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Life Mission Chapter 67

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A pair of blades are sprouting from the area of the male’s armpits. They are shaped for carving.


The cyborg looked at Cha Jun Sung. It is artificial intelligence, but it did not interfere regarding quitting the mission. It does not care if he wants to die.

-[Enemy confirmed! External armor reinforced! Closed in mode! Vibrating weapons, buster mounted!]


A sturdy metal armor covers the cyborg. Its left and right hands changed into a vibrating weapon and a buster that generates shockwaves.

The level 4 Destroyer looks up toward the top of the mountain. The prey over there is what made it so that he could not even retrieve his older child.

With one jump, it advances dozens of meters. It would arrive at Park Jin Hyuk in a few steps and a few seconds, but they would not sit back and watch.

The cyborg approached at high speed and launched the buster at the male’s side. The male’s flesh pushed back at the great shockwave.


The ground shook as though a boulder had fallen. The male acted as if it felt nothing, brushed off its side, and got up from the ground.

-[If we kill it, level C opens up.]

-[Since it takes 5 seconds to return, shall we run away if the cyborg gets pushed back? I know because I’ve played a lot of games, but you need to take it when the opportunity comes.]


Park Jin Hyuk held up the Head Hunter. The male sensed movement in the air and blocks it with the blades. The bullet is unable to penetrate the blades and becomes embedded on the surface.

The 3cm blade became twice as thick and is like a steel wall.

The cyborg and male face off. It is completely different from fighting with Cha Jun Sung. He cannot even participate as it is a complete war of monsters.

He would be killed by even one hit from either of them.

“You said inferior goods?”

There could be defects with the weapons or the cyborg itself. He does not know when it might be disposed of. It is risky to get involved once the cyborg is disadvantaged. He needs to go in now.

-[Kill the female and baby.]

-[You’re going to create an opportunity? I’m aiming at them now anyway.]

The female and baby are puzzled by the male’s change. It must be hard for even a mutant to understand. There is a way to create a huge blow.

-[Kill the female first.]


A bullet from the Head Hunter goes through the female’s head. He had always been too late when the Slayers were aware of the bullets. Letting their guard down is the downfall for mutants and humans alike.



The baby is wandering confused. The male’s attention goes to the baby. It sees the female fall over. It had lost the female as well as the older child.



The cyborg’s kick hit the back of the male’s knees.

It lost its balance because it had not been paying attention, and fell back. So it would not be able to get up, the cyborg shot a series of shockwaves at its chest with the buster.



Cha Jun Sung kicked off from the ground. He remembered what Park Jin Hyuk had said. Once they step into a mission, the possibility is the difference and they are at the crossroads of life and death.

It is wise. They are always risking their lives. To advance farther than others? Then they need to risk more.

What if they quit, go into a force, and perform a 20,000 point advance mission? They need more than 100 people to take on something like the Destroyer.

With the appearance of the advanced cyborg, they had acquired information on the mission and the chance to complete the mission with reinforcements.

[Shoot the baby too!]

They do not consider the baby as a powerful force either. It is a weakness with which to distract the male.


The baby follows the female. The male looks devastated. He feels empty. In the course of a day, his entire family has been killed and he is all alone in the world.


Cha Jun Sung went behind the male fallen on the ground, stepped on its shoulder, and bound it. At the feeling of someone stepping on its shoulder, the male waved its blade around.

“Ack! Die!”

He avoided the first blade, but the second cut Cha Jun Sung’s right arm off. He clenched his teeth and did not loosen his hold on the Wolf Kill with his left hand.

He can be treated in the briefing room. He cannot quit now after coming all the way here.


The Wolf Kill penetrated the male’s head and went through its brains. Cha Jun Sung stuck it in and jumped down. Blood is seeping out. He feels dizzy.

-[Jun Sung!]

Park Jin Hyuk was surprised and came down from the mountain. It is the first injury in their mission.


Bang bang!

The cyborg keeps attacking the male. It will only stop once it stops breathing.

The male cannot find balance between of the pain in its head and the attacks, and flails. It has incredible vitality as it can move even after having its brain penetrated.

-[You have earned 20,000 points.]

It must be at the top of level 4 mutants because they earned 10 times what they would for a level 3.

-[You have cleared Slayer’s Prison with 2 conjunction special missions nested inside. Level C missions and store have been opened.]

Ha ha ha ha!

It is a huge success. Level C missions and store have been opened. As long as they have the points, they can go through the 4th stage of body modifications and purchase the battle shoot.

-[Cha Jun Sung… How could you…]

There is shock in Odin’s voice. Rather than the mission completion, he is more surprised by how Cha Jun Sung had risked his life. It is not easy as it means throwing oneself away.

The start was foolhardy, but the end paid off. He is so ecstatic, he cannot express it. There is nothing he can do if he is called insane, but what can they do?

“Are you okay?”


“Ugh! Look at the blood!”

Park Jin Hyuk looked at Cha Jun Sung with admiration. It felt like he could get through arduous adversity as long as it was with Cha Jun Sung.

-[What are you going to do about the cyborg?]

“What about it?”

-[It is inferior goods that was sent to you to buy you time. Since it isn’t worth recovering, it is disposable. It is also out of energy, so it’s no longer of use to us.]

“I can keep it?”

-[That’s what I’m telling you to do. We didn’t know it would end like this.]


Cha Jun Sung touched the cyborg. It stopped when its target died.

[Were you not scared?]
“Of course I was. It’s terror. How could I not be scared when there’s a monster in front of me?”

He had not expressed it. He faced death several times. But he needs to advance. The day that he does not look up because a wall is high is the day it is all over.

“I’m going.”

-[It was a great play.]

He returned to the briefing room. There are a lot of things he gained in this mission.
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