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Lim Si Hyun did not believe the existence of the advanced cyborg so easily. It took a few hours just to convince him. Even after that, he is still in a dubious state.

-[I will speak with the government and vice masters, and contact you again.]

This is the answer that Lim Si Hyun gave Cha Jun Sung. If it really is an advanced cyborg, they have no reason not to give him an advance for the parts.

It is a power that can fight with level 4. Parasitism is also impossible for it because it is a machine. To parasites, it is a bothersome creature that is not nutritious.

Lim Si Hyun said that he would handle Seven Stars, and left the government to Han Chang Jin. The groups are different, so his say does not matter to them.

The cadres of the 2 groups said that they could not believe it, and asked to see Hercules’ power. They say that they will give an advance for the items after that.

That is not hard to do. Cha Jun Sung showed Seven Stars and the government how Hercules can complete a 5000 point mission by himself.

They had only heard of it and were very surprised because it was the first time they were seeing it for themselves.

The advance was confirmed. Cha Jun Sung asked for 7 D class energy cores. He told them to figure out who would give him 3 and who would give him 4 amongst themselves.

It was decided that Seven Stars would provide 3 energy cores, the flame thrower, and necessities, while the government would provide the other 4. He received the energy cores within a few days.

Cha Jun Sung ran to the briefing room, held his trembling heart, and created the C class energy core. It took 7 D class energy cores and 20,000 points.

He will have 4 leftover if he succeeds with 3, but it is worth crying over if this fails.

Odin gave fear of failing, but the production was fortunately a success. Hercules’ specifications had finally become worth its 5 million points.

He started working to come up with the points for body modifications himself.

After about 2 weeks, Lim Si Hyun proposed a 13,000 point mission to try seeing how they work together. He seems light, but he is a thorough person in various aspects.

Cha Jun Sung convened the party members. It is not a bad idea to do a warm-up exercise. They should use this chance to introduce themselves properly and to gain trust.


Hercules is fighting with a mutant twice its size.

It brandishes the vibrating weapon and blasts the buster. The radius around the monsters fighting became a mess. They have never seen such chaos.

There are dozens of Lifers standing far from the battle zone.

They are Cha Jun Sung’s party, Seven Stars, and government officials. They watched the battle and engraved the cyborg’s power in their minds.

“To battle with a Giant Hammer! And it isn’t pushed back!”

They look to be level on the outside, but Hercules is actually at an advantage.

The energy core had been limited to 70%. It is fighting the Giant Hammer without 30% of its power. If it deploys the remainder, it could even take on 2 of them.

Cha Jun Sung is holding back on the power because of the charging points. If he uses 100% of it, there is a huge difference in the amount of points that are used up. There is no point in wasting.

The Giant Hammer slams down its hammer hand weighing hundreds of kilograms. Hercules extended its left hand toward the hammer.


The buster’s shockwave flings the hammer out. As the Giant Hammer’s arm is twisted, it loses balance toward one side.

In that state, Hercules fired the buster again at its face. The shock makes the giant scream and fall over.

Its brain was shaken and it cannot get back up. Hercules went on the Giant Hammer’s chest and aimed the buster precisely at its face.

There is a continuous firing function in the buster too. It might fall behind in power, but the continuity is like that of a machine gun. The power is enough to rip a human to shreds as well.

It cannot stay sane when such a weapon is being fired in series.

Hercules did not stop its attack on the Giant Hammer until it stopped writhing in pain.

It wrapped it up with the vibrating weapon. It killed the Giant Hammer by cutting its neck.

-[You have earned 14,000 points.]

It is middle class. It is stronger than a Black Ghost and weaker than a Destroyer. If it had been the Destroyer, there would have been a lot of repairs to make even if they won.

“Kill completed!”

“You worked hard.”

Cha Jun Sung praised Hercules’ efforts. The Lifers are envious. If they have just 2 of those, they could sweep any level D mission.

They had completed a 13,000 point mission with just 1. They want to know how to get such a cyborg, but they cannot ask more when he says that it was by chance.

“Is that a pass?”

“Of course. Well, this advance mission might turn out to be easier than we thought.”

Pass? He does not need to ask. The Lifers were speechless in front of the cyborg’s power, since they had only seen it in the virtual version.

It catches everything by itself. Even if they think about helping it, there is nothing to help with. If it fights with mutants in the center of the party, they will feel as if they had a thousand person military.

“Have you stuck to this method of hunting since you got the cyborg?”

“I can’t say that I haven’t. As you can see, it is safe and comfortable….. I need to quickly gather points to fix this guy up.”

He had poured everything into this investment. If he had relied on himself as a Lifer instead of on Hercules, he would not have been able to do this with such speed.

His body modification will also be finished a day or two before going into the mission. Just as he had done with Field of Meat, he had gone through all of the processes that he could go through in level D as well.

He had not been able to touch the level C store yet. There are a lot of items that he needs or wants to purchase, but he is not advancing from his drought with points.

“We have something to tell the two of you separately.”

“Do you mean just us?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin understood and sent his cadres back.

The only people left in the mission now were Cha Jun Sung, his party, and the two leaders of their respective groups. They had discussed plenty, but what more is there to be said?

“It is about Koharu, who we introduced earlier.”

“Ms. Koharu?”

Lim Si Hyun knows Mizuki Koharu well. There is also a light acquaintance. They are of different nationalities, but they cannot help but know each other because he is an actor and she is a famous model.

“She is Amhu.”


“It’s nice to see you again. We hid it earlier when everyone else was around because it could become messy.”

She had met Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin in missions before. In a world where everyone is linked, they had even been in parties together before. The reason why they had not recognized her? She had changed the character’s appearance.

There are few Lifers who go around with their true faces. Cha Jun Sung had also changed the features of his character to be sharp like the swords he is specialized in.

“There are 4 rankers here. I realize how Cha Jun Sung adheres to the minority. The occupation balance is excellent.”

Cha Jun Sung and Koharu are close-range, Park Jin Hyuk is the cover, and Kyoko is the support.

When looking at current abilities, Park Jin Hyuk should be the best of the Lifers all over the world. Someone who has not yet opened level C cannot even be an opponent.

Lim Si Hyun’s group does not know what Park Jin Hyuk is like yet. They just think that he is a pretty good sniper. They do not step up and let them know.

“Is there anything else you hid?”

“No, there isn’t anything else.”

“We would like to keep maintaining a good relationship.”

The potential of the 36 rankers is their know-how. They have faced level 8 mutants and countless experiences that average Lifers could not have.

There must be Lifers who are excellent even if they are not rankers. But unlike these people who are uncertain, rankers have capabilities.

In that sense, Cha Jun Sung’s party can be highly anticipated in the future. As long as they do not become enemies, they will advance quickly if they help each other.

“It is in 8 days. We will prepare the gear, so just match the time.”

They do not need to go out of their way to go to Seven Stars. If they go to an assigned room, they can all gather and enter the mission together no matter where they are in the world.

“Don’t worry about it.”


Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin returned. It is in 8 days. Cha Jun Sung must finish his body modifications.
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