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Life Mission Chapter 53

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Han Chang Jin had an unexpected visitor while he was working. Ice Queen and Boom Busker are part of the Federation that will be organized by the American government soon.

Han Chang Jin, these two, and a few others will belong to the Federation.

“Long time no see, Iron King?”

“It has been a while. You haven’t changed at all. You’re exactly the same as you were before.”

Boom Busker is the same as he was in the virtual version with his snobby tone and arrogant behavior. It is inevitable since reality is a mirror of the virtual version.

Why are they in Korea?


That cannot be why. It could be true for Ice Queen, but Boom Busker shows that he was forced to come here. He is engaging in an implicit protest.

“We came because of the subsumption.”


Ice Queen threw a blow. America had made a move after it had been quiet. Which Lifer did they want to subsume that they even sent 2 rankers?

“I’ll reveal our purpose ahead of time so that we can meet Ghost Gun and Overload.”


There is a lot of land in America. The population is large as well. The powers had remained quiet until now in order to gather strength while calming their homelands.

They could not afford reach out to other nations. In this aspect, smaller countries are faster than the powers. The stronger they are, the more difficult it is to absorb.

“Are you giving me notice?”

“Because we could not go against the treaty. If you can block it, you can do so.”

How could he block it? No matter how much Lifers have become free of material matters with the increased value of points, one is bound to be seduced by the benefits that a powerful country like America could offer.

Han Chang Jin also had a basic idea that they cannot match up. They are things that cannot be offered even if a few nations like Korea were combined.

Subsumption as a Lifer of another country is left entirely up to the Lifer’s will. If the other country reveals its intention to subsume, they cannot do anything to retract it.

“Have you figured out their identities?”


“How did you do it?”

“I asked Nuclear for Ghost Gun’s information, since they have always been in contact.”

Ice Queen only spoke about Lim Si Hyun. Han Chang Jin was sure that the people in the U.S. had not figured out who Cha Jun Sung is.

“I met Mr. Lim Si Hyun a few days ago. I was not able to meet Overload, Mr. Cha Jun Sung, however. Do you really think it is because I can’t meet him?”

It is easy to pressure the blog company or to track the IP address.

But he had not done it. If the 1st button is done wrong, nothing changes even if the 2nd is done properly. Human relations are not as simple as clothing.

“Will a man be such a sissy that he gets upset over a bit of hacking?”

Upset? Whose standards is this on? If all people are the same, those are robots. Boom Busker is measuring others purely on his personal standards.

Han Chang Jin ignored him and waited for Ice Queen to speak. America had sent her as a scout. Burke is just baggage.

“I don’t care.”

“You don’t care?”

“I was not part of the cause or process that created the issue. I just need to deliver the message that America wants to give them.”

Even if Cha Jun Sung seems uncomfortable, it is something that the U.S. created. Her duty is done with delivering the message.

Ice Queen got up from her seat. She had revealed her purpose to Han Chang Jin. It is a waste of time to stay any longer. Boom Busker complains that it is a bother.

“I’ll ask just in case. Do you have any thoughts of coming into America?”

“I would go if I were alone, but I have friends and family here along with everything I have worked for so far. I can’t just throw it all away. I’ll just accept the goodwill.”

Ice Queen nodded and did not linger on it. It was an impromptu question. Iron King would not leave Korea, but he had not been included in the candidates for subsumption anyway.

“How long are you thinking of staying here?”

“We’ll stay until we would like to leave or until we are called back by the U.S.”

She does not know the deadline. She intends to stay as long as she can before returning.


“Who are you to tell me to go up there?”


Cha Jun Sung is heading to Hocheon headquarters in his car. He had received a call to the cellphone he had left as his contact while applying for the force. They are asking him to come just once.

He had told them that he does not want to get involved with them before returning. He was going to block their calls, but decided to go because they said they would no longer bother him if he listened to them this one time.

He arrived. He parked his car in the lot and entered the building. Personnel waiting in advance escorted Cha Jun Sung. It feels like he has become a VIP member.

Where could they be going? Are they going to Chun Myung Ik? The path was new because he had never seen the inside. If he followed them, they would reach the destination.

“This is it.”

“Thank you.”

The personnel brought Cha Jun Sung in front of a luxurious door. It looks too comfortable to be used as an office.

Knock knock!

“Bring him in.”

The personnel opened the door for him. The hospitality is excessive. What are they aiming at?

Cha Jun Sung walked awkwardly into the room. The spaciousness and interior is comparable to the luxury hotels he stayed at when he went on the occasional trip abroad.

“Welcome. I was waiting.”


Cha Jun Sung pointed to the man and looked surprised.

‘He recognizes me.’

He needs to give the other a good impression. Lim Si Hyun’s celebrity life is clean. There are no scandals or corruption because it had all been managed carefully.

“Who are you again?”


Lim Si Hyun was taken aback. Cha Jun Sung’s behavior is that of someone who was trying to remember but could not. He was weak in his knowledge on the media because he had been living buried in the game.

“I’m Lim Si Hyun.”

“The actor Lim Si Hyun? Master of 7 Stars? Are you the person who was looking for me?”

The best guild in Korea, 7 Stars. There is no link for it to look for him through Hocheon. Did word of his actions in the mission get out? Aha! This is a contact.

He could guess what is happening. In the virtual version, he had been contacted constantly to join guilds. It is just a surprise that the proposal is from 7 Stars and not Hocheon.

“I am Ghost Gun.”

Cha Jun Sung froze. He had not heard incorrectly. Lim Si Hyun is Ghost Gun? Is this not a guild proposal? He will need to hear him out.

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