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Life Mission Chapter 68

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Cha Jun Sung turned his right arm. It healed over 2 days. He had thought that it could be treated like other normal injuries by going into the healing capsule.

“You said it would have taken at least 1 week if I had left my arm there? Whew! How scary!”

2 days is considered fast. It had been a strange feeling when he picked up his arm but fortunately, there had been something he saw before that made him take it with him.

They said treatment was easy because the cut was clean. It was frustrating because he could not move one arm. It consumed several times what it normally took as well.

“Huh! I’ve been looking at it for 2 days straight but I don’t get sick of it. Why is there so much?”

While he was healing, he was lost in looking through the level C mission list and store.

Excluding a part of it, E-D class store is full of items that can be created with modern science. Starting with C class on the other hand, there is a mix of half.

Even the types of weapons exceed professional levels with guns. It is even possible to purchase a panzer, tank, or helicopter.

“There’s nothing easy in any of the missions either. My expectations were exactly right.”

As long as the effort is made in level E, it is possible to go up to level D. This is where the first test comes. He experienced 2 level Ds, but was promoted.

When fighting with something like the Destroyer, how many out of 100 people would survive?

There will be many Lifers who get stuck with level 4 and give up on advancing to level C. It is unnecessary to mention S through B because those are matters of the future.

The range for level C reward points is quite wide, from 10,000 to 2 million. It destroys the point system existing in levels D through E.

He can understand. The Caicus is a level 5. Could he guess what a level 6 is like?

The points do not increase just because of the mutant’s power. Missions become more complicated as the maps span more distance and there are more variables.

As the difficulty grows, it becomes harder for Lifers to advance. They need to pass this to go higher.

If D is a test, C will be a wall of despair.

“Now there are such things called achievement points.”

It is a system that did not exist in D and E. These achievement points are needed to purchase items from the class C store. But not all items require this.

Categories that are considered absolutely necessary to Lifers ask for a certain amount. It is a way to estimate the standard of activity in a mission.

If mediocre Lifers somehow make it to level C by hopping on the backs of others, they cannot purchase items even if they have a lot of points.

It is the helpers’ early measures of blocking out indiscriminate promotions. Could killing mutants be the only way to earn achievement points?

The main method is to kill them, but the process is just as important. Did they kill it alone, was it with other people, did they just get help without putting in any effort of their own?

It is calculated in real-time by the helper that follows each Lifer. Levels C and D are the limits for bus Lifers, and level C is really half and half.

This makes no difference to talented Lifers like Cha Jun Sung. The points will come in if they keep fighting as they had been.

“….. I’m losing motivation looking at this.”


Cha Jun Sung looked at an item on the hologram with fascination. Then he saw the points to purchase it and quickly became depressed.

-[Basic Type Battle Shoot: 10,000,000 points.]

-[Description: As the basic model of the battle shoot, it uses the helper’s artificial intelligence to create the best combat experience and attack power. Upgrades vary widely according to the style.]

“Ho ho!”

He could not help laughing. He was in a state of disbelief. Goodness! It is not 1 million, but 10 million points!

It would take several years to gather that much even if he earned thousands of points every day.

-[It is possible if you complete a 5000 point level D mission 140 times.]

Odin suddenly started talking. He says 140, but this is not made to buy. It means they do not mean to sell it. That is right. It is an ornament.

The number of mutants that appear changes according to the reward points. Calculated on standards of the Biology Institute, there could be over 70,000 points if handled alone.

“You guys have no conscience. Do you even want to sell the battle shoot?”

-[Tsk tsk! Do you even know what kind of item that is? If you go through the 4th stage of body modifications and have the battle shoot, you could take 20,000 points all by yourself.]

“How many points do you give me if I earn 20,000 points! You won’t give much.”

-[We give 400,000 to 450,000.]

That is a lot. If he gets 450,000 in one mission, it will be quick to save millions. But what good is that? That is possible on the grounds that he has the battle shoot.

“I guess the only thing that is of comfort is the body modification.”


The store window changes. It goes from the battle shoot to body modification.

-[Body Modification, 3rd Stage, 100%: 400,000 points]

-[Body Modification, 4th Stage, 100%: 800,000 points]

-[It would be difficult to find level 4 with the 4th stage, but 3rd stage is enough. It will suffice for missions under 10,000.]

He needs 1.2 million points total. At this rate, he will not be able to escape the sea of points. But this is nothing compared to the battle shoot.

“Let’s go to the briefing room to take care of the junk you were about to dispose of.”

-[It will become useful if you just invest the points into it. Exert yourself more.]

“Alright alright. Send me.”


The image Cha Jun Sung waving his hand to not be bothered was irksome.
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