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Life Mission Chapter 54

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“I think we met for the first time while catching Medusa in South America?”

Level 8 Medusa.

It is the top mutant in the snake line. Its appearance in the myth and ability to turn living creatures into stone are all different, but its poison is incredible.

Hundreds of people could die because of one drop of Medusa’s blood. It has a lot of meaning. It means that Lim Si Hyun is guessing that he is Overload.

“You really are.”

“Lies are caught quickly.”

“How did you find me?”

The only Lifer he still spoke with is that woman and he had not given her his contact information. It is said that a tail is stepped on if it is long. Is that the situation he is finding himself in?

Lim Si Hyun motioned Cha Jun Sung to a seat. He sat without suspicion. It felt like the conversation would get long. There must be no misunderstanding.

Lim Si Hyun had looked for Cha Jun Sung because he wants to befriend him.

“Do you know that the world is moving?”

“I am expecting it, but I don’t know much about it because I am ignoring the situation.”

“I met Iron King a few days ago.”

“Iron King?”

He is the representative Lifer of Korea. Cha Jun Sung knew that name as well.

Lim Si Hyun took out the main point and spoke. Han Chang Jin had trusted him and revealed a top secret. He cannot ignore a gesture shown by another.

Cha Jun Sung listened to Lim Si Hyun and understood how he had been found. Lim Si Hyun had guessed and hoped for the best, and he had been caught in that.

“Iron King for me?”

“Yes. He thought about hacking your blog, but said he did not do it because he thought it would be counterproductive. What do you think about meeting him? He’s a good man.”

His impression of Han Chang Jin increased. He considers the other person’s stance.

It is not difficult to meet up if it is a good person. There is nothing to lose in forming allies with other Lifers as they had done in the virtual version.

“I have his contact information but if you feel strange about calling him first, shall I set up a meeting?”

Cha Jun Sung’s first impression of Lim Si Hyun is aggressive. He clearly shows if he likes something or not. He does not seem to be someone who would do him wrong.

“I am busy at the moment, but I can meet him later.”

“Then can I tell this to Mr. Han Chang Jin? He’ll be happy if he hears about this. He said that he sent you a message everyday, but you never responded.”


He must be referring to the mail that comes through the blog, though 99% of it is spam. He put it all in the trash everyday, but had not thought that there would be a message from Han Chang Jin in there.

It is still in the trash and has not been erased. He will need to go home and take a look at it.

“I didn’t read them because they were a bother.”

“You don’t seem to be the type to recklessly ignore; you would say you don’t like it outright.”

“You as well?”

“Yes. There are hundreds of instances where you need to swallow your words in the celebrity world, but there are times when you need to be straightforward so you don’t suffer damages.”

“We have similar personalities.”

“What do you think of the occasional mission together just for fun? I won’t bother you about it if you don’t want to do it.”

They do not need to go around together now but when confronted with the level D advance mission, they will become a great source of aid to each other.

Pushing through with numbers is the only way to take on a level 4 with D class gear. Experts are needed, not people who die with one blow.

If rabbits get involved to catch a tiger, they will have no effect no matter how many of them there are. However, if dozens of wolves run in, it is possible for them to rip it apart.



Lim Si Hyun excused himself from Cha Jun Sung and picked up his call. They had disobeyed his order not to bother him for a few hours. It must be urgent.

[Hello.] [Master, you have a visitor from America. I’ll put them on the phone.]
There was a short silence while the phone was passed from person to person.

[Hi, Ghost!] [Who are you?]
Lim Si Hyun spoke in English. He is fluent as someone of a rich family should be. Only a few people beyond his family and the guild know that he is Ghost Gun.

[Me? I’m Boom Busker. Hold on, I want to talk to him!] [Sorry. We went to 7 Stars headquarters but you were missing, so we called. My name is Irina Headley, I’m Ice Queen.]
He could not understand the situation. It felt like work he had pushed back was suddenly exploding. Ice Queen and Boom Busker – why are they in Korea?

[Tell me why you’re here.] [We need to tell you in person. When will you have time?] [I’ll go now. I’ll tell the guild members to arrange a place for you to rest.]
His head hurts. Just as Han Chang Jin came looking for him, it seems the U.S. is trying to subsume famous Lifers. They had sent Ice Queen. He must be right.

“Ice Queen and Boom Busker from America came looking for 7 Stars.”

“Those are nostalgic titles.”

Various categories of rankers. When all 36 people were active at the same time, it was an age of prestige for each.

“Seeing as how they came looking for me, there is a great chance they’ll go to you as well.”

“Do you think they’ll know who I am and where I live?”

“It’ll be hacking.”

“They must be crazy.”

“I’ll arrange for a meeting with Mr. Han Chang Jin soon. I hope you won’t turn it down.”

Lim Si Hyun went back to 7 Stars. Cha Jun Sung could feel that his life would become twisted with this. He cannot hope for it to be quiet forever.

Something is bound to jump out at him with an awl in its pocket.
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