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Life Mission Chapter 52

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Knock knock!

As soon as Han Chang Jin left the office, a Lifer came in.

“Master, Hocheon completed the biology institute mission and returned.”

“Did Chun Myung Ik do well?”

“Other than his selfishness, he is alright but they suffered a lot of damages because the mutants attacked them from behind. I almost died as well.”

This Lifer who had applied to participate in Hocheon’s force was planted as a monitor. It was not for ill intentions. The intention was to see if they did well or not.

The Lifer explained the process. Lim Si Hyun nodded. A lot of people died. It is worse than the average. At any rate, Chun Myung Ik will not do.

“That guy thinks he’s a fox when he’s really just a dog.”

He is in the dog species, but falls short. To be selfish in a mission that he is risking his life for. It is behavior that is not appropriate for the head of a large guild.

“And I discovered a Lifer who stood out during the mission.”

“Tell me.”

“Lifers were being devastated by a level 3 Spectre when he started a battle with just a sword. He did get pushed back, but it was impressive.”

The Spectre had underestimated him and put its guard down, but he had stuck a sword in its head.

“A Spectre?”


A level 3 with just one sword? Not even Lim Si Hyun had that kind of confidence.

“Wait! Did you just say sword? Do you know his name or anything?”

“Cha Jun Sung? He was number 617.”

“Well….. I don’t really want to, but I guess I’ll have to meet with loser Chun Myung Ik.”

To become connected like this. Strange things happen in the world.

The reason why Han Chang Jin came looking for him. The Lifer in question who killed a Spectre with a sword. Overload’s weapon? A sword. Doesn’t everything seem to fit together?

“You did well. We’ll do 10,000 points for you as a prize.”

“Thank you!”

The Lifer’s face brightened. If he keeps stacking results, he will be promoted.

Lim Si Hyun is fair. If someone is skilled and devotes himself to the guild, he is given a position even if he is a low employee. There had actually been a few cases where that happened.

“I want to get to know him. While Iron King sends notes, shall I see his face?”

He could not be sure if he would be able to meet Cha Jun Sung or not, but he would be able to get simple information if he plays Chun Myung Ik gently.

He will have to reveal a tiny bit of know-how for level D missions in exchange.




Cha Jun Sung locked himself in his room and went through the blog he had run for 10 years. He replayed his videos of battles with level 4 mutants.

It isn’t there!

There is no mutant whose sound overlaps with what he recorded in the biology institute. There are similar ones, but they walked around fine.

He recalled what he heard before returning. He is sure it slid on the ground.

Slid? It crawls. It cannot have legs. There is no reason for something to crawl unless it is crippled!

[Lifers, what type of level 4 mutant has a high tone shriek and goes around without legs?]
Cha Jun Sung posted on Lifer World. 99 out of 100 people post insane comments, but 1 of those people is bound to put up a proper post.

[Haze Ghost?] [Haze Ghost has a pretty husky voice. It’s a Blood Plant.] [Is the person above me retarded? Blood Plant can’t move at all!] [A Saman Viper or Hermit Ear!] [I agree. If you hear a Saman Viper’s roar, your eardrums burst.]
All kinds of bizarre mutants are appearing. They are all types that he does not know about because they do not exist in Cha Jun Sung’s homeground, South America.

He searched the mutants mentioned in the comments. There was a little information.

It is not the Blood Plant. The great man-eating flower has the attacking power of a level 5 but as a botanical, it cannot move from the ground where it has its roots.

That is why it is ranked a level 4. It cannot be caught with ordinary equipment, but it is just a decorative plant if you do not go 30m near it.

He looked up the Haze Ghost and Hermit Ear as well. These do not seem to be it either. The Lifers opened up a heated debate, but he got a few things out of it.

“Saman Viper?”

It is a large wild viper with 3 eyes. It is as long as the anaconda that appeared in a movie created dozens of years ago, and twice the thickness.

It is a snake, but rips its prey apart to eat it. It has great vision and is fast. It compresses its muscle and brings the instant velocity of a bullet.

“No, there’s no reason for a snake to be in the lab. I’ll look into it slowly.”

The link mission that appeared when they completed the biology institute is a 12,000 point sample takeover. Unless they go in fully prepared, they are on a train to hell.

[You have a message.]

Cha Jun Sung ignored the message. Hundreds of them came in everyday. It is a bother to read through each one, so he gathers them to delete them all at once.

The 12th message that Han Chang Jin sent was sent to the trash. Another note from a far away country was buried without knowledge.


A bunch of Caucasian people walked out of the entry gates at Seoul Airport.

They moved with 2 people in the center. A beautiful woman with a cold charm stole everyone’s attention.

One is a man with complaints written on his face. The rest are bodyguards.

“Why do I have to come to a country like this? Hey girl? Say something.”

The man is pestering the woman. She did not even respond. This man is normally ill mannered.

“Where shall we go first?”

“Iron King.”

A delicate voice. They had come to someone else’s land with impure intentions.

They need to reveal their purpose by the Union Federation. Complex steps are burdensome. If they speak with Iron King, they will be taken to the top naturally.

“Oh! Iron King, we’ve fought before. He’s like a wild boar. He’s ignorant.”

The man speaks frivolously. He can become any color. He changes his personality to fit the situation like a chameleon.

“Just be careful from the front.”

“Yeah yeah.”

The man speaks drily. It is obvious that he hears it as nagging.

The woman said it herself, but did not expect much. She needs to get this man to his knees to control him, but she does not have the confidence to do that.

“Ms. Irina, Mr. Burke. The car is ready.”

“Thank you.”

The woman walked away with her long legs in high heels.

Ice Queen Irina Headley.

Boom Busker Burke Petross.

Each have a spot among the 36 rankers and are 2 of the 7 Lifers who have overwhelming support of the American people.
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