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Life Mission Chapter 55

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Early in the morning, a call came from Park Jin Hyuk. He was not sleeping because he called at the right time. There was regret in his voice.

-[Have you opened the lucky box?]

-[You opened yours?]

Cha Jun Sung has not even gone to the briefing room yet. He has not seen the lucky box yet, much less opened it. He had left it alone since it will not run away.

-[There’s nothing. I should have sold it and bought a gaming device. You know what came out?]

-[What is it?]

-[Ramen! Ramen came out!]

Ha ha!

Cha Jun Sung held his stomach. $100,000 was disguised as 1 point. Park Jin Hyuk voiced his anger.

-[I can’t even sell it and it’s weird to open it.]

-[Enjoy it.]

There is nothing as naive as dreaming for riches through gamble. Whatever the reward is, it is best without disappointment. There is more disappointment with higher expectations.

-[Anyway, you’re saying you didn’t open yours?]


-[Hit jackpot on my behalf too. But when do we do our next mission?]

-[How many points are left for Head Hunter?]

-[A lot.]

-[Focus on solo missions. It’s hard to match our times together every time anyway.]

Head Hunter is a private item sniper rifle that explodes the target.

It is a weapon specialized in sniping and genocide. Its use becomes different by purpose. If even a level 3 is hit legitimately, it could be killed with one shot.

An explosive bomb is pretty expensive, but its power is comparable to that of a grenade. It is worth the investment and they can handle that amount of points without problem.

Unless it is a difficult mission, the points they earn from solo missions are useful.

-[Alright. I think I just need 10 days. I’ll get the Head Hunter and call you.]


They ended the radio. It would take around that much time for Cha Jun Sung as well. If he completes 7 or 8 1500 point missions, the Wolf Blade is his.

He is thinking of applying for a piecewise force to see how they perform. A piecewise force is when several parties overlap in one force to go into a mission together.

It is as though the 100 people who enter the mission area are all strangers. It is perfect to go into with Park Jin Hyuk. The disadvantage is that they cannot guarantee safety.

Since there was no focus on matching the members, there was no proportion for the level of skill and gear.

It is a group perfect for mediocre players to linger in. There is a famous rumor that only 2 survivors emerged from a 100-person piecewise force.

Was it mission completion? Of course they had quit. There is a reason why Lifers want to go into forces in large guilds. There is a huge difference in the chance of survival.

Currently, piecewise forces are not very active due to the dangerous aspect. There are places that have fairly strict recruitment, but they are all the same.

“Lucky box, should I open mine too?”

Park Jin Hyuk lifted his vision goggles and he looked full of interest. They will receive energy from the morning sun, open the box, and contribute it to purchasing the Wolf Blade.


It is a rectangular box the size of a person’s head. A gold pattern is splendidly mixed on a white background. It looks to be expensive just by its appearance.

-[The lucky box is disposable and though it is small, the inside follows a principle similar to the space compression bag. Inside, there is an item.]

“That means if you’re lucky enough, you could even get a tank worths tens of thousands of points?”

-[You must be very lucky.]

“I can sense emotion in your words.”

Odin did not respond. He becomes silent if something is not in his favor. He is called artificial intelligence, but he is sly like a fox.

“You’re saying I just need to push this button.”

When he pressed a slightly raised, half round button, all sides of the box disappeared. There is no tremendous effect. As it opened, the item came out.

“Is it a stick?”

It is a black bar. Poking at it, it is hard. He guessed it is made of iron or an alloy. It is heavy compared to its length and thickness.

-[That is quite a feat. You have received a black iron alloy. It seems you are not a man of misfortune.]

“Just explain it to me.”

-[It is a material items sold in the level B store. Its strength and resiliency is a few times that of steel, so it raises the quality of the gear it is mixed into.]

“Is it expensive?”

-[2 million for 10 tied together. To calculate for 1, it would be 200,000 points.]


Cha Jun Sung showed his happiness on hitting jackpot. He would need to live in a mission for a month to get 2 million points. He had gotten that much at once by chance.


Cha Jun Sung calmed down and thought of the stick’s usage.

Where should he use it? He could not sell it to the store or to a Lifer. He would not even brandish it as a weapon instead of his sword.

-[You can only synthesize or produce items with the black iron alloy.]

“Make gear with this?”

–[Since the material is B class, you might succeed in creating an item that you can use in level C. Shall I show you a list of items it is possible to synthesize or produce?]

“Show me.”

A hologram that is clearer and larger than the PDA appeared in front of Cha Jun Sung. There were over hundreds of items on the list, but he only took care of the useless ones.

[I would not recommend that you create armor with the amount that you own. I will recommend strengthening your arms.]
It is 1 stick. He would have been able to create metal armor if he had 4 more.

Iron armor covers the entire body and can be used until the battle shoot. In the chance that he is hit, it can even block a 7.62mm.

“Is it just the sword?”

-[If you use the black iron alloy as a foundation and create a sword, you will be able to create a weapon better than the Wolf Blade.]

There are 2 ways to purchase the Wolf Blade. Either buy the completed product, or create it with materials. There is a 20% discount on the latter.

Cha Jun Sung is wary of creating goods. If something goes wrong while producing it, it will not live up to the completed product or it malfunctions. That is a waste of points.

“Are you going to make it well for me?”

-[You cannot interfere in the production of items. You will have to put trust in your luck.]

“You’re just supposed to say you’ll make it well. It’s not like you’re selling something for the first time.”

Cha Jun Sung contemplated for a short time and purchased the materials that go into production by item. He just hoped that there would not be any malfunctions even if its performance fell short.

Various assembly pieces like the vibration engine and energy core scraped up the 240,000 points that Cha Jun Sung had worked like an ant for a few months to gather.


He took his materials and went into a production room in the briefing room. It looks like a small factory. The machine worktable was set to Wolf Blade.


The machine changes. It is adjusting the deployment status to meet the production of the weapon. There are as many shapes to the machine as there are types of weapons.

-[Please place the suitable material in the position the hologram indicates, and choose the functions that you want. It will take 3 days until completion.]

Beep beep!

Even when he was active as Overload in the virtual version, he had preferred the sword. It is because regardless of the appearance, weight adjustment is possible as long as he has the materials.

However, weight exists in reality. A sword needs to have a heavy feeling to it.

If he makes it as it appears in the virtual, it would feel as light as cotton with his body modification and increased muscular strength.

“I’ll do this one.”

The shape he chose is a straight line like a sword. The thickest part of the blade is 1cm, the point is 10cm long, and the length of the entire blade is 1.5m. The weight is 30kg.


He decided to mix titanium with the remaining parts to make a dagger. After starting the production, the black iron alloy disappeared.

He finally had his first private weapon. The weapons he had possessed until now are just toys.

The machine does the direct production, but he had to pay close attention to the small details to match his battle style. He will have a stronger attachment to this weapon than anything else.

“I’ll be back in 3 days.”

He had butterflies in his stomach thinking about the weapon that would be born. He will love it dearly.

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