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Life Mission Chapter 56

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When Cha Jun Sung returned home, he went through the messages on his blog. Before meeting Lim Si Hyun, he had dragged them into the trash all together.

He had read a few at first, but hundreds of spam mail come in everyday. As they piled and piled, they reached over 10,000 like it is a joke.

Spam dealers became better by the day, so they got through all of the filters. At some point, he just had a resigned state of mind where he did not pay attention to them.

“Ah….. So this is how he sent it.”

There are 12 messages that Han Chang Jin sent. It took a few days to find all of them.

E-mail has a search function. It looks for particular words that are searched. Regretfully, there is no message. He needs to look through each of them individually.

Searching through a sea of spam is hard work. He took his time with it since Lim Si Hyun said that he would handle arranging a meeting for what they discussed a few days ago.

He does not have to find the messages, but there is the effort that Han Chang Jin had put in to sending them. He should read them at least.

-[Overload, I have something I must tell you on behalf of the government. Please contact me when you see this message. We need you.]

They were similar to this message. His writing is stiff, fitting for a soldier. He still did not feel rejection toward it. His image is good.


As he was about to close the window after finishing his work, a title caught Cha Jun Sung’s eye. It is in Japanese.

It does not look like spam. Even if he cannot read it because it is in a different language, he could tell if it is spam or not just by looking it over. He put the PDA to his computer and turned on the translator.


-[The scan has begun. Decoding complete. Please check the content.]

The translation is written on the PDA. Cha Jun Sung read it without any thought.

-[Pails, are you doing well? This is Koharu. The world is changing so much that I did not have time to get in touch.]

Cha Jun Sung sat up straight in his chair and focused on the translated text on his PDA. How could this be! That woman contacted him!

Overload is a title that people had given him, but Pails is Cha Jun Sung’s character name. This woman is the only person who calls him that so amicably.

-[Pails, you entered level D as well, haven’t you? There is less need for parties in level E, but I really felt that solo missions are impossible from now on.]

-[It is full of people I can’t trust. Ambition has shaken people’s humanity. I am going through a lot because I am a woman.]

Because she is a woman? There are an increasing number of cases where women are included in parties as long as they are powerful. Their purpose is to serve as a soother

There is nothing that can be done about this because it is done by agreement. Rape and murder are also frequent. The government cannot take responsibility for what happens inside the missions.

Evidence is needed to prove a crime. Collecting data in a mission? It does not make sense. A crime cannot be established on testimony alone.

-[Thankfully, nothing very bad has happened to me. Honestly Pails, I can’t even trust you 100%. I do trust you enough to put my expectations on you.]


He sighed in relief because his friend is safe. It is upsetting that she does not think of him as completely trustworthy, but he could understand. The world is going insane.

-[I am looking for a fixed party. The members are my little sister and myself. A tyrant proposed a party, but we rejected. We can’t trust him.]

The tyrant is Murayama Tanaka. He and Koharu are the only 2 Japanese rankers. He is a hot-blooded maverick who does whatever he wants.

He has a bad relationship with Cha Jun Sung and had a bad reputation in the virtual version. If Campbell garnered an evil reputation as PK, Tanaka is a wrongdoer.

-[I’m sure it hasn’t changed?]

Mizuki Koharu. It would become a great strength to the party if Cha Jun Sung as an assassination tracker and Koharu as an expert in 쌍단도술 come together.

“Of course not.”

He gives trust to the person who trusts him. That is Cha Jun Sung. That was it for the content in the message. Looking at the incoming date, it is 6 days ago.

Cha Jun Sung input a response in his PDA and translated it into Japanese.

It is a courtesy to make it easy to read. He copied it into an e-mail and sent it. The PDA works freely with all computer networks.

He asked Odin once. What would happen if scientists took the items helpers give Lifers and take them apart to reinvent them? To this, Odin said,

-[If a primitive man were given a cellphone, would he be able to understand the principle of it?]

Cha Jun Sung was irked but he took it that he was saying it is of such a higher science that he it could not be understood with current knowledge.


He would stay quiet until the weapon came out. Once Park Jin Hyuk gets his Head Hunter and his Wolf Blade comes out a few days later, they would go in right away.

3 days went by so slowly and Cha Jun Sung had his watch on him everyday. He was full of anticipation and waiting.


It is beautiful. He can feel the black metal hidden in the blade.

Excluding the make-up, it is similar to a common sword but beyond being satisfied, Cha Jun Sung fell in love at first sight.

It is heavy. He had to use his muscles to lift 30kg with one hand. If he brandishes this with power, the weight will be increased.

-[The vibration function can be adjusted with the switch on/off. In the on state, access is prohibited in all aspects other than the hilt.]

Weapons are inanimate. They do not discriminate between foes. If it goes at someone in a vibrating state, it either breaks or cuts.

-[The production method followed the Wolf Blade, but a new weapon was born with the black iron alloy as its basic foundation.]

-[The D class energy core and vibration engine are flaws, but it is a great incorporation.]

The foundation is B class but the components are D class. It is because the materials are mixed. The inside of vibrating weapons are full of complex machinery.

If the core and engine were C class, he would use it until level B missions.

-[I will engrave your name on it as a courtesy. Is there something you had in mind?]

Name? He had never thought of it before. Excluding the use of the black iron alloy, the manufacturing process followed exactly that of the Wolf Blade. He was going to call it that as well.

“Contemplating the name for a long time will only make my head hurt. What do you think of Wolf Kill?”

-[Killing wolves?]

“According to your explanation, it’s somewhere between level D or C? What if it’s mocking but better than a wolf? It’s killing the wolf if it’s overwhelmed.”

-[Wolf Kill, confirmed. I will embed it right away. It will only take 1 minute.]


A high-density laser embeds the name Wolf Kill in English. It did not bother him because it was subtle.

“You’re like a double personality artificial intelligence.”

-[What does that mean?]

“You’re serious when you’re serious, but when you joke, you get to the point where I want to beat you up.”

-[With a great A.I. like me, you must differentiate between personal and professional feelings.]

Cha Jun Sung put the Wolf Kill on his hip. It did not drag on the floor because he is tall. A short Lifer would need to put it on his back.

“Well your shit is thick (Korean saying to say someone is arrogant).”

-[I do not go to the bathroom as an A.I. Where are you going?]

Odin was serious and had a conservative tone at first, but he got more annoying as they spent more time together. But Odin is still completely on his side, his helper.

“Just as I did after the body modification, I’m going into a mission to test the new weapon.”

-[Wolf Kill’s power is similar to existing products, but it does not compare to the strength and elasticity of others and could blow a rock to pieces.]


-[It’s nothing.]


Cha Jun Sung entered a mission. It is a 3000 point solo mission. It was a matter of life or death before, but it is now a suitable test site.
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