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Life Mission Chapter 63

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She heard a voice she is familiar with. Koharu carefully went to the door. Beyond the bulletproof window was Kyoko with tears in her eyes.

Koharu opened the door. Her sister had really come to rescue her.



They hugged each other. They had only been apart for 2 days, but time was not important. They had thought that they would never get to see each other again.

“Why are you here!”

“What do you mean why! I came to save you!”

“Ahem! Sorry to cut you both off, but where are Anger’s elite?”


“Hasn’t Tyrant of Anger come to save Ms. Koharu? We’ll help if we can to kill the Slayers.”

Kyoko realized what he is saying. Koharu and the Lifers are mistaken in thinking that the Anger guild is here to save them. They will be surprised if she tells them the truth.

“Tyrant isn’t here! I was going to ask him first, but the heavens helped! Koharu, you know who came to save you?”

“Who is it? I don’t know another guild that would come to help me.”



“Pails! Overload came into the mission to save you!”

Koharu’s eyes were full of emotion. She had gone into a mission because she had not received a response. But he had come here to rescue her.


The Lifers could not understand what is going on. Overload came instead of Tyrant? Is that the same person from Life Mission?

What relationship does he have with Koharu? They could not get any information out of the sisters’ conversation. They had not even realized that Amhu is next to them.

Tanaka invaded Koharu’s private life but did not reveal the fact that she is Amhu. He wants to have the secret to himself.

“Pails killed the large child and is luring the adults and baby away!”

“How many people came?”

“3 people including me! We need to hurry up and help them! They need you!”

Koharu thought that it is like Cha Jun Sung. He does not like for things to be cumbersome, so he does not use his influence. Nothing is still impossible for him.

“Wh, what? 3 people?”

“Since you’re here, you’re saying that 2 people are holding the Slayers?”

The Lifers looked shocked. Killing the large child is impressive. But what are they going to do about the adults? It will be difficult with these members.

“The female Slayer is wounded as well! Only the male is healthy!”

If they can lure the Slayers away, they may not be able to complete the mission but they would be able to quit. They just need to help out a little.

“Bring me to them!”


Koharu hesitated as she was leaving. The Lifers are not moving. They did not move at all as if their feet are nailed down to the ground.

“You’re not going?”

“Including the 2 people outside, we’re just 16 people! Those guys killed 86 of us!”

“Going out is basically suicide!”

“You can go help him!”

Koharu’s expression became dreary. Cha Jun Sung came to save her, but they were being rescued as well. Had they forgotten?

“If they hadn’t lured the Slayers away, we would still be trapped without being able to quit the mission. Is that how you take someone’s grace?”

“That, we’re thankful for that but they came in to rescue Koharu in the first place!”

“Then that means you should stay here since he only came to save me?”

The Lifers shut their mouths. They know that they are indebted to Cha Jun Sung but it does not feel right to go out and help. It is a selfish instinct.

“Who will help?”


“I’ll go as well.”

“I can’t live with a debt.”

3 people willingly volunteered. The other 9 put their heads down and avoided Koharu’s eyes.

“I’ll keep your names and helper names in mind. I hope I never see you in a mission again. I won’t leave you alone.”

Koharu is certain in the ties she makes and cuts. She treats her people well but shows no mercy to her enemies.

There is a reason why she is called Amhu. There is a reason for everything.

“Let’s go.”


The 5 Lifers including the sisters, left the facility. The remaining 9 people were ashamed, but showed happiness at having survived.


“What’s that sound?”

“How should I know?”

“Let’s just request to quit. I’m going to go back and catch up on sleep.”

They could hear a heavy object fall down, but the 9 people ignored it. They had not returned yet because they were caught up in the conversation. They just want to hurry up and get back.

A Lifer who was going to request to quit, unintentionally turned his head. There are times when people get the strange feeling that someone is looking at them.



As his throat was slit, blood poured out. The Lifers were stunned and took steps backwards. The female Slayer entered the facility.

It had followed Cha Jun Sung, but realized that it needs more nutrients because of its broken blade. The male went anyway, so they will be dead.

Hunting as it wandered around had not been feasible because it was in bad condition.

It decided to catch and eat the prey locked up in the facility. The security is normally thorough, so it is difficult to get inside.

However, it is now wide open. On its way here, it had seen 5 prey leaving. It was going to kill them, but left them alone.

There is a fairly strong female amongst them. If they fight, its wound will get worse. Why would it leave the weak prey and go for the strong ones?

“Shoot it!”




The female’s wide and thick blade protected its upper and lower body while it was waved around the inside of the facility. It was so fast that the shape was faded.

The bullets could not hit the target. Even if they hit, they were blocked by the blade.

The surprised Lifers kept firing their guns. The facility is narrow. Since they are shooting in a place like that, it is inevitable that they hit allies.

Their limbs were cut off and their guts spilled out. The tranquil room had become a slaughterhouse. The Lifers’ dreams of going back came crashing down.


Cha Jun Sung and Park Jin Hyuk had the invisibility screen over them and did not even breathe.

They used the odorless spray but it only gets rid of the smell. If they want to deceive all of the Slayers’ senses, they need to be careful with their breath as well. They spared their conversation too.

If they whisper, the sound of their speech will go out. They refrained from PDA chatting. They needed to avoid even grazing their bodies. They need to stay still as if they are corpses.


The male is waving his blades around randomly from a distance about 10m away.

A tree that both of a person’s arms can wrap around, was cut through. It is a monster with incredible cutting force that makes them speechless.

‘It is much stronger than the Spectre.’

It is stronger than the female Spectre. It repelled an unexploded bomb.

An explosive bomb really is slower than a bullet. There is still no reason for it to be easy to reflect the bomb. The female’s ability to deflect the bomb was half luck.

However, it is proof that the Slayer’s reflexes are outstanding.

It is as though it hit a fly that was flying around in its face. In the case of a human, there would be no luck and he would have died as soon as the bomb was shot at him.

‘This mission has become 8000 points because of the male. The culprit is him!’

It looks large even from afar, but it looks to be about 3.5m up close. In that state, it could fight with a level 4.

The only disadvantage that the Slayer has is its stamina. If they sustain that, all of their specifications are similar.

‘It’s good the female went back.’

The male sniffed around and changed its direction to go back down to the prison. It is a language that they cannot understand. It is good if they can reduce the numbers that they need to fight.

This is Cha Jun Sung’s misunderstanding. The female is out of the picture, but there is no answer. The male has the strength of 2 Spectres by itself.

If he hits that blade with the Wolf Kill, he could cut it but his arm would be destroyed at the impact. The strength of a weapon and arm are completely different.

The male could not find Cha Jun Sung and hollered loudly. It did not see, smell, or hear him. Among mutants, there are those that identify heartbeat sounds.

Slayers are on the side of having better hearing, but it is not good enough for that.

The male that was looking for Cha Jun Sung pricked his ears. It could hear something from the bottom of the mountain. There was still no smell, but he could hear it.

The male took the baby and went to the top of a tree. It is to check the identity.

She got a view and looked down. There is prey looking up at the mountain from a wide opening. Cha Jun Sung thought, ‘Why is he doing that?’

Koharu and her group wanted to go up the mountain, but there are bushes everywhere. They hesitate because it is an unfavorable environment. It is perfect for the Slayers to ambush them.

If they fight, an open space is perfect. They would not suffer a surprise attack.

The male considered going down. It could tell by instinct. Those people are not the ones that killed the child. But they are of the same class.

His consideration did not go for very long. This is a sinister place where the large child died. It would need to organize the situation here and move its location to the original place where it was quiet.
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