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Life Mission Chapter 64

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Kyoko radioed in a few times but there was no response from Cha Jun Sung. The radio function on the PDA is delivered through the helmet, so there is no need to worry that it leaks out.

He needs to speak in order to respond, but he could be detected by the male. He can hear it. It is just a situation where he cannot respond.

“There’s no response.”

“It’s okay. He won’t be able to respond because the Slayer is nearby.”

If they had started battling in the mountains, they would have heard noise. This quiet atmosphere would not have lasted. It seems they are hiding.

The sisters and the Lifers assigned each person a direction to create a lookout for where the Slayers might come from. They are prone to surprise attacks. They need to stay alert.

Their view is clear, so they can prepare for any approaching danger.

They will be strengthened if they combine with Cha Jun Sung, but they do not have the nerve to enter. Nature is an unfriendly environment for people who are used to civilization.

A massive body weighing hundreds of kg is stepping on the ground. The heavy footsteps make noise. The Lifers all looked to one direction.

Their mouths go dry. They could see the male clearly. They are about 60 to 70m apart, and it does not come any closer.

The male drew a circle around the Lifers. It seems to be calculating something in its head.

“It’s measuring the distance.”


“Since it followed the force, it’ll have seen a lot of guns and know what it’s like!”

The Slayer’s intellect is that of an elementary school student’s. A bullet goes through trees, rocks, and the ground. It makes anything in its radius a mess.

It understands that it cannot get hit. It cannot see the bullet, but it has the ability to detect the direction of the muzzle.

Slayer is more about the body, so it is the type that wins with speed rather than strength.

The male was going around in circles and stopped moving with its back to the prison.

“Our place to retreat is blocked.”

“The Slayer in the front, mountains in the back? Is it trying to stifle us?”

The prison is blocked. If they are pushed back in battle, the only place they can go is the mountains. The moment they go in, it is the male’s world. It had thrown them far out.

Another change happened. It is an unwelcome change for the Lifers.

The female walks out of the prison, covered in blood. On its blade is a Lifer from the prison.

“Save….. Me.”

The Lifer struggled to put his hand out. Unfortunately, they cannot take the hand.

Chills ran down the spine of Lifers who followed Koharu. It is a terrible situation as it is, but they would have already been dead if they had remained in the facility.

The blade came out. The Lifer’s eyes rolled back as he went lifeless.

The female recovered its ability to fight after eating meat and regaining the nutrients it had lost. It had gone back to its original state.

The only weapons they can trust are their guns. The male went farther away in order to avoid the bullets. It is a distance at which they can guard themselves from the Lifers.

It is impossible to take on both adults between 5 people. They cannot expect to live. Even Kyoko and Koharu who had gone through the 2nd stage of body modifications cannot last more than a few minutes.

The sisters’ physical ability is half that of Cha Jun Sung. Aspects like their muscles, bone structure, height, and weight are significantly inferior to that of men. It is a woman’s limit.

Their abilities were proportionately converted in the virtual version, so men and women were equal. But this is reality. There is a difference.

There is no need to think of it being unfair. Just as mutants and humans are different, men and women are different. Women cannot catch up to men in regards to their bodies.

The female speaks to the male. The male looks from the Lifers to the mountains. Then it protected its vital spots with both of its blades.

An object came flying from a distance to go through the large child, and broke the female’s blade. They relayed this to each other in their own language.

The baby that was hiding in the trees, could not endure the frustration and came down. The young ones never listen to their parents.

“Shoot that one first!”

A Lifer looking in the direction of the baby, held his gun. They cannot avoid battle. Then they will have to kill the baby and reduce their numbers.

When the Lifer was about to shoot the baby, the male ran towards it as though flying, while the female went at the Lifers.

The male covered the front of the baby and raised its blades diagonally.

The bullets bounced off the blade and started flinging out. It is an awkward angle to shoot at, so they only left a few scrapes. They were just letting the powerful attack flow past.

The baby listened to the male and ran away to the prison. The male blocked its back so it would not be attacked. The baby needs to go away so they can properly fight.

The female’s blade scratches the surface. Their skin rips and scars form if they are hit. Koharu, Kyoko, and the shooting Lifers rolled on the floor.

It is not an attack that they can easily avoid. They cannot even see the swinging blade. If they feel like it is coming, they need to throw their bodies out of the way.

It is trying to rip them apart. The purpose is to reduce their fire power.

If it focuses on 1 person, he or she would be easy to kill. But that means that the other Lifers would have room to act, making it possible to be attacked.

Mutants do not lay out a great scheme to fight. They are born with an instinct to fight that humans do not have.

Koharu avoided the blade and cut through the female’s thigh with her twin daggers.

A slight trace – weapons like daggers cannot leave much of a wound because of its thick flesh and muscles.

The female paid more attention to the powerful Koharu than it did to the other Lifers.

It is sleek and tricky. The blades aim for her neck. As they grew close, she put her head down to avoid them. A piece of her hair was cut and fell to the floor.

The male escaped the shower of bullets and went to help the female. Since they have scattered the prey, they just have to go and catch them.


Pew pew!

The male ran away before reaching the Lifers when it received a signal of danger. A bullet came from the direction it was going to move in.

It came from the mountains. Park Jin Hyuk’s fire support. The Slayers were wary of the mountains. They will not fall to the same trap twice.



A few more shots fired, but the male put more distance between the mountain and itself to identify the direction of the bullets. It only needs 0.1 seconds to react.

“It’s a scam. How does it get out of the way?”

“It’s not looking to avoid the shots. It knows that it’s the target, so it’s moving its body to avoid the flow. It’s like a reflex.”

That is also why it is putting more distance. If it is close, it cannot react. It gets hit before it can. It needs to maintain the minimum distance in order to respond.

“Keep shooting?”

“It can’t attack the Lifers because you’re supporting them. If we weren’t here, I’m sure they would have been ripped apart already.”

It is difficult to detect the Slayer’s movement with the inferior senses of humans. People would die without knowing where the attack was coming from.

Cha Jun Sung put the Wolf Kill to his hand. Park Jin Hyuk is enough for the diversion. With the greatest amount of power, he must go out and work his body.

“Let’s just make them go back.”

It is important to show that they are not easy prey. Even if they cannot kill the Slayers, they could quit the mission.
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