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Life Mission Chapter 74

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Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin heard the rumors through their subordinates and confirmed that it is true today. A middle class cyborg is an item that is not in level D.

“I see everyone is rejecting this.”

“Because there’s no merit.”

“Then can you just help us when there is an important mission?”

It is a request separate from joining. The large guilds are preparing to go into 10,000 point missions. This is the same for Seven Stars and the government.

These two groups will combine half of their strength to make an attempt. They decided to do this in a month. They need to reinforce power in order to do this.


If they enter a 10,000 mission, they need to rot inside the mission for at least 1 or 2 weeks. Then who will handle the points that need to be gathered during that time?

“I guess the fact that you’re operating a bus means that you are in that much need for points?”

“My Hercules isn’t fine, so there are a ton of parts that I need to buy. And I am falling short on points to buy my own gear with.”

It is true. Cha Jun Sung is struggling in a drought of points. Once he buys a few more parts, it will be time to work on gathering achievement points.

“If you lend us yours, the cyborg’s, and your party’s strength, we will give you all of the points you would need to gather during that time.”

These people? Do they know how many points he earns each time he operates the bus?

“Don’t you make around 40,000 points each day? I guess you fall just short.”

His calculation is fast because he leads a large guild. If the two groups help him, he will save on a lot of the points he needs for Hercules’ parts.

“If you help us, you can get 40,000, as many mutants as you need. We will give you the same treatment and conditions that guild executives are given.”

Lim Si Hyun is saying that he will make it so that he can buy the items he needs all at one time. It is really hard to reject.

If he has 3 level D artificial intelligences and 20,000 points, he can produce level C artificial intelligence. It uses up achievements, but the important thing is completing the large parts.

“If you accept this proposal, we could purchase it for you.”

Cha Jun Sung’s eyes wavered. Do they have more points than they need? The two groups have been operating buses since the very beginning. That has been saved and saved.

Of course tens of thousands of points is burdensome to them as well, but it is an investment for the future.

“Don’t you need to experience a 10,000 point mission anyway?”

Experience? He has done it before. He has done 20,000 points! They will probably not believe him if he says that he fought with a Destroyer. It is a monster that he wants to avoid until Hercules is complete.

‘Should I do it?’

If he stays in a mission for even 1 week, he will get 560,000 points worth of parts.

And large ones at that. If he combines the points that he earns before going in, he might be able to get rid of most of Hercules’ internal defects.

‘Let’s ask.’

He will need to hear what the party members think. He cannot swallow it all by himself. Lim Si Hyun and Han Chang Jin did not rush Cha Jun Sung, and waited for his answer.

“I will discuss it with my party members.”

“If it’s not too much to ask… can we take a look at the cyborg?”


He pressed the summons button on the PDA. It is so big that it does not even fit in the space compression bag and he does not want to leave it at home, so he is keeping it in the briefing room.


Every time he summons it, a couple hundred points are deducted. He is showing it to them for free as a service. With this much, it is okay to show it off.

Hercules came out of the summons gate. Because of all the points he poured into it, the inside is a mess but its appearance is shiny.

“Wow! It’s impressive. How on earth did you get this?”

Lim Si Hyun looks on in admiration. Seven Stars went around hundreds and thousands of missions to find missions that they can use, but they had never come across a jackpot.

How many points is a middle class cyborg? It will surpass 1 million. There is more value when they have the points but cannot purchase it.

“Is level 3 the limit like in the virtual version?”

“Since it’s middle class.”

“If you just arm it, it will be able to take on level 4 mutants on its own.”

It is categorized as middle class, but it is higher. It will bring shock if he reveals it, so he will hide it.

If he accepts the proposal and goes into a 10,000 point mission, they will find that out as well. Since he has not accepted it yet, he can think about it then.


-[I have alerted Overload. Please search mission Black Island.]

A text message came in to Lim Si Hyun. It was right before her patience was running out.

Ice Queen searched Black Island on her PDA. An open room caught her eye. If they enter that, they can meet Overload.



-[Search Black Island and apply for the party. Overload is there.]


Boom Busker cheers. He is just as exhausted as Ice Queen. They waited weeks to meet Cha Jun Sung. This is all because of Lim Si Hyun.

‘When I got the contact, I was with Overload. He was extremely uncomfortable when he heard that you had gotten information on him through hacking.’

Ice Queen thought that it was too late for them to join forces now. All she has to do is tell them the results back in America, but first impressions were not good.

‘I will arrange a meeting since you do not have bad intentions. Please wait.’

Lim Si Hyun said that he would create a good atmosphere for them to speak, and asked for them to wait until he got in contact. They did not want to do it, but accepted.

There was no news even as weeks passed by. In America, they were urging for news as well. They were thinking of waiting just one more day, when Lim Si Hyun called.

-[Don’t goad him. Overload does not avoid provocations.]

-[Can’t I try taking him on? There are 8 rankers he brought down. Blood King of PK ranking is included there.]

-[Are you upset that you lost to Blood King? So much that you want to take it out on Overload?]

Boom Busker did not respond immediately. He lost to Blood King. But he wanted to go up against Overload because he had heard that he had beat Blood King.

Ice Queen closed her eyes. Boom Busker wants to beat Overload who beat Blood King to get satisfaction.

Say he wins against Overload. Does it mean anything? Everyone is just starting out by struggling and crawling through it. At this point, it is pointless to try to see who is stronger.

This is reality. They are not even in the 9th stage of body modifications and they do not have battle shoots. Their weapons are crude as well. They have not filled even 1% of their abilities in the virtual version.

-[Do you have the confidence to beat him when he finds his ability again and freely uses the over booster? Do you think it’s a joke that those 8 people lost?]

There is an order to the 36 rankers. Life Mission is not a level game.

It is an advancement system unlike the reality version in various aspects. The 36 rankers are all Lifers who have passed the final promotion. The conditions are the same.

The outcome is decided on control, body modification, and subtle differences in equipment, and 8 of the 14 who came within the top 20 rankings lost to him.

There are 2 people in the top 5 as well. Of those 2, one is Blood King.

-[We came to Korea on official business for America. Forget your personal emotions, or find Blood King and take it out with him.]

-[I can’t win in a verbal fight with women.]

Boom Busker threw up a white flag. He had said it half joking, but she had taken it too seriously. If he had said one more thing, it looks like they would have gotten into a fight.

-[Odin accepted the party application. Will you enter?]

-[I will enter. Please get ready.]

-[Yes! Queen.]


Ice Queen and Boom Busker’s bodies disappeared from the hotel. When they opened their eyes again, they saw Overload leaning against a wall, waiting for them.
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