski clan rested on his throne surrounded by his royal court members, they were conversing amongst each other about various matters concerning their clan, when someone from the Otsutsuki clan suddenly barged in through the doors and shouted, "My Lord!"

The leader of the Otsutuski Branch Family was sitting behind a silk-like curtain that only allowed his silhouette to be seen, "What is Watcher?" The clan leader's voice boomed.

The one known as Watcher gulped and bowed down while shaking all over, he then placed his hands out revealing a broken jade tablet, "My lord, your daughter's soul tablet has shattered."

The room was suddenly filled with killing intent, "Who?! Which God dares to strike down my kin?!" Lord Ōkuninushi shouted in rage.

"My lord, please calm yourself, it was not done at the hands of another, she was destroyed by Punishment Lightning!" The Watcher said as he groveled on the ground.

The killing intent deepened, "Call the Otsutsuki Brat from the Branch Clan at once!"

It didn't take long for a young, confident looking white-haired youth to walk in, he had three eyes, and each of them had a perfected purple Rennin-Sharingan with ten Tomoe circling it, one more than Kaguya had.

"Yes my lord, how may I serve you?" The man bowed down.

"Where is my daughter?" Ōkuninushi roared.

The Otsutsuki member gulped, "She...left to destroy the world of someone that scorned her many years ago."

"Oh...and why didn't you join her?" Ōkuninushi said frowning as his Killing Intent grew.

"Why should I, my lord? It was only a low tier world with a single god to be born from it." The Otsutsuki member said with fear in his voice.

"Low tier world huh?" Ōkuninushi said as he raised his hand, the Otsutsuki youth felt his body being lifted into the air, blood began to pool from his lips as he shouted, "Why my Lord? Why?"

Ōkuninushi started to squeeze him in a death Vice, "I married her to you so that the bloodline would stay pure, and since she was the weakest of my Kin, I even went so far as to overlook your philandering ways allowing you to have multiple wives, just because I thought you could keep her SAFE!"

The ground started to shake as the Otsutsuki Branch family prodigy struggled for dear life, he flew across the throne room and into the grasps of a muscular hand that stretched out from behind the silk veil, Ōkuninushi grabbed the youth by his throat, "She went to a low tier world did she, then why is she dead now?"

The Otsutsuki member froze, "She's what?"


"The...world...of that Goddess that turned you down for that monkey demon!" The Otsutsuki Heir screamed through having the life strangled out of him!

Ōkuninushi slammed his face into the ground and stepped on it, "You fucking idiot, that universe may have low tier life forms on it, but it was once a piece of Pangu's central land! Do you have any idea what you've done? I've already sent my strongest men to chase down that bitch and her filthy monkey, you should have kept Kaguya at the estate!"

"Jade Emperor, please forgive me, I beg of you!" The Otsutsuki Heir screamed.

"Die you pathetic piece of trash!" Ōkuninushi raised his hand and suddenly pulled the Heir behind the curtain as he started to absorbed him, the other members of the clan winced in pain as they heard their Clan's young master scream and beg for mercy while being killed in the worst and most painful way imaginable.

"Call the Otsutsuki Clan Head and inform him of what happened here today, order him to find out what happened to my daughter, and kill off everyone in the Otsutuki that comes back." Ōkuninushi then turned to the man standing in full armor next to the curtain, "Okuniyatsu, go destroy the Otsutsuki Clan, leave not a single man, woman or child, I don't even want to hear of a single surviving Otsutsuki member, kill everyone, everyone has to die, right down to their family pets."

The armored God-Warrior nodded his head and disappeared, the remaining Otsutsuki members quaked in fear as they tried to run, "And just where the hell do you think you're going!?" Ōkuninushi shouted as he slammed his hand down crushing all of the Otsutsuki clan members into dust before absorbing them in a wave of particles that flew into the center of his palm.

"Let this be a lesson to you all, this is what will happen if you screw up my plans," Ōkuninushi threatened the rest of the Branch families around him, "NOW GET BACK TO WORK YOU SCUM!" Ōkuninushi sat back in his throne and dreaded the event of explaining to his 3rd wife's that their only daughter was killed.


Back on Earth, the morning light shined down on Kibo's body as he began to move.

Kibo's eyes winced together as he woke, his whole body felt like he was put through a meat grinder, and that he was covered in a bunch of bandages like a mummy, reaching up to his face, Kibo removed the wrapping around his eyes and saw that he was inside his own hospital.

He looked over to see his Shikigami, Eve, through his room's windows, Eve could be seen running back and forth outside his room, she was constantly attending to other patients and teaching fellow upcoming medical Nin with ease, everyone seemed to love Eve as they talked with her while containing great smiles across their cheeks.

Kibo then looked around the room and saw Karin sleeping on the chair next to his bed while her head rested near his lap, Karin's hand was tightly wrapped around his own, every once and a while, Karin mumbled out, "Kibo, I l~u~v you."

Kibo smiled and grunted as he tried to sit up, he quickly inspected his body to discover a new Fruit Blooming on his Dao Tree, it had the Kanji for the word, Divine, written on its surface glowed and crackled with a bit of multicolored lightning.

Before Kibo could inspect it, he grabbed his head and noticed that a chime went off in his head.

[Secret Mission 'Immortal Slays the God!' Accomplished; Reward: Fruit of the World Tree, Immortal Peach Wine, Heavenly Decree, 10 Billion System Points.]

Kibo smiled and checked his inventory to discover his new items and the Eye of Kaguya that he snatched away at the end of their fight, he looked over at Karin and petted her head, "Thank you for looking after me." Kibo whispered as he heard the sound of the door opening.

"Kibo!" Shion's voice called out as she ran over and jumped into him while wrapping her arms around his neck, "Ow, ow, ow, Pain!" Kibo shouted waking up Karin who joined Shion in hugging him.

Kibo sighed and wondered why he was even feeling pain, he then used his senses discovered that his 8 Gates were slightly wounded and were in the process of healing, Kibo pulled out a handfull healing pills and swallowed a them at the same time, while the medicinal effects spread throughout his body, Kibo used his medical technique to recover the remaining damage like it was nothing.

For a few seconds, Kibo's body was cloaked in Holy energy until all the damage he had received started to heal rapidly.

He held his wives closer to himself and smiled, "How long was I out?"

The two looked at him and started crying, "Seven Days, you were sleeping for seven days!" Karin shouted as she buried her face into his chest.

"You're entire Chakra Network was shattered, it took Tsunade's healing technique and a ton of medicine to get you back up to almost normal!" Shion said wiping the tears from her eyes.

Kibo kissed his wives foreheads before he stood up and put on a new set of clothes, "Thank you both for helping me."

Kibo took them into his arms and closed his eyes as he placed his head on top of their's and smiled, "I'm okay now." Kibo pulled himself back and flexed, "See, all healed up, better than ever!"

The two women shook their heads and smiled, "Come on, everyone was waiting for you to wake up."

Kibo walked outside and saw that his floating village was getting quite crowded, he looked to Shion and said, "You did well settling in the new clan members from the various villages."

Shion blushed and said, "I'm used to running things, I was big time shrine maiden, remember?"

Kibo laughed and felt Karin jab his waist, "Hey, I helped protect this place too, and I practically run the hospital!"

Kibo wrapped his arm around her and chuckled, "You did a wonderful job as well."

As he placed a kiss on her forehead, Kibo heard a loud shout, "Nii-San!" Naruto jumped over and gave him a flying tackle hug.

Kibo's feet skidded back across the ground as he stopped Naruto's movements, he hugged his brother back and said "Hey bro, how you been?"

Naruto pulled back and smiled, everyone that heard Naruto yell looked over and were alerted to their leader awakening, people began to crowd around them most of them friends.

"Where were you, bro? You were gone for so long!" Naruto complained as tears of joy fell from his eyes.

Kibo waved his hands for the crowd to calm down, "I kind of ended up at a special training ground, it's called the planet of Demi-Gods, and it was really far away so it took a while for me to come back."

"Planet, you went to a different planet?" Shion shouted in surprise.

Kibo nodded his head, "Yeah, I set up a teleportation Array there, so once I set one up here, we'll have a way to traverse between the two." Kibo then gave a brief description of the world and the legendary beasts roaming them, "It will be a useful training ground in the future, where one can search for mythical Demi-God level Chakra Beasts."

Everyone shook at the prospect of gaining more strength, however, many of them could only have a single partner, in order to gain a new one, they must abandon the old.

But Kibo had not only solved this problem, but he also improved the situation for everyone by raising his crafting abilities to god-like levels, one of the objects he improved was the Star Chamber's efficiency, now one could hold up to 3 different Chakra Beasts to train.

After hearing of the new Star Chambers that will soon arrive, the crowd erupted into cheers, Kibo did everything he could to calm them down and tell them a bit about his future plans, like usual, Kibo made sure to tell them to continue acting a peaceful manner towards other nations, and to keep sending in worthwhile talent.

Thanks to having the previous Immortals back, Kibo learned many things from them, he even made them a magical device to sense a persons talent level, the glass like orb would search their bodies for three factors, Physical Power, Spirit Power, and Immortal Power and rate it on a scale from 1 through 10.

It also could read for any Kekkei-Genkai that it comes across, it can even break down the information in their genetic code and describe how their Kekkei Genkai works.

Kibo continued to enjoy the moment of peace that they had and watched his empire grow while working his ass off to become a god.

He knew that Kaguya was considered one of the more weaker Gods, and even then, killing her proved to be a challenge, he couldn't imagine taking on an army of Gods that were suppressed to Immortal levels alone.

After settling back in at home, Kibo went straight into the time chamber to train and spend more time with his wives.

A few days later, Kibo sat back in his bed, next to him were his wives, both of them completely naked, pulling up the covers over them, Kibo went outside of the cabin and started to search through his inventory.

"I have a lot of items to check through," Kibo said grinning as he pulled out the eye Kaguya, he laughed as he inspected the fruit, "Navi, give me the specs on this thing."
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